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Advanced apcupsd configuration

Suspend to disk

If you want to configure nut to do suspend to disk instead of shutdown
you should:

- Verify, that suspend to disk works correctly with your desktop:
  shutdown -z +0
  (You can lose your unsaved data, if your computer does not support

- Properly edit your /etc/apcupsd/apccontrol: Replace -h by -z in
  shutdown command parameters.
- Verify, that your UPS provides reasonable grant period to complete
  suspend in all situations.

Environment with possible service timeouts

In some environments, there is no guarantee, that the machine will
correctly shut down, either because other machines providing critical
services are already down or because some services (e. g. squid) are
stopping too long and battery power is not sufficient. In this case,
you can prefer incorrect but fast shutdown.

To fix this problem, you need to do:

- Copy apcupsd-early-powerdown script to your /etc/init.d/ directory.

- Edit following lines:

  Replace "FIXME scripts which should not stop before powerdown" by an
  appropriate init script list.

  Replace "FIXME scripts which should stop before powerdown" by an
  appropriate init script list.

- Start YaST Runlevel Editor and enable this meta-service in
  runlevels, where you want to apply early shutdown.