File gnome-shell.changes of Package gnome-shell

Fri Feb 18 02:49:38 CET 2011 -

- Add gnome-shell-handle-broken-glxinfo.patch to not crash if
  glxinfo doesn't work. Fix bnc#672953.

Tue Feb 15 17:35:14 CET 2011 -

- Added support for translation-update-upstream.

Tue Feb 15 09:59:51 CET 2011 -

- Fix build: BUILD_AGAINST_GNOME3 is not necessarily defined, so

Sun Feb 13 16:16:33 CET 2011 -

- Call relevant macros in %post/%postun:
  + %desktop_database_post/postun because the package ships at
    least one desktop file.
- Pass %{?no_lang_C} to %find_lang so that english documentation
  can be packaged with the program, and not in the lang subpackage.
- Change python-gnome Requires to python-gconf and python-gobject
  Requires: that should be enough.

Wed Feb  9 10:12:27 UTC 2011 -

- Add explicit Requires on dbus-1-python, gjs,
  gdk-pixbuf-loader-rsvg, gnome-icon-theme-symbolic.

Mon Feb  7 11:13:30 UTC 2011 -

- Drop gnome-shell-old-gsd.patch, obsoleted by new patch.
- Add gnome-shell-integrate_114.patch: contains the feature from
  gnome-shell-old-gsd.patch plus any other modification required to
  properly integrate on openSUSE 11.4. Current fixes are:
  + Work with old gsd
  + Launch yast2 timezone from the dateMenu
  + launch gnomecc instead of gnome-control-ceter (systemMenu)
  + launch gnome-about-me for 'My Accounts' (systemMenu)
  + Remove keyboard indicator applet.
  + Disable accessibility features that do not function (better not
    show than not work).

Thu Feb  3 14:18:45 CET 2011 -

- Update to version 2.91.6:
  + Implement new calendar design with Evolution Data Server
    integration to show calendar appointments
  + Add DBus-activatable shell-themed dialogs for logout and
  + Add buttons to search via Google or Wikipedia to the search
    results in the overview. OpenSearch XML files can be used to
    extend the options.
  + Add a keyboard layout selector to the system status area that
    shows up when a keyboard with multiple layouts is configured
  + Switch the default font for the shell UI to Cantarell
  + Accessibility (exposing UI via ATK to assistive technologies)
    - Initialize accessibility
    - Add accessibility support for StWidget and StLabel
  + Improve shadow support in St
    - Allow border images and gradients to be combined
    - Split st-shadow into box-shadow/st-background-image-shadow
      and icon-shadow
    - Clip background and any shadow of the background to the border
  + Use Clutter effects and GL shaders to properly implement faded
    edges for StScrollView
  + Work around problems with keyboard input when IBus is in use
  + Centralize application launching and display errors in the
    message tray
  + Add a generic modal dialog base class used for run dialog and
    for new system dialogs
  + Require shell extensions to declare the versions they are
    compatible with
  + Fix ShellRecorder to work again and switch the default format
    to webm
  + Fix drawing of "bubbles" when pointing to items near a corner
  + Add Main.get/setThemeStylesheet for extensions to modify
  + UI tweaks
    - Add a timeout when mousing over the application switcher
    - Improve "swipe scrolling in the overview" by allowing swiping
      anywhere on the background and extending it the the
      app/search views as well as the workspace view
    - Make it easier to activate a window by hovering during
      inter-app drag-and-drop
  + Visual tweaks
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#600771, bgo#601393, bgo#612599, bgo#620391,
    bgo#621659, bgo#623708, bgo#626658, bgo#629557, bgo#632109,
    bgo#632595, bgo#634226, bgo#635034, bgo#635089, bgo#636650,
    bgo#636717, bgo#636976, bgo#637187, bgo#638071, bgo#638896,
    bgo#639236, bgo#639255, bgo#639460, bgo#639461, bgo#639474,
    bgo#639689, bgo#639704, bgo#639853, bgo#639914, bgo#639959,
    bgo#639979, bgo#640085, bgo#640206, bgo#640415, bgo#640447,
    bgo#640464, bgo#640493, bgo#640494, bgo#640508, bgo#640560,
    bgo#640688, bgo#641049, bgo#641067.
- Add pkgconfig(libedataserver-1.2) BuildRequires.

