File qupzilla.changes of Package qupzilla

Wed May 14 20:20:14 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 1.6.6
  * added new AutoScroll plugin
  * added new F12 shortcut for Web Inspector
  * fixed: correctly switching between tabbars when
    closing tabs
  * fixed: draw tabbar base even when there are no tabs in
    main tabbar
  * fixed: position of add tab button when there are no tabs
    in main tabbar
  * fixed: setting correct paths for portable mode

Sun Apr 20 18:19:23 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 1.6.5
  * fixed build issues on Mac
  * fixed error handling when downloading CA certificates bundle
  * fixed error handling when downloading AdBlock subscriptions
  * fixed loading KWalletPasswords plugin
  * Source tarballs are now compressed using xz.
- Changes since 1.6.4
  * enabled sending DoNotTrack header by default
  * updated ca-bundle certificates
  * use same session files with both Qt4 and Qt5
  * fixed: Click2Flash playing videos on YouTube with Qt5
  * fixed: hiding close button on current tab when dragging it with Qt5
  * fixed: double clicking on scroll buttons in tabbar with Qt5
  * fixed: text visibility in speeddial inputs with dark themes
  * fixed: getting tab index with rtl layout
  * fixed: ctrl+up shortcut in websearchbar correctly select first item
  * fixed: correctly loading translations of all plugins
- Use %qmake5 macro for Qt5 build, as it exports optflags

Fri Apr 18 22:13:21 UTC 2014 -

- BuildRequire libqt5-qttools-devel instead of just libqt5-qttools

Thu Feb 27 18:37:27 UTC 2014 -

- Create qupzilla-qt5 package as branch to Qt4 version, and enable
  conditionals as per requirements

Fri Feb 14 11:30:16 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 1.6.3
  * released 14 February 2014
  * addded new Spanish (Mexico) translation
  * option to change list of SslV3 forced sites in settings.ini
  * show error message when downloading AdBlock subscriptions fails
  * fixed building on FreeBSD, OS/2 

Thu Feb 13 19:53:14 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 1.6.2
  * workaround for servers not understanding TLSv1 handshake
  * tabs on top are now enabled by default
  * restore session after launch is now enabled by default
  * don't load tabs until selected is now enabled by default
  * tab previews are now disabled by default
  * reworked scrolling with wheel in tabbar
  * Ctrl+W shortcut no longer closes a pinned tab
  * fixed: setting DuckDuckGo as default search provider
  * fixed: issues detected by
  * fixed: showing more default search engines with same name
  * fixed: incorrect exception rules handling in AdBlock
  * fixed: flickering when removing tabs from tabbar
  * fixed: flickering when (un)pinning tabs
  * fixed: flickering when opening new tabs with sites that loads instantly
  * fixed: drawing correct mouseouver state for tabs
  * fixed: drawing tabbar correctly with Oxygen style
  * fixed: drawing list items with Qt5 Fusion style
  * fixed: tooltips disappearing on (un)pinning tabs
  * fixed: incorrectly changing current index when closing tabs in inactive 
  * fixed: incorrectly showing url in locationbar when load request was not 
  * fixed: always add slash '/' between path and filename when downloading files
  * fixed: cursor jumping at the start in locationbar
  * mac: fixed toggle fullscreen action in menu
  * windows: save application data in %LOCALAPPDATA% 

Thu Feb 13 01:28:20 UTC 2014 -

-  Source field in spec file changed. The 1.6.1 tarball had to be
   recreated and this updated tarball is only available on GitHub

Thu Feb  6 00:54:19 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 1.6.1
  * added option to disable inline completion in locationbar
  * added option to always switch tabs with mouse wheel
  * added option to toggle fullscreen with commandline option
  * added undo/redo context menu actions in editable web elements
  * speedup loading rules from subscriptions in AdBlock dialog
  * fixed speed dial with disabled javascript
  * fixed showing tooltips on tabs when tab previews are disabled
  * fixed search shortcuts longer than one character in locationbar
  * fixed building issues on OS X and OS/2
  * fixed disabling tab previews from preferences
  * fixed building new Gnome/KDE keyring passwords
  * fixed building StatusBarIcons plugin on Windows
  * win: add new jumplist option to open private window
- Add gdb workaround (see QTBUG-34950)
- Remove patches that have been merged into upstream
Thu Jan  2 17:06:47 UTC 2014 -

- Build kwallet and gnome keyring plugins and put them into separate
  subpackages to minimize dependency volume.
- Added patches:
  * qupzilla-dont-show-tabs-when-disabled.patch
  * qupzilla-gnome-integration-defines-fix.patch
  * qupzilla-integration-plugins-fix.patch
  * qupzilla-reload-settings-fix.patch

