File api_docu_description of Package kdelibs3

arts:KDE bindings for arts including knotify
dcop:The DCOP communications library
interfaces:Defines interfaces for common components so that new implementations can be dropped in
kabc:Access to the KDE address book
kate:Interfaces for the standard text editor KPart
kdecore: Core KDE classes that are not related to the user interface
kded:The KDE daemon interface, to observe your file system
kdejava:The KDE Java enviroment
kdeprint:High level printer control functionality
kdeui:KDE User interface classes such as widgets
kfile:High level access to the KDE network aware file abstraction
khtml:The KDE HTML component
kio:Low level access to network files. Also provides access to facilities such as KDirWatcher which monitors directories for changes
kjs:Javascript (aka. ECMAScript and JScript) support
kparts:Support for re-usable, embeddable, extendable applications
kspell:Easy access to the spell checker
kspell2:Easy access to the spell checker
kdefx:A library with pixmap effects
kssl:KDE secure socket layer interface
kutils:High-level utils, like search/replace support
kmdi:MultiDocument Interface library
kresources:The KDE resources system
kwallet:KDE password manager classes
kdeprint:High level printer control functionality
libkmid:Midi library
knewstuff:Upload and download of application data
dnssd:mDNS support library to request and register network services
kdemm:KDE Multimedia Framework
kcmshell:KControl module shell
kdesu:Change user helper framework
kdoctools:Documentation support
kimgio:Image Handlers
kinit:KDEinit support
kioslave:Basic IO slaves
kunittest:Support for unit tests
libkscreensaver:KDE screensavers