Fri Jan 14 15:25:47 CET 2011 -

- Update to version 2.91.5:
  + When dragging from an application, allow switching to a
    different application by entering the Activities Overview and
    then hovering over the target application
  + Prioritize chat messages when displaying notifications
  + Don't time out critical notifications
  + Bluetooth indicator fixes:
    - Hide the indicator if no devices present, and fix keynav
      for hidden indicators
    - Move the "Send To" item to the bottom
    - Misc bug fixes
  + Shell Toolkit:
    - Add st_box_layout_insert_before
  + Add another secret run dialog command ('rt') to reload just the
  + Fix a bug that was causing the hot corner to not work after
    unlocking the screen saver.
  + Make Alt-F1 leave the overview as well as enter it
  + Further fixes to LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting
  + Pick up clock settings from system preferences
  + Build fixes, work with GTK+-2.99
  + Code cleanups
  + Visual and behavior tweaks
  + Misc bug fixes
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#601731, bgo#604336, bgo#630934, bgo#630942,
    bgo#632151, bgo#633200, bgo#635695, bgo#636371, bgo#636971,
    bgo#637104, bgo#637681, bgo#637690, bgo#637803, bgo#637810,
    bgo#637829, bgo#637830, bgo#638158, bgo#638306, bgo#638315,
    bgo#638453, bgo#638728, bgo#638815, bgo#638990, bgo#639213.
  + Updated translations.
- Drop gnome-shell-CVE-2010-4000.patch: fixed upstream.
- Add Url tag.
- Define a BUILD_AGAINST_GNOME3 macro, to help for the build: some
  things need to be changed when we don't build against a real
  GNOME 3 desktop, but only as a preview.
- Add gnome-shell-old-gsd.patch that we apply when we build
  gnome-shell as a preview only: this disables the "Large text"
  item in the accessibility status menu, that requires
  gnome-settings-daemon 3.
- Add gnome-settings-daemon Requires when we build against GNOME 3.
- Add gsettings-desktop-schemas Requires.

Fri Jan  7 20:46:09 CET 2011 -

- Update to version 2.91.4:
  + Add Bluetooth system status indicator
  + Implement inline expandable submenus
  + Add category filters to application browser
  + Add resident and transient notifications to message tray:
    - transient: temporary message that doesn't migrate to summary
    - area resident: stays around as long as application is running
  + Implement keynav to the panel and message tray with
  + Implement different border widths for different sides in
    Shell Toolkit CSS handling
  + Rework magnifier code to avoid overhead when not magnifying
  + Improve algorithm for proportional tracking in magnifier
  + Update for GTK+ 3 changes
  + Fix workspaces switching and menus for RTL
  + Use symbolic icons for system notifications
  + Don't animate windows on other workspaces when going to the
  + Don't do slide-out animation when scrubbing between menus
  + Fix blinking when updating status icons
  + Tweaks and fixes for visual bugs
  + String translation marking fixes
  + Code cleanups
  + Build fixes
  + Miscellaneous bug fixes
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#595379, bgo#618312, bgo#618885, bgo#622451,
    bgo#623706, bgo#624900, bgo#624935, bgo#626132, bgo#629950,
    bgo#629984, bgo#631004, bgo#633412, bgo#633476, bgo#633553,
    bgo#633582, bgo#633719, bgo#634550, bgo#634560, bgo#634691,
    bgo#634755, bgo#634814, bgo#635393, bgo#635647, bgo#635728,
    bgo#635880, bgo#635991, bgo#636137, bgo#636151, bgo#636155,
    bgo#636317, bgo#636330, bgo#636489, bgo#636975, bgo#636982,
    bgo#636983, bgo#637353, bgo#637477, bgo#637559.
  + Updated translations.
- Changes from version 2.91.3:
  + New layout for overview
    - The complex dash is replaced with a narrower line of icons,
      giving more space for the windows
    - A set of "tabs" is added at the top of the overview for
      selecting between Windows/Applications (and eventually files)
    - Grid vs. linear workspace view distinction is gone
    - Desktop background stays fixed rather than zooming
    - Enhanced feedback is added while dragging and dropping
  + Native power and battery status icon and drop-down
  + Optimization:
    - Report paint volumes to take advantage of partial stage
      repaints in Clutter 1.5
    - Skip drawing transparent backgrounds and borders
    - Use new smart background drawing functionality in Mutter
    - Don't clear the stage since we paint over all of it
    - Use a more efficient way of tracking actor under the drag
      icon during DND
  + Make links in message tray messages clickable
  + Add timestamps to expanded chat
  + StIcon
    - Import MxIcon
    - Make colorize symbolic icons and follow icon theme changes
    - Add ability to load GIcon
    - Add drop shadow support
  + Use StLabel for StTooltip to support full CSS styling
  + Visual and UI tweaks
    - invisible status is removed from the user menu as raising
      various problematical IM interactions
    - Restart option is removed from the user menu as less
      generally useful and not worth the clutter
    - Make the volume dropdown much simpler
  + Use the raw WM_CLASS value rather than the window title for
    applications that aren't properly associated with a desktop
  + Fix interaction of accessibility menu with GSettings keys
  + Fix annoying misbehavior with window snapback during DND in the
    linear workspace view
  + Correct copyright and license notices for St
  + When creating an extension, print where we created it
  + Fix memory management crashers
  + Build fixes
  + Misc bug fixes
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#610219, bgo#613448, bgo#622450, bgo#622451,
    bgo#624361, bgo#624584, bgo#630752, bgo#630932, bgo#632824,
    bgo#633036, bgo#633595, bgo#633657, bgo#633853, bgo#633865,
    bgo#633866, bgo#634225, bgo#634329, bgo#634451, bgo#634550,
    bgo#634552, bgo#634555, bgo#634693, bgo#634736, bgo#634752,
    bgo#634767, bgo#634769, bgo#634781, bgo#634836, bgo#634865,
    bgo#634948, bgo#635141, bgo#635199, bgo#635264, bgo#635272,
    bgo#635278, bgo#635288, bgo#635367, bgo#635471, bgo#635608,
  + Updated translations.
- Drop gnome-shell-fix-include.patch,
  gnome-shell-gtk3-2.91.6.patch: both are fixed upstream.

