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File README.SuSE of Package jpilot

README.SuSE for jpilot

Don't forget to read the jpilot docs in /usr/share/doc/packages/jpilot
(also plink docs may be very usefull) add your login name (here
'yourlogin') to the uucp-Group to have right permissions for the
serial devices.

You may do it with YaST: Security and Users -> Edit and create groups

After this: logout, login again (as user 'yourlogin') and see the
output of the 'groups' command - you may see the uucp group there.

It is also usefull to create a link /dev/pilot to the really
serial device, your palm's docking station is connected to, i.e.:

	ln -s ttyS0 /dev/pilot

Alternatively you may set the PILOTPORT environment variable
(for bash) i.e.:
	export PILOTPORT=/dev/ttyS1
or add it to your ~/.bashrc.
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