File brltty.changes of Package brltty

Sun Apr 15 07:11:57 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 4.3:
+  New options:
      The -F [--speech-fifo=] option has been renamed to -i [--speech-input=].
      The -F [--preferences-file=] option sets the path to the preferences file.
      The -L [--log-file=] brltty option writes timestamped logs to a file.
      The -q [--quiet] xbrlapi option suppresses the displaying of window titles.
      The -r [--reformat-text] ctbtest option joins unindented input lines.
      The log level can now be specified within brltty.conf.
+  New device support:
      A braille driver for BrailComm displays has been added.
      The HandyTech braille driver now supports the Active Braille.
      The Voyager braille driver now supports the part 232 serial adapter.
      The Voyager braille driver now supports the Braille Pen (aka Easy Link).
+  Preferences menu changes:
      The preference selections now apply to the preferences menu itself, too.
      Keyboard key bindings now work correctly within the preferences menu.
      The "Text Style" preference has new settings:
         8-Dot Computer Braille (formerly 8-dot)
         Contracted Braille (formerly 6-dot)
         6-Dot Computer Braille
      The "Expand Current Word" preference has been added.
         It's only visible if "Text Style" is set to "Contracted Braille".
         It can be set to:
            Yes (don't contract the word the cursor is on)
            No (contract the whole line)
      The "Capitalization Mode" preference has been added.
         It's only visible if "Text Style" is set to "Contracted Braille".
         It can be set to:
            No Capitalization
            Use Capital Sign
            Superimpose Dot 7
+  General changes:
      Internationalization support has been improved.
      French and German translations have been added.
      Support for multi-byte local character sets has been improved.
      Horizontal window motions now work correctly with contracted braille.
      The half window left motion no longer can move to a bad location.
      Alert messages no longer disappear unexpectedly.
      The speech FIFO is now created relative to the current working directory.
      Serial flow control is now enabled before device probing.
      The following global variables for use within tables are now predefined:
+  Alva braille driver changes:
      The BC key bindings have been changed significantly in order to add
      more functions and to support the USB640 (which has no smartpad).
      The braille keyboard of the BC Feature Pack is now supported.
+  Baum braille driver changes:
      Updating the text and status cells of the Vario 80 has been fixed.
      The front and command keys of the Vario 80 are now supported.
+  EuroBraille braille driver changes:
      Reading keys is faster and no longer generates spurious input errors.
+  HandyTech braille driver changes:
      Support for the Active Braille has been added.
      The help screen now describes how the keypad keys are named.
+  Papenmeier braille driver changes:
      The initial state of the switches and keys of EL models is detected.
+  Seika braille driver changes:
      The help screen now describes the key layout.
+  TTY braille driver changes:
      A few more key bindings have been defined.
+  Voyager braille driver changes:
      Serial support has been added.
      Bluetooth support has been added.
      Support for the part 232 serial adapter has been added.
      Support for the Braille Pen (aka Easy Link) has been added.
+  XWindow braille driver changes:
      More and less restrictive fonts are supported.
      Hard program exits have been removed.
+  eSpeak speech driver changes:
      The full advertized speech rate range can now be used.
+  FestivalLite speech driver changes:
      The default voice has been changed to kal (from kal16).
+  AtSpi screen driver changes:
      No more annoying warnings when not on an AtSpi widget.
+  BrlAPI fixes:
      ISO-8859-1 is now accepted as a character set when iconv isn't available.
      The autorepeat flags are now handled on a per session basis.
      Commands are now processed when the device is released.
+  WindowEyes BrlAPI driver changes:
      Testing for BrlAPI open errors has been improved.
+  Text table changes:
      A common subtable for the block characters has been added.
      The glyph directive has been added.
      Several alternate fonts for the Latin letters are now defined.
      If a character isn't defined then check for an alternative which is:
         (its Unicode base character, its iconv-defined ASCII equivalent, etc).
      The en_UK text table has been renamed to en_GB (to comply with ISO 3166).
      Updated text tables:
         bo (Tibetan)
         brf: dot 7 is no longer presented
         fr_FR (French France)
         fr-vs (French table used by VisioBraille devices)
         is (Icelandic): updated to the newly adopted standard
+  Contraction table changes:
      If a zero-width character isn't defined then don't show it.
      Updated tables:
         de-kurzschrift (German)
         en-us-g2 (American English)
         es (Spanish)
         fr-abrege (French)
         zh-tw (Taiwanese Chinese)
+  Key table changes:
      A specific key within a set can now be specified by number.
      A key combination can now include specific keys which aren't in set 0.
      Keys which aren't in set 0 can now be mapped to keyboard functions.
      A key set name can now be used to define a hotkey.
      The help text no longer includes hidden hotkeys.
      The help text now handles context-specific hotkeys correctly.
      The note directive now supports the use of variables.
+  Windows changes:
      Serial devices beyond COM9 may now be specified.
      The WindowEyes driver is now copied into the correct installation directory.
+  Build changes:
      Building an exported (not checked out) copy now "knows" its revision number.
      Make support for install/uninstall of /usr/share/doc/brltty has been added.
      The make targets for source archives are now prefixed with "src-".
      The bin-tar, bin-tar-gzip, and bin-tar-bzip2 make targets have been added.
      Support for xz compression of binary and source archives has been added.
      The preferences file has been moved to /var/lib/brltty/brltty.prefs.
      There's now only one preferences file (instead of one per braille driver).
      The preferences file is now text-based (instead of binary).
      The "writable" directory has been moved to /var/run/brltty.
      The "library" directory is now known as the "drivers" directory.
      The "data" directory no longer has a use and has been removed.
      Support for the "gjar" command has been added.