Wed Jan  5 11:01:48 CET 2011 -

- Add gnome-shell-CVE-2010-4000.patch to really safely set
  LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Fix bnc#642827 and CVE-2010-4000.

Wed Dec 15 13:16:11 CET 2010 -

- Add gnome-shell-fix-include.patch to fix the build after a change
  in gnome-desktop; taken from git.
- Add gnome-shell-gtk3-2.91.6.patch to fix build with gtk3 2.91.6;
  taken from git.

Thu Nov 18 10:35:51 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 2.91.2:
  + Use GNOME 3 WM theme by default
  + Add general keyboard focus support to the Shell Toolkit
  + Support new notification spec 'action-icons' to turn on icon
  + Pay attention to the distance the mouse has moved from the
    message tray when deciding how quickly to hide the tray
  + Change magnifier defaults to be full screen
  + Fix creating many one-shot Clutter materials and compiling many
    shader programs per frame
  + Visual tweaks
  + Bug fixes, including: bgo#593844, bgo#621671, bgo#621880,
    bgo#625545, bgo#629884, bgo#630546, bgo#630767, bgo#633340,
    bgo#633418, bgo#633490, bgo#633591, bgo#633668, bgo#633853,
  + Build fixes
  + Updated translations.

Thu Oct 28 16:43:17 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 2.91.1:
  + Add native volume-control status icon:
    - Import gnome-volume-control pulse-audio wrapper code
    - Add mousewheel support
  + Message tray:
    - Fix wobbling during mouse-over animation
    - Don't show the tray when a status is added then immediately
    - Advertise a 'persistence' notification server capability to
      allow applications to act different if their notifications
      won't be lost
    - Use a "box pointer" when displaying notifications
    - Bug fixes
  + Shell Toolkit:
    - Simplify the API for custom style properties
    - Support different border radii for different corners
  + Update cut-and-paste GDM user manager code to newer version
    that talks to the account service
  + Find desktop files in /usr/local/share/applications
  + Visual improvements to menus to match mockups
  + Add animation when showing menus and status notifications
  + Fix problem where StDrawingArea was constantly redrawing
  + Only show starting applications on the current workspace
  + Misc bug fixes
  + Build fixes
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#582653, bgo#583348, bgo#591406, bgo#593887,
    bgo#598347, bgo#603838, bgo#603992, bgo#611647, bgo#614879,
    bgo#617917, bgo#620389, bgo#623688, bgo#628169, bgo#629455,
    bgo#630546, bgo#630866, bgo#630939, bgo#631042, bgo#631193,
    bgo#631510, bgo#631566, bgo#631722, bgo#631888, bgo#632147,
    bgo#632151, bgo#632197, bgo#632477, bgo#632500, bgo#632733,
    bgo#632743, bgo#632868.
  + Updated translations.
- Add pkgconfig(libcanberra), pkgconfig(libpulse-mainloop-glib)

