File banshee.changes of Package banshee

Wed Jun  6 22:04:35 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 2.4.1:
  + Bugs fixed:
    - Migo.Syndication: Handle feeds with malformed
      enclosure URLs
    - bgo#626659: ServiceManager: check properly if a service is
    - bgo#634758: PlaylistSource: Make sure the right tracks are
    - bgo#662909: PlaylistParser: Retry HTTP request after
    - bgo#666696: DapSource: Flush pending changes when quitting
    - bgo#672744: UPnPServerSource: Fix crash when getting the
      root object
    - bgo#673037: libossifer: Fix certificate validation with
      libsoup 2.38
    - bgo#673416: DbIteratorJob: Abort job after several
      consecutive failures
    - bgo#676144: PlayQueueSource: Fix high memory usage when

Fri Apr  6 12:59:55 UTC 2012 -

- Uncomment pkgconfig() BuildRequires for UPnP support: mono.ssdp,
  mono.upnp, mono.upnp.dcp.mediaserver1. The pkg-config files
  related to mono-upnp package are now fixed.

Wed Mar 28 12:34:22 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 2.4.0:
  + Implement SSL certificate validation in browser (bgo#671536).
  + Add support for the Archos Internet Tablet.
  + Better compatibility with some DAAP servers (bgo#659146).
  + Fix crash during scrobbling in Lastfm plugin (bgo#662122).
  + Several bug fixes in UPnP support.
  + Various other bug fixes.
  + Updated translations.
- Add commented out pkgconfig() BuildRequires for UPnP support:
  mono.ssdp, mono.upnp, mono.upnp.dcp.mediaserver1. This is
  commented out as the mono-upnp package is currently broken.

Thu Mar  8 20:52:06 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 2.3.6:
  + Allow primary sources to marked as temporary (bgo#548366).
  + LibraryWatcher: avoid importing incomplete files (bgo#666981).
  + Updated translations.

Mon Feb 20 14:44:15 UTC 2012 -

- Add explicit pkgconfig(xrandr) and pkgconfig(xxf86vm)
  BuildRequires, to avoid issues after the big xorg-x11 packaging

Thu Feb 16 19:12:06 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 2.3.5:
  + New features:
    - UPnP support
  + Enhancements:
    - bgo#587964: Dap: Add support for DOS folder separator in
    - bgo#548636: Lastfm: Use a standard directory for
    - Add option to hide the artist filter
    - Add a Composer filter in the SearchEntry filter menu
    - AudioscrobblerConnection: Add logging for scrobbler
    - MusicBrainz: Enable FreeBSD support
  + Bugs fixed:
    - Fix MusicBrainz dllmap for cross-architecture support
    - LibraryWatcher: Catch and log exception when processing
    - Improve readability of the user guide page
    - Prevent missing icons in the source tarball
  + Updated translations.
- Add pkgconfig(mono-upnp) BuildRequires in order to enable the new
  UPnP support module. This is commented out for now, as mono-upnp
  is not in Factory yet.
- 'youtube' and 'dmp-apple-devies' icons are back, package them

Thu Jan 19 16:49:30 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 2.3.4:
  + Enhancements:
    - Misc code refactorings.
    - bgo#665997: Mpris: Add xesam:userRating field in track
    - bgo#589196: Dap.MassStorage: metadata resync in manual mode.
  + Bugs fixed, including:
    - bgo#648522: Fix race condition when starting multiple
    - bgo#667355: SourceWatcher: Fix SQL error caused by incorrect
    - bgo#667184: Booter: Add missing quote in command line help
    - bgo#667478: Fix build with libmtp 1.1.
- 'youtube' and 'dmp-apple-devices' don't install icons anymore,
  pinged upstream. Commented entries in %files.

Tue Jan 17 11:11:22 UTC 2012 -

- Add banshee Requires to muinshee subpackage as /usr/bin/muinshee
  is a symlink to /usr/bin/banshee. Fix bnc#736777.

Thu Dec 22 09:38:06 UTC 2011 -

- Update to version 2.3.3
  + Enhancements:
    - StreamPositionLabel: Fix label when loading
    - Preferences: Change wording of Metadata settings
    - bgo#608389: AudiobookLibrarySource: Accept tracks dragged
      from playlists
    - bgo#666493: Emusic.Store: Remove unneeded refresh
    - bgo#666488: Dap.MassStorage: Add and use specific icons for
      Xperia phones
  + Bugs fixed, including:
    - bgo#638130: Fix importing of rating and play count when
      updating track
    - bgo#644145: Fix FileLocation queries for the StartsWith
    - bgo#656439: Audiobook: Add a button to go back to the list of
    - bgo#661322: PlaybackShuffleActions: Fix crash when setting
      shuffle mode
- Add xz BuildRequires because we can't build a package for a
  xz-compressed tarball without explicitly specifying that... See
  bnc#697467 for more details.

Wed Nov 30 23:52:38 UTC 2011 -

- Update to version 2.3.2
  + New Features:
    - Configurable browser filters
  + Enhancements:
    - bgo#664424: AsxPlaylistFormat: Add support for external ASX
    - bgo#664642: Add support for the NEC LifeTouch Note
    - Dap.MassStorage: Don't sync 'unknown album' metadata
  + Bugs fixed, including:
    - Mpris: Change trackid type from string to DBus object path
    - Gio: Fix encoding of URIs in Directory class and fix values
      in database
    - bgo#662883: Fix activation of UbuntuOneMusicStore source on
    - bgo#651743: YouTubeTile: Fix construction of the playback
    - bgo#664381: Dap.MassStorage: Rename Xperia X12 to Xperia
    - bgo#664079: Skip empty files when importing and show error
    - Importing: when showing an error, use file paths, not URIs
- Remove support for 11.3 builds: 11.3 is nearing end of support
  lifecycle, and it simplifies the packaging.
- Add explicit pkgconfig(gconf-2.0) BuildRequires, following
  upstream change.
- Stop building the soundmenu extension as there is no need for it
  on openSUSE:
  + stop passing --extensions-soundmenu to configure.
  + drop extensions-soundmenu subpackage.
  + add a banshee-extensions-soundmenu Obsoletes to main

Wed Nov 16 09:52:14 UTC 2011 -

- Update to version 2.3.1:
  + New Features:
    - DVD playback support
  + Enhancements:
    - Several improvements to Muinshee, our alternative UI:
      . Add a Clear button to the toolbar
      . Make double-click on an album do the same as the Play
      . Don't close the dialog when pressing Enqueue
      . Make the Esc key close the dialog if there is no search
      . Use better icons for the Play and Enqueue buttons
    - Add separate options for writing ratings and play counts to
    - Update values for the Smiley Face equalizer preset
    - Set the PulseAudio media.role property
  + Bug fixes, including:
    - Fixes from 2.2.1 release.
    - Notify playlists on rating change through d-bus or command
    - bgo#647898: Try to fetch coverart without an internet
    - bgo#658803: Prune CoverArtDownloads table when removing
- Remove xz BuildRequires as we have a bz2 tarball again.

Tue Nov  1 22:46:28 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 2.2.1:
  + Bug fixes, including:
    - bgo#661467: AmazonMp3: Handle plain text AMZ files now sent
      by Amazon
    - UbuntuOneMusicStore: Ensure u1ms URIs passed at startup get
    - Daap: Fix crash while resolving the address of a DAAP service
    - DatabaseImportManager: Support importing .mka files
    - bgo#662906: AudiobookLibrarySource: Fix crash when adding
    - bgo#659841: GnomeBackend: Be more robust against GConf
    - bgo#656533: Notification: Fix application name used in
      internal notify#
    - bgo#649277: NotificationArea: Only use supported tags in the
      notification message
- Add xz BuildRequires because we can't build a package for a
  xz-compressed tarball without explicitly specifying that... See
  bnc#697467 for more details.