Wed Jan  1 21:48:05 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 1.6.0:
  * added support for Proxy Auto-Config (PAC)
  * added option to open another private window from private window
  * added option to detach tabs from window
  * added delete action in edit context menu on page
  * added possibility to remove EasyList from AdBlock
  * added inline domain completion to urlbar
  * added KWallet password backend plugin
  * added Gnome-Keyring password backend plugin
  * added StatusBar Icons plugin that adds extra icons to statusbar
  * added support for POST method in search engines manager
  * added context menu for translating webpage
  * added possibility to export bookmarks to html file
  * great performance improvement for matching basic rules in AdBlock
  * themes can now be loaded from profile directories
  * pagescreen can now save output into number of formats, including PDF
  * proxy exceptions now supports wildcards (*, ?)
  * cancel upload when trying to upload non-readable files
  * select previous / next engines with ctrl+up/down in websearchbar
  * ask user first before closing all but the current tab from tabbar
  * last 2 sessions are now backuped in profile directory
  * always show tab previews after a small delay
  * GreaseMonkey: added icon in statusbar
  * GreaseMonkey: added support for GM_Settings
  * GreaseMonkey: fixed userscripts when first loading plugin
  * GreaseMonkey: run userscripts in all frames on page
  * oxygen: set rounded corners for tooltips
  * oxygen: workaround for transparent background of tooltips
  * X11: Set correct WM_CLASS property to windows
  * fixed: size of preferences dialog on low-res screens
  * fixed: loading plugins with relative paths in portable build
  * fixed: displaying a lot of RSS feeds in RSS widget in locationbar
  * fixed: enabling disabled rules in AdBlock now works everytime
  * fixed: parsing OpenSearch files with XML declaration
  * fixed: don't show urls multiple times in url completer
  * fixed: drag & drop moving folders under bookmarks toolbar
  * fixed: files with relative paths can now be opened from command line
  * fixed: issues with overflowing tabs, it is now possible scroll through all tabs

Sat Dec  7 21:04:52 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 1.4.4
  * Added ctrl/shift + insert shortcuts to copy/paste in webview
  * Don't try to download empty page
  * Reverted forcing SSLv3 protocol for secured connections
  * is now default search engine
  * Fixed: correct height of icons widget in SiteInfo
  * Fixed: hide tabbar with only one tab option now works in fullscreen
  * Fixed: crash with Oxygen theme when closing windows with tabs on top
  * Fixed: saving IgnoreAllSSLWarnings option from SSLManager
  * Fixed: crash on saving settings with unavailable theme
  * Fixed: Accept-Language header now works with all sites
  * Fixed: using external download manager with use defined location setting
  * GreaseMonkey: fixed buttons in script list with RTL layout
  * GreaseMonkey: run userscripts in all frames on page
  * X11: Set correct WM_CLASS property to windows

Mon May 27 10:15:52 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 1.4.3 (changes since 1.4.0):
  * fixed: crash upon closing private browsing window
  * fixed: element hiding rules not working when more than 5000 in
  * fixed: saving some tab icons in session file
  * fixed: make Acid3 test pass even with AdBlock enabled
  * don't limit speed of loading animation in tabbar
  * fixed loading HTML5 videos on YouTube
  * fixed saving cursive font in fonts preferences
  * fixed translating edit actions in page context menu
  * fixed connecting to older secured servers by forcing older SSL
  * fixed installing bash completions to correct folder
  * fixed deleting lockfile upon closing application
  * fixed occasional crash when extracting form data from page
  * fixed crash in akn plugin while closing tab with labels shown
  * fixed crash on close when tabs on top is enabled with oxygen
  * GreaseMonkey: fixed laoding scripts with last line commented
  * fixed websearchbar not respecting select all on click settings
  * fixed certificates from custom path disappearing on saving
  * fixed showing empty back/forward history menu upon restoring
  * fixed duplicating current url in history when restoring
  * fixed instantly showing popup when clicking on back/forward

Mon Mar 11 20:30:16 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 1.4.0
  * highlighting host in address in locationbar
  * can now be compiled using Qt 5
  * QtWebKit 2.3 new features - caret browsing, animated scrolling
  * added support for FTP listing files and downloading
  * added support for saving passwords of multiple users per site
  * added support for showing tabs on top
  * added bash autocompletion file
  * added more actions to super menu, also show menu inside window
  * possibility to select text on page with Shift+Arrow keys
  * asking user whether to allow site to use notifications/geolocation
  * option to set JavaScript privacy permissions
  * use .qupzilla/tmp instead of /tmp for temporary data
  * saving passwords should now work for much more sites
  * improved showing navigation toolbar in fullscreen
  * moved config directory into ~/.config/qupzilla
  * certificates bundle is now only used on windows
  * reduced memory usage of AdBlock (saves up to 30MB with just EasyList)
  * greatly improved performance when matching regexp rules in AdBlock
  * GreaseMonkey: reload script if source file changed on disk
  * GreaseMonkey: fixed don't loading invalid scripts

