File README.SuSE of Package ttf2pt1

Quick intro
This package allows the conversion of TTF fonts to Postscript Type 1 (pfa 
or pfb) fonts. 
There is a script, which automatically converts all fonts found in a
directory, writes the PS fonts into another directory and automatically
creates the X11 managemant files fonts.scale and updates ghostscripts font 
If you want to use it, go to /usr/share/ttf2pt1 and configure convert.cfg
accordingly. Make sure the ouput path exists. Now call
Depending on the number of fonts etc. it will take some minutes.
Now you can add the output dir to the X11 path. To test the fonts, use 
xset +fp to add the new font directory and use xfontsel to have a look at
the fonts. If everything works, you can add this directory permanently by
editing /etc/XF86Config.

If your lucky, everything works as described here. If not, you have to read
the rest of the docu in this dir.

Your SuSE Team.