File gap-automgrp.changes of Package gap-automgrp

Sun Jun 19 09:46:30 UTC 2016 -

- Update to new upstream release 1.3
* Converters to and from `FR' package by Laurent Bartholdi were
  implemented (see AutomGrp2FR and FR2AutomGrp)
* Minimization of automata was greatly optimized based on (also
  very much appreciated) the implementation of this function by
  Andrey Russev
* Print methods were updated for several basic types
* IsSphericallyTransitive has been updated
* TransformationOnFirstLevel now always returns transformations
  (it was returning permutations when possible before)

Fri Apr 18 10:07:41 UTC 2014 -

- Update to new upstream release 1.2.4
* Replaced $ character in identifiers with underscores
* Added IsAcyclic for Mealy automata
* Added IsReversible, IsMDTrivial, MDReduction
* Added MihailovaSystem
* MarkovOperator is implemented for semigroups and now can accept
  the (possibly symbolic) weights
* Added a possibility to define automata over 1-letter alphabet
  (needed for MD-reduction)
* AllSections was extended to IsAutom argument
* Section was extended to work with (semi)groups, not only with
  their elements
* The order of generators in AG_UseRewritingSystem was updated
  according to a new GAP release

Fri May 10 13:47:02 UTC 2013 -

- Split automgrp (version off the gap RPM package
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