File exiftool.changes of Package exiftool

Thu Dec 16 19:48:56 UTC 2010 -

- Update to version 8.40:
  * adds new camera formats, lenses

Thu Dec 16 19:41:04 UTC 2010 -

- switch to perl_requires macro.

Sun May  2 01:47:18 CEST 2010 -

- updated to version 8.15
  * added new camera formats, lenses, gps

Thu Aug  6 14:34:26 CEST 2009 -

- updated to version 7.82
  * added new camera formats, lenses 

Wed Sep 17 01:43:16 CEST 2008 -

- workaround for timestamp issue in testsuite 

Fri Sep 12 11:20:21 CEST 2008 -

- Updated to version 7.42
  * Added read support for Windows, MacOS and Unix executable and library files
  * Added read support for ZIP and RWZ (Rawzor) compressed files
  * Added a number of new XMP tags written by PS Elements 4.0 (thanks Drew Holland) 
    and LightRoom 2.0
  * Added new Sony, Canon and Nikon LensTypes
  * Decode a few new Canon CameraInfo tags for the 40D, 50D, 450D and 1000D
  * Decode Nikon D90 LensData
  * Improved handling of corrupted makernote offsets when writing
  * Fixed problem where FileType could be incorrect for a TIFF-based 
    file with the wrong extension 

Sun Sep  7 23:06:26 CEST 2008 -

- Updated to version 7.41
  * Added new Composite LensID tag and changed a number of LensType values 
    in an attempt to disambiguate Canon, Pentax, Minolta and Sony 3rd party lenses
  * Added -sep option to specify separator for values in List-type tags
  * Added a new Nikon LensType (thanks Jens Duttke)
  * Added CanonModelID values for new models (SX110, A1000, A2000, E1, 50D)
  * Decode some CameraInfo tags of the Canon EOS 450D and 1000D (thanks Bogdan)
  * Decode a few new tags in Kodak MOV videos
  * Updated CanonVRD decoding for version 3.40 (DPP 3.4.1, thanks Bogdan)
  * Allow writable EXIF properties to be overridden by user-defined tags
  * Relaxed PDF parsing to allow xref tables with zero entries
  * Renamed Sigma LensID tag to LensType
  * Changed PDF update structure to better conform with PDF specification
  * Changed conversion of Olympus ManometerReading values
  * Fixed problems in the QuickTime parser that could cause exiftool to hang
  * Fixed bug which could cause an error to be reported when writing a DNG image 
    containing ProfileIFD information
  * API Changes:
        o Added ListSep option 
  * Added a number of new Canon LensType values (thanks Rich Taylor)
  * Added a new Pentax LensType (thanks Jens Duttke)
  * Added a new Sony LensType (thanks Mladen Sever)
  * Added support for writing invalid IFD entries used by some Kodak Z cameras
  * Updated Canon CustomFunctions for EOS 450D
  * Made a few more DNG tags writable
  * Renamed CIFF TvValue and AvValue tags to ShutterSpeedValue and ApertureValue 
    and added conversions (to seconds and F-number) as with EXIF tags 

Sun Jul 20 23:18:26 CEST 2008 -

- Updated to version 7.37:
  * Added -addTagsFromFile option (variant of -tagsFromFile which allows copying
    multiple tags into the values of a single List-type tag)
  * Added a new Sony LensID (thanks Jens Duttke)
  * Added PentaxModelID for the Optio W60
  * Added a couple of new YCbCrSubSampling values (thanks Jens Duttke) and made
    values consistent across different types of meta information
  * Decoded Canon Categories tag (thanks Darryl Zurn)
  * Reduced priority of XMP-xmp date/time tags so the EXIF tags are preferred
  * Fixed problem where time may be duplicated in Composite:DateTimeCreated
  * API Changes:
      * Added ability to pass options to SetNewValuesFromFile

Sat Jul 12 18:40:16 CEST 2008 -

- Updated to version 7.36:
  * Added a new Nikon LensID (thanks Jens Duttke)
  * Fixed bug introduced in 7.33 where a SubIFD error was erroneously reported
    when writing an already edited NEF image
  * Added two new Nikon LensIDs (thanks Geert De Soete and Jens Duttke)
  * Added XMP-pdf:Trapped tag
  * Added Composite:GPSAltitude tag (like Composite:GPSLatitude/GPSLongitude)
  * Added a couple of new PentaxModelID values
  * Decode Canon 450D Sharpness tag (thanks Bogdan)
  * Decode Nikon D300 AFAreaMode and AutoFocus tags (thanks Jens Duttke)
  * Extract Pentax SaturationInfo as an Unknown tag (thanks Dave Nicholson)
  * Renamed Canon LensType string tag (ID 0x0095) to LensModel
  * Changed JFIFVersion print conversion to match the formatting used in the
    JFIF specification
  * Fixed a Minolta LensID entry for Tamron lenses
  * Fixed problem excluding XMP family 1 groups from deletion in some file types

Sun Jun 29 22:12:33 CEST 2008 -

- Updated to version 7.34:
  * Added names for a few more of the Unknown Photoshop tags
  * Added support for XMP files with leading XML comments
  * Added support for older XMP "x:xapmeta", and XMP without "x:xmpmeta" element
  * Changed priority of XMP:Source tags when writing so XMP-photoshop:Source is
    now preferred over XMP-dc:Source
  * Renamed Photoshop IPTCDigest to CaptionDigest and removed Unknown status
  * Improved parsing of IPTC time values when writing, and assume the local
    timezone (if available) instead of UTC when a timezone is not specified
  * Improved handling of lists that exist in multiple groups in the same file
  * Disabled shifting of List-type date/time tags (allows += to add list items)
  * Reduced priority of XMP-exif and XMP-tiff tags so these values don't
    override more reliable EXIF and TIFF tags when extracting information
    without specifying a group
  * Fixed quirk where exiftool could add an extra padding byte to the makernotes
  * Fixed incorrect tag ID that prevented ImageStabilization from being decoded
    in Sony DSLR-A100 images (thanks Ger Vermeulen)
  * Fixed problem where error/warning messages could be duplicated for
    subsequent files when copying tags from multiple files

