File MotionBox.changes of Package MotionBox

Sat Mar 23 08:47:26 UTC 2019 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Update to version 1.5.0
  * Add light themes.
  * Support the 64 bit architecture by default.
  * Add feeds and tracks history.
  * DataOnline: Update the 'ONLINE_PATH' variable.
  * Create PanelDiscover.
  * Create ComponentDiscover.
  * Remove ButtonLogoBorders.
  * Gui: Update track selection when player stops.
  * Gui: Update tab behavior.
  * Gui: Update the 'pRestoreMiniA' function.
  * Gui: Fix 'play(s)' functions.
  * Gui: Fix the 'openSource' function.
  * Gui: Remove the 'openFolder' function.
  * Splash: Update implementation.
  * BarWindowApplication: Add 'onBefore(s)' functions.
  * BarWindowApplication: Add 'pRestoreMaximize' function.
  * BarTop: Add the 'discover' button.
  * BarTop: Add the 'playlist' property.
  * PanelApplication: Update page buttons.
  * PanelSearch: Start the search when you click a backend.
  * PanelAdd: Fix the 'maximum height' property.
  * LineEditSearch: Update the 'default text' behavior.
  * ListFolder: Fix the 'folder' events.
  * Enable 'light' design by default.
  Changes for Sky kit 1.5.0:
  * Change QUrl(s) to QString(s) to improve comparisons.
  * WControllerFile: Add the 'folderUrl' function.
  * WControllerFile: Update the 'toLocal, toString' functions.
  * WControllerFile: Fix the 'file url' functions.
  * WControllerFile: Fix the 'toLocalFile' function.
  * WControllerScript: Add 'QJSEngine' implementation.
  * WRemoteTimeout: Fix the 'timeout' function.
  * WControllerPlaylist: Update the 'query' implementation.
  * WControllerPlaylist: Fix the 'loaded' function.
  * WControllerPlaylistData: Update the 'applyHtml' function.
  * WAbstractView: Add the 'on close' function.
  * WAbstractView: Update the 'task bar' workaround.
  * WView: Add the 'on close' function.
  * WView: Fix the 'update flags' function.
  * WDeclarativeImageBase: Fix the 'set filter' function.
  * WDeclarativeImageBase: Fix the 'onFilterUpdated' function.
  * WDeclarativeImage(s): Fix the 'scale' implementation.
  * WDeclarativeTextSvg: Fix the 'get width' implementation.
  * WPlaylist: Add the 'move(s)' functions.
  * WBackendVlc: Update the shaders implementation.
  * WVlcEngine: Add the 'avcodec-fast' option.
  * Update implementation to the 1.2.0 API.
  * WHookTorrent: Update the 'skip' behavior for 'avi' files.
  * WHookTorrent: Fix the 'read' function.
  * WBackendTorrent: Update the 'sort' implementation.
  * WTorrentEngine: Update torrent settings.
  * WTorrentEngine: Add the 'get index' function.
  * WTorrentEngine: Fix the 'remove' function.
  * WTorrentEngine: Fix the 'select file ' function.
  * WTorrentEngine: Fix the 'handle id' variables.
  * Create ItemWipe(s).
  * Rename ScrollAreaVertical to ScrollArea.
  * Rename ScrollBarVertical to ScrollBar.
  * Rename ContextualComponent to ComponentContextual.
  * Remove SizeHint.
  * PanelImage: Add the 'image background' alias.
  * ScrollBar: Remove buttons.
  * SliderStream: Update the 'left' button.
  * TabsBrowser: Add 'onBefore(s)' functions.
  * WallVideo: Update the 'player back' item.
  * WallVideo: Update the 'cover' behavior.
  * ComponentTabBrowser, ComponentWallBookmarkTrack: Update the
    'icon' source and caching.
  * BaseLogo: Update to 'flat' design.
  * Add 'night' design.
  * Add 'light' design.
  * Enable 'light' design by default.

- Refreshed Sky-1.4.0-private_headers.patch as
  Sky-1.5.0-private_headers.patch, MotionBox-1.4.0-paths.patch
  as MotionBox-1.5.0-paths.patch, Sky-1.4.0-soname.patch as
  Sky-1.5.0-soname.patch and Sky-1.4.0-use_system_glext.patch
  as Sky-1.5.0-use_system_glext.patch

- Dropped Sky-1.4.0-fix_youtube_extract_source.patch and
  Sky-1.4.0-fix_youtube_extract_source_2.patch (no longer

Tue Oct  9 19:17:48 UTC 2018 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Fixed runtime requirements

Fri Oct  5 20:26:28 UTC 2018 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Initial package (v 1.4.0)
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