Wed Sep 19 09:47:57 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 1.3.5:
  * released 16 September 2012
  * new Persion translation
  * option to remove web search bar
  * warning user when removing page from speed dial
  * option to align pages to center in speed dial
  * added shortcut for Clear private data
  * new options in AdBlock menu to disable it for domain and for single page
  * added option to disable search suggestions in search bar
  * added option to choose what to suggest in address bar
  * Save x as ... actions will always show file dialog
  * possibility to choose to use external download manager on every download
  * remember last section in preferences
  * much more tabs now fits into tabbar without overflowing into tab buttons
  * smarter address bar completer will show better search results
  * support for bookmarks manager and sidebar drag&drop managing bookmarks
  * new User Agent manager lets you set User Agent per site
  * new restore session page lets you choose which tabs you want to restore
  * new scheme handler for file protocol allows browsing through directories
  * new option to show loading progress in address bar
  * new option to hide close button on tabs
  * new option to start new instance with --no-remote option
  * X11: restore windows on correct virtual desktops
  * MouseGestures: added 2 new gestures for switching tabs
  * fixed visibility of navigation bar in fullscreen
  * fixed bad position of add tab button when there is a lot of tabs
  * fixed gui with RTL languages
  * fixed issue with infinite opening mailto links
  * fixed issue with showing warning after creating new profile
  * fixed clearing highlight when search text not found
  * fixed closing bookmarks menu when menu toolbar is hidden
  * fixed occasional crashes when closing tab while it is still loading 

Mon Jul 16 12:25:55 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 1.3.1:
  * Ctrl+= shortcut for + zoom in webview
  * Ctrl+Enter shortcut in PIM plugin now also works with enter on numpad
  * don't append QupZilla string to changed user agent
  * fixed ' and " chars in speed dial's input fields
  * fixed zooming with Ctrl+Wheel for some users
  * fixed issues with cookies filtering
  * fixed $subdocument matching in AdBlock
  * fixed $third-party in AdBlock rules when Referer header is empty
  * fixed issue with notifications settings always reverting to osd notifications
  * fixed downloading UTF-8 subscriptions in AdBlock (eg. Ru Adlist)
Thu Jul 12 16:08:35 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 1.3.0:
  + new Ukrainian translations
  + new plugins: GreaseMonkey and PIM (Personal Information Manager)
  + new command line option to open new window with url
  + can now open .xhtml files from open file dialog
  + added animated tab previews with option to turn animations off
  + ssl manager now can import own certificate
  + new urlbar completion widget can now show also entries from bookmarks
  + support for 3rd party subscriptions in AdBlock
  + private browsing is now opened in new window and new process
  + possibility to add RSS feed into external reader

Thu Apr  5 15:05:42 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 1.2.0:
  + Plugin support: MouseGestures and AccessKeysNavigation.
  + Restoring session opens selected tabs as first.
  + New translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian,
    Georgian, Japanese and Romanian.
  + Import bookmarks from html.
  + White/Black-listing cookies.
  + Many bugfixes and minor changes.
- Use USE_LIBPATH=%{_libdir} to build properly for x86_64.

Tue Feb 14 20:29:41 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 1.1.8:
  + new translations: Swedish, Serbian and Traditional Chinese
  + option to use external download manager
  + import/export passwords into xml file
  + option to change user agent
  + support for JavaScript Popup windows
  + allow changing background in Speed Dial
  + many bugfixes, details in Changelog file
- Drop qupzilla-1.1.5-remove-date-time.patch: sed'ed in .spec

Sat Jan  7 19:14:51 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 1.1.5:
  + new translations: Portuguese, French, Greek
  + add support for js printing with window.print()
  + improved commandline options
  + improved performance of history delete
  + many bugfixes
- Rebase remove_date-time.patch

Mon Dec 19 19:17:54 UTC 2011 -

- Upstream update to 1.1.0:
  + speed dial
  + import bookmarks from html file
  + option to turn on XSS Auditing
  + many bugfixes
- Set variable KDE to "true" to enable better integration
  (atm only incons, nepomuk is planned)

Tue Nov  1 18:39:50 UTC 2011 -

- enable webgl only for openSUSE >= 12.1

Tue Nov  1 17:36:47 UTC 2011 -

- initial package
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