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File jpilot-1.8.1-return.patch of Package jpilot

Index: merge.c
--- merge.c.orig
+++ merge.c
@@ -32,8 +32,8 @@ int sync_once(struct my_sync_info *sync_
 GtkWidget *glob_dialog;
 int *glob_date_label;
 pid_t jpilot_master_pid = -1;
-int edit_cats(GtkWidget *widget, char *db_name, struct CategoryAppInfo *cai) {}
-int jp_pack_Contact(struct Contact *c, pi_buffer_t *buf) {}
+int edit_cats(GtkWidget *widget, char *db_name, struct CategoryAppInfo *cai) { return EXIT_SUCCESS; }
+int jp_pack_Contact(struct Contact *c, pi_buffer_t *buf) { return EXIT_SUCCESS; }
 int read_pc_recs(char *file_name, GList **records)
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