Fri Jun 27 21:29:31 CEST 2008 -

- Updated to version 7.33:
  * WARNING: Older ExifTool versions will not properly rewrite DNG 1.2 images
    which contain multiple color profiles
  * Added DNGVersion check to avoid future problems with major DNG revisions
  * Added support for new DNG version tags
  * Added support for new XMP PLUS 1.2.0 tags
  * Added a new Pentax LensType (thanks Peter)
  * Added a new Canon LensType
  * Added support for user-defined XMP structures
  * Decode a few new Sony tags (thanks Marcus Holland-Moritz)
  * Decode Nikon Capture NX 2 NikonICCProfile information (thanks Jens Duttke)
  * Extract MP3 VBR and ID3Size tags
  * Improved accuracy of MP3 Duration calculation (account for VBR and ID3Size)
  * Added a new Pentax LensType (thanks yeryry)
  * Decode ColorBalance information for Canon 450D and 1000D
  * Fixed names of a few NikonCapture D-LightingHQ tags (thanks Jens Duttke)
  * Fixed bug where a List-type tag was not created when simultaneously adding
    and deleting values from the list
  * Added proper support for special characters in PDF text strings
  * Added support for a number of new XMP tags written by Adobe Lightroom 1.4
  * Added ability to write XMP-xmp:ThumbnailsImage
  * Added Photoshop IPTCDigest tag
  * Added two new Nikon LensID's (thanks Jens Duttke)
  * Added a new Pentax LensType (thanks Bogdan)
  * Added a new CanonModelID for the EOS 1000D
  * Decode a few new Pentax tags (thanks Dave Nicholson)
  * Increased precision of GPS coordinates when copying with -tagsFromFile
  * Fixed problem which could result in "Argument isn't numeric" runtime warning
    when attempting to write an Unknown value to a bitmapped tag

Wed Jun  4 22:53:33 CEST 2008 -

- Updated to version 7.30:
  * Adjusted MakerNote error checks to be a compromise between 7.28 and 7.29
  * Fixed various htmlDump problems
  * Fixed bug which could cause runtime warnings when attempting to write
    certain types of unsupported images
  * Renamed Pentax ModelRevision tag to ProductionCode and improved print
    conversion to indicate if camera has been serviced
  * Added check to prevent EXIF tags from being written to JPEG images if they
    would obviously exceed the maximimum JPEG segment size limit
  * Relaxed error checks when writing JPEG images to allow MakerNotes to be
    rebuilt if the MakerNote IFD is not contained within the MakerNotes data
  * Fixed decoding of Pentax ExternalFlashGuideNumber when AF360 is used with
    the wide angle panel
  * Fixed unnecessary "Multiple new values for IFD0 tag 0x927c" warning which
    could occur when copying MakerNotes from some images
  * Added new Canon CustomFunctions values from the EOS 1DmkIII firmware update,
    and a new CanonExposureMode value (thanks David Pitcher)
  * Added a new Olympus LensType (thanks Viktor Lushnikov)
  * Decode Pentax ExternalFlashBounce tag (thanks Cvetan Ivanov)
  * Renamed Pentax ExternalFlashZoom tag to ExternalFlashGuideNumber and
    improved decoding (thanks Cvetan Ivanov)
  * Fixed bug which could prevent maker notes from being copied when copying all
    tags from a file containing a PreviewImage
  * Fixed problems decoding some Sony ARW images
  * Fixed problem writing some makernote values in sub-IFD's
  * Fixed "APP1 segment to large" problem where PreviewImage was not dropped
    as it should have been when copying all tags from some RAW images
  * Added ability to read/write XMP in GIF images
  * Added ability to write to GIF87a images (by upgrading them to GIF89a)
  * Added GIFVersion tag
  * Improved decoding of Canon 1DmkIII/1DSmkIII TimeStamp tags
  * Changed print conversion of EXIF/XMP GPSStatus tags to make more sense
  * Fixed bug introduced in version 7.22 that could cause exiftool to abort with
    an "'x' outside string" error when processing some DNG images
  * Added write support for FujiFilm FinePix S5 Pro V1.04 RAF images
  * Added support for new Kodak TIFF-format maker notes used by the Z1085
  * Added new Pentax and Nikon LensType's (thanks Jens Duttke, Dave Nicholson
    and Robert Rottmerhusen)
  * Added some new Minolta LensID's (thanks Thomas Kassner)
  * Added new CanonModelID's and a 1DmkIII TimeStamp (thanks Ger Vermeulen)
  * Decode a number of new Pentax K10D tags (thanks Dave Nicholson)
  * Decode Panasonic Title tag (thanks Jens Duttke)
  * Recognize a few more uncommon top-level QuickTime atoms
  * Changed decoding of some Olympus tags for new E-520
  * Changed warning when empty PrintIM data is encountered (ie. as written in
    Sony A700 ARW files when Adobe RGB color mode is used)
  * Dropped Canon PreviewFocalPlaneX/YResolution tags since they never really
    existed (thanks Ger Vermeulen for pointing out the Canon bug which lead to
    this false assumption)
  * Fixed duplicate tag problem with Pentax LensData when -U option used
  * Fixed bug which could cause a runtime warning when copying Nikon maker notes
  * Fixed bug in exiftool application which could cause all tags to be copied
    instead of just the specified tags when creating an output XMP or MIE file
    and using the -tagsFromFile option
  * Added read support for DIVX video files
  * Added a new Nikon LensID (thanks Tanel Kuusk)
  * Decode a number of new Pentax K10D tags and values (thanks Dave Nicholson)
  * Decode a few new Nikon tags (thanks Jens Duttke)
  * Decode Nikon VignetteControl tag found in D3 images with new 1.10 firmware
    (thanks Alexandre Naaman)
  * Improved formatting of video duration times
  * Improved print conversion for video Compression values
  * Apply print conversion for XMP:FocalLengthIn35mmFormat to add "mm"
  * Fixed MIME type of JPEG 2000 images
  * Fixed problem decoding new Nikon D300 AFPrioritySelection tags
  * API Changes:
      * Extract FileSize information from images passed as a scalar reference
      * Fixed CanWrite so it returns false for non-writable TIFF-based files

