File README.First-for.SuSE.packagers of Package gcc41

IMPORTANT: Please change and then run ./!
Do not change gcc.spec directly!

Since GCC comes with a testsuite that runs for quite a long time and
that test suite also contains some known failures, we should run the
testsuite of GCC whenever the compiler is changed to ensure a high
quality compiler.

Before checking in a new compiler, please do the following steps as QA
measure to check that the new compiler does not introduce any new

- touch RUN_TESTS in the GCC dir

- run mbuild for all archs

- when mbuild is finished, call
  /work/users/aj/gcc-results/ mbuild-directory
  the output of that script should not show any failures.  If it does,
  please fix them or discuss this with Andreas Schwab and myself.

- before checking in the compiler remove the file RUN_TESTS.

- Do not remove this file.

Andreas Jaeger
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