File ReleaseNote-RT2860.txt of Package rt2860

	1. Fixed compile error when CARRIER_DETECTION_SUPPORT is enabled.
	2. Add "iwpriv ra0 set CarrierDetect=0(or 1)"
	3. Add new WSC hardware push button function
	4. Add Ad-Hoc to support N rate.
	5. Migrate Mesh supporting to Draft-2.0.
	6. Support WAPI functionality
	7. Fixed suspend/resume error when ra0 down, ra0 up.
	8. Support Linux Kernel 2.6.27
	9. Fixed WPS failed when AP is not in scan table or AP's channel changing after user sets "iwpriv ra0 wsc_start"
	10. Fixed DLS A-MPDU established failed.

	2. Support IWEVGENIE in iwlist ra0 scan.
	3. Support DLS
	4. Fixed connection failed with Range Maximizer - 515 AP (Marvell Chip) when security is WPAPSK/TKIP.
	5. Fixed length error of RSN/SSN IE for WpaSupplicant.
	6. Fixed WPAPSK rekey problem when A-MSDU is enabled.
	7. Fixed NetworkManager cannot detect ra0 when ra0 is not up.
	8. Add IEEE802.11d Client Mode: None, Flexible, Strcit.
	9. Add Station N only mode. (Only connects to N-AP)
	10. Add Global country domain(ch1-11:active scan, ch12-14 passive scan)
	11. Enhance PCIe advance power saving
	12. Modified iwpriv ra0 get_site_survey: When security of AP is OPEN/WEP or SHARED/WEP, show UNKNOW/WEP in scan list.
	13. When the secondary channel of AP exceeds the country region's range, station will auto fallback to 20MHz. i.e. need both control and secondary channel are both
	      in country region's channel list.
	14. Fixed crash in LinkDown when there are >64 APs exists.

	1. Fixed issue of Radar Channel flag building with HAS_EXT_BUILD_CHANNEL_LIST=n.
	2. Fixed issue of Adhoc-STA would create in radar channel.
	3. Support Linux Kernel 2.6.24
	4. Support SNMP
	5. Support Debug Diagnose
	6. Add Makefile.NonLoadableModule for non-loadable module
	7. Add two ioctl commands to change tx long/short retry limit.

	1. Add BaSmartHardTransmit mechanism.
	2. Support Linux Kernel 2.6 suspend and resume.
	3. Support extened channel list.
	4. Add "iwconfig rate" setting for legacy rate.
	5. Add make install/uninstall to Makfile.
	6. Fixed issue of showing SNR1 information.
	7. ATE: Add command "iwpriv ra0 set ATELDE2P=1" to overwrite all EEPROM contents from a .bin file.
	8. Change IRQ LOCK to SEM LOCK
	9. Fixed extened channel list checking issue on RT28xx.

	1. Fixed "iwconfig ra0 essid"
	2. Send DIS-ASSOC request to AP when ra0 down.
	3. Support 5-GHz band ATE.
	4. Fixed fixed rate issue in N mode and fixed rate ioctl.
	5. Add Legacy Power Saving Mode.
	6. Support custom wireless event.

	1. Support Monitor Mode with WireShark.(Usage: iwconfig ra0 mode monitor)
	2. Support ATE function for EMI.
	3. Support NetworkManager, wpa_supplicant by using wext.

	1. Add AP's wireless mode info to iwpriv ra0 get_site_survey.
	2. Modify bitrate info in iwlist ra0 scan.
	3. Fixed compile error in non-DBG mode.

	1. Fxied iwpriv security setting issue.
	2. Support Big-Endian.

	1. Driver security support: Open/Shared WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WPA-NONE.
	2. Support 32/64-bit OS
	3. Support A-MPDU and A-MSDU