Tue Oct  5 10:01:50 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 2.91.0:
  + Move application tray icons from the system status area to the
    message tray
  + Turn on the new Mutter feature for attaching modal dialogs to
    their parents, and add visual effects of sliding in and dimming
    the parent window
  + Turn on the new Mutter feature for side-by-side tiling
  + System status area:
    - Add Universal Access status indicator
    - Implement an API for in-process system status indicators
    - Allow dynamically adding and removing menus from
    - Add toggle-switch menu items
    - Add horizontal sliders for PopupMenus
    - Add support for sub-menus
    - Use symbolic icons when available
  + Shell Toolkit
    - Add :first-child, :last-child pseudo-class support
    - Add basic suport for background-position CSS property
    - Add text-shadow CSS property and implement for St.Label
    - Make padding work for St.Scrollbar
    - Support symbolic icons for St.TextureCache.load_icon_name()
  + Message tray
    - Focus notifications when clicking on them to display
      notification, or hovering over them to expand them
    - Make Esc hide the tray when a notification has focus
    - Make the whole notification clickable
    - For expanded notifications, line-wrap long titles rather than
    - Visual improvements
    - Auto-expand urgent notifications
    - Bug and behavior fixes
  + Change cursor during drag-and-drop of items to reflect state
  + Looking Glass
    - Enable scroll-wheel to pick parent/child actors
    - Close inspector on escape
  + Remove Alt+W/A/S/D hack for navigation in alt-Tab -
    was just a Xephyr bug workaround
  + Fixes for GTK+-3 changes
  + Adapt introspection build and annotations for g-ir-scanner
  + Add Dash.addSearchProvider(provider) so extensions can register
    search providers
  + Port magnifier to GSettings
  + Support compiling and running with XulRunner 2.0
  + Optimizations for theme transitions
  + Switch to building against Clutter 1.4
  + Build fixes
  + Cleanups
  + Misc bug fixes
  + Updated translations.
- Drop gnome-shell-fix-recent-gtk3.patch,
  gnome-shell-secure-LD_LIBRARY_PATH.patch: fixed upstream.

Thu Sep 30 15:28:18 CEST 2010 -

- Add gnome-shell-secure-LD_LIBRARY_PATH.patch to make sure to not
  add empty elements to LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Fix bnc#642827.

Mon Sep 20 13:01:39 CEST 2010 -

- Add gnome-shell-fix-recent-clutter.patch: gnome-shell failed to
  run because it was using some API gone in clutter 1.3.14.

Sat Sep 18 13:30:33 CEST 2010 -

- Drop gir-repository BuildRequires: this was only needed for the
  DBusGLib gir, which is now part of gobject-introspection.
- Update gnome-shell-fix-recent-gtk3.patch to fix build with GTK+

Thu Sep  9 23:24:35 CEST 2010 -

- Add gnome-shell-fix-recent-gtk3.patch to fix build with recent
  GTK+ 3.
- Drop gnome-shell-libmozjs.patch: it was needed for 11.1 only, and
  the package won't work there anyway. Also remove the workaround
  for the 11.1 build.
- Change old-style BuildRequires to pkgconfig() style
  + old-style: clutter-devel, dbus-1-glib-devel, gconf2-devel,
    gnome-menus-devel, gstreamer-0_10-devel,
    gstreamer-0_10-plugins-base-devel, libgjs-devel, mutter-devel,
  + new-style: clutter-1.0, dbus-glib-1, gconf-2.0, gio-2.0,
    gjs-1.0, gobject-introspection-1.0, gstreamer-0.10,
    gstreamer-base-0.10, libgnome-menu,
    libstartup-notification-1.0, mutter-plugins, xfixes.
- Change lang Requires to Recommends.
- Do not call autoreconf: it's not needed.
- Pass --disable-schemas-install to configure.
- Remove unneeded librsvg-devel BuildRequires.

Thu Jul 15 08:46:45 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 2.31.5:
  + Build against and depend on GTK+-3.0
  + If a notification ID has a name matching a themed icon, use the
    icon for that button when displaying the notification
  + Work around problems with typedef GdkRectangle
  + Visual tweak: don't bounce the startup notification back and
  + Build fixes
  + Bugs fixed:
    - bgo#623494: [TelepathyClient] Missing presence notifications
    - Other bugs: bgo#621014, bgo#621845, bgo#623353, bgo#623640,
      bgo#623687, bgo#623889
- Replace gtk2-devel BuildRequires with pkgconfig(gtk+-3.0) and
  gnome-desktop-devel with pkgconfig(gnome-desktop-3.0).
- Add pkgconfig(libcroco-0.6) BuildRequires.
- Add gconf2_gsettings_* macros to post, postun and preamble. Note
  that there are still some gconf schemas, so we don't remove
  anything from the gconf schema handling.

