File README of Package kiwi-config-openSUSE

# make sure the directory does not exist
rm -rf /tmp/mypath
# prepare the image directory based on the config
# livecd-kde and livecd-gnome are easy, for usb images you need
# to add  --type oem
/usr/sbin/kiwi --root /tmp/mypath  --prepare /usr/share/openSUSE-kiwi/livecd-kde

# actually create the ISO (into /tmp)
# --isocheck is to enable the "Check Installation Medium" in the boot menu
/usr/sbin/kiwi --create /tmp/mypath -d /tmp/ --isocheck

# if you want to edit your config, do this afterwards
/usr/sbin/kiwi --createhash livecd-kde
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