File rlwrap.changes of Package rlwrap

Wed Jan 16 16:05:45 CET 2008 -

- Update to version 0.30:
  * EOF on stdin (e.g. by pressing CTRL-D) would end prompt colouring.
  * added -q option 
  * added -A option to handle (ANSI-)coloured prompts
  * added -p option to colourise uncoloured prompts 
  * added -t option to set terminal type for client command
  * rlwrap now copies its terminal settings from the client
    even when this has put its terminal in single-keypress
    (uncooked) mode. A rlwrapped emacs will now respond to CTRL-C 
    and CTRL-G as it should.
  * error messages and warnings now include the rlwrap version number 
  * added a very simple custom malloc/free debugger for use with the 
    --debug option. Rather fragile and not well tested, use with care.
  * Whenever TERM is not set, rlwrap assumes vt100. Set TERM=dumb if
    you really have a dumb terminal.
  * rlwrap now leaves the handling of multi-line prompts and edit
    buffers to readline (except when in horizontal-scroll mode or when 
    configured with --enable-homegrown-redisplay).  
  * whenever --always-readline is set, SIGWINCH not passed to 
    client command immediately, but only *after* accepting a line.
  * --spy-on-readline now enabled by default

Wed May 16 15:26:03 CEST 2007 -

- Initial package, Version 0.28