File pandoc.changes of Package pandoc

Thu Mar 27 13:50:45 UTC 2014 -

- Correct package license 

Sun Mar 16 09:50:26 UTC 2014 -

- update to
- Remove zip-archive-upper-bound.patch (fix integrated)

Pandoc Changes:
  * To changes to source; recompiled tarball with latest alex and
    happy, so they will work with GHC 7.8.
  * Bumped version bounds for blaze-html, blaze-markup.
  * ImageSize:  Avoid use of lookAhead, which is not in binary >= 0.6
  * Fixed mediawiki ordered list parsing (#1122).
  * HTML reader:  Fixed bug reading inline math with `$$` (#225).
  * Added support for LaTeX style literate Haskell code blocks in rST
    (Merijn Verstraaten)
  * Relaxed version constraint on binary, allowing the use of binary 0.5.
  * The `--bibliography` option now sets the `biblio-files` variable.
    So, if you're using `--natbib` or `--biblatex`, you can just use
    `--bibliography=foo.bib` instead of `-V bibliofiles=foo`.
  * Don't run pandoc-citeproc filter if `--bibliography` is
    used together with `--natbib` or `--biblatex` (Florian Eitel).
  * Template changes:
    + Updated beamer template to include booktabs.
    + Added `abstract` variable to LaTeX template.
    + Put `header-includes` after `title` in LaTeX template (#908).
    + Allow use of `\includegraphics[size]` in beamer.
      This just required porting a macro definition from the default
      LaTeX template to the default beamer template.
  * `reference.docx`:  Include `FootnoteText` style.
    Otherwise Word ignores the style, even when specified in the `pPr`.
  * `reference.odt`:  Tidied `styles.xml`.
  * Relaxed version bounds for dependencies.
  * Added `withSocketsDo` around http conduit code in `openURL`,
    so it works on Windows (#1080).
  * Added `Cite` function to `sample.lua`.
  * Markdown reader:
    + Fixed regression in title blocks (#1089).
      If author field was empty, date was being ignored.
    + Allow backslash-newline hard line breaks in grid and
      multiline table cells.
    + Citation keys may now start with underscores, and may contain
      underscores adjacent to internal punctuation.
  * LaTeX reader:
    + Add support for `Verb` macro (jrnold) (#1090).
    + Support babel-style quoting: `` "`..."' ``.
  * Properly handle script blocks in strict mode.  (That is,
    `markdown-markdown_in_html_blocks`.) Previously a spurious
    `<p>` tag was being added (#1093).
  * Docbook reader: Avoid failure if `tbody` contains no `tr` or `row`
  * LaTeX writer:
    + Factored out function for table cell creation.
    + Better treatment of footnotes in tables.
      Notes now appear in the regular sequence, rather than in the
      table cell.  (This was a regression in 1.10.)
  * HTML reader: Parse name/content pairs from meta tags as metadata.
    Closes #1106.
  * Moved `fixDisplayMath` from Docx writer to `Writer.Shared`.
  * OpenDocument writer:  Fixed `RawInline`, `RawBlock` so they don't escape.
  * ODT writer:  Use mathml for proper rendering of formulas.
    Note:  LibreOffice's support for this seems a bit buggy.  But
    it should be better than what we had before.
  * RST writer: Ensure no blank line after def in definition list (#992).
  * Markdown writer: Don't use tilde code blocks with braced attributes in
    `markdown_github` output.  A consequence of this change is that the
    backtick form will be preferred in general if both are enabled.  That
    is good, as it is much more widespread than the tilde form.  (#1084)
  * Docx writer:  Fixed problem with some modified reference docx files.
    Include `word/_rels/settings.xml.rels` if it exists, as well as other
    `rels` files besides the ones pandoc generates explicitly.
  * HTML writer:
    + With `--toc`, headers no longer link to themselves (#1081).
    + Omit footnotes from TOC entries.  Otherwise we get doubled
      footnotes when headers have notes!
  * EPUB writer:
    + Avoid duplicate notes when headings contain notes.
      This arose because the headings are copied into the metadata
      "title" field, and the note gets rendered twice.  We strip the
      note now before putting the heading in "title".
    + Strip out footnotes from toc entries.
    + Fixed bug with `--epub-stylesheet`.  Now the contents of
      `writerEpubStylesheet` (set by `--epub-stylesheet`)
      should again work, and take precedence over a stylesheet specified
      in the metadata.
  * `Text.Pandoc.Pretty`:  Added `nestle`.  API change.
  * `Text.Pandoc.MIME`: Added `wmf`, `emf`.
  * `Text.Pandoc.Shared`:  `fetchItem` now handles image URLs beginning
    with `//`.
  * `Text.Pandoc.ImageSize`:  Parse EXIF format JPEGs.  Previously
    we could only get size information for JFIF format, which led
    to squished images in Word documents. Closes #976.
  * Removed old `MarkdownTest_1.0.3` directory (#1104).

