File _patchinfo of Package patchinfo.1553

<patchinfo incident="1553">
  <summary>KDE: 4.10.2 version update</summary>
This is the maintenance update for 12.3 with regards to the KDE
Packages. This update brings the KDE version to 4.10.2. The tracking bugs
for this are bnc#810894 and bnc#813519.
<issue tracker="bnc" id="788867"/>
<issue tracker="kde" id="316923"/>
<issue tracker="bnc" id="807301"/>
<issue tracker="bko" id="305494"/>
<issue tracker="bnc" id="807946"/>
<issue tracker="bnc" id="810894"/>
<issue tracker="bnc" id="813519"/>
<issue tracker="kde" id="314711"/>
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