File pacemaker-mgmt.changes of Package pacemaker-mgmt

Fri Jun  1 07:53:46 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 2.1.1
- High: Core: Fix compilation against gnutls-3.0.19
- Medium: Core: Support of setting key exchange methods with
  gnutls_priority_set_direct() which is recommended by newer
  versions of GNUTLS
- Low: Build: Properly determine variables of gnutls
- Low: Build: Properly handle "PKG_FEATURES"
- Low: Build: Determine "CRM_DAEMON_DIR" via pkg-config first
- Low: Build: Remove useless "HA_LIBDIR" variable
- Low: Build: Remove useless "/var/lib/heartbeat/mgmt" directory
- Medium: Build: Requires python-devel and swig on building only if
- Medium: Build: Add configure option "--disable-mgmt-client"
- Medium: mgmtd: Resolve an implicit declaration (cl#5022)
- Upstream version cs: 2d6a31215fd6a7790fdd80b78e2930480d596f51

Mon May 21 11:47:08 UTC 2012 -

- Use BuildRequires: libgnutls-devel instead of gnutls-devel for
  Factory in keeping with gnutls package naming changes. 

Sun Nov 27 06:53:00 UTC 2011 -

- add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency

Tue Nov  1 09:57:29 UTC 2011 -

- New version: 2.1.0
- Medium: haclient: Show gray icons for resources with "failure ignored" (bnc#711002)
- Medium: snmp_subagent: Additional check for pending messages from heartbeat (lf#2604)
- High: haclient: Support resource template
- Medium: haclient: Fill existing resource templates' IDs into the drop-down lists where they can be referenced
- High: haclient: Correctly get and process metadata for the resources referencing templates
- High: haclient: Change the condition for verifying a primitive's attributes
- Medium: haclient: Tuning for support of rsc_ticket
- Upstream version cs: 57bab9d281ef8714bb6ec20ab0a4846aa188ec6f

Thu Sep 22 04:04:19 UTC 2011 -

- Require pacemaker >= 1.1.6 for on-fail="ignore" function.

Tue Sep 20 14:44:07 UTC 2011 -

- Medium: mgmt: Indicate resource failures even if on-fail="ignore"
- Medium: Build: Use pkg-config to determine the location of pacemaker daemons
- Low: Build: Resolve an implicit declaration
- Low: Update translations
- Low: haclient: Require pyxml only if CIB is validated with DTD
- Update source tarball to revision: 1a1d9055abec tip

Thu Feb 10 12:49:35 UTC 2011 -

- Only use pyxml if available.

Tue Feb  8 12:29:58 UTC 2011 -

- Medium: mgmtd: Use correct home directory for saving CIB shadow files
- Dev: mgmtd: Users access their own CIB shadow directories
- Low: po: Update translations
- Low: mgmt: Tune some logs/debug
- Medium: haclient: Fix a function reference issue
- Low: haclient: Fix the compatibility with python < 2.5
- Low: mgmtd: Fix the compatibility with the heartbeat based stack
- Dev: haclient: Support ACLs configuration
- Dev: mgmt: Support to login and access CIB as ordinary users, Support
  multi-user concurrent online
- Low: haclient: (bnc#636190) Increase the default verbosity of
  "Transition Detail"
- Low: haclient: (bnc#637525) Prefill values of boolean type parameters
  according to the "default" values in RAs' meta-data
- Medium: haclient: (bnc#637531) Change the way to process target-role
  of resources, add "Clear All" option
- Update source tarball to revision: 1400f7668abd tip

Wed Apr 14 08:54:35 UTC 2010 -

- Change the inconsistent package naming in the descriptions

Mon Apr 12 13:49:05 UTC 2010 -

- Recommend the pacemaker-mgmt-client from the server package. This
  allows the client to be uninstalled while also automatically
  installing it on upgrades (bnc#591230).

Fri Apr  2 05:23:44 UTC 2010 -

- Change the version number to 2.0.0 (Since an earlier changeset we have included was tagged and released as 2.0.0 from upstream)

Fri Mar 26 11:07:54 UTC 2010 -

- Low: mgmt: (bnc#590031) Always set a crm attribute to the first matched attribute or into the first attribute set
- Low: mgmtd: (bnc#590668) Do exit on cib connection loss, regardless of whether any haclient ever logged in
- Update source tarball to revision: 0f1490eaa8d8 tip

Mon Mar 22 08:26:03 UTC 2010 -

- Low: haclient: (bnc#575787) Move the desktop entry to the new YaST group - High Availability
- Low: po: Update Japanese translations
- Update source tarball to revision: ee4803c241fe tip

Thu Mar 11 06:26:05 UTC 2010 -

- Low: haclient: (bnc#586961) Add "allow-migrate" into the drop down list
- Low: haclient: (bnc#586965) Do not fall into an error on exit if cannot retrieve the CIB
- Low: po: Update translations
- Update source tarball to revision: 14fd66fafbfa tip