Sat Jun 26 18:23:09 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 2.31.4:
  + UI changes and additions:
    - Expand notification icons on hover to show title
    - Display an animation on the app menu title for startup
    - Add a right-click option on the clock to get to the
      preference dialog
    - Add sections to the application browser in the overview
    - Add week-number support to calendar
    - Hide application menu in overview
  + Visual improvements:
    - Fade in the alt-Tab popups, use consistent fade-in timings
    - Use the same code and visuals for all menu popups
    - Use newly implemented CSS style transitions to animate hover
    - Use status icons from the icon theme
    - Misc tweaks
  + Switch from GConf to GSettings:
    - Use the dconf backend
    - Followup fixes
  + Stop Ubuntu indicators on startup (this causes proper fallback
    to the system tray specification)
  + Right-to-left locale fixes
  + Multihead fixes
  + St [Shell Toolkit] improvements:
    - Add 'transition-duration' property for animated style changes
    - Implement CSS 'outline' property
    - Implement CSS 'text-align' property
    - Add st_describe_actor() and use it for Actor.toString in JS
    - Add st_texture_cache_load_sliced_image
    - Add st_set_slow_down_factor() to replace
  + Replace the frame count in perf stats with an accurate frame
  + Add 'x' format specifier and field width to our String.format()
  + Code cleanups
  + Build fixes
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#597481, bgo#598349, bgo#600276, bgo#602466,
    bgo#603532, bgo#610868, bgo#611095, bgo#611269, bgo#612635,
    bgo#613286, bgo#613907, bgo#614131, bgo#617281, bgo#617917,
    bgo#618055, bgo#618873, bgo#619025, bgo#619083, bgo#619203,
    bgo#619236, bgo#619240, bgo#619515, bgo#619516, bgo#619521,
    bgo#619541, bgo#619693, bgo#619854, bgo#620125, bgo#620374,
    bgo#620377, bgo#620378, bgo#620381, bgo#620404, bgo#620504,
    bgo#620525, bgo#620775, bgo#620782, bgo#620783, bgo#620855,
    bgo#620899, bgo#620940, bgo#620997, bgo#621083, bgo#621123,
    bgo#621140, bgo#621197, bgo#621247, bgo#621382, bgo#621385,
    bgo#621582, bgo#621668, bgo#621669, bgo#622050, bgo#622236,
    bgo#622243, bgo#622249, bgo#622308, bgo#622395, bgo#622447,
    bgo#622458, bgo#622508
- Use %{?_smp_mflags} for parallel build.