Mon Apr 14 01:06:39 CEST 2008 -

- updated to version 7.24
    * Added read support for SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images
    * Added support for non-standard Apple iPhone PNG images
    * Added support for maker notes: ISL, Olympus-style Sony (DSC-S45/500/650/700/750),
      Leica M8 (DNG and JPEG images), Casio, Kodak, Minolta, Olympus and Ricoh AVI,
      MOV videos, HP Type2, Ricoh R50
    * Added a couple of new Canon, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax LensType's
    * Added values for various tags: Canon, MP4, Nikon, Pentax, QuickTime, Sony
    * Decode Nikon D300 custom settings, AFFineTuneAdj
    * Decode a missing Custom Function for Canon 450D (thanks Laurent Clevy)
    * Avoid extracting any unknown tag in binary data tables when -u option used
    * Avoid writing Canon 1D/1DS RAW images masquerading as TIF (1D RAW not supported)
    * Improved parsing of AFCP ThumbnailImage and PreviewImage
    * Downgraded errors in the NikonScan and NikonPreview IFD's to allow writing of 
      images with these problems without requiring the -m option 
    * Added %c 'n' modifier to number output files from 1 instead of 0
    * Added Extra "Now" tag used for setting a tag value to the current date/time
    * Added ability to specify byte order for EXIF Unicode text and fixed problem 
      where text wasn't always written in EXIF byte order by default
    * Recognize non-standard Nikon ICC Profile files
    * Improved error checking when writing a JPEG image with a bad IFD
    * Fixed bug where IFD0 could be deleted when writing JPEG with a bad IFD1
    * Fixed problem extracting some writable directories as a block
    * Fixed bug which could cause "Not an ARRAY" error when reading PDF files 
    * Added ability to write encrypted Nikon makernote information (!!)
    * Decode Adobe RAF data in DNG images
    * Calculate VideoFrameRate for QuickTime MOV videos
    * Marked DNG OriginalRawFileName and OriginalRawFileData as "unsafe" to copy
    * Changed decoding of Casio BestShotMode
    * Patched problem parsing OriginalDecisionData for the Canon EOS 5D 
    * Added two more TIFF-IT tags to the EXIF table
    * Added a number of new RIFF and ASF Audio Encoding values
    * Removed incorrect CanonD30 ColorTemperature and ColorMatrix tags
    * Fixed Location translation in iptc2xmp.args and xmp2iptc.args
    * Fixed problem decoding some Nikon tags in images edited by Capture NX
    * Fixed decoding of InternalSerialNumber for Canon 5D
    * Fixed decoding of Nikon D3 color balance information
    * Fixed decoding of Minolta 7D FocusMode (thanks Jens Duttke) 
    * Added some new Panasonic NoiseReduction values (thanks Jens Duttke)
    * Improved reliability of Canon FocalPlaneXSize and FocalPlaneYSize tags
    * Write TIFF ApplicationNotes in 'int8u' format as per XMP specification
    * Made TIFF ApplicationNotes writable as a block
    * Changed HtmlDump to show actual IFD format if different than read format
    * Changed some MeteringMode strings to be more consistent
    * Fixed problem adding back JFIF information after deleting JFIF group 
    * Added ability to exclude XMP family 1 groups from deletion
    * Decode AFPointsUsed for Nikon D3 and D300 (thanks Jens Duttke)
    * Renamed Olympus FlashExposureCompensation tag to FlashExposureComp
    * Fixed problem where an ExposureTime of 1 second was ignored in CRW images
    * Fixed problem where special characters were not handled properly when using 
      the -L option while copying IPTC tags
    * Fixed bug which could cause a runtime error when attempting to write JFIF 
      information after deleting JFIF:all in the same step  