Wed Mar 10 05:44:46 UTC 2010 -

- Low: haclient: Make the generated ID consistent with crm_attribute
- Low: haclient: Tune the display of too many tabs
- Low: haclient: Use new gtk.Tooltip API for pygtk >= 2.12 (bnc#586967)
- Low: mgmtd: Do not display orphaned clone if it's just partially active
- Low: mgmtd: Prototypes of *_attr() fuctions have changed
- Update source tarball to revision: a05fd62b2e13 tip

Fri Feb  5 06:06:33 UTC 2010 -

- Update source tarball to revision: 252f0d838a67 tip
  + Low: haclient: Do not show adding dialog for "node"
  + Low: haclient: Fill two options into the drop-down list for "utilization"
  + Low: mgmtd: Don't display orphaned resources (Thank Hideo Yamauchi)
  + Medium: haclient: Tune for "utilization"

Wed Jan 27 09:53:13 UTC 2010 -

- Conflict with old package names to prevent them from being

Tue Jan 12 14:19:00 CST 2010 -
- Update source tarball to revision: 8b56e4d03dc8 tip
  + Low: snmp_subagent: Change the directory to install SNMPAgentSanityCheck

Thu Nov  5 16:39:08 CST 2009 -

- Update source tarball to revision: 1a20774cb1e6 tip
  + Low: mgmt: (LF#2202) Set node attributes via crm_attribute

Wed Oct 21 11:24:28 CST 2009 -

- Update source tarball to revision: a4d84893fb6e tip
  + Low: Build: Compile against corosync
  + Medium: haclient: (bnc#540704) Allow to add a "date_expression" when an "expression" exists in a "rule"
  + Medium: mgmt: (bnc#541702) Cleaning up fail-count should be correctly done through attrd now

Tue Aug 25 17:17:09 CST 2009 -

- Update source tarball to revision: 4fd4b0353d04+ tip
  + Dev: haclient: Automatically try to reconnect to cluster nodes if disconnected
  + Dev: haclient: Check whether the value of an "ID" or "IDREF" type of attribute is valid before doing validating
  + Dev: po: Update Japanese po
  + Low: Build: Avoid a macro redefinition
  + Low: Build: Compile against cluster-glue
  + Low: Build: Fix for compiling against cluster-glue
  + Low: haclient: Adopt extract_int() in TransitionInfoDlg()
  + Low: haclient: Avoid the error if "rsc_type" command returns "None"
  + Low: haclient: Determine if the current view exists before updating it
  + Low: snmp_subagent: (LF#2184) Add the description of LHAIFStatus
  + Low: snmp_subagent: Add the description about how to work with openAIS
  + Medium: haclient: Show the correct "[+|-]INFINITY" value of an integer cluster property
  + Medium: snmp_subagent: Improved for openais support

Mon Jun 29 14:33:41 CST 2009 -

- Update source tarball to revision: pacemaker-mgmt-1.99.2 (1f7d1be39d34 tip)
  + Dev: haclient: Add "About"
  + Dev: haclient: Add accelerators
  + Dev: haclient: Add Japanese translation
  + Dev: haclient: Improve thread synchronization
  + Dev: haclient: Provide the progress pulse when generating the transition information
  + Dev: haclient: Set default response for dialogs
  + Dev: haclient: Show progress pulse when generating shadow diff
  + Dev: haclient: Support viewing/editing/importing/exporting the whole cib xml or the configuration section
  + Dev: mgmt: Improve the performance and the user interface of "Transition Information"
  + Dev: mgmt: Provide more details of nodes
  + Dev: po: Add the translation of the license
  + Dev: po: Update pot and po
  + High: lib: Fix huge memory leak due to the behavior of swig
  + Low: Build: Add libgv-python dependency for Debian
  + Low: Build: Update the release number and the changelog
  + Low: haclient: Avoid an error if there's no pengine input exists
  + Low: haclient: Avoid the possible key error of Manager.get_node_config()
  + Low: haclient: Concatenate error messages with the proper type
  + Low: haclient: Consider the possibility of IOError when creating temporary files
  + Low: haclient: Determine labels's width and align the following widgets properly
  + Low: haclient: Do not continue updating if the client is disconnected
  + Low: haclient: Fill the limited number of transitions into the drop-down list
  + Low: haclient: Make python-lxml optional
  + Low: haclient: Make sure the variable is assigned before referenced
  + Low: haclient: Make the marks of meta_attributes's default values consistent
  + Low: haclient: Set the default focus on "password" entry in the login dialog
  + Low: haclient: Set widgets's initial sizes to appropriate values for low resolutions
  + Low: mgmt: Log version details
  + Low: mgmt: Show its unclean resources if a node is uncleanly offline
  + Low: mgmtd: (LF#2142) Avoid redefinitions
  + Low: mgmtd: Add and adopt a new macro gen_msg_from_fstream()
  + Low: mgmtd: Adopt append_str() macro in on_get_pe_inputs()
  + Low: mgmtd: Can be compiled and work against pacemaker < 1.0.3
  + Low: mgmtd: Optimize for tranferring schemas
  + Low: mgmtd: Optimize message generating for transferring cluster reports
  + Low: mgmtd: Optimize message generating for transferring crm DTD
  + Low: mgmtd: Optimize message generating for transferring transition information
  + Low: mgmtd: Use the variable instead of the macro directly
  + Low: snmp_subagent: Allow specifying the cache timeout through the argument if not SUPPORT_HEARTBEAT
  + Medium: haclient: Avoid hanging when getting or parsing CIB/schemas fail
  + Medium: haclient: Do manager.update() via gobject timeout
  + Medium: haclient: Increase the interval of gobject timeout to avoid consuming excessive CPU when update fails
  + Medium: haclient: Remove the graph when it's no longer needed
  + Medium: haclient: Set gobject timeout for manager.update() in the consistent way
  + Medium: haclient: Update crm metadata via gobject timeout (Optimize connecting time)
  + Medium: mgmt: Display the proper status of resources on the node which is uncleanly offline
  + Medium: mgmtd: Destroy the crmd channel in the end of on_cleanup_rsc()
  + Medium: mgmtd: Fix memory leaks