Tue Dec 31 17:34:00 UTC 2013 -

- update to
- add zip-archive-upper-bound.patch
* relax version constraint on ghc-zip-archive so we can avoid
  a dependency on ghc-utf8-string, which is not in Factory
* see upstream commit 26052d3
* can be dropped with next upstream release 

Sun Dec 29 17:00:21 UTC 2013 -

- expand macro in name tag, OBS requirement 

Sun Dec 29 16:46:34 UTC 2013 -

- merge d:l:haskell changes 

Mon Oct  7 11:19:51 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 
- Use %fdupes to make rpmlint happy
- Move documentation from /usr/share/pandoc-%version to standard docdir

Pandoc New Features:
* Much more flexible metadata using YAML metadata.
* Added opml (OPML) as input and output format. 
* Added haddock (Haddock markup) as input format
* Added revealjs output format, for reveal.js HTML 5 slide shows.
* Custom writers can now be written in lua.
* New --filter/-F option to make it easier to run “filters”
* Added --metadata/-M option.
* Added --print-default-data-file
* Added syntax for “pauses” in slide shows.
* New markdown extensions:
  - ignore_line_breaks
  - yaml_metadata_block
  - ascii_identifiers
  - lists_without_preceding_blankline

Sat May 18 09:51:19 UTC 2013 -

- add manual pages to files
- remove man page helper program that was added by cabal-rpm 

Sat May 18 07:25:15 UTC 2013 -

- update to 1.11.1 from upstream
* hide some APIs: Parsing, Highlighting
* new input format markdown_github
* see
  for fixes

Mon Mar 11 13:49:00 UTC 2013 -

- fix rpath in pandoc executable 

Fri Jan 25 14:42:59 UTC 2013 -

- update to from upstream
* new input format MediaWiki
* new Output formats EPUB3, FictionBooks2
* see
  for complete list of new features and fixes 

Sun Nov 18 10:55:09 UTC 2012 -

- update to from upstream
pandoc (

  * Raised version bounds on network, base64-bytestring, json,
    and template-haskell.

pandoc (

  * Removed `tests` flag and made test suite into a proper cabal
    test suite, which can now be enabled using `--enable-tests`
    and run with `cabal test`.

  * Moved man page creation out of `Setup.hs` and into an
    executable built by Cabal, but never installed.  This
    allows dependencies to be specified, and solves a problem
    with, which could only be installed if `data-default`
    had already been installed.

  * Updated `lhs-latex.tex` test for latest highlighting-kate
    representation of backticks.

pandoc (

  * Removed `-threaded` from default compile flags.

  * Modified modules to compile with GHC 7.6 and latest version of time


Thu Jul  5 14:59:19 UTC 2012 -

- update to from upstream
  * Don't encode/decode file paths if base >= 4.4.
    Prior to base 4.4, filepaths and command line arguments were treated
    as unencoded lists of bytes, not unicode strings, so we had to work
    around that by encoding and decoding them. This commit adds CPP
    checks for the base version that intelligibly enable encoding/decoding
    when needed. Fixes a bug with multilingual filenames when pandoc was
    compiled with ghc 7.4 (#540).
  * Don't generate an empty H1 after hrule slide breaks.
    We now use a slide-level header with contents `[Str "\0"]` to mark
    an hrule break.  This avoids creation of an empty H1 in these
    contexts.  Closes #484.
  * Docbook reader: Added support for "bold" emphasis.  Thanks to mb21.
  * In, ensure citeproc-hs is built with the
    embed_data_files flag.
  * MediaWiki writer: Avoid extra blank lines after sublists (Gavin Beatty).
  * ConTeXt writer: Don't escape `&`, `^`, `<`, `>`, `_`,
    simplified escapes for `}` and `{` to `\{` and `\}` (Aditya Mahajan).

  * Fixed handling of absolute URLs in CSS imports with `--self-contained`.
    Closes #535.

  * Added webm to mime types. Closes #543.

  * Added some missing exports and tests to the cabal file
    (Alexander V Vershilov).
  * Compile with `-rtsopts` and `-threaded` by default.

Sat Jun 16 17:12:12 UTC 2012 -

- update to from upstream
pandoc (

  * Markdown reader: Added `cf.` and `cp.` to list of likely abbreviations.

  * LaTeX template: Added `linkcolor`, `urlcolor` and `links-as-notes`
    variables.  Make TOC links black.

  * LaTeX template improvements.