Mon Feb 18 23:00:15 CET 2008 -

- updated to version 7.17
    * Added a new LensTypes: Pentax, Nikon, Canon (Tamron), Minolta/Sony, Olympus
    * Decode new tags for Kodak (P712, P850, P880, Z612 and Z712), Pentax (K20D/K200D, K10D, 
      Optio L20, T20, Z10, V10, A40, E40, M40, S10), Sigma, Canon (CRW, EOS 450D, 40D, 1DmkIII), 
      Nikon (D3/D300), FujiFilm, Panasonic, Minolta (A200 MRW), Olympus, Sony (A700)
    * Extract duplicate tags when -p option is used
    * Made a number of DNG tags "unsafe" so they aren't copied by default
    * Allow JPEG EXIF segment to be deleted and a new EXIF segment to be created 
      with a different byte order in a single command
    * Improved handling of timezone when writing EXIF and XMP information 
      (the timezone is now added to XMP date/time values and removed from EXIF 
      date/time values if necessary unless the -n option is used)
    * Allow "pseudo" tags to be copied from unrecognized file types
    * Made FileModifyDate an "unsafe" tag so it isn't copied unless specified
    * Changed all "sec" units to "s" with a leading space for consistency
    * Fixed some problem with -htmlDump for some types of trailer information
    * Fixed problem which could give a runtime warning when attempting to 
      delete a permanent tag 
    * Recognize HDP (Windows HD Photo) file extension
    * Designated EXIF CompressedBitsPerPixel and ComponentsConfiguration as "unsafe" 
      tags so they aren't copied by -tagsFromFile by default
    * Added read support for ITC (iTunes Cover Flow) files
    * Renamed EXIF:RelatedImageLength to RelatedImageHeight (hopefully all 
      ImageWidth/Height tag names are now consistent) 
    * Added support for escape sequences and continuation comments in EPS files
    * Improved handling of newlines when writing PDF information
    * Fixed problem creating multiple output meta files with some commands
    * Fixed problem deleting XMP by value for strings with escaped characters
    * Fixed bug when trying to write output image to console with "-o -"
    * Fixed problem where %c (copy number) was changed when the new file name 
      should have been the same as the source file 
    * Improved error messages when writing PDF files
    * Changed XMP-cc namespace URI (spec apparently changed for some reason)
    * Changed Photoshop XMLData to a binary data tag
    * Fixed problem redirecting some verbose output to an output text file 
    * Fixed problem decoding some PDF cross-reference streams
    * Added ability to write XMP and PDF information to PDF files, with revert capability! 
      (use "-PDF-update:all=" to undo all exiftool edits)
    * Added PDF:AppleKeywords tag (written by Apple Preview)
    * Added Composite FOV (Field Of View) tag
    * Added "Nothing changed" message in verbose mode for files that weren't 
      changed when writing
    * Decode specified "unknown" zero values for four EXIF tags 
      (ExposureProgram, LightSource, MeteringMode and SubjectDistanceRange) 
      instead of handling as a truly unknown value (if this makes sense)
    * Made "Entries out of sequence" a minor warning since this problem is fixed
    * Allow decimal seconds to be written in time values without needing to use -n
    * Improved parsing of PDF files
    * Improved behaviour when copying List-type tags to to non-List tags
    * Improved exiftool summary message for files that were copied without changes
    * Fixed runtime warning that could occur with some invalid tag names
    * API Changes:
          o Also allow File::RandomAccess reference as argument to ImageInfo() 
    * Permanently fix MakerNote offsets with -F option when writing
    * Translate non-standard XMP namespace prefixes
    * COMPATIBILITY WARNING: Renamed EXIF:ExifImageLength to ExifImageHeight 
      and XMP:GPSTimeStamp to GPSDateTime
    * Added read support for Hasselblad 3FR raw images
    * Added ability to insert a newline using "$/" in a print format string
    * Improved warnings for HtmlDump option
    * Improved string parsing when writing date/time tags
    * Added ability to delete XMP family 1 groups (ie. "-XMP-crss:all=")
    * Fixed problem writing XMP as a block to XMP file 
    * Added -T option (equivalent to -t -S -q -f)
    * Allow FileSource tag to be assigned values outside the EXIF standard
    * Made ImageSourceData a protected tag
    * Avoid loading huge binary data blocks into memory unless necessary 
      (avoids out-of-memory problem when processing huge, layered Photoshop TIFF images)
    * Improved HtmlDump speed and memory usage by not loading "snipped" data
    * IMPORTANT: Fixed problem writing ORF images from newer Olympus cameras 
      which could lead to errors when the image is opened by another utility 
      (affected images may be repaired by rewriting with this version of ExifTool)
    * Added -ScanForXMP option
    * Added ability to extract ID3v2 PRIV tags (including XMP) and the ID3:MCDI tag 
      (plus unknown ID3v2 tags with the -u option)
    * Added ICC_Profile WCSProfiles tag (thanks Jens Duttke)
    * Added ability to shift GPSTimeStamp tag
    * Added ability to write DNG AsShotICCProfile and CurrentICCProfile tags
    * Shortcuts may now be used in redirections and expressions, and with group names
    * Enhanced Composite tag syntax to simplify user-defined tag definitions
    * Dump unsupported files with -htmlDump only if -u option is used
    * Fixed problem of misleading error messages when attempting to write 
      unsupported file formats
    * Fixed problem outputting list-type tags with -b option
    * Fixed bug where the "image files created" count could miss some files
    * Fixed problem where "Error rebuilding maker notes" warning could be issued 
      in cases where the maker notes do not need rebuilding 
    * Added support for IView MediaPro XMP tags
    * Added ability to read multiple comments from GIF89a images
    * Added minor warning for unknown JPEG APP segments when -u option is used
    * Extract information from JPEG APP13 "Adobe_CM" segment
    * Improved -htmlDump output to show TIFF image data and trailer 
      (the TIFF dump is now complete)
    * Increased precision of 64-bit rational conversion from 7 to 10 digits
    * Fixed problem which caused failed tests with Perl 5.005_05
    * Fixed problem where some groups could not easily be excluded when deleting 
      all other information (ie. "-all= --exif:all" now behaves as expected)
    * Fixed problem decoding ICC Profile "dtim" format values
    * Fixed problem in API which could result in a UTF-8 encoded file not being 
      properly identified if it was passed as a scalar reference to WriteInfo() 
    * Added ExifByteOrder tag (writable to set byte order for new Exif segments)
    * Fixed problem where some warnings were not being properly handled when 
      attempting to write an invalid value to some tags 
    * Added ability to read/write XMP alternate languages
    * Renamed all AFPointsUsed tags to AFPointsInFocus
    * Fixed decoding of ICC_Profile DeviceAttributes 
    * Extract TIFFPreview from DOS EPS images
    * Improved handling of unknown XMP list-type tags
    * Suppress EPS 'unterminated Document data' warning
    * Fixed bug calculating leap years for years outside the range 1601-2399
    * API Changes:
          o Changed WriteInfo() behaviour to be more consistent when editing 
            file in place and a new FileName is specified (original file is now deleted)
          o Improved warning message when trying to write an 'unsafe' tag 
    * Added a few new XMP-crs tags
    * Added ability to create a new Photoshop IRB record in TIFF-format images
    * Added a few new EXIF:Compression values (thanks Jens Duttke)
    * Added test for Unknentax ExposureTime value (thanks Jens Duttke)
    * Avoid extracting information from documents embedded in EPS images 
      (this is temporary; eventually I want to figure out a way to allow this 
      information to be extracted separately)
    * Extract EncodingProcess, BitsPerSample, ColorComponents and YCbCrSubSampling 
      from JPEG SOF segment
    * Show raw horizontal/vertical widths in the converted YCbCrSubSampling value
    * Avoid loading data blocks larger than 16MB from QuickTime images
    * Allow PDF:Keywords to be comma-delimited
    * Fixed problem where a tag would be removed from both IFD0 and ExifIFD 
      even if only IFD0 or ExifIFD was specified
    * Fixed problem with byte order mark showing up in output when decoding 
      hex-encoded Unicode values from PDF images
    * Fixed problem where ExifTool could hang when reading corrupted ASF files
    * Fixed possible problem with infinite recursion in FlashPix-format files 
    * Added read support for BigTIFF images (with extensions BTF, TIF and TIFF)
    * Fixed problem editing XMP containing new "Camera Raw Saved Settings" properties 
      (written by Adobe Lightroom) 
    * Added read support for FLV (Flash Video) files
    * Added read support for EXIF and IPTC and write support for EXIF, IPTC and XMP 
      in JPEG 2000 images
    * Added read/write support for Sinar CS1 raw images
    * Added ability to read/write improperly byte-swapped IPTC information
    * Improved decoding of APP12 "Ducky" segment (thanks Heinrich Giesen) and 
      added write/create support
    * Improved handling of warning messages when setting new values
      PictureModeContrast and PictureModeSharpness to label min and max values
    * Fixed problem of missing last character when decoding ID3 Unicode strings
    * Fixed problems decoding some ID3 URL values
    * Fixed inconsistency where the -if option may have used a different tag than 
      the one normally extracted when a group name was specified and multiple 
      matching tags existed in the group 
    * Added support for new XMP-lr, XMP-photoshop and XMP-DICOM tags of PS CS3
    * Recognize Photoshop "AgHg" resource type
    * Updated XMP:FileSource values to match EXIF:FileSource
    * Greatly improved processing speed for some large EPS images
    * Improved handling of XMP date/time formatting
    * Officially support writing of MEF images

