File Xmodmap.remote.template of Package xmodmap

!! Xmodmap.remote:	Map key san codes or key symbols of
!!			a remote X workstation or terminal.
!! Note: for remote terminals we do not know what scan codes
!! are used for specific keys. Therefore we have to use
!! the symbols as representative.  This may cause problems
!! if the symbols for specific keys were swapped before.
!! If you need the exact scan codes for different terminals and
!! their key board copy this file to
!! Xmodmap.<full_qualified_domain_name_of_the_terminal> where
!! the suffix is the full qualified name identical with the
!! value of the DISPLAY variable without `:0', `:1', ...
!!  e.g.
!! How to determine scan codes an there currently corresponding
!! symbol see manual page of xev(1x) and xmodmap(1x).
!!   Werner Fink,     <>
!! Backarrow key is symbol BackSpace
!! Modifiers for backarrow key
!!   Shift-BS is Symbol BackSpace
!!   Alt-BS   is Symbol DeleteWord
!! Remove key is Symbol Delete
keysym BackSpace = BackSpace BackSpace 3270_DeleteWord