File _patchinfo of Package patchinfo.484

<patchinfo incident="484">
  <issue tracker="bso" id="7564"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bso" id="8789"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bso" id="8826"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bso" id="8836"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bso" id="8845"></issue>
  <issue tracker="cve" id="CVE-2012-2111"></issue>
  <issue tracker="bnc" id="757576">samba: self granting privileges in security=ads</issue>
  <summary>update for samba</summary>
  <description>- docs-xml: fix default name resolve order; (bso#7564).
- s3-aio-fork: Fix a segfault in vfs_aio_fork; (bso#8836).
- docs: remove whitespace in example samba.ldif; (bso#8789).
- s3-smbd: move print_backend_init() behind init_system_info(); (bso#8845).
- s3-docs: Prepend '/' to filename argument; (bso#8826).
- Restrict self granting privileges where security=ads for Samba post-3.3.16;
  CVE-2012-2111; (bnc#757576).</description>