Sun Aug  5 21:46:54 CEST 2007 -

- updated to version 6.90
    * Added CanonModelID values for new PowerShot S5 IS and SD850 IS
    * Encode IPTC values in default CodedCharacterSet when writing new values 
      at the same time as deleting the existing CodedCharacterSet
    * Changed name of Nikon "FirmwareVersion" tag to "MakerNoteVersion" 
      and Panasonic "FirmwareVersion" to "ProductionVersion" (thanks Jens Duttke)
    * Allow EXIF GPS coordinates to be negative when writing (take absolute value)
    * Added support for maker notes of some Hewlett-Packard models
    * Decode Pentax ImageProcessing tag
    * Added read support for Mamiya MEF images
    * Implement long overdue change to standardize FocalPlaneResolutionUnit values
    * Decode Panasonic BabyAge + some new ShootingMode values (thanks Jens Duttke)
    * Improved recognition of maker notes for some camera models
    * Fixed bug that could cause an incorrect "tag is not writable" warning
    * Fixed problems converting WDP PixelFormat values
    * Fixed decoding of Canon 350D AFPointsUsed (thanks Bogdan)
    * API Changes:
          o Added option to allow makernote block to be extracted without rebuilding 
    * Added read/write/delete support for recognized trailers in PSD images
    * Added PhotoMechanic IPTC:Prefs tag
    * Added ability to decode double-UTF-encoded XMP files
    * Added a few more Canon, Pentax and Nikon lens types (thanks Hayo Baan and 
      Robert Rottmerhusen for Nikon entries)
    * Added ability to create new user-defined MIE groups
    * Decode a new Nikon lens tag: ExitPupilPosition (thanks Robert Rottmerhusen)
    * Increased precision (from 20m to 2mm) when writing XMP GPS coordinates
    * Changed name of Panasonic SpotMode tag to AFMode and improved decoding
    * The -e (Composite) option now also applies when copying tags
    * Avoid converting XMP values as rational or date if tag is known and 
      not specified with these formats
    * Identify CR2 header and Canon MakerNote trailer in -htmlDump output
    * Added test to check for invalid encoding when Image::ExifTool is loaded
    * Fixed problem shifting Canon:TimeStamp tag
    * Fixed failed FlashPix test on Cygwin Perl 5.8.2 (roundoff errors again)
    * Fixed problem where some types of write errors could result in exiftool 
      reporting that a file was updated when it wasn't 
    * Added -execute, -srcfile and -common_args options to allow complex processing 
      with multiple commands in a single invocation
    * Added ability to write Panasonic RAW files
    * Added Panasonic ConversionLens tag
    * Improved decoding of Panasonic/Leica Contrast and SpotMode tags
    * Changed -@ to insert arguments at the current position in the command line 
      (rather than at the end)
    * Fixed bug in -if option which could incorrectly cause a failed condition 
      when using expressions containing multiple tags with proper-case names
    * Fixed problem extracting binary data when -if option was used
    * Fixed bug which caused error when setting CodedCharacterSet to "UTF8"
    * Fixed problem using "-TAG+<=FMT" or "-TAG-<=FMT" on command line 
    * Fixed a couple of problems decoding Canon EOS 1D Mark III tags
    * Fixed bug which generaeaders
    * Use default resolution information from JPEG JFIF segment for mandatory 
      EXIF resolution tags when creating new EXIF segment
    * Enhanced %c format code so %+c adds an underline before the copy number 
    * Translate special characters in ID3 information when reading
    * Improved conversions for GPSTimeStamp and GPSDateStamp when writing so 
      they can be set from a normal date/time tag (ie. "-gpstimestamp<createdate")
    * Added support for Nikon D40X plus a new LensID (thanks Robert Rottmerhusen)
    * Added a new Canon LensType (thanks Warren Stockton)
    * Removed D70Boring shortcut tag
    * Fixed problem decoding second Pentax K10D LensType value for some lenses 
    * Decode Nikon D200 multi-exposure tags
    * Decode Canon BlackLevel tag and added a few new CanonModelID's
    * Added support for new Olympus

