File gnome-boxes.changes of Package gnome-boxes

Tue May 15 06:04:08 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.4.2:
  + Performance-related fixes and improvements:
    - Asynchronously fetch VM information from libvirt to not block
      the UI.
    - Cache VM information to reduce potentially costly periodic
      calls to libvirt.
    - Unset cache on disk driver for main storage.
    - Use virtio disk for OSs that support it out of the box.
  + Fix product logo fetching that broke against libosinfo 0.1.1.
  + Dragging window in Microsoft Windows 7 shouldn't bring topbar.
  + Make wizard file chooser dialog, modal.
  + Fix mouse scrollwheel not working.
  + Express installation:
    - Mark CD-ROM and floppy devices/images as optional after
    - Fix Fedora 17 express installation.
    - Translate X keyboard layout ID to console layout ID as
      Anaconda expects the latter in the kickstart file.
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#670777, bgo#673856, bgo#674228, bgo#674328,
    bgo#674352, bgo#674361, bgo#674647, bgo#675615, bgo#675617,
    bgo#675663, bgo#675813.
  + Updated translations.

Tue Apr 17 06:51:41 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.4.1:
  + Express installation:
    - Require password for Fedora express installation since
      Anaconda requires it. To not complicate users' life more than
      needed in this case, we free them from display (SPICE)
    - Make use of 'distro' data from libosinfo. No need to hardcode
      each Fedora version anymore.
  + Fix selection/fullscreen'ing of new machines.
  + Mark a user-visible string for translation.
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#670306, bgo#673847, bgo#672567.
  + Updated translations.

Sun Apr  1 08:45:09 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version
  + Fix broken layouts.
  + Fix first-time connection to boxes requiring password.
  + Fix text color of notifications during selection mode.
  + Don't timeout notifications if main window isn't active so that
    user can't easily miss them.
  + Box creation wizard:
    - Remember the selected file/URL when going back to source
      selection page.
    - Forget the selected file/URL when box creation is cancelled.
    - Install Fedora 16 and older from remote repository.
    - Add SPICE agent channel to newly created domains so that
      features like copy&paste with client/host work for guests
      with vdagent drivers installed.
    - Sane default sound and video devices for unknown OSs.
  + Rid of theme parser warnings.
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#670306, bgo#672159, bgo#672160, bgo#672528,
    bgo#672853, bgo#672872, bgo#672983, bgo#673053.
  + Updated translations.

Mon Mar 26 15:33:34 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.4.0:
  + Updated translations.

Tue Mar 20 18:27:49 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.3.92:
  + Cancel notificationbar actions before exiting.
  + Box creation wizard:
    - Only show ISO files in file chooser.
    - Don't wait for domain creation event.
  + Add --checks commandline option to check if HW virtualization
    extensions and kvm modules are available/enabled.
  + Correct Debian and openSUSE trademark ownership.
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#671673, bgo#671847, bgo#671878, bgo#671921,
  + Updated translations.

Tue Mar  6 17:55:46 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.3.91:
  + Box creation wizard:
    - Correct architecture comparison so that all medias don't get
      presented as 64-bit.
    - Present OS logos. Due to legal reasons, we are currently
      limited to Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu and openSUSE.
    - More reliable way to retrieve user's avatar.
    - Fedora express install: Correct commandline to add user to
      'wheel' group.
  + Instead of presenting a boring empty space on first launch,
    start the wizard.
  + Allow changing of RAM allocation and storage capacity.
  + Disable screenshots when machine is deleted.
  + Some other functional and non-functional improvements and fixes
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#664774, bgo#670003, bgo#670539, bgo#670573,
    bgo#670994, bgo#671253, bgo#671304.
  + Updated translations.

Tue Feb 21 20:05:53 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.3.90:
  + Box creation wizard:
    - Present bootable medias and user's ISO files on 'Source'
      page. For fetching/tracking user's ISOs, we make use of
    - Teach the Wizard to accept 'qemu..://' sources.
    - Move to 'Preparation' once file/media is selected.
    - Display notification against errors during 'prepare' and
      'create' steps. In case of 'prepare', we go back to previous
      step since user is very likely to be able to fix the issue.
    - Add mnemonic accelerator to 'Continue' button.
  + More reliable tracking of installations. Previously, Boxes used
    to forget ongoing installations once user quit the application
    and that would lead to installations looping forever.
  + Don't take post-installation steps for saved domains. Saved
    domains are stopped as well so them being stopped doesn't mean
    that first boot is done and its time to perform post install
  + Launch new domain in fullscreen, unless express installations
    is going to be performed on it.
  + Make user deletion work for saved VMs.
  + Leave fullscreen when going back to collection view.
  + Fix the white triangle stats graph.
  + Ability to disable source by manually editing source file.
    Useful for debugging.
  + Other functional and non-functional improvements and fixes
  + Updated translations.
- Add pkgconfig(tracker-sparql-0.14) BuildRequires: new dependency.

Thu Feb  9 17:33:01 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version
  + Distribute C files generated against last libvirt-glib release
    (0.0.4), rather than git master.
  + A micro non-functional improvement.