Mon Oct  3 07:32:39 UTC 2011 -

- Add explicit shared-mime-info BuildRequires since we use the
  %mime_database_* macros.

Mon Sep 19 20:23:06 UTC 2011 -

- Update to version 2.2.0:
  + Update label and ids for LG phones (bgo#658699)
  + Update Hyena code.
  + Various bug fixes.
  + Updated translations.

Thu Sep  8 10:52:48 UTC 2011 -

- Update to version 2.1.4:
  + Bugs fixed, including:
    - bgo#601554: Don't resolve external references when parsing
      bad RSS feeds
    - bgo#633939: Fix crash in SearchEntry.FilterMenuItem
    - bgo#647917: Dap.MassStorage: decode URI before using it as
      playlist name
    - bgo#650325: MtpSource: Remove obsolete URL from error message
    - bgo#657479: Make sure empty default smart playlists are
    - libbanshee: Fix crash on g_free when looking for subtitle

Mon Aug 29 04:19:49 UTC 2011 -

- Update to version 2.1.3:
  + New Features:
    - New custom support for the Barnes & Noble Nook
    - Support default internet radio stations. At first start, XSPF
      playlists in $datadir/banshee/stations/ are imported
      automatically. We don't provide default radio stations
      ourselves but this allows distros or other third parties to
      do so.
  + Enhancements:
    - bgo#549173: Add "Stop when finished" option in the
      notification popup menu
    - bgo#636071: Get info from the database or the file when
      opening a URI
    - bgo#639805: Hide labels in the source pane when the group is
    - bgo#647306: Add support for the Notion Ink Adam tablet
    - bgo#651497: Motorola Atrix support
    - bgo#653255: Samsung Galaxy S2 support
    - bgo#653284: Remove keyboard shortcut for toggling scrobbling
    - bgo#653997: Samsung Galaxy Ace support
    - bgo#656526: Add "Smiley Face Curve" default equalizer
    - bgo#656670: Cache the ArtworkID in the database for faster
    - Various enhancements to our experimental GStreamer# backend,
      bringing it close to feature parity with our current C
  + Bugs fixed, including:
    - bgo#587264: Fix metadata fetching from MusicBrainz
    - bgo#647111: Put the Audio CD source label in the right place
    - bgo#647202: Fix space usage reporting for some DAP devices
    - bgo#648498: Make sure the MPRIS sends the new metadata on
      track change
    - bgo#650011: Fix items disappearing in playlists when
      re-connecting iPod
    - bgo#650184: Fix XSPF playlist importing error
    - bgo#651914: Fix "Least Favorite" smart playlist to not pick
      unrated songs
    - bgo#654524: Fix the SetPosition method in the MPRIS interface
    - bgo#656176: Don't ignore the last value of the
      .is_audio_player file
    - bgo#656246: Fix random crash while changing tracks
    - EqualizerSetting: Set the amplifier level for default

Wed Aug  3 13:37:25 CEST 2011 -

- Add banshee-recent-gpod.patch: fix build with recent gtkpod.
- Remove pkgconfig(gnome-vfs-2.0) BuildRequires, since it's not
  used anymore.

Fri Jul 15 03:26:54 UTC 2011 -

- Remove bundleize-pkg-config.awk: no longer required.

Fri Jul  8 01:37:29 UTC 2011 -

- Remove '#!BuildIgnore: ndesk-dbus-glib': it is no longer required
  with patched notify-sharp that uses dbus-sharp/dbus-sharp-glib.

Tue Jul  5 09:53:45 UTC 2011 -

- Add  '#!BuildIgnore: ndesk-dbus-glib' to spec, otherwise it
  prevents dbus-sharp-glib from install and build breaks. From
  2.1.0 onwards Banshee requires dbus-sharp-glib and drops

Tue May 31 10:26:32 UTC 2011 -

- Rename source package from banshee-1 to banshee, as we're at
  version 2.x.
- Update to version 2.1.0:
  + New Features:
    - eMusic Store
  + Enhancements:
    - ArtworkManager: add --fetch-artwork argument
    - bgo#647754: Xperia X12 support
    - bgo#508713: MiniMode: Reduce height of window
    - bgo#648941: Support .spc files
    - bgo#649401: Set UserAgent when doing MusicBrainz queries
  + Notable Bugs Fixed (51 fixed since 2.0):
    - Windows installer fixes;
    - AmazonMp3.Store: Fix signed-in detection for UK store;
    - bgo#633552: AppleDevice: Ensure m4a/mp3 are supported;
    - PodcastFeedPropertiesDialog: Fix display of feed URL;
    - bgo#647059, bgo#647089, bgo#644648, bgo#642113, bgo#647144,
      bgo#634647, bgo#642140, bgo#648133, bgo#647932, bgo#646991,
      bgo#647024, bgo#636057, bgo#648458, bgo#611489, bgo#641748,
  + Packaging Changes:
    - HAL dependency dropped
    - ipod-sharp and podsleuth dependencies dropped
    - NDesk.DBus dependency dropped
    - dbus-sharp >= 0.7 and dbus-sharp-glib >= 0.5 required
      (available from
    - Gtk# >= 2.12.10 required
    - Mono >= 2.4.3 required
    - GStreamer >= 0.10.26 required
    - Various configure flags removed:
      + --disable-ipod
      + --disable-hal
      + --disable-podcasts
- The packaging changed quite a bit. Important highlights:
  + Stop supporting a mode for upstream builds and for old versions
    of openSUSE/SLE, as this is not supported upstream anymore.
  + Update BuildRequires according to upstream changes, and move to
    pkgconfig() BuildRequires.
  + Remove .la files.
  + Drop backend-hal and dmp-ipod-devices subpackages.
  + Merge the client-classic subpackage in the main subpackage, as
    people installing the banshee package expect to have the
    classic interface.
  + Add various Provides/Obsoletes for smooth upgrades from

Thu May 26 16:33:08 UTC 2011 -

- Update to version 2.0.1:
  + Notable Bugs Fixed:
    - AmazonMp3.Store: Fix signed-in detection for UK store;
    - PodcastFeedPropertiesDialog: Fix display of feed URL
    - bgo#648941: Add .spc to whitelist;
    - bgo#648458: PlsPlaylistFormat: Make parsing the header
    - bgo#647754: Add USB ids for Xperia X12;
    - bgo#647024: Lastfm: Fix NRE crash;
    - bgo#646991: AlbumListView: Fix disappearing option in
    - bgo#647932: DatabaseSource: Fix NRE in SkipTrackIfRemoved;
    - bgo#642140: Close HTTP streams when finished with
    - bgo#633552: AppleDevice: Ensure m4a/mp3 are supported;
    - bgo#647144: StreamPositionLabel: Avoid unnecessary redraws;
    - bgo#647089: Daap: Bind to IPAddress.Loopback instead of Any;
    - bgo#647059: Fix Remote Daap crash;
  + Updated Translations:
    - Dutch
    - Galician
    - Greek
    - Hungarian
    - Korean
    - Russian
    - Telugu
    - Vietnamese