Wed Apr 25 02:53:35 CEST 2007 -

- updated to version 6.76
    * Added a few new Pentax tags and fixed a LensType value
    * Added read support for DOC, XLS and PPT documents
    * Added Composite GPS tags to facilitate copying GPS between EXIF and XMP
    * Added patch for problems in Sanyo J1, J2, J4, S1, S3 and S4 maker notes
    * Added new Microsoft OffsetSchema tag (new, ill-conceived PhotoInfo tag)
    * Decode more Pentax tags and improved decoding for some K10D tags
    * Shortened tag name of HTML:MSSmartTagsPreventParsing to NoMSSmartTags
    * Fixed oversight to allow new IPTC and XMP records to be added to ORF images
    * Fixed problem extracting RIFF MakerNotes by tag name
    * Fixed problem copying GPSAltitude from EXIF to XMP 
    * Added support for chained SubIFD's in TIFF images
    * Updated GeoTiff support for new definitions in libgeotiff-1.2.3
    * Fixed problem when rewriting unknown records in Adobe DNGPrivateData
    * Fixed bug introduced in 6.47 that could prevent Photoshop EXIF CameraRAW tags 
      from being extracted properly 
    * Added read support for meta information in HTML and XHTML documents
    * Added ability to write certain EXIF tags (ie. UserComment) as Unicode
    * Added character set translation for XMP information; the -L option now 
      works for all common meta information formats! (see updated FAQ #10 for details)
    * Added a few more XMP-microsoft tags (thanks Kees Moerman)
    * Decode FirmwareRevision found in some Canon PowerShot models
    * Preserve date/time tags that exist in the wrong EXIF IFD when shifting times
    * Fixed bug which could result in an incorrect value for the Directory tag
    * Changed name of new MicrosoftPhoto Rating2 tag to RatingPercent
    * Decode a lot of new Pentax DSLR information (thanks Cvetan Ivanov)
    * Patched Microsoft Photo bugs in XMP formatting
    * Patched Microsoft Photo bug in EXIF Unicode text byte ordering
    * Added ability to add or delete copied tags from list (ie. "-SRCTAG+>DSTTAG")
    * Added a few more Canon EasyMode values (thanks Samson Tai)
    * Added CanonModelID values for new A450, A460 and A550
    * Changed the -if option so the condition automatically fails if the expression 
      generates a warning (use -v to show the warning)
    * Specified LF character (0x0a) for MIE text newline sequence
    * Catch warnings if perldoc doesn't exist when running with no arguments
    * Minor tweaks/fixes to htmldump output 
    * Translate coded characters in IPTC string values (UTF8 and Latin only) 
      and assume Latin encoding if no CodedCharacterSet (see FAQ #10 for details)
    * Enhanced IPTC:CodedCharacterSet print conversion so "ESC % G" is now 
      printed as "UTF8" (either may be used when writing)
    * Specified ISO 8859-1 character set for MIE ASCII string values
    * Added warnings for UTF-8 conversion errors
    * Decode maker notes in Pentax DNG images 
    * Decode information in NikonScanIFD
    * Enhanced -p option to allow expressions to be used
    * The -p option no longer suppresses error and warning messages
    * Made ImageSourceData writable
    * Reduced font size of htmldump output
    * Fixed "Argument isn't numeric" error when reading an image with a missing IFD offset 
    * Added mechanism to allow Composite tags to be writable
    * Recognize XMP sidecar files that begin with a UTF BOM (byte order mark)
    * Changed TIFF ImageSourceData tag to a Binary data type
    * Fixed problem which could cause warning when writing XMP in PNG images
    * Fixed bug when shifting times in an XMP sidecar file that caused an invalid date/time 
      to be written if the tag didn't previously exist
    * Fixed problem where writing to a JPEG image containing a PreviewImage could report 
      that the file was updated even if nothing was changed 
    * Added ability to write MakerNote information written by Adobe DNG Converter
    * Added ability to copy Adobe MakerNote and CRW information from DNG images
    * Added ability to read/write Adobe CRW and MRW information in DNG images
    * Added ability to read Adobe SR2 information in DNG images
    * Added ability to delete a specific MIE document in multi-document files
    * Improved handling of tags in multi-document MIE files
    * Improved verbose and htmlDump output for unknown JPEG trailers
    * Improved handling of ignored minor errors when writing MakerNotes
    * Decode Panasonic LensType tag
    * Changed description for Canon:OwnerName tag
    * Fixed parsing of XMP date/time values with no seconds 
    * Added a few more Pentax K10D PictureMode's (thanks Axel Kellner)
    * Added a few new Nikon LensID's and Olympus LensType's
    * Added Canon 1D PictureStyle's
    * Updated CanonModelID strings for a few new models
    * Changed tagID for MIE:GPSDifferential
    * Minor change to MIE specification for unknown data formats (MIE 1.1) 
    * Added ability to read/write MIE trailers in JPEG and TIFF images
    * Added a number of new MIE tags and changed some existing tags
    * Added support for units in MIE values
    * Added new Pentax K10D PictureMode's (thanks Axel Kellner)
    * Avoid creating non-native groups in MIE, PNG and EPS images unless necessary
    * Fixed problem with -P option so it now works when -o option is used
    * Fixed bug where 'all' was replaced with '*' in redirection expressions
    * Fixed "APP1 segment too large" error when copying all tags from some Canon CR2 images 
      to a JPEG (fixed initially in 6.08, but broken again in 6.47) 
    * Added Nikon ImageAuthentication tag (thanks Jeffrey Friedl)
    * Added Canon RecordMode and OpticalZoomCode and Composite DigitalZoom tag
    * Applied FocalUnits scaling to Canon ShortFocal, LongFocal and ScaledFocalLength tags
      and renamed ScaledFocalLength to FocalLength
    * Allow (but ignore) leading family number on tag group when writing
    * Fixed calculation of 35mm scaling factor when Canon digital zoom is applied
    * Fixed bug which could cause "'x' outside of string" error when reading 
      Nikon images with the -U option 
    * Changed the sense of the '-' modifier for the new '%c' format code 
    * Added '%c' format code to add copy number if output file exists
    * MakerNotes offsets are now permanently fixed when the makernotes 
