File fix-prototypes.diff of Package xaos

Index: xaos-3.5/src/engine/zoom.c
--- xaos-3.5.orig/src/engine/zoom.c	2009-07-18 01:50:31.000000000 +0200
+++ xaos-3.5/src/engine/zoom.c	2012-06-14 16:40:37.209715612 +0200
@@ -139,12 +139,11 @@ int nperi = 0;
 #ifndef USE_i386ASM
 static void
-moveoldpoints(void *data1, struct taskinfo *task, int r1, int r2)
-static void fillline_8(int line) REGISTERS(0);
-static void fillline_16(int line) REGISTERS(0);
-static void fillline_24(int line) REGISTERS(0);
-static void fillline_32(int line) REGISTERS(0);
+moveoldpoints(void *data1, struct taskinfo *task, int r1, int r2);
+static void fillline_8(int line);
+static void fillline_16(int line);
+static void fillline_24(int line);
+static void fillline_32(int line);
 /*first of all inline driver section */
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