Thu May 27 13:21:38 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 2.31.2:
  + Add a magnifier to the shell
  + Make the clock configurable via GConf and add a simple
    preferences dialog (gnome-shell-clock-preferences)
  + Message tray:
    - Support inline chatting in IM notifications; IM notifications
      now use Telepathy, rather than the generic notification
    - Display urgent notifications first and fully expanded
    - Pop out last notification when mousing over summary area
    - Don't time out the tray if the user is mousing towards it
  + Shell performance framework:
    - Add a performance event log that tracks events (such as frame
      paints), and statistics such as malloc'ed memory.
    - Javascript "performance scripts" drive the shell and then
      extract "metrics" such as the frame rate when zooming to the
    - Recorded performance data can be uploaded to
  + Add an initial application menu in the top panel; currently
    just has a Quit option.
  + User interface enhancements:
    - Allow using the middle mouse button to open an instance of an
      application on a new workspace
    - Restyle user status menu to match application menu, rather
      than being an out-of-place GTK+ menu
    - Add keyboard navigation of menus
    - Raise all windows for an application when alt-Tabbing to it
      or clicking on it in the app well
    - Restore click-and-hold menus for app-well icons
    - Fade in windows on map rather than scaling them in
    - Remove icon and menu from window titlebar
    - In linear view, activate the drop-target workspace
    - When dragging on linear workspace view, detect when the user
      *didn't*  mean to "throw" to the next workspace
    - Always hide the info (e.g. undo) bar after a short timeout
    - Provide the feedback in the info bar when it is not possible
      to create new workspace or remove the current workspace
    - Visual tweaks
  + Run dialog:
    - Don't add duplicates to the history
    - Accept Enter (keypad) key in addition to Return.
  + Remove the sidebar; it's not the direction we want to go for
    "gizmos", and the unfinished version was showing up in too many
  + Shell Toolkit:
    - Add methods to add/remove individual names from style class
    - Add hover tracking to StWidget
    - Refactor drawing from StWidget to StThemeNode
    - Add support for "spread radius" to shadows
    - Shadow all background/border elements, not just the
      background image
    - Add a StContainer base class with common container
    - Add a StGroup container to mix fixed positioning with CSS
  + Looking Glass:
    - Add window list
    - Replace properties tab with a properties popup
  + GTK+ 3 compat: Build properly against GTK+ with -DGSEAL_ENABLE
  + Call JS_MaybeGC at idle, hopefully reducing GC pauses
  + Move user files to XDG_DATA_HOME, rather than ~/.gnome2
  + Remove libbig, rewriting remaining code to use ST instead
  + Pick up system settings for font rendering
  + Support application identification by startup notification
  + Many bug fixes for full-screen window handling
  + Improve identification of primary monitor for multihead
  + Prefer eject over unmount for the eject button in places
  + Fix many bugs with using the wrong functions to get event
    state, then block the wrong functions once and for all
  + Build fixes
  + Code cleanups
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#610726, bgo#610801, bgo#610872, bgo#610892,
    bgo#611609, bgo#611610, bgo#611612, bgo#611613, bgo#611660,
    bgo#611754, bgo#612072, bgo#612200, bgo#612635, bgo#612651,
    bgo#612833, bgo#612967, bgo#613101, bgo#613164, bgo#613195,
    bgo#613367, bgo#613405, bgo#613428, bgo#613456, bgo#613536,
    bgo#613731, bgo#613749, bgo#613804, bgo#613832, bgo#613944,
    bgo#613964, bgo#614047, bgo#614144, bgo#614293, bgo#614362,
    bgo#614516, bgo#614660, bgo#614702, bgo#614725, bgo#614755,
    bgo#614905, bgo#614972, bgo#614974, bgo#614975, bgo#614978,
    bgo#615004, bgo#615590, bgo#615592, bgo#615621, bgo#616051,
    bgo#616574, bgo#616706, bgo#616951, bgo#617555, bgo#617785,
    bgo#617959, bgo#618062, bgo#618104, bgo#618189, bgo#618258,
    bgo#618295, bgo#618371, bgo#618378, bgo#618438, bgo#618460,
    bgo#618482, bgo#618793, bgo#618915, bgo#618918, bgo#619008,
    bgo#619044, bgo#619113, bgo#619144, bgo#619276, bgo#619580,
  + Updated translations.

Tue Mar 23 21:43:54 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 2.29.1:
  + For a full list of changes, see
  + Support and require Clutter 1.2
  + Allow dragging windows in the linear workspaces view
  + Shrink and scale the application switcher as necessary when
    there are too many applications to fit on the screen
  + Scroll in the linear view by clicking on desktop and dragging
  + Display application search results as tiles
  + Improve RTL support
  + Add WindowManager.setKeybindingHandler() to allow extensions to
    take over keybindings such as alt-Tab
  + Add style information to the LookingGlass actor picker
  + Run dialog improvements:
    - Make <Control>Return run in terminal
    - Port to CSS
    - Support opening files and folders
    - Store history in GConf and allow access with up arrow
  + Minor UI improvements:
    - Show a message when unmount from "Places & Devices" fails
    - Use one button to toggle between single and grid view
    - Disable clicking on the background of workspaces with
      multiple windows to prevent accidental workspace activation
      when activating a window
    - Reduce window movement when closing windows from the overview
    - Update look and feel of the search field to match mockups
    - Animate the transition between the linear and grid views
    - Shrink windows to small previews when dragging
    - Visual tweaks
    - Make workspace switch keybindings work in the overview
  + Shell toolkit (ST):
    - allow "background-gradient-direction: none"
    - replace StTextureCache with the much more feature-rich
    - Add st_texture_cache_load() and
    - Add caret-size CSS property to style the size of the StEntry
    - Clean up and rework scrolling to work better with Clutter
      size negotiation
    - Redo StDrawingArea not to use ClutterCairoTexture, fixing
      Clutter-1.2 compatibility
    - Rewrite StScrollbar size allocation for clutter-1.2
    - Add :hover pseudo-class support to StEntry
    - Add st_theme_node_get_horizontal/vertical_padding
    - Factor out common ClutterContainer implementation code
    - Improve handling of hint text
  + Development and building:
    - Add a --version command line option
    - Add 'gnome-shell-full' target to our jhbuild that builds GTK+
      stack in addition to more immediate gnome-shell dependencies
    - To allow debugging from an ssh session, when running without
      a display, automatically try to connect to a current session
      of the same user
    - Error out at startup if GConf schemas are missing
    - Change screencast extension to ogv
    - Build fixes
  + Code cleanups
  + Bug fixes:
    - Fix detection of 12/24 locals
    - Memory leak fixes
    - Miscellaneous bug fixes
  + Updated translations.
- Drop gnome-shell-translations.patch: fixed upstream.