      are copied using -tagsFromFile with the -F option
    * Fixed typo in MakerNoteSanyoC4 tag name of MakerNotes shortcut
    * Added -k option of stand-alone version to regular distribution
    * Fixed decoding of Canon 5D LongExposureNoiseReduction
    * Fixed problem writing AFCP where incorrect offset could be written
    * Fixed bug in -p option which caused it to abort if all tag names 
      were contained in braces (thanks Joel Becker)
    * Do not delete IFD1 when deleting all meta information from a TIFF image
    * Added a couple of new CanonImageSize values: "Postcard" and "Widescreen"
    * Improved handling of invalid date values
    * Fixed "divide by zero" warning if FocalPlaneXYResolution is "inf"
    * Fixed incorrect "unknown trailer" verbose message when writing JPEG images
    * Added missing print conversion for RIFF DateTimeOriginal
    * Lowered priority of ID3v1 tags so ID3v2 takes precedence if both exist
    * Minor change to names of some Vorbis and APE tags
    * Made Ogg file type all capitals
    * Patched problem which could cause ExifTool to die if input file is corrupt
    * Fixed GPSDOP description (GPS Dilution of Precision, thanks Greg Troxel)
    * Fixed problem which could generate a run-time error when attempting to write 
      to a corrupted JPEG image
    * API Changes:
          o GetFileType() may now also be used to return a file description 
          o Added MissingTagValue option 
          o Added GetDeleteGroups() routine 
    * Missing tags in -p and redirection expressions are now set to an empty string ('') 
      by default, or a dash ('-') if the -f option is used
    * Added ability to use %f,%d,%e tokens in "-TAG<=FILE" argument
    * Set missing tags to '' instead of '-' in redirected expressions if -m used
    * Changed name of LV tag to LightValue
    * Improved decoding of Sony DSLR-A100 maker notes
    * Attempted to clarify date/time shift documentation in
    * Fixed bug which could result in CanonVRD information not being recognized
    * Fixed bug in new SetResourceName feature of user-defined Photoshop tags
    * Added read support for a number of audio file formats: Ogg Vorbis, Ogg FLAC, 
      FLAC, APE (Monkey's Audio) and MPC (Musepack)
    * Improved parsing of ID3 v2.3 and v2.4 information
    * Added a number of new Pentax *istD tags (thanks Douglas O'Brien)
    * Added ability to print processed file names when writing (-v0 option)
    * Patched problem with makernotes offsets in Sanyo C4 images
    * Fixed problem that prevented some Olympus RAW files from being written
    * Fixed bug where XMP values could be improperly converted as a rational 
    * Added read/write support for Canon VRD (Recipe Data) files and trailers
    * Changed name of CanonDPP module and group to CanonVRD 
    * Added write support for ORF (Olympus RAW) images
    * Added Panasonic TravelDay tag (thanks Marcel Coenen)
    * Show Photoshop resource block names in verbose output, and preserve these 
      names when copying tags from file
    * Changed write format of Nikon WhiteBalanceFineTune from int16u to int16s 
      (thanks Giridhar Appaji Nag)
    * Allow Flags to be used in UserDefined tags
    * Added trailer signature to MIE format specification
    * Fixed problem with the -list and -listw options (dynamically loaded tags weren't appearing in the list) 
    * Added read/write support for trailers in CRW images
    * Dropped historic support for obsolete -group# option 
    * Improved handling of trailers in JPEG and TIFF-format images:
          o Added read/write support for PhotoMechanic and FotoStation trailers
          o Recognize and handle Canon DPP trailers
          o Added AFCP trailer read/write support for TIFF (previously JPEG only)
          o Added ability to read/write multiple trailers in the same image
          o Trailers are now deleted when deleting all tags
          o Added ability to delete trailers individually by group or altogether with "-Trailer:all=" 
    * Changed reading/writing XMP in PNG images to conform with XMP specification 
      (but continue to support the XMP profile format used previously)
    * Avoid writing duplicate XMP tags in less common namespaces
    * More consistent handling of unknown IPTC tags
    * Added -listd option to list deletable groups
    * IPTC time-only tags may now be set from date/time values (this already worked for date-only tags)
    * Fixed problem rewriting international text (iTXt) chunks in PNG images
    * Changed name of new "-eval" option to "-if"
    * Added read support for PhotoStudio Unicode comment (thanks Dec Anisimov)
    * Recognize the "PHUT" Photoshop IRB resource type (thanks Dec Anisimov)
    * Extract PhotoshopBGRThumbnail image from Photoshop information
    * Write PNG compressed text for new tags when -z option is used
    * Added ability to write PNG:ModifyDate
    * Changed TagName documentation to show actual format written instead of 
      format used to interpret the data (which differs only for a few odd tags)
    * Fixed bug in PNG writer which could cause duplicate tags to be written
    * Fixed logic bug when writing XMP using += or -= 
    * Added -eval option for conditional batch processing [changed to -if in 6.50]
    * Allow .ExifTool_config file to be placed in application directory
    * Decode copyright information from JPEG APP12 "Ducky" segment
    * Decode Casio FirmwareDate
    * Added IFD0 ProcessingSoftware tag (0x000b, written by ACD Systems)
    * Added print conversion for InteropIndex
    * Write InteropVersion automatically when creating a new InteropIFD
    * Made RelatedImageFileFormat writable
    * Protect all InteropIFD tags from being copied by default with -TagsFromFile
    * Renamed XMP ExifImageHeight to ExifImageLength (to correspond with EXIF tag) 
    * Decode Minolta 7D FlashExposureComp (thanks Jeffery Small)
    * Decode InternalSerialNumber from newer FujiFilm models
    * Improved decoding of new Pentax PictureMode tag (thanks Doug O'Brien)
    * Updated CustomFunctions in Canon CRW images and recognize CIFF extension
    * Changed "AdobeRGB" to "Adobe RGB" in all ColorSpace values for consistency
    * Fixed bug in recent update to extract large preview from Epson JPEG images
    * Various documentation improvements and updates 