Mon Apr  4 16:03:01 CDT 2011 -

- Update to 2.0.0 release 
  + Notable Bugs Fixed:
      * BansheeMetrics: Only enable collection 5% of the time
      * Dap.MassStorage: Support the LG Optimus S Android phone (bgo#646593)
      * CoverArt: If cache folder missing, clear last fetch time too
      * Dap.MassStorage: Add support for Sharp IS03 Android phone (bgo#646588)
      * Lastfm: Handle errors when fetching user data (bgo#646539)
      * libossifer: Return existing view in create-new-window
      * GnomeScreensaver: Catch errors from Inhibit calls
      * ArtworkManager: Clear art fetch info if cache dir missing
      * CoverArt: Start fetch job on startup, in case of missing imgs
      * Networking: NM 0.9 breaks DBus API; handle it
      * SearchEntry: Change cursor over search menu (bgo#644362)
      * Xspf: Handle Amazon's new cloud .amz files (bgo#646237)
      * Fix ghelp URI so that Help -> Contents works again
      * GlobalActions: Hide the Version Information menu unless debugging
      * ThickClient: Fix Source toolbar buttons hidden at first (bgo#645987)
      * Booter: don't use sgen GC on Linux
      * Album Browser: Fix border getting misdrawn (bgo#644315)
      * AppleDevice: Fix music appearing in Videos in Banshee (bgo#636448)
      * MeeGo: Pause video on window close (bgo#646048)
      * MeeGo: Add more sources to the MeeGo dropdown list (bgo#646042)
      * build: Get MeeGo .desktop path from pkgconfig (bgo#646037)
      * RhapsodyQueryJob: Fix NRE for track with no album (bgo#646028)
      * AppleDevice: Change exception type for better logging
      * MassStorage: Ignore unmounted volumes
      * Mtp: Only unmount devices that are actually mounted
      * Mtp: Ignore devices with DeviceNumber == 0
      * Hardware.Gio: Avoid NREs when getting bus number etc
      * MediaEngine: Fix tests to pass with gapless-capable Gst
      * MediaEngine: Prevent NRE, increment last played on EoS
      * GStreamer: Small fixes

Thu Mar 24 10:58:45 CDT 2011 -

- Update to 1.9.6 release 
  + Enhancements:
      * Rename banshee-1 to banshee in preparation for 2.0
      * AmazonMp3.Store: support
      * MiroGuide: Handle Listen links from front page
      * Dap: Add support for Sharp IS01 (bgo#645361)
      * Playlists: Recognize m3u playlists without header (bgo#645351)
      * LibraryWatcher: Guard against watching incorrect dirs (bgo#633309)
      * MassStorage: Support Sirius Alpha Android phone (bgo#643960)
      * WebOSDevice: Support playlists (bgo#641486)
      * Windows: Auto-update functionality (bgo#641960)
  + Notable Bugs Fixed (26 fixed since 1.9.5):
      * MiroGuide: Properly escape search query strings
      * AmazonMp3.Store: Fix search query escaping
      * bgo#623183: DatabaseTrackInfo: Fix rating update on current track
      * bgo#637717: audio-profiles: fix duration for CBR lame profile
      * bgo#614192: GStreamer: Fix inappropriate repeating
      * bgo#643782: Mpris: Distinguish between music and video playlists
      * bgo#641515: Workaround X BadMatch crash
      * bgo#619609: Metadata: Do not fetch covers for unknown albums/artists
      * bgo#631012: Audiobook: Fix crash when switch to playlist
      * bgo#628087: Handle setting SearchEntry.Query to nullb
      * bgo#602145: InternetRadio: Clear playback errors when playing
      * bgo#635951: Fix skipping removed/deleted tracks

Wed Mar  9 11:56:45 CST 2011 -

- Update to 1.9.5 release 
  + Enhancements:
      * Add support for handling u1ms:// links
      * Windows: Add Win7 thumbnail toolbar playback buttons
      * OS X Build: Work with new bockbuild, add MonoMac
  + Notable Bugs Fixed (20 fixed since 1.9.4):
      * bgo#644315: Fix album browser's border on Windows
      * bgo#641608: windows: Fix notification icon menu positioning
      * bgo#643188: Help: Fix help URL to
      * bgo#643407: GStreamerSharp: Properly handle GStreamer errors
      * bgo#641674: SmartPlaylists: Fix queries with { and }
      * Hide 'Unknown Artist' in 'All Albums' browser entry

  + Enhancements from 1.9.4:
      * Various fixes and improvements to the Windows build
      * MultimediaKeys: Support Pause, FastForward, Rewind, Repeat and Shuffle
      * Advertise lastfm scheme handling in the .desktop files
  + Notable Bugs Fixed (25 fixed since 1.9.3):
      * AmazonMp3.Store: Fix the server 'Home' redirect
      * Misc theme and string fixes
      * bgo#638541: Don't try to find subtitle files for music
      * Fix the position label when the stream ends
      * TrackInfoDisplay: Don't display last track when idle
      * bgo#614530: Fixed a ListView glitch
      * bgo#642717: SoundMenu: don't call BlacklistMediaPlayer on startup

Sun Feb 27 13:36:55 UTC 2011 -

- Change lang package Requires to Recommends since it is not
  mandatory at runtime.

Thu Feb 17 18:18:14 CST 2011 -

- Fix crash in 'Now Playing' (bgo#641515)
  + Add nowplaying-crash.patch

Wed Feb 16 15:32:21 CST 2011 -

- Change Gio backend to required

Tue Feb  8 20:08:33 CST 2011 -

- Update to 1.9.3 release
  + Enhancements:
      * Various fixes and improvements to the Windows build
      * MPRIS: Implement the recently added PlaylistChanged signal
      * SoundMenu: Implement the new registration process
      * Daap: Keep a list of recently used remote servers
      * Add back counts for top level libraries
  + Notable Bugs Fixed (36 fixed since 1.9.2):
      * bgo#639603: Fix NRE when current track doesn't have a Uri
      * bgo#486543: Playlists: Fix parsing when started from root directory
      * bgo#640276: AmazonMp3.Store: Fix country detection for United Kingdom
      * bgo#638070: LibraryWatcher: Don't watch non-existing dirs
      * bgo#635779: Fix crash after disabling some extensions
      * bgo#636435: PlayQueueSource: Fix track prepending when not playing
      * bgo#641000: NowPlaying: Fix resizing fullscreen control bar
      * bgo#640455: PlayQueue: Additional padding for the fill controls
- Changes in 1.9.2 release
  + Enhancements:
      * Add support for Nexus S and Xperia X10 mini pro
      * Many improvements and fixes to the F1 user guide
      * SoundMenu: Implement the proper close/quit behavior
      * MPRIS: Implement the Playlists interface
      * Improved write-metadata-to-file performance
  + Notable Bugs Fixed (33 fixed since 1.9.1):
      * bgo#637333: MeeGo: Fix NRE at start up
      * bgo#637350: Fix SimpleTable crash
      * bgo#636077: Fix Podcasts selection bug w/ DAP plugged in
      * bgo#637366: SmartPlaylistSource: Fix NRE with "selected by random"
      * bgo#637365: SmartPlaylistSource: Clear the condition when it's not enabled
      * bgo#637303: FileChooserDialog: Fix error message on first launch
      * bgo#637627: FullscreenWindow: Keep fullscreen when showing volume osd
      * bgo#634652: AppleDevice: Remove invalid tracks before syncing
      * bgo#638477: X11NotificationArea: Enhance check for RGBA visual
      * bgo#637991: SourceRowRenderer: Fix vertical alignment calculation
      * bgo#611796: [Preferences] Have source list use theme icon size
      * bgo#639044: UnknownTrackInfo: Avoid NRE if URI is null
      * bgo#639032: LastfmStreaming: Delete the Loved stations from the database
- GIO Hardware backend requires media-player-info