    + Don't print date unless one is given explicitly in the document.
    + Simplified templates.
    + Use fontenc [T1] by default, and lmodern.
    + Use microtype if available.

  * Biblio:
    + Add comma to beginning of bare suffix, e.g. `@item1 [50]`.
      Motivation: `@item1 [50]` should be as close as possible to
      `[@item1, 50]`.
    + Added workaround for a bug in citeproc-hs 0.3.4 that causes footnotes
      beginning with a citation to be empty.  Closes #531.

  * Fixed documentation on mixed lists.  Closes #533.

pandoc (1.9.4)

  * Simplified `Text.Pandoc.Biblio` and fixed bugs with citations inside
    footnotes and captions.  We now handle note citations by inserting
    footnotes during initial citation processing, and doing a separate
    pass later to remove notes inside notes.

  * Added 'zenburn' highlight style from highlighting-kate.

  * Added Slideous writer. Slideous is an HTML + javascript slide show
    format, similar to Slidy, but works with IE 7. (Jonas Smedegaard)

  * LaTeX writer:

    + Ensure we don't have extra blank lines at ends of cells.
      This can cause LaTeX errors, as they are interpreted as new paragraphs.
    + More consistent interblock spacing.
    + Require highlighting-kate >= 0.5.1, for proper highlighted inline
      code in LaTeX.  Closes #527.
    + Ensure that a Verbatim at the end of a footnote is followed by
      a newline. (Fixes a regression in the previous version.)
    + In default template, use black for internal links and TOC.
      Added commented-out code to use footnotes for links, as would
      be suitable in print output.

  * Beamer writer:  When `--incremental` is used, lists inside
    a block quote should appear all at once.  (This makes Beamer
    output consistent with the HTML slide show formats.)

  * ConTeXt writer:

    + Escape `%` as `\letterpercent{}` not `\letterpercent `,
      to avoid gobbling spaces after the `%` sign.
    + Ensure space after `\stopformula`.

  * Markdown writer:

    + Use `:` form instead of `~` in definition lists, for better
      compatibility with other markdown implementations.
    + Don't wrap the term, because it breaks definition lists.
    + Use a nonzero space to prevent false recognition
      of list marker in ordered lists.  Closes #516.

  * Org writer: Add space before language name.  Closes #523.

  * Docx writer: Simplified bullet characters so they work properly
    with Word 2007. Closes #520.

  * LaTeX reader: Support `\centerline`.

  * RST reader:  handle figures.  Closes #522.

  * Textile reader: fix for `<notextile>` and `==`.  Closes #517.
    (Paul Rivier)

Thu Jun  7 09:03:20 UTC 2012 -

- update to 1.9.3 from upstream
pandoc (1.9.3)

  * Fixed bug in `fromEntities`.  The previous version would turn
    `hi & low you know;` into `hi &`.

  * HTML reader:

    + Don't skip nonbreaking spaces.
      Previously a paragraph containing just `&nbsp;` would be rendered
      as an empty paragraph. Thanks to Paul Vorbach for pointing out the bug.
    + Support `<col>` and `<caption>` in tables. Closes #486.

  * Markdown reader:

    + Don't recognize references inside delimited code blocks.
    + Allow list items to begin with lists.

  * Added basic docbook reader (John MacFarlane and Mauro Bieg).

  * LaTeX reader:

    + Handle `\bgroup`, `\egroup`, `\begingroup`, `\endgroup`.
    + Control sequences can't be followed by a letter.
      This fixes a bug where `\begingroup` was parsed as `\begin`
      followed by `group`.
    + Parse 'dimension' arguments to unknown commands.  e.g. `\parindent0pt`
    + Make `\label` and `\ref` sensitive to `--parse-raw`.
      If `--parse-raw` is selected, these will be parsed as raw latex
      inlines, rather than bracketed text.
    + Don't crash on unknown block commands (like `\vspace{10pt}`)
      inside `\author`; just skip them.  Closes #505.

  * Textile reader:

    + Implemented literal escapes with `==` and `<notextile>`.  Closes #473.
    + Added support for LaTeX blocks and inlines (Paul Rivier).
    + Better conformance to RedCloth inline parsing (Paul Rivier).
    + Parse '+text+' as emphasized (should be underlined, but this
      is better than leaving literal plus characters in the output.

  * Docx writer: Fixed multi-paragraph list items.  Previously they each
    got a list marker.  Closes #457.

  * LaTeX writer:

    + Added `--no-tex-ligatures` option to avoid replacing
      quotation marks and dashes with TeX ligatures.
    + Use `fixltx2e` package to provide '\textsubscript'.
    + Improve spacing around LaTeX block environments:
      quote, verbatim, itemize, description, enumerate.
      Closes #502.
    + Use blue instead of pink for URL links in latex/pdf output.

