File rubygem-mysql2.changes of Package rubygem-mysql2

Fri Mar 23 11:26:13 UTC 2012 -

- Spec file cleanup:
  * Factory preparation

Thu Jan  5 01:22:36 UTC 2012 -

- update to 0.3.11
  see /usr/lib*/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/mysql2-0.3.11/

Wed Sep 21 03:17:37 UTC 2011 -

- update to 0.3.7
  see /usr/lib*/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/mysql2-0.3.7/

Thu Dec  9 19:38:47 UTC 2010 -

- update to 0.2.6
  * version bump since the 0.2.5 win32 binary gems were broken
- 0.2.5 (October 19th, 2010)
  * fixes for easier Win32 binary gem deployment for targeting 1.8 and
    1.9 in the same gem
  * refactor of connection checks and management to avoid race
    conditions with the GC/threading to prevent the unexpected loss
    of connections
  * update the default flags during connection
  * add support for setting wait_timeout on AR adapter
  * upgrade to rspec2
  * bugfix for an edge case where the GC would clean up a Mysql2::Client
    object before the underlying MYSQL pointer had been initialized
  * fix to CFLAGS to allow compilation on SPARC with sunstudio compiler
    - Anko painting
- 0.2.4 (September 17th, 2010)
  * a few patches for win32 support from Luis Lavena - thanks man!
  * bugfix from Eric Wong to avoid a potential stack overflow during
  * added the ability to turn internal row caching on/off via the
    :cache_rows => true/false option
  * a couple of small patches for rbx compatibility
  * set IndexDefinition#length in AR adapter
    - Kouhei Yanagita
  * fix a long-standing data corruption bug - thank you thank you
    thank you to @joedamato (
  * bugfix from calling mysql_close on a closed/freed connection
    surfaced by the above fix
- 0.2.3 (August 20th, 2010)
  * connection flags can now be passed to the constructor via the
    :flags key
  * switch AR adapter connection over to use FOUND_ROWS option
  * patch to ensure we use DateTime objects in place of Time for
    timestamps that are out of the supported range on
    32bit platforms < 1.9.2
- 0.2.2 (August 19th, 2010)
  * Change how AR adapter would send initial commands upon connecting
    ** we can make multiple session variable assignments in a single
  * fix signal handling when waiting on queries
  * retry connect if interrupted by signals
- 0.2.1 (August 16th, 2010)
  * bring mysql2 ActiveRecord adapter back into gem
- 0.2.0 (August 16th, 2010)
  * switch back to letting libmysql manage all
    allocation/thread-state/freeing for the connection
  * cache various numeric type conversions in hot-spots of the code
    for a little speed boost
  * ActiveRecord adapter moved into Rails 3 core ** Don't worry
    2.3.x users! We'll either release the adapter as a separate gem,
    or try to get it into 2.3.9
  * Fix for the "closed MySQL connection" error (GH #31)
  * Fix for the "can't modify frozen object" error in 1.9.2 (GH #37)
  * Introduce cascading query and result options (more info in README)
  * Sequel adapter pulled into core (will be in the next release
    - 3.15.0 at the time of writing)
  * add a safety check when attempting to send a query before a result
    has been fetched
- fix license

Wed Jul 28 12:26:29 UTC 2010 -

- initial package 0.1.9