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Thu Feb 13 13:36:59 UTC 2014 -

- update to 0.9.35:
  * Removed a number of code paths where Python 2.4 and Python 2.5 were
    explicitly handled. (Daniel Watkins)
  * Added the ``testtools.TestCase.expectThat`` method, which implements
    delayed assertions. (Thomi Richards)
  * Docs are now built as part of the Travis-CI build, reducing the chance of
    Read The Docs being broken accidentally. (Daniel Watkins, #1158773)

Thu Aug 15 08:04:25 UTC 2013 -

- Only buildrequire python3-2to3 on 12.2

Tue Jul  2 14:48:42 UTC 2013 -

- Introduce a build conditional for running tests to break build cycle
  with python-extras

Fri Jun 21 12:55:49 UTC 2013 -

- Use upstream URL
- Run testsuite
- Update to version 0.9.32:
  + Stacktrace filtering no longer hides unittest frames that are surrounded by
    user frames. We will reenable this when we figure out a better algorithm for
    retaining meaning. (Robert Collins, #1188420)
  + The compatibility code for skipped tests with unittest2 was broken.
    (Robert Collins, #1190951)
  + Various documentation improvements (Clint Byrum, Xiao Hanyu).
- Changes from version 0.9.31:
  + ExpectedException now accepts a msg parameter for describing an error,
    much the same as assertEquals etc. (Robert Collins)

Tue Apr 23 09:33:35 UTC 2013 -

- Fix source URL; packages are available on

Mon Apr 22 16:45:07 UTC 2013 -

- update to 0.9.30:
  A new sort of TestResult, the StreamResult has been added, as a prototype for
  a revised standard library test result API.  Expect this API to change.
  Although we will try to preserve compatibility for early adopters, it is
  experimental and we might need to break it if it turns out to be unsuitable.

Tue Apr 16 11:49:26 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 0.9.29
  + Added missing build-depends: python3-setuptools, python-setuptools and
  + Build-depends: python-fixtures must be >= 0.3.12~
- Disable test; it seems there is a typo mistake in setup.cfg
- Added url as source.
  Please see

Tue Jan 15 16:43:28 UTC 2013 -

- Initial python3 support

Mon Jan 14 12:38:00 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 0.9.24:
  * discover will now sort the tests it discovered. This is a 
    workaround for Non-standard test suites
    are preserved, and their sort_tests() method called (if they have such an
    attribute). testtools.testsuite.sorted_tests(suite, True) can be used by
    such suites to do a local sort.
  * ThreadsafeForwardingResult now defines a stub progress method, which
    fixes testr run of streams containing progress markers (by discarding the 
    progress data).
- Changes from version 0.9.23:
  * run.TestToolsTestRunner now accepts the verbosity, buffer and failfast
    arguments the upstream python TestProgram code wants to give it, making it
    possible to support them in a compatible fashion. (Robert Collins)
  * now supports the -f or --failfast parameter.
    Previously it was advertised in the help but ignored.
  * AnyMatch added, a new matcher that matches when any item in a collection
    matches the given matcher.
  * Spelling corrections to documentation.
  * TestProgram now has a sane default for its testRunner argument.
  * The test suite passes on Python 3 again.
- Changes from version 0.9.22:
  * content_from_file and content_from_stream now accept seek_offset and
    seek_whence parameters allowing them to be used to grab less than the full
    stream, or to be used with StringIO streams.

Thu Dec  6 11:00:37 UTC 2012 -

- Cleanup spec file
- Install HTML documentation

Tue Nov 13 22:06:50 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 0.9.21:
  * DirContains correctly exposed, after being accidentally hidden in the
    great matcher re-organization of 0.9.17.  (Jonathan Lange)
- 0.9.20
  * New, powerful matchers that match items in a dictionary:
    - MatchesDict, match every key in a dictionary with a key in a
      dictionary of matchers.  For when the set of expected keys is equal to
      the set of observed keys.
    - ContainsDict, every key in a dictionary of matchers must be
      found in a dictionary, and the values for those keys must match.  For
      when the set of expected keys is a subset of the set of observed keys.
    - ContainedByDict, every key in a dictionary must be found in
      a dictionary of matchers.  For when the set of expected keys is a
      superset of the set of observed keys.
    The names are a little confusing, sorry.  We're still trying to figure out
    how to present the concept in the simplest way possible.
- 0.9.19
  * Include the matcher tests in the release, allowing the tests to run and
    pass from the release tarball.  (Jonathan Lange)
  * Fix cosmetic test failures in Python 3.3, introduced during release
    0.9.17. (Jonathan Lange)
- 0.9.18
  Due to an oversight, release 0.9.18 did not contain the new
  testtools.matchers package and was thus completely broken.  This release
  corrects that, returning us all to normality.
- 0.9.17
  This release brings better discover support and Python3.x improvements.
  There are still some test failures on Python3.3 but they are cosmetic - the
  library is as usable there as on any other Python 3 release.
  * The testtools.matchers package has been split up.  No change to the
    public interface.  (Jonathan Lange)
  * python -m discover . --list now works. (Robert Collins)
  * Correctly handling of bytes vs text in JSON content type. (Martin [gz])
- 0.9.16
  This is the first release of testtools to drop support for Python 2.4 and
  2.5. If you need support for either of those versions, please use testtools
  * New content helper, json_content (Jonathan Lange)
  * New matchers:
    * ContainsAll for asserting one thing is a subset of another
      (Raphaël Badin)
    * SameMembers for asserting two iterators have the same members.
      (Jonathan Lange)
  * Reraising of exceptions in Python 3 is more reliable. (Martin [gz])