Tue Feb 23 09:18:33 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 2.29.0:
  + For a full list of changes, see
  + New message tray showing notifications sliding into the bottom
    of the screen. Includes a status area for past notifications,
    and also pulls in "urgent window" handled in GNOME 2 by
    flashing the taskbar.
  + Add the ability to set your presence to the user status menu
  + Allow switching the overview between a grid and linear view of
  + Redo the application browser to use a grid of icons
  + Initial version of the extension system
  + Initial support for RTL layout in ST and the shell
  + Add undo capability to overview, e.g., when removing favorites
  + New workspace switcher popup
  + Work on visual appearance to match mockups
  + Port most of existing code to CSS
  + Other visual improvements
    - Show a scaled-up excerpt from the application item in the
    - Minimize windows to 'Activities' button
    - Fade out desktop icons when showing overview
    - Use a fixed ordering for well-known icons in the system tray
    - Nicer animation of hidden windows when transitioning to/from
      the overview
    - Draw a ripple when the hot corner is hit
  + App switcher (Alt-Tab) improvements
    - Many behavior and visual refinements based on design feedback
    - Show a separator between windows on this and other workspaces
    - Position on the currently focused monitor
    - Bug fixes
  + Miscellaneous behavioral improvements
    - Allow workspace switching by mousewheel on indicators in
    - Allow dropping on workspace indicators
    - Enable DND of search results
    - When closing a window from the overview that puts up a
      confirm dialog, switch to that dialog
    - When the sidebar is collapsed, auto-hide it
    - Show "No matching results" when search matches nothing
    - Limit user to 16 workspaces
    - Allow clicking on any part of section headers in the dash for
    - Match on executable names as well when searching
    - For clock AM/PM vs. 24-hour based on the locale
  + ST (Shell Toolkit) improvements
    - CSS addtions:
      . width/height
      . max-width/max-height
      . -st-shadow
      . gradients
      . radial gradients
      . Non-uniform border widths (when no corner radius)
      . text-decoration: [underline|strikethrough]
    - Make allocation behavior consistent across actors
    - Support fixed-position children in StBoxLayout
    - Support raising and lowering children in StBoxLayout
    - Add st_box_layout_move_child and st_box_layout_insert_actor
    - Add st_box_layout_remove_all, st_box_layout_destroy_children,
    - Add StClickable, StOverflowBox actors
    - Support setting scrollbar policy on StScrollView
    - Support shadows on edges of StScrollView to hint at more
  + Make places results available in search
  + Handle changes to the current resolution
  + Bug fixes for multihead support
  + Make screen shell recorder work again
  + More miscellaneous improvements
    - Add gnome-shell --eval-file=<file> to eval file in running
      shell via D-BUS
    - Add eject buttons to places section
    - Add completion to the Alt-F2 run dialog
    - Make screen recording parameters configurable
    - Add an initial version of a manpage
  + Performance improvements
  + Code cleanups
  + Bug fixes
  + Build fixes
  + Updated translations.
- Drop gnome-shell-leak.patch: fixed upstream.
- Add gnome-shell-translations.patch to fix installation of
  translations, and call autoreconf -fi for this patch.

Thu Jan 28 12:43:43 CET 2010 -

- Pass --enable-compile-warnings=no to configure, to avoid broken
  build because of deprecated functions.

Sun Oct 11 15:52:05 EDT 2009 -

- Add gnome-shell-leak.patch from git to fix some slow down after
  using alt-tab a lot.

Thu Oct  8 18:47:29 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 2.28.0:
  + Many changes, for the complete list, see
  + New application switcher with alt-tab
  + bgo#594916 - Allow cancelling DND by hitting Esc
  + Use a stable minimum-motion placement for windows
  + Remove window destroy effect
  + Improve support for multihead setups
  + Possibility to use CSS for styling
  + Add scroll-wheel support to the calendar
  + Many bug fixes and UI improvements

Wed Oct  7 13:14:17 CEST 2009 -

- Create a preview mode for GNOME 3 that can be started from gdm:
  + install a .desktop file in /usr/share/xsessions.
  + this .desktop file starts a script that will prepend a custom
    directory to XDG_CONFIG_DIRS and then start the usual GNOME
  + the custom directory contain an autostart file for gnome-shell,
    that overrides the default gnome-panel+windowmanager combo.

