File _patchinfo of Package patchinfo.4282

<patchinfo incident="4282">
  <issue tracker="bnc" id="918089">VUL-1: CVE-2015-1606: gpg2: Invalid memory read using a garbled keyring</issue>
  <issue tracker="bnc" id="918090">VUL-1: CVE-2015-1607: gpg2: memcpy with overlapping ranges (keybox_search.c)</issue>
  <issue tracker="cve" id="CVE-2015-1606"></issue>
  <issue tracker="cve" id="CVE-2015-1607"></issue>
  <summary>Security update for GnuPG</summary>
  <description>GnuPG was updated to fix two memory handling issues with potential security impact:

* CVE-2015-1606: Invalid memory read using a garbled keyring (bsc#918089)
* CVE-2015-1607: memcpy with overlapping ranges (bsc#918090)</description>