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Sun Sep 19 11:22:53 UTC 2010 -

- Update to newer libdwarf (20100808), because the "perf" package
  needs a version >= 20100214. Fixes include:
* dwarfdump was counting eh_frame low-pc as a duplicate of
  .debug_frame low-pc
* Fixes some CFA_expression handling in libdwarf and allows some
  compiler mistakes a bit more leeway in dwarfdump (so the dump
  continues in the face of certain errors). 
* ARM and MIPS64BE handling
- Stripped changelog from .spec file, since it is already in

Wed Oct  8 14:25:17 CEST 2008 -

- added libdwarf-dwarf3-dw_attributes.patch:
  Allow attribute DW_AT_const_value in dwarf_add_AT_targ_address_b().
  GCC generates code which has DW_AT_const_value with DW_FORM_addr.
  Additional DWARF3 enhancments:
   - allow DW_AT_entry_pc in dwarf_add_AT_targ_address_b()
   - allow DW_AT_call_column, DW_AT_call_file, DW_AT_call_line in

Wed Oct  1 14:09:54 CEST 2008 -

- added libdwarf-relocation-support.patch:
  initial ELF relocation support for libdwarf

Wed Oct  1 13:19:52 CEST 2008 -

- removed dwarfextract from libdwarf-tools package
  (got split into seperated package: dwarfextract)
- reenabled static build of libdwarf

Fri Aug 22 22:25:22 CEST 2008 -

- update to 20080818
  Minor improvements: dwarfdump print_reloc.c referred to
  sym_data_entry_count in one place where sym_data_64_entry_count
  should have been tested. DW_DLA_PUBTYPE_CONTEXT was a typo,
  DW_DLE_PUBTYPE_CONTEXT was intended. Fixed indentation and
  removed some tabs in favor of spaces (in five files). A couple
  files had a couple lines with CR-LF line endings, the CR is now
  gone. Corrected minor typographical errors in and and regenerated the pdfs.

Tue Aug 12 09:35:26 CEST 2008 -

- update dwarfextract: fold dwarf-dwarfextract4.patch into
  (from LKCD CVS) libdwarf-add-dwarfextract

Tue Jun 17 14:19:09 CEST 2008 -

- update to 20080615
  fixed wrong directory name in tarball (20060813 -> 20080815)

Mon Jun 16 16:40:25 CEST 2008 -

- update to 20080613
  Removed __SGI_FAST_LIBELF code, no one could use it anyway.
  Fixed an off-by-one in dwarfdump which could reference off the
  end of an array in a specfic circumstance and verify string table
  index refers to inside the table when printing relocations.
  Corrected return code from libdwarf when there is no dwarf
  information. Thanks to Carlos Alberto Enciso for noticing the
  bugs. Fixed indentation and removed some tabs in favor of
  spaces (in a few files).

Wed Jun 11 11:48:34 CEST 2008 -

- update to 20080125
  In the producer library code dwarf_die_link() is now O(1) where
  it was O(N) before. Thanks to Daniel Gollub for finding this
  performance improvement. dwarf_die_link() now back-links siblings
  (in its internal lists) correctly. The back link bug had no
  (known) effect on dwarf generated by libdwarf.

- update to 20080208
  Due to a typo, calling _dwarf_fde_section_offset() (a interface
  which is still supported) would lead to an infinite loop in
  libdwarf-20071209 and libdwarf-20080125. The libdwarf producer
  forms code now allows more of the newer attributes (so is more
  complete). Alloca is no longer used anywhere (it was really only
  used one place). The libdwarf producer code controlling the
  offset-size is more sensible: standard DWARF (32 bit offsets) is
  the default, use configure --enable-dwarf-format-sgi-irix to get
  IRIX 64bit offsets. See the libdwarf README and libdwarf2p.1.pdf
  for details. Thanks to Carlos Alberto Enciso and Melanie Zumwalde
  for noticing some of these errors.

- update to 20080228
  This changes the libdwarf-internal implementation of reading libelf
  so that the reader is not directly tied to libelf or even elf.
  Meaning a libdwarf can be built that reads other object file types
  or that uses some library other than libelf to do the reading
  (subject only to simple constraints, see libdwarf.h). Thanks to
  Josh Fuhs for designing and implementing the object-file-reader

- update to 20080409
  A giant a.out exposed an inflexible (slow) handling of
  abbreviations in libdwarf as well as showing that one (internal)
  field was too small to accommodate over 64K abbreviations in one
  compilation unit. The relevant hash table adapts now and the field
  is 'large enough'. Added -H and -n options to dwarfdump. Added a
  dwarfdump -ka new check for correctness.

Fri Jan 25 19:58:15 CET 2008 -

- removed README.SUSE, which contained obsolate information about
  shared library and versioning.

- update to 20080125
  o producer interface:
    dwarf_die_link() is now O(1) where it was O(N) before.

Tue Dec 11 13:58:31 CET 2007 -

- building shared lib (instead of static)
- added LD_LIBRARY_PATH to dwarfdump Makefile, since it runs
  something within the build which is linked against libdwarf.

- update to 20071209
  o Renamed 4 functions so they are now exported by libdwarf as dwarf_*:
    dwarf_fde_section_offset(), dwarf_cie_section_offset(),
    dwarf_print_lines(), and dwarf_ld_sort_lines() are the new names.
  o The old _dwarf_* names are still supported in libdwarf.h but anyone
    building a shared library could choose to export only dwarf_* names
    and dwarfdump will now compile and link successfully with that shared
  o Added acceptance of .eh_frame S augmentation
  o Updated config.guess config.sub to latest (2006-11-15)
  o Added configure tests and some code in dwarf_incl.h and globals.h
    to define _GNU_SOURCE so that it will all compile with recent libelf.h
    use of off64_t (yet still compile with earlier libelf.h)

- updated to 20071016
  o dwarf_siblingof() could try to access a byte past the
    end of an Elf section leading to a coredump.
  o The dwarf macro reading code could (in the DWARF_SIMPLE_MALLOC
    case only) allocate and free memory inconsistently leading to
    malloc arena corruption.

(updated to 20071015)
   o The special build macro DWARF_SIMPLE_MALLOC was incorrectly
     implemented (now fixed): it could lead builds employing that
     macro to coredump in libdwarf. Now (just before exit) dwarfdump
     free()s some space it previously left mallocd.

(updated to 20070904)
   o Added qualifier for DWARF4 DW_AT_high_pc where applicable in
     dwarfdump output.
   o Added documentation of new producer functions in libdwarf.
   o Misc: Updated FSF address everywhere. Deleted 2 files which
     were never used.

Sat Jul 21 20:45:18 CEST 2007 -

- add 'dwarfextract' from lkcdutils to libdwarf-tools since
  we only distribute 'lcrash' from lkcdutils now

Sat Jul 21 17:23:18 CEST 2007 -

- updated to 20070703
  o Adding new libdwarf function dwarf_get_loclist_entry() to
    extract CFA val_expression bytes usefully.
  o dwarfdump now uses that info to print those expression bytes
    with -v
  o DW_CFA_val_expression was handled wrong in libdwarf leading
    eventually to an invalid register number reading a GNU
    .eh_frame section (dwarfdump reported an error).

Mon Jun  4 17:15:41 CEST 2007 -

- initial package

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