File gtg.changes of Package gtg

Wed Feb 15 19:06:35 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 0.2.9:
  + Big refractorization of code, now using liblarch
  + Extended backend system to support multiple backends
  + Backend GUI configuration
  + Backends:
    - Added Mantis Bug Tracker backend
    - Added Tomboy/Gnote backend
    - Added Launchpad backend
    - Added Twitter/Identica backend
  + Graphical crash handler
  + Command line tool based on DBus interface of GTG
  + Added search feature
  + Rewritten notification area plugin with showing only 10 most
    doable tasks from Workview
  + Setting start/due date by a right click menu in the task
  + Right click behaviour in the task treeview is now consistant
    with other GNOME applications
  + Rework of deleting dialog
  + Previewing task content (gmail-like-ui) [lp#384049]
  + Attaching file to a task by drag-and-dropping it on the task or
    writing file:// URI
  + Added script for anonymizing task files
  + "Sexy" export template
  + DBus API is now CamelCase
  + Fuzzy date "Later" was renamed to "Someday"
  + Daily backup of gtg_tasks.xml
  + Save perferences, window positions and statuses immediately
    after a change
  + Fixed crash traceback when pressing 'delete' key
  + Fixed url autolinking for http(s) schemes
  + Underscore characters in tasks not treated as accelerators
  + Fixed several bugs about hamster integration
  + Added link to web documentation in Help menu
  + Fixed bug with data consistency lp#579189 (empty tags.xml)
  + Added samba bugzilla to the bugzilla plugin
  + Fixed lp#532392, a start date is later than a due date
  + support for gtg:// URIs
  + Fixed lp#584667, indicating missing plugin dependencies
  + Add a new tag dialog keeps the previous value
  + Added keyword bko for recognizing and linking KDE bugs
  + Several usability improvements
  + Several code refratorings
- Drop gtg-hamster-plugin-not-starting-tracking-tasks.patch: GTG
  received a complete rewrite, thus the patch no longer applies.
- Add python-liblarch and python-liblarch_gtk Requires, following
  upstream code changes.
- Remove obsolete openSUSE Version checkes (up to 11.3).

Fri Dec  2 20:55:58 UTC 2011 -

- Update to version 0.2.5:
  + Ability to downgrade data from development, future GTG 0.3 code
- Update license tag to spdx identifier (GPL-3.0+)

Mon Sep 26 18:26:31 UTC 2011 -

- Fixed typo in gtg.spec

Wed Mar 30 14:43:17 UTC 2011 -

- Add: gtg-hamster-plugin-not-starting-tracking-tasks.patch: After
  activating the Hamster (Time Tracking) Plugin in GTG, nothing
  happens (bnc#683748).

Sat Feb 12 19:07:19 CET 2011 -

- Call relevant macros in %post/%postun:
  + %desktop_database_post/postun because the package ships at
    least one desktop file.
  + %icon_theme_cache_post/postun because the package ships themed
- Pass %{?no_lang_C} to %find_lang so that english documentation
  can be packaged with the program, and not in the lang subpackage.
- Change Requires of lang subpackage to Recommends, since the
  english documentation is not there anymore.

Mon Jun 21 14:50:22 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 0.2.4:
  + Several bugfixes and polishing.

Fri Jun  4 14:53:41 CEST 2010 -

- Fix python-xdg Requires (it was python-pyxdg).

Wed Mar  3 21:53:05 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 0.2.3:
  + Removal of disabled widgets.

Mon Mar  1 12:23:42 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 0.2.2:
  + Autostart on login
  + Preferences dialog
  + Send task by mail plugin
  + Import_json plugin
  + lp#520427: Improve RTM plugin: don't sync tasks from archived
  + Automatic cleanup of closed task, plugin
  + Allow to change dismissed date of tasks
  + Docky applet support
  + lp#502111: Allow to change closed date of tasks
  + notification area plugin updated to support appindicate
  + gtg_new task now supports command switches
  + lp#511651: white space around title
  + Expanded CLI to gtg to support task descriptions
  + Added a guide to plugins
  + RTM plugin tags synchronization
  + Evolution plugin
  + Tomboy support
  + Dbus autostart
  + Notification area bug fixes
- BuildRequire dbus-1 for directory ownership.