Wed Dec 15 15:00:22 CST 2010 -

- Update to 1.9.1 release
  + New Features Since 1.9.0:
      * Ubuntu One Music Store and SoundMenu Extensions
      * Subtitles
  + Enhancements:
      * Massively rework the podcast edit dialog
      * Let line wrap in properties table
      * Add 'Podcast Properties' to episode menu
      * Show context menu even for 'All' filters
      * Only show tabs if there is more than one
      * Make Play/Pause action tooltip only show play or pause
      * Add support for the LG Ally phone
      * Add dbus method to clear the play queue
      * Allow to clear the play queue while in Populate mode
      * Add back podcast browser
      * Add a new 'Recently Played' default smart playlist
      * Remember sources' column configuration
      * Blank track editor spin buttons when 0
      * Remove Home and Photo folder import sources
  + Notable Bugs Fixed (79 fixed since 1.9.0):
      * bgo#637202: Initialize the ipod each time we load
      * bgo#630209: Fix podcast flag for video podcasts
      * bgo#635780: Prevent GroupSources from being selected
      * bgo#540394: Don't overwrite existing files when ripping
      * bgo#635776: Ensure karma-sharp's DLLmap is copied in the build
      * bgo#634662: Make search entry in MeeGo panel correctly show query
      * bgo#634686: Fix streaming broken after first play
      * bgo#635426: Ensure track filter actions updated
      * bgo#635453: Fix regression with importing mkv
      * bgo#608778: 'Random by' skips user-selected artist/album 

Thu Nov 11 15:06:40 CST 2010 -

- Update to 1.9.0 release, fixing 56 bugs since 1.8.0 
  + New Features Since 1.8.0:
      * Artist/Album Browser Track Actions
      * 'Play After' Queue Options
      * User Interface Improvements
  + Enhancements:
      * Album grid has tooltips for ellipsized text
      * Subscribe to Internet Archive searches as podcasts
      * MusicBrainz cover art search supports CDBaby and Jamendo
      * Support Huawei Ideos Android phones
  + Notable Bugs Fixed (51 fixed since 1.8.0):
      * Remove unused Mono.Addins.Gui dependency
      * Fix checkbox hover prelight in Fixup
      * Always grab search entry focus on ctrl+f
      * [TrackEditor] Don't try to load metadata over HTTP
      * [AppleDevice] Add a matching 'StopSync' call.  We had an unmatched StartSync call which meant that the Sync dialog would be displayed forever.
      * bgo#587936: [AppleDevice] Sync the Sort* fields
      * bgo#631172: [AppleDevice] Fix podcast support
      * bgo#540503: Remove Jump... from context menu
      * bgo#540525: Stop when the playing track is deleted
      * bgo#545998: Sensitize and pluralize podcast actions appropriately
      * bgo#609463: Equalizer distortion
      * bgo#620010: Displaying random image for "All Albums"
      * bgo#623441: Duplicates on import due to character encoding
      * bgo#624734: Allow editing Radio stations again
      * bgo#629005: Full-screen on multi-head displays
      * bgo#629534: TaskStatusIcon missing-ctor crash
      * bgo#630039: Concatenated and untranslatable string
      * bgo#631277: Crash in when editing some tracks' metadata
      * bgo#631687: Non-local tracks added to DAP without extensions
      * bgo#631961: [Gio] Invalid cast exception
      * bgo#632114: Hang when replaying video
      * bgo#632246: Missing-ctor issue in SourceComboBox
      * bgo#632420: [Booter] Use the MeeGo client if appropriate
      * bgo#632715: [Bookmarks] UI not getting loaded
      * bgo#633579: Fixup not getting reloaded correctly
      * bgo#633764: [Dap] not transcoding some files when we should
      * bgo#633841: Recognize webm as video
      * bgo#634096: Empty track # in filename patterns
      * bnc#642505: Insecure LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Wed Oct 20 16:50:30 UTC 2010 -

- Fix vulnerable LD_LIBRARY_PATH (bnc#642505, CVE-2010-3998)
  + bnc642505-fix-insecure-ld-library-path.patch

Wed Sep 29 17:46:17 CDT 2010 -

- Update to 1.8.0 release, fixing 40 bugs since 1.7.6 
  * bgo#534832 Videos not correctly handled on MTP device
  * bgo#627441 Race condition in ndesk-dbus causes hang
  * bgo#628555 Crash when receiving a VolumeRemoved event
  * bgo#628675 new ipod support doesn't sync playlists
  * bgo#629019 hangs at startup
  * bgo#629179 no longer recognizes mass storage device
  * bgo#630757 AppleDevice mounts my internal harddisk

Thu Sep 23 17:05:49 CDT 2010 -

- Update to 1.7.6 release, fixing 26 bugs since 1.7.5
  * Decrease the latency in changing playback volume
  * Begin editing the name of newly added playlists
  * Put all videos in the video folder on MTP devices
  * bgo#629314: [AppleDevice] Correct capacity/free values
  * bgo#628992: [AppleDevice]Bundle libgpod-sharp.dll.config fixing crash
  * bgo#628832: [MTP] Fix MTP-device memory issues breaking Playlists, Albums
  * bgo#629095: [MTP] Fix MTP devices being named '???'
  * bgo#629373: [MTP] Workaround MTP sigsegv bug

Wed Sep  8 03:16:44 CEST 2010 -

- On 11.3 and later, use pkgconfig(gnome-desktop-2.0) BuildRequires
  instead of gnome-desktop-devel since gnome-desktop-devel could
  (and will likely in 11.4) point to a GNOME 3 version of

Fri Sep  3 17:47:06 UTC 2010 -

- Fix libgpod-sharp* install location (missing Extensions
- Add Mpris* to extension-default

Wed Sep  1 19:40:17 CDT 2010 -

- Update to 1.7.5 release, fixing 48 bugs since 1.7.4
  * GIO/udev-based hardware backend
  * Apple Devices backend with support for iPod/iOS devices
  * MPRIS v2 support (Ubuntu Sound Menu, etc)
  * Audiobooks and Miro Guide extensions enabled by default
  * Play menu item in track context menu
  * Amazon affiliate codes for all supported countries
  * "Amazon MP3s" Music smart playlist
  * Miro Guide teaser in Podcasts
  * Zoom support in Amazon MP3 Store and Miro Guide
  * Now Playing simplify mode that declutters the UI
  * Play Queue shuffle action
  * Podcast errors shown to user
  * Better MTP device detection
  * Default smart playlists hidden when empty, for new users
  * New and improved user documentation
  * bgo#626786: Prevent crash in search-for-artist when blank
  * bgo#628388: Fix overflow bug with MTP playlists
  * bgo#625683: Fixup checkboxes now clickable
  * bgo#626928: Fetch podcast artwork asap
  * bgo#626791: Catch crashes caused by missing extensions
  * bgo#528383: Re-enable writing video metadata to file
  * bgo#626803: Fix Ogg rating parsing in non-English locales

Mon Aug 16 20:46:24 UTC 2010 -

- Support WebKit on sle_version >= 11 (GA or SP1, though it may
  fail on GA, but I can't tell how to differentiate between the two)

Thu Aug 12 15:23:03 PDT 2010 -

- Add enable_sk.patch to fix build on SLE 11/SP1/openSUSE 11.1 

Wed Aug 11 14:05:59 PDT 2010 -

- Update to 1.7.4 release, fixing 45 bugs since 1.7.3
  * User manual available via Help ยป Contents menu and F1
  * Duplicate Genre solver in Metadata Fixup extension
  * Support for Amazon MP3 purchases containing PDFs and videos
  * Improved Metadata Fixup support for non-English languages
  * bgo#588255: Fix notification icon transparency
  * bgo#619036: Fix glitchy search entry
  * bgo#625210: Better handling of non-US Amazon stores
  * bgo#624569: Fix scrolling Extensions list with keyboard
  * bgo#625340: Fix .amz mime file conflict with official downloader
  * bgo#553433: Fix issue that could block song scrobbling
  * bgo#600340: Fix subscribing to certain podcasts (eg
  * bgo#620826: Fix URIs of tracks synced to iPods
  * bmc#1115:   Fix a pipeline deadlock evident on MeeGo

