File of Package kinput2

diff -ru kinput2-v3.1-beta3.orig/cmd/ kinput2-v3.1-beta3/cmd/
--- kinput2-v3.1-beta3.orig/cmd/	Mon Mar 11 12:53:08 2002
+++ kinput2-v3.1-beta3/cmd/	Mon Mar 11 13:09:04 2002
@@ -17,6 +17,27 @@
 *SeparateConversion.title: Kana-Kanji Conversion
 *selectionShell.title: Candidate Selection
 *auxShell.title: Auxiliary Control
+!! Don't give input focus to the windows of kinput2, they don't need input focus
+!! it just causes problems if they get input focus.
+!! For example, if you use kinput2 with Canna and open the 'auxShell' window
+!! by pressing the 'insert' key a window pops up where special symbols
+!! can be selected. If this window gets focus, the selected symbol will not
+!! appear in the application until the application gets focus again. This is
+!! quite confusing.
+!! And there are even some applications where the selected symbol will never appear,
+!! not even when the application gets focus again. Gvim currently behaves
+!! like that and XIM in Gvim may even become completely unusable after one of
+!! the kinput2 windows got focus, making it necessary to restart Gvim to be able
+!! to use XIM again.
+!! I found no reason why one of kinput2's windows should need input focus.
+*SeparateConversion.input: false
+*selectionShell.input: false
+*auxShell.input: false
 ! if you're using mwm (Motif1.1), you can set kanji titles.
 !*SeparateConversion.title: \033$(B$+$J4A;zJQ49
 !*SeparateConversion.titleEncoding: COMPOUND_TEXT
@@ -32,10 +53,10 @@
 !!	Wnn setup
-!*CcWnn.Jserver:	"primary-jserver-host"
+*CcWnn.Jserver:	localhost
 !*CcWnn.jserver2nd:	"secondary-jserver-host-if-any"
-*CcWnn.ccdef:		ccdef.kinput2
-!*CcWnn.wnnEnvrc4:	"wnenvrc-file-for-Wnn4"
+*CcWnn.ccdef:		ccdef.kinput2.egg
+*CcWnn.wnnEnvrc4:	/etc/FreeWnn/ja/wnnenvrc
 !*CcWnn.wnnEnvrc6:	"wnenvrc-file-for-Wnn6"
 !!	Canna setup for version 2.x, 3.x
@@ -118,4 +139,4 @@
 ! the following resource.  This phenomenon is caused by the incorrent
 ! focus management of your window manager, and this resource avoids
 ! it by making the window manager totally ignore the mode window.
-!*OverTheSpotConversion.UseOverrideShellForMode: True
+*OverTheSpotConversion.UseOverrideShellForMode: True