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<patchinfo incident="2811">
  <summary>kiwi: Update from v5.05.67 to v5.05.70</summary>
  <description>This update fixes the following issues with kiwi:
- Added rpm conflict for yast2-product-creator &lt;= 2.17.58
- Added kiwi-schema metadata provides to spec file. This was requested by the slepos team to be able to require the right kiwi version and schema to yast2-product-creator.
- Update package helper tools to auto update the kiwi-schema provides in the spec file if the kiwi RNC schema has changed
- Added compatibility fix for fetchFile function
  + Instead of matching for the exact value 'uncompressed' the function treats all values matching the expression '^uncomp' as a statement to indicate an uncompressed image
- Fixed directory check in cleanMount. If no repo alias is set the repo uri is also used as name for the mount point directory. In this case the name could contain quoted characters. Perl's test operator can't deal with shell escaped directory names. Thus we check with the shell test built-in if the mount point directory exists.
- Fixed suseService function
  + Use of undefined variable $action where it should be $target
- Update service support functions
  + remove obsolete suseCloneRunlevel and suseActivateServices
  + use chkconfig instead of insserv
  + enhance suseService to be called with on|off and sysVInit runlevels like chkconfig supports it. For systemd this value would be ignored
- Update baseSetRunlevel() function
  + support custom systemd target names
- don't limit suseInsertService to .service suffix for systemd
  + The service file is now searched in several directories and as suffix .system and .mount is allowed</description>
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