Tue Feb  7 22:48:03 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 3.3.5:
  + Fix startup against latest gtk+.
  + Make sure VM image dir exists. This got broken when we started
    using XDG_CONFIG_DIR as VM image directory.
  + Don't choke on unknown installer media.
  + Fix build against git master of libvirt-glib.
  + Confine file chooser dialog in creation wizard to local
  + Be slightly helpful to users when they are typing URL manually
    in creation wizard.
  + Fix recent regression in non-express installations.
  + Express install:
    + Support 32-bit Windows 7.
    + Add user to 'wheel' group in Fedora, rather than editing the
      sudoers file.
  + Disable screenshots on machine deletion.
  + Choose resources according to media architecture.
  + Don't use gettext since we're using intltool.
  + Mark comments string in About dialog as translatable and add
    translation credits.
  + Many other functional and non-functional improvements and fixes
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#668162, bgo#668230, bgo#668536, bgo#668653,
  + Updated translations.

Tue Jan 31 09:04:40 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version
  + Fix bug preventing Boxes to start when using latest gtk+
  + Minor build system fixes
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#668104, bgo#668584.
- Changes from version 3.3.4:
  + Add GtkApplication and gnome-shell menu.
  + Add 'about' dialog.
  + Hide titlebar when maximized.
  + Use overlay toolbar only in fullscreen mode.
  + Fix auto-hidden topbar not being shown again.
  + Save default libvirt connection machines on quit.
  + Delete storage volume along with its VM.
  + Box creation wizard:
    - Don't accept empty URL.
    - Add a sound card device.
    - Add devices based on what is supported by the OS.
    - Put VM images in XDG_DATA_DIR, not XDG_CONFIG_DIR.
    - Express install:
      . Fix a race-condition by adding a missing 'yield' keyword.
      . Disable first boot menu for Fedora.
      . Single password setup: User now need to only authenticate
        once when selecting the box using the password provided at
        box creation time and not inside the guest.
      . Use floppy image only for Windows OSs.
  + Use ngettext where appropriate.
  + Various other functional and non-functional improvements and
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#665812, bgo#666354, bgo#666355, bgo#666366,
    bgo#666368, bgo#666369, bgo#666599, bgo#666739, bgo#666956,
    bgo#667140, bgo#667362, bgo#667363, bgo#667435, bgo#667660,
    bgo#667785, bgo#667859.
  + Updated translations:
- Changes from version 3.3.3:
  + Instead of manually writing the libvirt's XML strings, we now
    make use of libvirt-gconfig to deal with the XML for us.
  + Protect user from accidental deletion of boxes by providing an
    'undo' button until after 6 seconds of deletion.
  + Rely on libvirt for automatic assignment of unique SPICE port
    for new VMs.
  + Don't destroy boxes on reboot.
  + Also entertain medias of i686 architecture.
  + Define a log domain for easier filtering of console log.
  + Adapt to libosinfo 0.0.3 API for better OS media detection.
  + Make the VM thumbnail in the properties view insensitive.
  + Box creation wizard:
    - Make wizard topbar a real toolbar. This way, the window can
      be moved, and it can be styled correctly.
    - Only return from wizard to collection view if box creation
    - Skip directly to 'Preparation' step when URI is passed
      through commandline argument.
    - Bump default storage allocation to 20 GiB.
      . This should be adequate storage for most OSs out there.
      . We use the dynamically growing storage format (qcow2) so
        actual amount of disk space used is completely dependent on
        the OS.
    - Special handling of live and unknown OS media:
      . Create initially transient box and only make it permanent
        if media installs anything on the storage.
      . Skip 'Setup' and 'Review' pages.
    - Only boot new VMs from hard drive after something is actually
      installed on the storage.
    - Accept path for URI as well.
    - More details at summary page on VM creation.
    - Express installation:
      . Actually update the settings after the first install of an
      . UI to set admin and user password.
      . UI for specifying product key for Windows XP and 2003.
        Note that product keys are not required by recent Windows
        (Vista, 7  and 2008) installers.
      . Install QXL on Fedora guests to take full advantage of
        SPICE's efficiency.
      . Enable X/graphics for Fedora.
      . Add user to admin group for Fedora.
      . Automatically timezone and keyboard layout setup. This
        currently only works for Fedora.
      . Automatically language setup. Currently it only works for
        Windows 7, Windows 2008 and Fedora.
      . Fix user account setup for Windows 7 and 2008.
      . Fix some fundamental issues with Windows 2008. Now at least
        most of the installation is automated.
      . Fix express installation floppy image and in turn express
        installation of Microsoft Windows XP.
  + Various other functional and non-functional improvements and
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#664214, bgo#664215, bgo#664527, bgo#664528,
    bgo#664561, bgo#664578, bgo#664594, bgo#664600, bgo#664603,
    bgo#664676, bgo#664690, bgo#664759, bgo#664760, bgo#664766,
    bgo#664773, bgo#665001, bgo#665068, bgo#665198, bgo#665254,
    bgo#665290, bgo#665320, bgo#665333, bgo#665336, bgo#665444,
    bgo#665803, bgo#666019, bgo#666030, bgo#666032, bgo#666086,
    bgo#666315, bgo#666324, bgo#666334.
  + Updated translations.

Tue Nov 22 16:37:18 UTC 2011 -

- Initial package, version 3.3.2.