Wed Sep 16 19:03:01 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 2.27.3:
  + Add a popup menu to the "Applications" area in the overview 
    that shows up on click on hold and allows selecting between the
    windows of the application
  + Search enhancements:
    - Add a separate search results section for "Preferences"
    - Hide search headers for empty sections
  + Make mouse scroll window over windows in the overview zoom them
  + Display errors nicely if command execution in the run dialog 
  + Make the run dialog and "looking glass" debug console work in
    the overview
  + Control-click on applications now opens a new window
  + Bug fixes 
  + Build fixes
  + Code cleanups
  + Updated translations.

Wed Sep  9 03:16:39 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 2.27.2:
  + See for
    details, here's a selection of the important changes
  + bgo#592507 - Javascript exception when ~/.gtk-bookmarks is missing
  + Add an active property to ShellButtonBox
  + ShellButtonBox: Use default handlers, not self-connections
  + ShellButtonBox: only listen to button 1 and single clicks
  + Simplify Button class by using ShellButtonBox
  + Build tweaks
  + Consolidate window tracking filters between app monitor and
  + Do not display windows with skip-taskbar hint in overview
  + Improve key navigation for search results
  + Remove the timeout for checking if an item is drawn under the
  + Merge headers when a single section of search results is
  + Add Tweener.slowDownFactor, initialize from
  + Add API to programmatically initiate a drag
  + Add shell_texture_cache_pixbufs_equal
  + Add shell_button_box_fake_release
  + Add volumes support to places
  + Remove some vestigial code
  + Redo AppWell glow to be based on a based on a .png instead of
  + Make checking if an item is under the pointer asynchonous again
  + Compress notifications of menu changes with a timeout
  + bgo#594184 - Fix up glow positioning logic
  + Updated translations.

Sat Aug 29 10:25:06 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 2.27.1:
  + See for
    details, here's a selection of the important changes
  + Many UI improvements
  + Use GnomeDesktopThumbnailFactory instead of
  + panel: Switch to fully dynamic layout
  + Add application menu area to panel
  + Move towards shell-black02 mockup
  + Implement the multi-window highlight on WellDisplayItem
  + Make dragging an item to the Add Workspace button launch it on
    a new workspace
  + Implement distinct 2-window and multi-window highlights
  + Remove maximization effects
  + Add localization support.
  + Highlight the search entry when the user clicks or starts
    typing in it
  + Prevent activating hot corner multiple times by accident
  + ShellAppMonitor: create "applications" for unknown windows
  + Don't show empty categories
  + Make recent docs display two columns
  + Display search results in the dash
  + Only respawn if gnome-shell exits abnormally
  + Use new plugin-modality functionality in Mutter
  + Add 'r' as an alias to 'restart' in run dialog
  + Improve display of search results
  + Better handling of Nautilus window
  + Handle window title changes causing mapping changes
  + Require an explicit --xephyr option
  + Restore GNOME based on GNOME configuration
  + Make the gradient on the top panel the same as the "dash"
  + Change search box text to "Find..."
  + Renable PrintScreen and Super_L in the overview
- Remove libgnomeui-devel, libwnck-devel BuildRequires.
- Add gnome-desktop-devel, intltool BuildRequires.
- Add lang package.

Thu Aug 13 01:03:12 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 2.27.0:
  + This is the first official tarball.
  + No list of changes as the code is really moving a lot at the
- Drop gnome-shell-clutter-1.0.patch: fixed upstream.
- Remove gnome-common BuildRequires and call.

Mon Aug  3 21:00:31 CEST 2009 -

- Add gnome-shell-clutter-1.0.patch to fix build with clutter 1.0,
  and add gnome-common BuildRequires and call.

Wed Jul 22 03:22:20 CEST 2009 -

- Update to git as of today.
- Use libexecdir.

Fri Jul 17 18:19:50 CEST 2009 -

- Change clutter-unstable-devel BuildRequires to clutter-devel.

Thu May 14 14:46:07 CEST 2009 -

- Update to git version as of May 14th.
- Drop gnome-shell-no-static-lib.patch: fixed upstream.

Mon May  4 14:02:25 CEST 2009 -

- Try to fix build on 11.1.

Mon May  4 03:58:09 CEST 2009 -

- Add tarball created from git, with a patch to adapt for the
  mutter rename (included in the tarball, unforunately, since I
  couldn't generate the tarball without the patch).

Fri May  1 19:36:14 CEST 2009 -

- Initial package.