  * ConTeXt writer: Fixed escaping of `%`.
    In text, `%` needs to be escaped as `\letterpercent`, not `\%`
    Inside URLs, `%` needs to be escaped as `\%`
    Thanks to jmarca and adityam for the fix.  Closes #492.

  * Texinfo writer:  Escape special characters in node titles.
    This fixes a problem pointed out by Joost Kremers.  Pandoc used
    to escape an '@' in a chapter title, but not in the corresponding
    node title, leading to invalid texinfo.

  * Fixed document encoding in texinfo template.
    Resolves Debian Bug #667816.

  * Markdown writer:

    + Don't force delimited code blocks to be flush left.
      Fixes bug with delimited code blocks inside lists etc.
    + Escape `<` and `$`.

  * LaTeX writer: Use `\hyperref[ident]{text}` for internal links.
    Previously we used `\href{\#ident}{text}`, which didn't work on
    all systems. Thanks to Dirk Laurie.

  * RST writer: Don't wrap link references.  Closes #487.

  * Updated to use latest versions of blaze-html, mtl.

pandoc (1.9.2)

  * LaTeX reader:

    + Made `lstlisting` work as a proper verbatim environment.
    + Fixed bug parsing LaTeX tables with one column.

  * LaTeX writer:

    + Use `{}` around `ctable` caption, so that formatting can be used.
    + Don't require eurosym package unless document has a €.

  * LaTeX template: Added variables for `geometry`, `romanfont`,
    `sansfont`, `mathfont`, `mainfont` so users can more easily
    customize fonts.

  * PDF writer:

    + Run latex engine at least two times, to ensure
      that PDFs will have hyperlinked bookmarks.
    + Added PDF metadata (title,author) in LaTeX standalone + PDF output.

  * Texinfo writer: retain directories in image paths.  (Peter Wang)

  * RST writer:  Better handling of inline formatting, in accord
    with docutils' "inline markup recognition rules" (though we don't
    implement the unicode rules fully). Now `hi*there*hi` gets
    rendered properly as `hi\ *there*\ hi`, and unnecessary
    `\ ` are avoided around `:math:`, `:sub:`, `:sup:`.

  * RST reader:

    + Parse `\ ` as null, not escaped space.
    + Allow `` :math:`...` `` even when not followed by blank
      or `\`.  This does not implement the complex rule docutils follows,
      but it should be good enough for most purposes.
    + Add support for the rST default-role directive. (Greg Maslov)

  * Text.Pandoc.Parsing: Added `stateRstDefaultRole` field to `ParserState`.
    (Greg Maslov)

  * Markdown reader: Properly handle citations nested in other inline

  * Markdown writer:  don't replace empty alt in image with "image".

  * DZSlides:  Updated template.html and styles in default template.
    Removed bizarre CSS for `q` in dzslides template.

  * Avoid repeated `id` attribute in section and header in HTML slides.

  * README improvements:  new instructions on internal links,
    removed misleading note on reST math.

  * Build system:

    + Fixed Windows installer so that dzslides works.
    + Removed
    + Added .travis.yml for Travis continuous integration support..
    + Fixed upper bound for zlib (Sergei Trofimovich).
    + Fixed upper bound for test-framework.
    + Updated haddocks for haddock-2.10 (Sergei Trofimovich).

- update needed for Haskell Platform 2012.2.0.0 

Mon May 14 13:25:13 UTC 2012 -

- remove docdir to prevent double packaging (fails in Factory) 

Mon May 14 12:25:39 UTC 2012 -

- put docdir back
- fix dependencies for devel package (bnc #762003)
- fix packaging (bnc #713301) 

Sun Apr 29 20:15:59 UTC 2012 -

- exclude doc dir from library packages 

Sun Apr 29 16:30:56 UTC 2012 -

- simplified spec file
- add README and others to %doc in main package (bnc #713301) 

Tue Mar 13 18:47:43 UTC 2012 -

- removed attr for man pages
- added filter for rpmlint (debuginfo) 

Mon Mar 12 14:43:02 UTC 2012 -

- upgrade to from upstream (fixes man page issue) 

Fri Mar  9 18:16:02 UTC 2012 -

- revert last change, because without_hscolour was already undefined

Fri Mar  9 16:58:46 CET 2012 -

- allow hscolour support as we are over the bootstrapping phase

Fri Mar  9 16:03:54 CET 2012 -

- man pages must have permissions 644

Thu Jan 19 17:38:15 UTC 2012 -

- initial packaging for Fedora automatically generated by cabal2spec-0.24.1
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