File README.SuSE of Package vlan

Configuring VLAN interfaces on SuSE Linux

VLAN interface configuration is supported via the normal ifup/ifdown
scripts used for all other network interfaces as well.

To create a VLAN interface, you need to create a file named ifcfg-vlanNNN
in the /etc/sysconfig/network directory, where NNN is the VLAN ID.

The file should contain something like this:


The ETHERDEVICE variable specifies to which ethernet interface the
VLAN interface should be attached. Also refer to `man ifcfg-vlan`.

All the other variables are standard for configuring an IP interface
(STARTMODE defines whether the interface is automatically brought up
at system boot time - this is usually of concern for hotplugging
devices, or interfaces that need to be brought up manually. Setting it
to onboot should be the right thing for VLAN interfaces).