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@@ -56,7 +56,8 @@ $(DOCXXIMAGES)
 MANPAGES = festival.head festival.tail \
-           festival_client.head festival_client.tail
+           festival_client.head festival_client.tail \
+	   text2wave.head text2wave.options text2wave.tail
 #SGMLFILES = festival.sgml \
 #	introductory.sgml basics.sgml core.sgml advanced.sgml programming.sgml
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 FILES=Makefile $(MANPAGES) festival.texi $(SGMLFILES) refcard.tex  $(DOCXXFILES)
 LOCAL_CLEAN = *.aux *.cp *.fn *.ky *.log *.pg *.toc *.tp *.vr
-ALL = festival.1 festival_client.1
+ALL = festival.1 festival_client.1 text2wave.1
 include $(TOP)/config/common_make_rules
 include $(EST)/config/rules/doc.mak
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+.TH  TEXT2WAVE 1 "6th Apr 1998"
+text2wave \- convert text to .wav files
+.B text2wave
+.I [options]
+.I text
+.I sound.wav
+This script is part of the festival text-to-speech system.
+It is a wrapper for festival's Scheme code for easy usage in TTS
--- festival/doc/text2wave.options
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@@ -0,0 +1,47 @@
+.\"  -mode <string>  Explicit tts mode.
+.\"  -o ofile        File to save waveform (default is stdout).
+.\"  -otype <string> Output waveform type: ulaw, snd, aiff, riff, nist etc.
+.\"                  (default is riff)
+.\"  -F <int>        Output frequency.
+.\"  -scale <float>  Volume factor
+.\"  -eval <string>  File or lisp s-expression to be evaluated before
+.\"                  synthesis.
+.B \-mode
+.I string
+Explicit tts mode.
+.B \-o
+.I ofile
+File to save waveform to.
+The default is
+.B stdout.
+.B \-otype
+.I string
+Output waveform type: ulaw, snd, aiff, riff, nist etc.
+The default is
+.B riff.
+.B \-f
+.I integer
+Output frequency.
+.B \-scale
+.I float
+Volume factor.
+.B \-eval
+.I "string"
+File or lisp s-expression to be evaluated before synthesis.
--- festival/doc/text2wave.tail
+++ festival/doc/text2wave.tail
@@ -0,0 +1,26 @@
+More than you can imagine.  
+A manual with much detail (though not complete) is available
+in distributed as part of the system and is also accessible at
+Although we cannot guarantee the time required to fix bugs, we
+would appreciated it if they were reported to
+Alan W Black, Richard Caley and Paul Taylor
+(C) Centre for Speech Technology Research, 1996-1998
+University of Edinburgh
+80 South Bridge
+Edinburgh EH1 1HN
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