File kmod.changes of Package kmod

Thu Dec  6 11:53:05 UTC 2012 -

- Update to new upstream release 12
* Fix removing vermagic from module when told to force load a module
* Fix removing __versions section when told to force load a
  module: we need to mangle the section header, not the section.
* modinfo no longer fails while loading a module from file when
  path contains ".ko" substring

Fri Nov 23 17:18:03 UTC 2012 -

- Require suse-module-tools now that it is present in Base:System
- kmod-compat depends on kmod, add that missing Requires.

Sat Nov 10 15:07:54 UTC 2012 -

- Update to kmod-11
* Fix testsuite defining symbols twice on 32 bit systems
* Allow to check generated files against correct ones
* libkmod now keeps a file opened after the first call to
* kmod_module_get_{info,versions,symbols,dependency_symbols}. This
  reduces signficantly the amount of time depmod tool takes to
  execute. Particularly if compressed modules are used.
* Remove --with-rootprefix from build system. It was not a great
  idea after all and should not be use since it causes more harm
  than benefits.
* Hide --wait option on rmmod. This feature is being targeted for
  removal from kernel. rmmod still accepts this option, but it is
  hidden now: man page and usage() says nothing about it and if
  it is used, user will get a 10s sleep. This way we can check and
  help if anyone is using this feature.
* Refactor message logging on all tools, giving proper prefix,
  routing everything to syslog when asked for, etc.
* Fix parsing of modules.order when using compressed modules
* Usage messages go to stdout instead of stderr
* Fix memory leak in hash implementation

Thu Sep 13 23:19:10 UTC 2012 -

- Provide the "modutils" virtual symbol
- Update to new upstream release 10
* Read coresize from /sys if supported
* Add flag to kmod_module_probe_insert() to apply blacklisting
  during probe only if mod is an alias. Now modprobe uses this
  flag by default.

Wed Jun 20 08:41:03 UTC 2012 -

- Update to new upstream release 9
* build-sys: allow compressed modules in testsuite
* build-sys: Make dirs writable on rootfs creation
* depmod: use ferror and fclose to check for error
* depmod: return error when index is truncated due to ENOSPC
* depmod: fix coding-style issue in array declaration
* depmod: fail if any index could not be created
* depmod: don't return error if modules.builtin don't exist
* libkmod-util: split function for usec conversion
* libkmod-util: add missing stdbool.h include
- Fix broken testsuites on 32bit systems.
  add: fix-32bits.diff
Sat Apr 21 01:55:30 UTC 2012 -

- Restore patch descriptions
  (and use `quilt setup` for rediff in future)

Thu Apr 19 14:56:55 UTC 2012 -

- Update to new upstream release 8
* doc: remove links to NULL going nowhere.
* modprobe: handle -ENOENT return from init_module.
* doc: silent man page generation and fix gtk-doc warnings.
* modprobe: fix typo in config dump: option->options.

Wed Apr 18 10:58:03 UTC 2012 -

- Update to new upstream release 7
* build-sys: don't set CFLAGS and LDFLAGS.
* build-sys: re-organize
* Move link only flags out of CFLAGS and into LDFLAGS.
* config: use order /etc, /run, /lib.
* modprobe: set log prio to 0 if user passed -q arg.
* modprobe: always try to remove all modules in command line.
* modprobe: don't check if module builtin to decide if it's builtin.
* modprobe: fix error path in removing modules.

Sat Mar 10 17:44:05 UTC 2012 -

- place binary in /usr tree (UsrMerge project)

Sat Mar  3 20:50:43 UTC 2012 -

- Update to new upstream release 6
* New API: kmod_module_apply_filter, a function to apply filters
  in a list of modules
* Lookup modules.builtin.bin to decide if a module is built into
  the kernel
* Resolve infinite loops with softdeps and user configs with
  install commands

Tue Feb  7 00:56:51 UTC 2012 -

- Update to new upstream release 5
* modprobe no longer works with paths: it only accepts module names
  and/or aliases now. More code is now shared by libkmod and

Fri Jan 20 18:13:50 UTC 2012 -

- Update to new upstream release 4
* new APIs in libkmod: blacklists, install/remove commands,
  aliases, options, softdeps and dumping indexes

Fri Jan  6 00:48:41 UTC 2012 -

- Update to new upstream release 3
* new APIs in libkmod: get symbols from module, parsing the ELF
  section, dependency symbols, insert module like modprobe
* support for Xz-compressed modules
* the depmod tool

Sat Dec 24 17:23:09 UTC 2011 -

- Use --enable-zlib and buildRequire zlib 
- run make check

Sun Dec 18 20:16:11 UTC 2011 -

- Initial package for