File site-config.README of Package site-config

site-config: Site Paths Configuration for autoconf Based configure Scripts

Site configuration for autoconf based configure scripts provides smart
defaults for paths that are not specified.

All autoconf based configure scripts will automatically resource site
script using CONFIG_SITE environment variable. It works without any
explicit user interaction.

Currently implemented features:

Automatic libdir setup to $exec_prefix/lib or $exec_prefix/lib64

Depending on architecture, site script should correctly and
automatically switch between lib and lib64 libdir.

libexecdir setup to $exec_prefix/lib

Upstream libexecdir defaults to $exec_prefix/libexec. This directory is
not part of FHS 2.2, so we change it to $exec_prefix/lib (yes, it is
correct to set it to $exec_prefix/lib even for bi-arch platforms). Most
projects add package name to this path, so you most probably get what
FHS 2.2 expects.
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