Wed May 23 21:20:46 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 0.9.15
  * PlaceHolder and ErrorHolder now support being given result
    details. (Robert Collins)
  * ErrorHolder is now just a function - all the logic is in
    PlaceHolder. (Robert Collins)
  * TestResult and all other TestResult-like objects in testtools
    distinguish between global tags and test-local tags, as per the subunit
    specification.  (Jonathan Lange)
  * This is the **last** release of testtools that supports Python 2.4 or 2.5.
    These releases are no longer supported by the Python community and do not
    receive security updates. If this affects you, you will need to either
    stay on this release or perform your own backports.
    (Jonathan Lange, Robert Collins)
  * ThreadsafeForwardingResult now forwards global tags as test-local
    tags, making reasoning about the correctness of the multiplexed stream
    simpler. This preserves the semantic value (what tags apply to a given
    test) while consuming less stream size (as no negative-tag statement is
    needed). (Robert Collins, Gary Poster, #986434)
  * API documentation corrections. (Raphaël Badin)
  * ConcurrentTestSuite now takes an optional wrap_result parameter
    that can be used to wrap the ThreadsafeForwardingResults created by
    the suite.  (Jonathan Lange)
  * Tagger added.  It's a new TestResult that tags all tests sent to
    it with a particular set of tags.  (Jonathan Lange)
  * testresultdecorator brought over from subunit.  (Jonathan Lange)
  * All TestResult wrappers now correctly forward current_tags from
    their wrapped results, meaning that current_tags can always be relied
    upon to return the currently active tags on a test result.
  * TestByTestResult, a TestResult that calls a method once per test,
    added.  (Jonathan Lange)
  * ThreadsafeForwardingResult correctly forwards tags() calls where
    only one of new_tags or gone_tags are specified.
    (Jonathan Lange, #980263)
  * ThreadsafeForwardingResult no longer leaks local tags from one test
    into all future tests run.  (Jonathan Lange, #985613)
  * ThreadsafeForwardingResult has many, many more tests. (Jonathan Lange)
- Enable tests

Tue Feb 21 19:39:22 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 0.9.14:
  * Our sister project, subunit <>_, was using
    a private API that was deleted in the 0.9.13 release. This release
    restores that API in order to smooth out the upgrade path.
    If you don't use subunit, then this release won't matter very much to you.
- 0.9.13
  - Changes
    * MatchesAll now takes an first_only keyword argument that changes
      how mismatches are displayed. If you were previously passing matchers to
      MatchesAll with keyword arguments, then this change might affect
      your test results. (Jonathan Lange)
  - Improvements
    * Actually hide all of the testtools stack for assertion failures. The
      previous release promised clean stack, but now we actually provide it.
      (Jonathan Lange, #854769)
    * assertRaises now includes the repr of the callable that failed
      to raise properly. (Jonathan Lange, #881052)
    * Asynchronous tests no longer hang when run with trial.
      (Jonathan Lange, #926189)
    * Content objects now have an as_text method to convert their
      contents to Unicode text.  (Jonathan Lange)
    * Failed equality assertions now line up. (Jonathan Lange, #879339)
    * FullStackRunTest no longer aborts the test run if a test raises an
      error.  (Jonathan Lange)
    * MatchesAll and MatchesListwise both take a first_only
      keyword argument.  If True, they will report only on the first mismatch
      they find, and not continue looking for other possible mismatches.
      (Jonathan Lange)
    * New helper, Nullary that turns callables with arguments into ones
      that don't take arguments.  (Jonathan Lange)
    * New matchers:
      * DirContains matches the contents of a directory.
        (Jonathan Lange, James Westby)
      * DirExists matches if a directory exists.
        (Jonathan Lange, James Westby)
      * FileContains matches the contents of a file.
        (Jonathan Lange, James Westby)
      * FileExists matches if a file exists.
        (Jonathan Lange, James Westby)
      * HasPermissions matches the permissions of a file. (Jonathan Lange)
      * MatchesPredicate matches if a predicate is true. (Jonathan Lange)
      * PathExists matches if a path exists. (Jonathan Lange, James
      * SamePath matches if two paths are the same. (Jonathan Lange)
      * TarballContains matches the contents of a tarball. (Jonathan
    * MultiTestResult supports the tags method.
      (Graham Binns, Francesco Banconi, #914279)
    * ThreadsafeForwardingResult supports the tags method.
      (Graham Binns, Francesco Banconi, #914279)
    * ThreadsafeForwardingResult no longer includes semaphore acquisition
      time in the test duration (for implicitly timed test runs).
      (Robert Collins, #914362)