Tue Feb 02 12:15:55 UTC 2010 -

- Update to version 0.2.1
  + Schedule for context menu
  + Improved export feature
  + Restore closed tasks filtering by selected tag, fixes 
    bug lp#498857
  + Temporary fix allowing to reset tag color
  + Added the ability to add a tag from the right click menu in
    the task browser
  + Better explanation of the "Work view" concept in documentation
  + Multiple selection
  + API clarifications
  + Cut & Paste improvements
  + Notification area plugin improvements
  + Icons reflect action availability
  + Misc. editor bug fixes
  + Misc. tag list bug fixes

Tue Jan 19 23:38:47 CET 2010 -

- Cleanup packaging for integration in Factory.

Mon Dec 14 16:42:07 CET 2009 -

- Update to version 0.2.0:
  + Bugs fixes from 0.1.9
- Changes from version 0.1.9:
  + Support non-exact ("fuzzy") due dates: 'now', 'soon', and
  + Fixes a bug with gtk stock strings being marked as translatable
  + When a task is deleted, all subtask are deleted as well
  + Groups for tags and subtags
  + GNOME bugzilla plugin
  + Handle tasks spatially (remember position & size)
  + Opened tasks on quit are reopened on start
  + Remove the "File" menu. We have no files, we have tasks!
  + Improve compatibility with non GNU systems
  + Close date selector widget on single click
  + The toolbar can now be hidden
  + Empty new tasks are deleted when editor is closed
  + Lot of bug fixed in the editor while playing with subtasks
  + Works well with the "text besides icon" GNOME option
  + Merge RTM plugin branch
  + i18n: fixed window title in GTG/taskbrowser/
  + Add XDG_CACHE redefinition in script/
  + Remove unsued get_closed_date
  + Added filtering capabilities
    - Filter callbacks were added to the task browser
    - Filters were also added to the requester
  + lp#406851, incorrect behaviour marking a dismissed task as done
  + Added accelerators to the task editor
  + Plugin for integration with the Hamster Time Tracker
  + Add plugin engine
  + When GTG is already running, use DBUS to raise existing
    instance rather than failing silently
  + Refactorization and PEP8ification work
  + New keyboard bindings for 'Mark as done' and 'Dismiss' actions
  + New keyboard bindings and accelerators
  + DBus interface
  + Remove the 'Delete' button from the toolbar
  + Fix a spelling mistake in the manpage
  + Allow quickadd of capitalized date
  + Added tomboy plugin
  + Added export function with templates

Mon Jul 09 18:17:15 CET 2009 -

- Update to version 0.1.2:
  + Available in 18 languages, with 12 languages being more than
    99% translated
  + Shadows around the listview widgets
  + Fixes package dependencies
  + Tooltips for button
  + Automatically select title in task editor
  + Crash on startup with non empty LANGUAGE envvar
  + Use GNOME settings for toolbar
  + Better tag markup handling
  + No more multiple instances
  + HTTP link parsing
  + Update README
  + Update XML files sooner
  + Remember color
  + URLs can now include ';' characters. Fixes lp#360969
  + Added support for opening subtasks and links with the keyboard:
    Fixes lp#369272
  + Add polish translation
  + Title for newly created task is now selected to allow easy editing
  + Fixed some bugs in the task editor
  + lp#326388, lp#374745, lp#374745

Mon Apr 06 12:02:42 CET 2009 -

- Update to version 0.1.1:
  + New features:
    - New icon
    - Quickadd now accepts attributes
    - http:// links now open in the browser
    - Shortcut to show/hide sidebar (F9)
    - Some UI love for the sidebar and the tag icons, shamelessy
      copied from f-spot
    - Hotkeys goodness
    - Edit buttons
  + Bugs fixed:
    - Calendar open at the correct date
    - TaskSerial refactorization
    - Tooltips on buttons
    - First unit tests
    - Error, no crash if the XML file cannot be read
    - Fix lp#339383 (delete subtask when deleting first char)
    - Escape title in the treeview: lp#339874
    - Focus in the editor: lp#339269, lp#339195, lp#339389
    - lp#339269: Quickadd has the focus on launch
    - lp#339583, lp#336314: patches delete key and enter key to
      confirm a delete
    - Typos: lp#339268 lp#339492

Fri Mar 13 01:01:01 CET 2009 -

- Initial packaging (version 0.1).
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