File README.SUSE of Package s390-tools

ls - Addons by SUSE

        The following utilities have been added by SUSE to easy the activation and
        deactivation of devices. These scripts are also used by YaST. Functionality
        not reachable by these scripts cannot be reached by YaST.
        These scripts also create/delete the needed udev rules.
        Detailed information on some parameters are in the
        "Device Drivers, Features and Commands" for this release.

        General parameters

        channel numbers are with lower letters

        parameters switching things on or off are
        1 for on and 0 for off

        * ctc_configure
          Usage: /sbin/ctc_configure <read channel> <write channel> <online> [<protocol>]
          To configure CTC connections 
          Valid Parameters for the protocal are 0, 1 and 3
          For a detailed explanation please look in the Device Driver book

        * dasd_configure
          Usage: dasd_configure  <ccwid> <online> <use_diag>
          To set DASDs online/offline
          The use_diag makes only sense under z/VM. In an
          LPAR just set it to 0

        * iucv_configure
          Usage: /sbin/iucv_configure  <router> <online>
          To set an IUCV IP-network online/offline

        * qeth_configure
          Usage: /sbin/qeth_configure [options] <read chan> <write chan> <control chan> <online>
          Set qeth, hipersocket adapter online/offline.
          options could be one of the following:

          -i      Configure IP takeover
          -l      Configure Layer2 support
          -p NAME QETH Portname to use
          -n 1/0  QETH port number to use

        * zfcp_disk_configure
          Usage: /sbin/zfcp_disk_configure  <ccwid> <wwpn> <lun> <online>
          set a disk online/offline. This require that the repective
          Adapter is online. See command below.

        * zfcp_host_configure
          Usage: /sbin/zfcp_host_configure  <ccwid> <online>
          Set a zfcp Adapter online/offline