File xfig.3.2.5b.dif of Package xfig

--- ./Doc/
+++ ./Doc/	2013-12-09 15:40:37.278735670 +0000
@@ -1489,8 +1489,11 @@ or X toolkit resource keyFile.
 See the
 .IR Imakefile .
-This directory contains the html documentation, the above mentioned
+This directory contains the documentation.
+This directory contains the above mentioned
 CompKeyDB file, and a directory of libraries containing Fig objects
 such as electrical symbols, logic symbols, etc.
+++	2009-12-14 11:42:24.307429001 +0000
@@ -15,6 +15,8 @@ Fig.version:			3.2.5b
 Fig*AllowShellResize: false
+Fig.inches: false
 ! Image editor - can edit imported image
 Fig.image_editor:		xv
@@ -25,7 +27,7 @@ Fig.ghostscript:		gs
 ! 		This is for viewing the xfig html reference.
 ! For firefox, this command will open the help pages in a running firefox,
 !     or start a new netscape if one isn't already running
-Fig.browser:	firefox -remote 'openFile(%f)' || firefox %f
+Fig.browser:	/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xfig/browser %f
 ! pdfviewer - put your favorite pdf viewer here.  
 !		This is for viewing the xfig how-to guide and man pages
@@ -643,6 +645,12 @@ Fig*MenuButton*background: 		gray83
 ! in the color editor popup
 Fig*mixedEdit.background: 		gray83
+Fig*mode_panel.background:		gray67
+Fig*mode_panel*topShadow::		white
+Fig*mode_panel*bottomShadow:		gray17
+Fig*mode_panel*topShadowPixel:		white
+Fig*mode_panel*bottomShadowPixel:	gray17
 Fig*cancel.background: 			gray88
 Fig*dismiss.background: 		gray88
 Fig*commands*background: 		gray88
@@ -650,14 +658,36 @@ Fig*horizontal.background: 		gray88
 ! ruler colors
-Fig*topruler.background: 		gray95
-Fig*sideruler.background: 		gray95
+Fig*topruler.background: 		gray95
+Fig*sideruler.background: 		gray95
 ! file panel and scrollbar
 Fig*FigList*background: 		gray95
 Fig*List*background: 			gray95
-Fig*Scrollbar.background: 		gray80
+Fig*Scrollbar.background: 		gray77
+Fig*Scrollbar.foreground:		gray37
+Fig*ScrollbarBackground:		gray67
+Fig*ScrollbarForeground:		gray37
+Fig*horizontal.shadowWidth:		2
+Fig*horizontal.topShadowPixel:		gray95
+Fig*horizontal.bottomShadowPixel:	gray37
+Fig*horizontal.topShadow:		gray95
+Fig*horizontal.bottomShadow:		gray37
+Fig*Scrollbar.shadowWidth:		2
+Fig*Scrollbar.topShadow:		gray95
+Fig*Scrollbar.bottomShadow:		gray37
+Fig*Scrollbar.topShadowPixel:		gray95
+Fig*Scrollbar.bottomShadowPixel:	gray37
+Fig*stdColor.shadowWidth:		2
+Fig*stdColor.topShadow:			gray95
+Fig*stdColor.bottomShadow:		gray37
+Fig*stdColor.topShadowPixel:		gray95
+Fig*stdColor.bottomShadowPixel:		gray37
 Fig*Label.background: 			gray80
 Fig*ind_box.background:			gray80
--- Imakefile
+++ Imakefile	2013-12-09 15:55:48.894736219 +0000
@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ XCOMM the 3d Athena Widget Set
 #define XAW3D
 #ifdef XAW3D
-XAWLIB = -lXaw3d
+XAWLIB = $(shell pkg-config xaw3d --libs)
 XCOMM Uncomment the following if you have David Hawkey's Xaw3D version 1.5E which has
@@ -96,8 +96,8 @@ XCOMM You must have version 5b or newer
 #ifdef USEJPEG
-	JPEGLIBDIR = /usr/local/lib
-	JPEGINC = -I/usr/include/X11
+	JPEGLIBDIR = /usr/lib
+	JPEGINC = -I/usr/include
 #    else
 	JPEGLIBDIR = ../jpeg
@@ -119,8 +119,8 @@ XCOMM Change XPMINC if necessary to poin
 #define USEXPM_ICON
 #ifdef USEXPM
-XPMLIBDIR = /usr/local/lib
-XPMINC = -I/usr/include/X11
+XPMINC = -I/usr/include
 XCOMM Uncomment the following definiton if you want to use the small icons
@@ -150,8 +150,8 @@ XCOMM Comment out the next two lines if
 XCOMM If your setlocale() doesn't support the locale, you should
-XCOMM #define I18N
+#define I18N
+XAW_INTERN = $(shell pkg-config xaw3d --cflags)
 XCOMM If using an input tablet uncomment the following
@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ XCOMM uncomment the following line if yo
 XCOMM inline functions. With the "INLINE" keyword, you should notice that
 XCOMM the display will be a bit faster in complex figures
 XCOMM use (and change) the following if you want the multi-key data base file
 XCOMM somewhere other than the standard X11 library directory
@@ -170,16 +170,19 @@ XCOMM be sure to comment out the second
 XCOMM use this if you want the multi-key data base file in the standard X11 tree
 XCOMM XFIGDOCDIR tells where the html and pdf documentation should go
-XFIGDOCDIR = /usr/local/xfig/doc
+XCOMM XFIGDOCDIR = /usr/local/xfig/doc
+XFIGDOCDIR = /usr/share/doc/packages/xfig
 XCOMM MANDIR tells where the standard man pages should go (no need to change it
 XCOMM if you want the man pages installed in the standard place on your system
 XCOMM MANDIR = /usr/local/xfig/man
+MANDIR = /usr/share/man/man1
 XCOMM If your system doesn't have strstr undefine the following definition
@@ -209,7 +212,7 @@ XCOMM   instead.
 XCOMM   Add `-DCACHE_SIZE_LIMIT=xxxx' where xxxx is the cache size in kilobytes.
 XCOMM   A cache size of zero turns caching off.
 XCOMM For SYSV systems with BSD-style printer command which use lpr instead of
 XCOMM lp (SGI is one such machine), add -DBSDLPR to the DEFINES variable
@@ -223,6 +226,7 @@ XCOMM number of vertices.
 XCOMM If you want a compiler other than "cc", define it here
 XCOMM CC = /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc
+CC = gcc
 XCOMM Shorten unnecessary dependencies:
--- w_menuentry.c
+++ w_menuentry.c	2006-07-31 15:56:25.000000000 +0000
@@ -169,7 +169,8 @@ Redisplay(Widget w, XEvent *event, Regio
 	gc = entry->sme_bsb.norm_gray_gc;
-    if (entry->sme_bsb.label != NULL) {
+/*    if (entry->sme_bsb.label != NULL) { */
+      if (entry->sme_bsb.label == XtName((Widget)(entry))) {
 	int x_loc = entry->sme_bsb.left_margin;
 	int len = strlen(entry->sme_bsb.label);
 	char * label = entry->sme_bsb.label;
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