Mon Apr 27 13:31:50 CST 2009 -

- Update source tarball to revision: pacemaker-mgmt-1.99.1 (8b0a4cc4ac22 tip)
  + Dev: haclient: Automatically generate meaningful unique IDs instead of UUIDs
  + Dev: haclient: Automatically generate unique IDs for "op"s in "Simple Mode"
  + Dev: haclient: Improved for i18n
  + Dev: haclient: Make sure a generated ID is valid against schema
  + Dev: haclient: Propose ID for objects for which users may not want to set ID themselves
  + Dev: po: Maintain po in a separate directory.
  + Low: Build: Improve i18n support for compatibility
  + Low: haclient: Make sure a created intermediate object's ID is unique
  + Low: haclient: Rename some terms
  + Low: haclient: Support objects with unicode IDs
  + Low: mgmtd: Try to stat the cluster report file directly
  + Medium: haclient: Generate an UUID first (since there are objects for which we could not generate a meaningful ID)
  + Medium: haclient: Set the focus back after dynamically tuning the layout
  + Medium: mgmtd: Avoid segmentation faults caused by missing the required user or group

Fri Mar 27 14:12:47 CST 2009 -

- Update source tarball to revision: 5ea4e654a8fa tip
  + Build: (bnc#487697) Add copies of licenses
  + High: mgmtd: Replace the adoptions of dirent->d_type which is not supported by some filesystems such as reiserfs
  + High: mgmt: The path that keeps PEngine outputs has been changed!
  + Low: haclient: (bnc#484169) Add desktop file
  + Medium: haclient: (bnc#486866) Check whether a specified time is valid
  + Medium: haclient: (bnc#488594) Additional prechecks for "primitive"
  + Medium: mgmt: Optimize viewing transition information

Fri Mar 20 03:27:45 CST 2009 -

- Update source tarball to revision: 65fb5e7dca2b
  + Dev: mgmt: Implement shadow configuration support
  + Low: haclient: Change the layout of buttons for TransitionInfoDlg()
  + Low: haclient: Do not set "target-role" in add wizard if working on a shadow CIB
  + Low: haclient: Fix file filters for saving transition graph
  + Medium: haclient: Get and cache CRM metadata in advance

Sat Mar 14 10:53:00 CST 2009 -

- Update source tarball to revision: 106c5122a39d
  + Dev: haclient: Hide less used attributes of "op" in simple mode
  + Low: Build: Improve debian/control file
  + Low: haclient: Add "interleave" setting in wizard
  + Low: haclient: Hide optional attributes for "rsc_order" in simple mode
  + Medium: Build: Fix compilation

Mon Mar  9 17:40:05 CET 2009 -

- Fix compilation after recent changes to the Pacemaker API and build environment

Mon Mar  2 16:16:30 CST 2009 -

- Update to pacemaker-mgmt-1.99.0

Tue Feb 10 14:35:37 CST 2009 -

- Fix configure problem with latest openais update

Fri Feb  6 15:24:39 CST 2009 -

- bnc#466787, do validation to the frontend

Fri Jan 23 11:52:55 CST 2009 -

- bnc#467964, instance attributes for stonith
- bnc#467967, long description makes window too long
- bnc#468418, hbagent crash on uninitialized fdset
- bnc#467977, document for SNMP agent

Wed Jan 21 09:58:19 CST 2009 -

- bnc#467809, pacemaker-pygui depends on python-gtk

Thu Dec 11 19:11:12 CST 2008 -

- bnc#456430, add a wizard for adding new resources

Thu Dec  4 20:25:35 CST 2008 -

- bnc#455988, GUI should only add provider for ocf resources
- bnc#456380, GUI segfault on wrong DISPLAY setting
- Add support for transition graph
- GUI for node local openais configuration 
- Enable snmp agent for pacemaker on openais 

Sat Sep 13 07:15:55 CEST 2008 -

- First checking
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