Mon Oct 23 13:14:12 CEST 2006 -

- updated to version 6.49
  * Added -eval option for conditional batch processing
  * Allow .ExifTool_config file to be placed in application directory
  * Decode copyright information from JPEG APP12 "Ducky" segment
  * Decode Casio FirmwareDate
  * Added IFD0 ProcessingSoftware tag (0x000b, written by ACD Systems)
  * Added print conversion for InteropIndex
  * Write InteropVersion automatically when creating a new InteropIFD
  * Made RelatedImageFileFormat writable
  * Protect all InteropIFD tags from being copied by default with -TagsFromFile
  * Renamed XMP ExifImageHeight to ExifImageLength (to correspond with EXIF tag)
  * Decode Minolta 7D FlashExposureComp (thanks Jeffery Small)
  * Decode InternalSerialNumber from newer FujiFilm models
  * Improved decoding of new Pentax PictureMode tag (thanks Doug O'Brien)
  * Updated CustomFunctions in Canon CRW images and recognize CIFF extension
  * Added a couple new Pentax LensType's (thanks Barney Garrett)
  * Changed "AdobeRGB" to "Adobe RGB" in all ColorSpace values for consistency
  * Fixed bug in recent update to extract large preview from Epson JPEG images
  * Decode JPEG APP6 "EPPIM" segment used in Toshiba images
  * Process PICT images to extract JPEG preview when -u option is used
  * Added OtherImage composite tag
  * Added PentaxModelID for K110D and a new K110D PictureMode tag
  * Fixed problem extracting CoverArt from some MP4 audio files
  * Fixed problem decoding Canon BulbDuration (affects Composite ShutterSpeed)
  * Fixed problem reading/writing large Epson preview image in R-D1 JPEG images 
    and allow large (>64kB) preview images for all make/models 
  * The "-ext" option now overrides internal file selection rules
  * Enhanced warnings when copying information to a specific tag
  * Changed family 0 group name: GPS->EXIF
  * Changed family 1 group names: APP12->PictureInfo,GraphicConverter->GraphConv
  * Added a couple of new Pentax LensType's
  * Fixed bug when re-writing NEF files which caused new preview image 
    written by Nikon Capture 4.4.0 to be lost
  * Fixed bug which could cause problems if a user-defined composite tag 
    is created with the same name as an existing tag 

Tue Oct 10 23:41:16 CEST 2006 -

- updated to version 6.45
  * aded Canon NumAFPoints tag
  * added support for Canon 400D custom functions
  * added a few more Canon, Sony, Minolta LensType's
  * added shortcut MakerNotes tag to represent the maker notes tags
  * improved MPEG decoding and calculate approx. Duration based on 
    avg. bitrate
  * added a few new CanonModelID's (PowerShot G7, SD900, SD800IS, SD40)
    and PentaxModelID's (K10D, A20, M20, W20)
  * fixed calculation of Canon ISO in some images and renamed ShotISO 
    to BaseISO
  * recognize ARW extension of Sony Alpha-100 RAW images
  * added read support for M4A audio files
  * decode Ricoh APP5 RMETA information
  * decode AVI Audio/Video stream headers
  * recognize and preserve PhotoMechanic trailer when editing TIFF-based 
  * added ability to delete JFIF, CIFF, Meta and FlashPix groups
  * added a number of new Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony and Minolta tags
  * added description for GPSDOP tag (GPS Degree Of Precision)
  * added ability to create JFIF segment
  * decode information in JPEG APP8 "SPIFF", APP12 "Ducky", and APP15 
    GraphicConverter segments
  * decode maker notes in FujiFilm AVI videos
  * changed EV tag name to LV since this is technically more correct
  * user-defined Composite tags now override composite tags of the same name

Mon Sep  4 14:24:21 CEST 2006 -

- updated to version 6.34
  * decode a number of new values for FujiFilm PictureMode
  * properly parse AVI DateTimeOriginal when month name is all capitals
  * improved compatibility when running "exiftool" with no arguments
  * added support for Nikon D80 lens information
  * improvements to Pentax maker note
  * fixed problem when extracting from image in memory when the UTF-8 flag is set for the image data
  * decode a new value of "Auto High" for Canon CameraISO
  * added new Canon AutoISO tag, renamed Canon:ISO tag to ShotISO, and added a new composite ISO tag to give the ISO that was actually used
  * decode CanonModelID's for 400D, etc
  * decode PentaxModelID for Optio S7
  * XMP Changes:
    * added support for rdf:nodeID attribute in XMP information
    * changed XMP file MIME type from application/xmp to application/rdf+xml to correspond with XMP specification
    * write 'rdf:about' instead of 'about' (unqualified use now deprecated)
    * don't write blank-line padding (as per XMP spec) for .XMP files
    * fixed problem extracting XMP information from some EPS files
    * fixed typos in some (not commonly used) XMP namespace URI's
  * fixed FocalLength conversion for some Pentax-built BenQ and Samsung models
  * added Composite:EV and Canon:MeasuredEV tags

Thu Aug 17 17:22:28 CEST 2006 -

- updated to version 6.30
  * added XMP-xmpMM:PreservedFileName tag (used by Photoshop CS)
  * fixed problem reading TIFF images which don't start at the 
    beginning of the file
  * added ability to read/write APP0 CIFF segment (Canon PowerShot A5, Pro 70)
  * improved decoding of Canon 30D FileNumber (was ShutterCount)
  * made EXIF tags ImageNumber and ImageHistory writable
  * fixed decoding of TargetExposureTime for Canon 20D/250D and 
    ExposureTime for Kiss Digital N
  * fixed problem processing GIF images which don't contain a color table

Wed Jul 19 23:10:31 CEST 2006 -

- updated to version 6.28
  * made FileName and Directory writable 
  * added a new Nikon, Pentax, Sigma, Canon lens
  * allow 2 values to be written for EXIF TimeZoneOffset
  * make EXIF SecurityClassification writable
  * added read support for MPEG, RA, RM, RV, RMVB, RAM, RPM, SWF, FPX,
    FPXR, WDP files
  * decode audio information in MP3 files
  * added AllDates shortcut tag to allow DateTimeOriginal, CreateDate 
    and ModifyDate to all be written via a single tag
  * use "0000:00:00 00:00:00" instead of "1970:01:01 00:00:00"
  * added "Actual Offset" entry to HtmlDump tooltip information

Sun Mar 26 16:29:56 CEST 2006 -

- updated to version 6.08
  * added a new Canon, Olympus LensType
  * write support for PSD, EPS, ERF and PS images
  * added ability to extract original raw image from DNG
  * fixed problem with EXIF format of some tags when writing 
  * added support for Canon 5D, 1DmkII and 350D, Sony SR2, 
    Kyocera Contax N Digital
  * a lot of fixes and a number of new tags

Wed Jan 25 21:35:47 CET 2006 -

- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires

Fri Jan  6 15:38:47 CET 2006 -

- updated to version 5.89

Wed Nov 23 15:38:50 CET 2005 -

- updated to version 5.80

Thu Nov 17 23:50:53 CET 2005 -

- updated to version 5.75 

Mon Oct 24 03:10:10 CEST 2005 -

- initial package version 5.70