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  <issue id="754477" tracker="bnc">wireshark: Null pointer dereference in ANSI A dissector</issue>
  <issue id="754476" tracker="bnc">wireshark: Memory corruption when processing pcap/pcap-ng file formats</issue>
  <issue id="754474" tracker="bnc">wireshark: MP2T memory allocation flaw</issue>
  <issue id="CVE-2012-1593" tracker="cve"/>
  <issue id="CVE-2012-1596" tracker="cve"/>
  <issue id="CVE-2012-1595" tracker="cve"/>
  <description>Changes in wireshark:
- update to 1.4.12
  - fix bnc#754474, bnc#754476, bnc#754477(fixed upstream)
  - Security fixes:
    - wnpa-sec-2012-04 The ANSI A dissector could dereference a NULL pointer 
      and crash. (Bug 6823)
    - wnpa-sec-2012-06 The pcap and pcap-ng file parsers could crash trying to
      read ERF data. (Bug 6804)
    - wnpa-sec-2012-07 The MP2T dissector could try to allocate too much memory
      and crash. (Bug 6804)
    - The Windows installers now include GnuTLS 1.12.18, which fixes
      several vulnerabilities.
  - Bug fixes:
    - Some PGM options are not parsed correctly. (Bug 5687)
    - dumpcap crashes when capturing from pipe to a pcap-ng file
      (e.g., when passing data from CACE Pilot to Wireshark). (Bug
    - No error for UDP/IPv6 packet with zero checksum. (Bug 6232)
    - packetBB dissector bug: More than 1000000 items in the tree --
      possible infinite loop. (Bug 6687)
    - Ethernet traces in K12 text format sometimes give bogus
      "malformed frame" errors and other problems. (Bug 6735)
    - non-IPP packets to or from port 631 are dissected as IPP. (Bug
    - IAX2 dissector reads past end of packet for unknown IEs. (Bug
    - Pcap-NG files with SHB options longer than 100 bytes aren't
      recognized as pcap-NG files, and options longer than 100 bytes
      in other blocks aren't handled either. (Bug 6846)
    - Patch to fix DTLS decryption. (Bug 6847)
    - Expression... dialog is crash. (Bug 6891)
    - ISAKMP : VendorID CheckPoint : Malformed Packet. (Bug 6972)
    - Radiotap dissector lists a bogus "DBM TX Attenuation" bit.
      (Bug 7000)
    - MySQL dissector assertion. (Ask 8649)
  Updated Protocol Support
  New and Updated Capture File Support
   Endace ERF, Pcap-NG.
  <summary>update for wireshark</summary>
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