Fri Aug  6 19:03:50 UTC 2010 -

- Fixed a bunch of dependency bugs in the packaging
  * Remove Requires:libmtp8 from banshee-1-extensions-default
  * Remove Requires:boo from banshee-1-extensions-default
  * Do not bundle Mono.Addins.MSBuild.dll, we don't need it, and
    bundling it caused banshee-1-extensions-default to pull in
    the whole xbuild/msbuild framework
- Bundle libwebkit on 11.2 since pulling down our version causes big
  issues with the 1click install due to changing package vendors;
  removed explicit Requires since it's bundled or the distribution
  provides the right version already
- Added fix-ld_library_path-search-order.patch, which corrects the
  search order of the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable set in our wrapper
  script; this ensures our bundled libwebkit is loaded instead
  of the system version

Wed Jul 21 17:43:08 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 1.7.3 release, fixing 9 bugs since 1.7.2
  * New Amazon MP3 Store Source, supporting US, UK, FR, DE, and JP storefront
  * Support for downloading and importing Amazon MP3 purchases (.amz files)
  * New Miro Guide Podcast Directory extension integrating with
  * New extension for bulk metadata fixing to merge artists and albums that
    vary only by case, '&' vs 'and', etc.
  * Add visual separators in the source view between categories of sources
  * Culturally format the status bar item count (e.g. in en_US 1,000
    instead of the old 1000)
  * Improve the downloading and visual refreshing of new cover art
  * Tweak the grid view album artwork hover effect
  * New Banshee.WebBrowser API
  * New Hyena.Downloader API
  * Drop dependency of webkit-sharp, take dependency directly on
    libwebkit 1.2.2+ for new Banshee.WebBrowser API
  * bgo#624667: Fix cover art refreshing
  * bgo#622826: Fix a slow running query to speed things up
  * bgo#602840: Fix importing of compilation albums
  * bgo#622028: Fix loading of on some distros
  * bgo#621955: Wrap instead of elipsize titles
  * bgo#608382: Escape %20 in filenames for items without embedded metadata
  * bgo#624531: Escape Uri value in SQL query

Fri Jun  4 17:28:12 CEST 2010 -

- Added support for translation-update-upstream (FATE#301344).

Sat May 29 11:15:28 PDT 2010 -

- Update to 1.7.1 release, fixing 18 bugs since 1.7.0 
  * Improvements for Audiobooks support
  * New preference to have the classic album layout instead of the grid view
  * streaming can be disabled separately from the other
  * Support for reading and writing MusicBrainz IDs
  * Show the TrackEditor fields as read-only mode when they are not editable
  * Fix Youtube playback
  * Fix deletion of Podcast metadata during modification
  * Fix a crash related to the notification deamon
  * Fix fetching cover for albums with several discs
  * Several fixes for the N800 device

Wed May  5 14:45:57 PDT 2010 -

- Update to 1.7.0 release, fixing 41 bugs since 1.6.0 
  * Add Keybinding for Switching Sources
  * Connect to Remote DAAP Servers
  * Improved authentication experience
  * Improved Maemo device support
  * DBus API additions for showing various dialogs
  * DEXT/CLIQ and Galaxy Portal device support
  * Many MeeGo specific improvements and fixes
  * Fix for fullscreen video under Mutter
  * Fix videos playing back in a new window
  * Fix crashes related to Gtk.Widget subclassing
  * Fix crashes related to a11y
  * NotificationArea fixes
  * Cover art aspect ratio/scaling fixes

Wed Mar 31 12:03:37 PDT 2010 -

- Update to 1.6.0 release, fixing 30 bugs since 1.5.6
  * Fix device support on upcoming distros with DeviceKit rename
  * Restore equalizer preset correctly (bgo#614313)
  * Handle broken symlinks correctly (bgo#614065)
  * Allow overriding Android, Maemo, WebOS default settings (bgo#611991)
  * Fix crash deleting playlist on mass storage device (bgo#613734)
  * Fix issue with iTunes importer dialog sizing (bgo#613607)
  * Fix play count calculation with gapless enabled (bgo#613418)
  * Handle exceptions thrown by old plugins (Mirage, etc)
  * Use panel-specific (eg monochrome) icon in notification area
  * OS X build/bundle improvements
  * Fix Windows compilation issues
  * Fix gettext locale selection on Windows

Mon Mar 22 16:34:48 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 1.5.6 release, fixing 44 bugs since 1.5.5
  * Fix rendering and interaction bugs in the grid view
  * Fix issue with volume getting reset on every song change
  * Handle volume changes from outside Banshee (eg PulseAudio)
  * Fix issue parsing some RSS feeds
  * Fix library importing and rescanning on all IO backends
  * Support coverart for albums without an artist (bgo#612626)
  * Don't capture 's' presses if keybindings disabled
  * Fix typing in the Wikipedia webkit view
  * Fix equalizer settings migration (bgo#612669)
  * Redraw the entire ListView when dragging columns
  * Increase podcast download timeout
  * Fix bad startup crash in PlayQueue on old Mono
  * Fix "Too many open files" bug with GIO backend
  * [Banshee.Hardware] Handle exceptions (bgo#613173)
  * [PodcastActions] Unsubscribe from an event on dispose
  * [ContextPane] Fix crash if active removed (bgo#613277)
  * [LastfmSource] Fix crash (bgo#612824)
  * [Lastfm] Fix crash using auth Refresh button (bgo#610911)
  * [Lastfm] Fix crash (bgo#613276)
  * Fix compilation error with older Mono
  * Fix compilation error with bundled notify-sharp
  * Fix --disable-youtube flag
  * Set YouTube install dir to Extensions/
  * Fix building with older GStreamer (bgo#613339)

Wed Mar 17 13:14:29 PDT 2010 -

- Require libmtp8, not libmtp

Tue Mar 16 10:59:17 PDT 2010 -

- Fix extensions-default Requires 

Thu Mar 11 07:27:52 PST 2010 -

- Update to 1.5.5 release
  * Minor feature and bug fix/stability release
      - Gapless Playback / Playbin2
      - Grid View
      - YouTube Extension
  * Enhancements:
      - Improve search responsiveness on large libraries
      - Add icons for Nexus One and Audiobooks
      - Play Queue item count, size, duration now ignores old tracks
      - Muinshee fixes: disable Auto-DJ, allow reordering, hide previous song
  * Notable bug fixes:
      - Fix a very common, SQL-related crash in 1.5.4
      - Fix saving equalizer settings in culture-invariant way
      - Jumping to a source's prefs via its context menu works again
      - Usage data not submitted more than every 48 hours
      - Fix repeatedly resyncing some files to a device b/c transcoded
      - Clear the redo stack on shuffle mode change
      - Accept feeds with empty title
      - Uri encode file location queries, making them work properly
      - Fixes to the OS X build
  * 26 bugs were fixed since 1.5.4

Wed Feb 24 14:09:13 PST 2010 -

- Update to 1.5.4 release
  * Minor feature and bug fix/stability release
  * New features:
      - Opt-In Usage Data Collection
      - Default Equalizer Presets
      - Banshee Community Extensions
      - Extensible Shuffle Modes
  * Enhancements:
      - Wikipedia context pane extension enabled by default
      - Add support for Nokia N900 phones
      - Add tooltip to playback error column
      - On close Internet Archive item, return to Search
      - Notify user if try to sync missing file to DAP
      - Popup explanation of manual playlist ordering when appropriate
      - Simplify the default set of columns in Podcasts
      - Enable 'Delete From Drive' action in File System Queue
      - Make debuggable from within MonoDevelop
      - Coverart for unicode artist/albums now supported
      - Dropped glade-sharp dep; GNOME 3.0 ready
      - Add columns showing track sample rate and bits per sample
      - Option to sort an artist's albums by year, not title
  * Notable bug fixes:
      - Fixes to GIO backend
      - Many crash/startup fixes for OS X build
      - Enable LibraryWatcher only for Music and Video libraries
      - Do better job preserving IsCompilation metadata
      - Store some PlayQueue settings in the db (not GConf)
      - Update to's API change for scrobbling/recs
      - Bring back static FileNamePattern API used by some scripts
      - Fix several memory leaks
  * 40 bugs were fixed since 1.5.3