- Fixed tcl bindings failing in brp-tcl

Sun Aug  7 22:51:50 CEST 2011 -

- remove subversion buildrequries ... Seems unused.

Mon Jun  6 08:26:22 UTC 2011 -

- Add patch brltty-header.patch to fix build with newer glibc
  due to missing sys/stat.h include.

Tue May 24 19:50:20 UTC 2011 -

- remove timestamps from binaries, breaks build-compare 

Sun Sep 19 11:55:04 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 4.2:
  + Ending a cut operation beyond the right edge of the screen has
    been fixed.
  + Key/character insertion works with newer versions of Xorg.
  + The braille driver help files have been converted to plain
  + Multiple instances of brltty may not use the same PID file.
  + The keypad keyboard key table provides a braille input mode.
  + The working directory is no longer set to the data directory.
  + The writable directory is created if it doesn't already exist.
  + USB I/O via libusb1 is supported.
  + The Metec braille driver has been added.
  + The eSpeak speech driver has been added.
  + The AtSpi2 screen driver has been added.
  + A BrlAPI client for Window-Eyes has been developed.
  + Driver changes:
    - Converted drivers to use key tables.
  + Albatross braille driver changes:
    - USB support has been added.
  + Baum braille driver changes:
    - Vario Pro wheels are supported.
    - For Vario Pro models, only update the text cells which have
  + FreedomScientific braille driver changes:
    - Bluetooth support has been added.
    - The Focus Blue is supported.
    - Rockers and bumper bars are recognized as distinct keys.
  + HandyTech braille driver changes:
    - Pressing two routing keys simultaneously immediately cuts the
      selected text.
    - Newer models which use the USB HID interface are supported.
    - The InputMode= parameter has been removed.
  + Papenmeier braille driver changes:
    - The DebugReads= and DebugWrites= parameters have been
    - Support for the configuration file has been removed (now uses
      key tables).
  + BrlAPI changes:
    - Key event support has been added.
    - Various client fixes for the Windows environment.
    - Various fixes for when threads aren't available.
    - No more extraneous connection to localhost when using a
      TCP/IP host name.
    - A fix to exception handling within the Python bindings.
  + ExternalSpeech speech driver changes:
    - Two-letter driver identification code changed to "xs" (from
  + AtSpi screen driver changes:
    - Static linking is supported.
    - A problem causing crashes on 64-bit platforms has been
  + Windows screen driver changes:
    - Significant reductions in memory usage.
    - Better handling of unreadable screens.
    - Better handling of the Alt+Tab window.
  + DOS changes:
    - Log records are written to the file "brltty.log".
    - The TSI braille driver stays at 9600 baud.
  + Key table changes:
    - Add the following directives: assign, context, hide, hotkey,
      ifkey, map, note, superimpose, title.
    - Add the \{name} variable name expansion syntax.
    - Add the ! immediate key syntax.
    - A command may have more than one modifier.
    - The line command modifiers are supported.
    - Keyboard key table names are now prefixed with "kbd-".
    - The ktbtest tool has been added.
  + Linux changes:
    - USB device inspection is more efficient.
    - Fixes to keyboard connect/disconnect monitoring.
    - Fixes to key event handling.
    - PCM and MIDI support defaults to ALSA (instead of to OSS).
  + Some windows changes.
  + Text tables updated: hu, sk.
  + Contraction tables updated: de-kurzschrift, en-us-g2, zh-tw.
- Add dbus-1-devel (for at-spi2 screen driver), espeak-devel (new
  speech driver), libusb-1_0-devel BuildRequires.
- Create driver-at-spi2 and driver-espeak subpackages, for the new
- Fix driver subpackages: for some reason, the files were not put
  in the right subpackages.

Tue Sep  7 11:53:21 UTC 2010 -

- BuildRequire gpm-devel

Wed Jun  2 14:41:48 UTC 2010 -

- disable parallel make to fix build

Thu Apr  8 18:31:44 CEST 2010 -

- Build libbraille driver.

Fri Apr  2 12:31:45 CEST 2010 -

- Build Speech Dispatcher driver.

Thu Apr  1 16:29:54 CEST 2010 -

- New package.