Sun Dec 11 20:52:09 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 0.9.12:
  - Changes:
    * AfterPreproccessing renamed to AfterPreprocessing, which is a
      more correct spelling. Old name preserved for backwards compatibility,
      but is now deprecated.  Please stop using it.  (Jonathan Lange, #813460)
    * assertThat raises MismatchError instead of
      TestCase.failureException.  MismatchError is a subclass of
      AssertionError, so in most cases this change will not matter.
      However, if self.failureException has been set to a non-default
      value, then mismatches will become test errors rather than test
    * gather_details takes two dicts, rather than two detailed objects.
      (Jonathan Lange, #801027)
    * MatchesRegex mismatch now says "<value> does not match /<regex>/"
      rather than "<regex> did not match <value>". The regular expression
      contains fewer backslashes too. (Jonathan Lange, #818079)
    * Tests that run with AsynchronousDeferredRunTest now have the
      reactor attribute set to the running reactor. (Jonathan Lange,
  - Improvements:
    * All public matchers are now in testtools.matchers.__all__. (Jonathan
      Lange, #784859)
    * assertThat can actually display mismatches and matchers that contain
      extended unicode characters. (Jonathan Lange, Martin [gz], #804127)
    * assertThat output is much less verbose, displaying only what the
      mismatch tells us to display. Old-style verbose output can be had by
      passing verbose=True to assertThat. (Jonathan Lange, #675323,
    * assertThat accepts a message which will be used to annotate the
      matcher. This can be given as a third parameter or as a keyword
      parameter. (Robert Collins)
    * Automated the Launchpad part of the release process. (Jonathan Lange,
    * Correctly display non-ASCII unicode output on terminals that claim to
      have a unicode encoding. (Martin [gz], #804122)
    * DocTestMatches correctly handles unicode output from examples,
      rather than raising an error. (Martin [gz], #764170)
    * ErrorHolder and PlaceHolder added to docs. (Jonathan Lange,
    * ExpectedException now matches any exception of the given type by
      default, and also allows specifying a Matcher rather than a mere
      regular expression. (Jonathan Lange, #791889)
    * FixtureSuite added, allows test suites to run with a given fixture.
      (Jonathan Lange)
    * Hide testtools's own stack frames when displaying tracebacks, making it
      easier for test authors to focus on their errors. (Jonathan Lange,
      Martin [gz], #788974)
    * Less boilerplate displayed in test failures and errors. (Jonathan Lange,
    * MatchesException now allows you to match exceptions against any
      matcher, rather than just regular expressions. (Jonathan Lange, #791889)
    * MatchesException now permits a tuple of types rather than a single
      type (when using the type matching mode). (Robert Collins)
    * MatchesStructure.byEquality added to make the common case of
      matching many attributes by equality much easier.
      MatchesStructure.byMatcher added in case folk want to match by
      things other than equality. (Jonathan Lange)
    * New convenience assertions, assertIsNone and assertIsNotNone.
      (Christian Kampka)
    * New matchers:
      * AllMatch matches many values against a single matcher. (Jonathan
        Lange, #615108)
      * Contains. (Robert Collins)
      * GreaterThan. (Christian Kampka)
    * New helper, safe_hasattr added. (Jonathan Lange)
    * reraise added to testtools.compat. (Jonathan Lange)
- 0.9.11:
  - Changes
    * TestCase now uses super to call base unittest.TestCase
      constructor, setUp and tearDown. (Tim Cole, #771508)
    * If, when calling useFixture an error occurs during fixture set up,
      we still attempt to gather details from the fixture. (Gavin Panella)
  - Improvements
    * Additional compat helper for BytesIO for libraries that build on
      testtools and are working on Python 3 porting. (Robert Collins)
    * Corrected documentation for MatchesStructure in the test authors
      document. (Jonathan Lange)
    * LessThan error message now says something that is logically correct.
      (Gavin Panella, #762008)
    * Multiple details from a single fixture are now kept separate, rather
      than being mooshed together. (Gavin Panella, #788182)
    * Python 3 support now back in action. (Martin [gz], #688729)
    * try_import and try_imports have a callback that is called
      whenever they fail to import a module. (Martin Pool)

Sat Apr 16 18:51:17 UTC 2011 -

- Initial release
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