Wed Jan 27 16:12:14 PST 2010 -

- Enable building GIO backend

Wed Jan 27 15:23:53 PST 2010 -

- Fix issue with muinshee getting installed instead of
  the classic client on some versions of SUSE

Wed Jan 27 13:24:17 PST 2010 -

- Update to 1.5.3 release
  * Minor feature and bug fix/stability release
  * New features
      - Sync device from playlist option
      - Type-ahead find in track, artist, and album lists
      - Optional cover art in lower-left corner
      - Cover art editable via drag-and-drop and right-click
      - Audiobooks library extension
      - Library-folder watcher extension
      - eMusic importer/downloader extension
      - GIO file backend, supports non-local files
      - Return of the Mac OS X release
  * Enhancements:
      - Improved Podcast filtering/browsing
      - Extension preferences tab reworked
      - Extension names/descriptions translated
      - Improved sqlite performance
      - Added --set-rating=RATING command line option
      - Support for Nexus One devices
  * Notable bug fixes:
      - DAPs (ipods, etc) should work on DeviceKit-using distros
      - Fix issue with DAAP authenticating
      - Podcast renaming should work well now
      - Podcast download cancelling is now fast
      - Internet Archive results paging off-by-one fixed
      - Should build with older Mono/Gtk# again (eg on openSUSE 11.0)
      - Fix issue with MTP devices on 64-bit distros
    * 75 bugs were fixed since 1.5.2

Sat Nov 21 01:14:47 UTC 2009 -

- Update to 1.5.2 release
  * Minor feature and bug fix/stability release
  * New features
    - The Internet Archive extension
    - The iTunes importer
    - Metadata ratings and playcount import and export
    - Add support for Pulse and Droid phones
    - Use new API
  * Enhancements
    - Many accessibility enhancements
    - When sorting by score also sort by playcount (bgo#598431)
    - Add WICD support (bgo#596918)
    - Add the USB id for the Palm Pre in developer mode
    - Improve the import media dialog (bgo#559013)
    - Allow seeking in DAAP streams
    - Tooltip for the AutoDJ source combobox (bgo#598504)
    - Improve recognition of Android devices
    - Recognize Samsung Galaxy device in debug mode
    - PlaybackError query field (bgo#590946)
    - Additional tokens for file system organization (bgo#489861)
    - Remember direction when sorting the list view (bgo#590869)
    - Cleaner track change notification popup (bgo#565453)
    - Move settings to the preferences dialog
    - Double click toggles fullscreen in Now Playing (bgo#577971)
  * Notable bug fixes
    - Fix the playcount update (bgo#563021)
    - Correct default button in message dialogs (bgo#599495)
    - Hide shuffle menu when shuffling is disabled (bgo#599465)
    - Fix bug with AutoDJ updating LastPlayed erroneously (bgo#594701)
    - Fix next playback source (bgo#599834)
    - Fix adding tracks to the play queue (bgo#600498)
    - Fix up iPod podcast support (bgo#434237)
    - Fix cover art pick up for multi-disc albums (bgo#591982)
    - Fix the play queue when StopWhenFinished is on (bgo#563021)
    - Fix race when saving track metadata (bgo#598321)
  * 49 bugs were fixed since 1.5.1

Wed Sep 30 23:20:00 UTC 2009 -

- Update to 1.5.1 release
  * Major feature and bug fix/stability release
  * New features
    - Play Queue Auto DJ keeps the tunes coming
    - Shuffle by album and artist
    - Shuffle by weighted rating and score mode
    - Add tooltips for ellipsized list view text
    - Keep the playing song visible in the track list
    - Add support for WebOS/Pre devices
    - Add support for the Samsung Galaxy Android Phone
    - Scores of other enhancements and minor features
  * Major bugs fixed
    - Fix MimeTypes for tracks ripped before 1.4 (bgo##536590)
    - Fix compilation metadata reading and writing (bgo#563283)
    - Work with new notification-daemon (bgo#565876)
    - Avoid needlessly syncing iPods twice
    - Fix crash in equalizer (bgo #548912)
    - Prevent endless "Searching for CD metadata..." (bgo#527788)
    - Dispose the SqliteCommand after it's executed (bgo#586498)
    - Fix crash when opening the profile conf dialog (bgo#587308)
    - Fix editor always prompting to save podcasts (bgo#584880)
    - Fix initial track score calculation (bgo#594568)
    - Many, many, many more bug fixes
    - ~130 bugs were fixed since 1.5.0
    - ~250 bugs were fixed since 1.4.3 (last packaged release)
- Major packaging changes
  * Split Boo extension into an -extensions-boo package
  * Split Digital Media Player extensions into -dmp (core libraries
    and the generic USB mass storage support), -dmp-ipod, and
    -dmp-mtp packages (since they have extra deps)
  * Split clients into separate packages (-client-classic and
    -client-muinshee); each client provides banshee-1-client
  * Split core libraries, services, and resources into the -core
  * The root package is basically a meta package now that requires
    a client package, the GStreamer engine, the UNIX backend, and
    recommends the classic client, and some extensions
- All patches and translation overlays removed since they are
  merged into the upstream release

Tue Aug 25 06:52:17 UTC 2009 -

- Add build require on mono-zeroconf-devel to fix build.

Sat Aug 15 15:02:42 CEST 2009 -

- fix duplicate appearance of Banshee in (KDE) start menu

Wed Mar  4 19:39:22 EST 2009 -

- Update to 1.4.3 release
  * Bug-fix-only release
  * 17 bugs fixed since 1.4.2 (most of which were already applied)
  * Removed the Novell translations since I disagree with the way
    we handle them with upstream - the upstream translations are 
    rather complete (~93%); kept the Korean translation since one
    does not exist upstream

Wed Feb  4 12:09:54 CST 2009 -

- Patch fixing playlists not being saved to DAPs (bnc#472526)
- Patch fixing adding files to MTP devices (bnc#472524)
- Patch renaming sr@Latn translation to sr@latin (bnc#472522)

Thu Jan 30 13:58:14 CST 2009 -

- Patch fixing freeze on DAP load (bnc#465214)
- Patch fixing crash on delete from File System Queue (bnc#467377)
- Patch fixing crash on MTP device load (bnc#470722)
- Patch fixing hang while loading streams (bnc#376532)

Wed Jan 21 18:56:25 EST 2009 -

- Patch to fix RPMLINT warning about trailing ; on MimeType field
  in .desktop files
- Remove some legacy hacks for dealing with openSUSE < 10.3
- Add logic to bundle certain assemblies when we are building from
  the upstream/devel OBS project (Banshee) and not openSUSE or SLE
  to allow us to do safe intermediate upgrades of packages outside
  of the distro

Tue Jan 20 19:21:32 EST 2009 -

- Update to 1.4.2
- Bug fix only release that includes all previous patches to 1.4.1

Mon Jan 12 15:25:27 EST 2009 - 

- Translations update. 

Sun Jan 11 13:30:13 CST 2009 -

- Patch to fix support for itms podcast subscription inks (bnc#465149) 
- Patch to fix freeze caused by submitting now playing (bnc#465215)

Sun Jan 11 03:17:24 EST 2009 -

- Patch to support Nautilus/GIO device actions (play CD, highlight
  media player, etc) (bnc#461677)
- Patch to prevent DAAP service from crashing (bnc#465159)
- Patch to allow persisting build metadata and vendor information in 
  assemblies, and show in log file to help with better bug reports;
  adds --with-vendor-build-id="%distribution" to the spec

Sat Jan 10 22:45:02 EST 2009 -

- Fix up desktop files (bnc#456120, bnc#459993, bnc#440615, bnc#461677)
- Fix primary desktop file to -N "Banshee" -G "Media Player" (bnc#433594)

Sat Jan 10 00:08:51 EST 2009 -

- Patch to set the mimetype for ripped tracks (bnc#464889)
- Patch to handle spaces in command line arguments (bnc#440883)
- Patch to make xx_YY langs work from xml:lang, fixes zh_CN et al (bnc#449788)
- Patch for API compat fix for 1.4.2 (bgo#562151)
- Patch to show audio CDs in import dialog, fixes SLE 10 regression (bnc#457918)

Fri Jan  9 10:51:36 CST 2009 -

- Patch to fix handling of internet radio loading (bnc#456120)

Thu Jan  8 15:35:15 CST 2009 -

- Patch to avoid Rescan tool podcast bug (bnc#464604)
- Patch to avoid Rescan tool gui glitch (bnc#462304)
- Patch for non-UTF8 RSS parsing (bnc#459084)
- Patch to show .MP3 in import dialog (bnc#464608)
- Patch for less rigid rss date parsing - bnc#464612)
- Patch to fix genre-search casing bug (bnc#464615)
- Patch for non-ASCII scrobbling (bnc#464613)
- Patch for podcast published date (bnc#464617)
- Patch for duplicate albums b/c compilation support (bnc#464619)
- Patch for track count editor fix (bnc#464620)
- Patch to remove /tmp extension loading (bnc#464622)
- Patch for pack/add browser fix (bnc#464629)

Fri Dec 19 10:57:41 CST 2008 -

- Patch to fix podcast-related DAP crash (bnc#464627)
- Patch to fix DAAP-related freeze on startup (bnc#450125)
- Patch to fix bug that prevented unsubscribing from a podcast (bnc#464624)
- Patch to fix crash when using Banshee in certain languages and inserting
  an audio CD (bnc#464626)

Sat Dec 13 00:18:17 CET 2008 -

- Patch to fix bnc#447606 Unlocalised text on Equalizer menu

Fri Nov 21 02:48:13 EST 2008 -

- Patch to create music directory in prefs dialog (bnc#432754)
- Remove Real audio/video mime types from .desktop file (bnc#440615)
- Fix an issue with generics for gmcs (bgo#561392)
- Allow escape key to close the equalizer dialog (bgo#552818)
- Allow last track in a folder to be deleted on mass storage DAPs (bgo##560550)
- Updated translations

Mon Nov 10 21:24:21 EST 2008 -

- Updated to 1.4.1 Release
  * Fix some API/extensibility issues to ensure 1.4 API will not need to break
  * Fixed assembly versioning to be static as to ensure compat
  * Store known devices in the extension manfiest to ensure other devices
    can be added later externally (forward compat)
  * Updated G1 icons from Jakub Steiner
  * Cosmetic fixes (spacing/padding/alignment) with the DAP overview page
  * Fix build issue with 10.3
  * Fix build issue with Mono trunk

Fri Nov  7 10:43:45 EST 2008 -

- Updated to Release
  * Fixes an issue with the G1 not reading cover art at wrong folder depth
  * Fix a path typo

Fri Nov  7 06:27:19 EST 2008 -

- Updated to 1.4.0 Release
  * Fixes on top of mass storage extension support T-Mobile G1/Android Phone
  * Added verification tool at build time to test DLL mapping to 
    avoid further bugs like bgo#557868 and bnc#440409
  * Worked around a potential Mono bug causing a crash (bgo#556573)
  * Fixes in the track editor to avoid false positives on edit-save confirm
  * Fixed track edito auto-order for track-number/count
  * Fixed a seldom seen crasher (bnc#557867)

Fri Oct 31 10:47:14 CDT 2008 -

- Fix critical bug in our dll mapping config (bgo#557868, bnc#440409)

Sat Oct 25 02:14:40 EDT 2008 -

- Updated to 1.3.3 Release
  * Small Bug-fix only release
    - Removed code that prompted/set Banshee as default player (bnc#433096)
    - Bug fix in equalizer element fixing crash (bnc#557260)
    - Fixed bug where play queue would stop after every song (bnc#557386)
    - Allow prepending the play queue over DBus (for GNOME Do) (bnc##557526)

Mon Oct 13 18:42:25 EDT 2008 -

- Fixed .desktop file (bnc#433594)

Mon Oct 13 10:44:36 EDT 2008 -

- Updated to 1.3.2 Release
  * Minor features/improvements:
    - Allow queueing files via dbus
    - Fix to allow the podcast primary source to contain [smart] playlists
    - When finished playing from the play queue, play the song after
      the song we left off from, or stop playing if nothing was playing before
    - Improved podcast refresh timing
    - Import all white-listed files, even if TagLib# doesn't recognize them
    - Cache and store images directly as Cairo ImageSurfaces, yielding 
      performance and memory improvements
    - Major memory leak and performance fixes (avoid PangoContext leak)
    - Enable autocomplete in editor for artist, album, and album artist
    - Many improvements and fixes to the collection indexer, ready for external
      applications to consume now
  * 59 bugs were closed since 1.3.1
  * Notable Bugs FIXED:
    - Fix bug with non-JPEG cover art (bgo#388162)
    - Remember the user's smart playlist units (bgo#545887)
    - Look for PNG and BMP artwork in the album's folder (bgo#547841)
    - Avoid showing album art for 'unknown' artists (bgo#549320)
    - Jump to playing podcast and radio station now work
    - Fix bug with default CD importing profile (bgo#528621)
    - libmtp8 support (bgo#542117)
    - Fix bug with switching themes and things not getting updated
    - Recommendations and DAP storage panes are visible again
    - F11 toggles fullscreen (bgo#553440)
    - Remove newlines from podcast titles and descriptions (bgo#550008)
    - Fix issue with the Seek slider and recent versions of Gtk# (bgo#536397)
    - Fix bug with showing/selecting invalid profile for DAP transcoding

Mon Sep 22 16:08:32 EDT 2008 -

- Updated to 1.3.1 Release
  * Minor feature/cosmetic improvements:
    - Improved track editor UI and usability
    - Break columns context menu into two columns for easier navigation
    - Many fixes regarding column resizing and default widths
  * 42 bugs were closed since 1.3.0
  * Notable Bugs FIXED:
    - Remember sorting per source (bgo#524656)
    - Fix audio CD crash bug
	- Dialogs' translation domain properly set (bgo#536268)
	- Fix recent regression where the ListView scrolled to the top 
      when switching sources
	- Allow shrinking selections with shift-click (bgo#535561)
	- Fix issue with it taking two clicks on the notification icon to
	  get the main window visible, if Banshee was minimized (bgo#551916)
	- Don't give UI indication that the track list is sortable unless
	  it really is (bgo#551969)

Fri Sep 12 00:10:05 EDT 2008 -

- Updated to 1.3.0 Release
  * Features & Enhancements
    - Vastly improved portable media player support
      o Automatic/proper synchronization mode
      o Playlists and smart playlists can be saved to devices (fate#303577)
      o Cover art can be synced to mass storage devices
    - Library rescanning - can now detect newly added, removed, and
      relocated files and update its collection (fate#5152)
    - Option to rename files when metadata changes
    - Collection indexer service with DBus API for third party apps
      like GNOME Do, Beagle, Tangerine to query/index (dep. of fate#303568)
    - Flat-file playlists can be opened from command line (fate#303576)
    - Podcasting improvements
    - New fancy cover art UI for the Now Playing source
    - ReplayGain level correction support
    - Improved performance of the album/podcast browsers
    - Offline mode (disable features requiring network access)
    - Banshee will now ask if it should be the default media player
    - Support for extra metadata fields including BPM, Grouping, BitRate,
      Conductor, DiscCount, and IsCompilation: read/write/colums/query support
  * 64 bugs were closed since 1.2.1
  * Notable Bugs FIXED:
    - Drag and Drop to Nautilus works again (bgo#535128)
    - Improved support for dark themes (bgo#544840)
    - Improved ASX support (bgo#545646)
    - Fix performance bug with loading USB Mass Storage DAPs (bgo#548254)
    - Fix bug with the DAP usage bar being filtered (bgo#537366)
    - Fix performance issue with album and podcast browsers (bgo#547628)

Thu Aug 28 01:53:11 CEST 2008 -

- Add a define based on if we are in OBS or autobuild
- Only call suse_update_desktop_file in autobuild, since parity
  between OBS and autobuild is a myth, and we don't want to nuke
  upstream translations in our desktop file

Fri Aug 15 18:51:23 EDT 2008 -

- BuildRequires for boo-devel, it provides the .pc file

Thu Aug 14 14:53:57 EDT 2008 -

- Enabled Boo support for openSUSE 11.1 and newer now that the
  boo package is properly split into boo and boo-devel to avoid
  a painful and unnecessary dependency chain
- spec file cleanup

Tue Aug 12 21:01:10 CDT 2008 -

- Add patch to fix common crash for tracks without cover art (bgo#547520)

Tue Aug 12 16:15:03 EDT 2008 -

- Updated to 1.2.1 Release
  * Features & Enhancements
    - Drag and drop albums or artists from the browser
    - New import source to aid in importing videos from your camera
    - Show cover art in Now Playing
    - Pressing play will play the first track selected if nothing is loaded
    - Pressing o on a track selection behaves the same as pressing enter
    - Include never-played tracks when querying against last played
    - Prefer cover art named cover/folder/front.jpg over other image files
    - Translation updates from 19 translators
  * 24 Bugs FIXED since Banshee 1.2.0
  * Notable bugs FIXED:
    - Fix bug with loading USB Mass Storage Players
    - Fix ASX and mms:// support
    - Fix a common crash when quitting Banshee 1.2
    - Amarok importer now migrates date added and last played
    - Fix crash when editing smart playlists with date fields
    - 24 bugs fixed since 1.2

Mon Aug  4 17:53:31 EDT 2008 -

- Updated to 1.2 Release (1.2.0)
  * Major new features bringing full parity to 0.13.2:
    - 10-band equalizer with preset support
    - Multi-Artist (Compilation/Various) Album Support
    - Internet Radio
    - Recommendations pane
    - DAAP/Music Sharing
    - Playlist importing
    - Manual track reordering of playlists/play queue
    - Amarok database migration
  * 82 Bugs FIXED since Banshee 1.0
  * Notable bugs FIXED:
    - More robust parsing of podcast (RSS) files
    - Find and use cover art from the album folder (cover.jpg, etc)
    - Add as a cover art provider
    - The last playback source is used when the Play Queue is empty
    - Better performance (start up time, memory usage, searching, etc)
    - Disable the screensaver when in fullscreen mode
    - Much improved performance and UI for automatic cover art fetching
    - Fix issues with importing and playing files in folders named Music*

Mon Jun  9 14:56:18 CEST 2008 -

- Turn off boo scripting, it causes too many dependencies in a 
  stock install

Thu Jun  5 21:00:06 CEST 2008 -

- Updated to 1.0 Final Release (1.0.0)
  * 57 Bugs FIXED since RC1
  * Notable bugs FIXED:
    - Fix GUI identifying podcast items to avoid dupes (bgo#536555)
	- Use standard seek/position widget in popup (bgo#536396)
    - Fix metacity focus bug in fullscreen (bgo#531187)
	- Fix GTK theme issues (bgo#536052, bgo#534731)
	- Show fullscreen on same monitor as parent window (bgo#535982)
	- Fix player engine DBus support (bgo#534472)
	- Added matching for oga and ogv extensions (bgo#532561)
	- Fix crash when ejecting hardware (bgo#535898)
	- Only set rating when mouse is released (bgo#535338)
	- Use proper icon in notif area depending on panel size (bgo#526333)
	- Set notification window hint on popup (bgo#526326)
	- Fixed a number of DBus API issues (bgo#532215)
  * Fixed audio CD duplication through Brasero and Nautilus
  * Fixed GStreamer plugin installation hooks
  * Show full --help information to expose command line functions

- Since 1.0 Alpha 3:
  * Full iPod and MTP support including video sync
  * Default smart playlist selection
  * Mini mode extension
  * Extension manager
  * Boo scripting support
  * Full screen video support
  * Podcast support (including video)
  * Auto-rip CD importing
  * CD Burning through Brasero
  * New device status bar
  * Automatic cover art downloader
  * DBus command line client
  * Single instance support
  * File system/local queue support
  * Over 100 bugs fixed

Fri May 30 21:01:05 EDT 2008 -

- Updated to 1.0 RC1 Release (0.99.3)
  * Full iPod and MTP support including video sync
  * Default smart playlist selection
  * Mini mode extension
  * Extension manager
  * Boo scripting support
  * Full screen video support
  * Podcast support (including video)
  * Auto-rip CD importing
  * CD Burning through Brasero
  * New device status bar
  * Automatic cover art downloader
  * DBus command line client
  * Single instance support
  * File system/local queue support
  * Over 100 bugs fixed

Wed May 28 17:24:24 CEST 2008 -

- Do not call gtk-update-icon-cache (bnc#395056).

Tue Apr 15 14:19:26 CEST 2008 -

- disable parallel build to fix build

Thu Apr 10 19:43:05 EDT 2008 -

- Updated to 1.0 Alpha 3 Release (0.98.3)
  * Adds audio CD playback and ripping
  * Adds USB Mass Storage Digital Audio Player syncing
  * New experimental shuffle UI was added
  * Repeat modes now work
  * Jump to song was implemented
  * Full screen mode was implemented (not video)
  * Visual improvements in
  * Cairo widgets (list view, track header) respect system DPI
  * Over 40 other bugs fixed since 0.98.2

Wed Mar 26 23:13:20 CET 2008 -

- Updated to 1.0 Alpha 2 Release (0.98.2)
  * Adds video importing, collection management, and playback
  * Cache files respect XDG_CACHE_HOME 
  * List view settings are preserved (column width/visibility)
  * Play Count, Skip Count, Last Played, and Last Skipped are updated
  * Allow editing of artist and album names
  * Start playing when artist or album browser is double clicked
  * Bookmarks extension was ported to 1.0 APIs
  * Date-based searches and smart playlists should be working much better
  * Initialize the translation Catalog so translations can actually be used
  * Improved support for dark themes
  * Disable the equalizer temporarily until gstreamer pipeline issues resolved

- Removed the icon fix patch; rolled into upstream

Sat Mar 15 00:41:59 CET 2008 -

- Added a patch to fix the icon name bug found after the release

Fri Mar 14 23:55:57 CET 2008 -

- Initial package for Banshee 1.0
- Banshee 1.0 Alpha 1 Release (0.98.1)
- Can be installed and used in parallel with previous Banshee (banshee-*)
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