File python-couchdb.changes of Package python-couchdb

Mon Oct 11 09:49:24 UTC 2010 -

- update to 0.8

 * The couchdb-replicate script has changed from being a poor man's version of
   continuous replication (predating it) to being a simple script to help
   kick off replication jobs across databases and servers.
 * Reinclude all http exception types in the 'couchdb' package's scope.
 * Request retries schedule and frequency are now customizable.
 * Allow more kinds of request errors to trigger a retry.
 * Breaking change: the dependency on `httplib2` has been replaced by
   an internal `couchdb.http` library. This changes the API in several places.
   Most importantly, `resource.request()` now returns a 3-member tuple. 
 * Breaking change: `couchdb.schema` has been renamed to `couchdb.mapping`.
   This better reflects what is actually provided. Classes inside
   `couchdb.mapping` have been similarly renamed (e.g. `Schema` -> `Mapping`).
 * Breaking change: `couchdb.schema.View` has been renamed to
   `couchdb.mapping.ViewField`, in order to help distinguish it from
 * Breaking change: the `client.Server` properties `version` and `config`
   have become methods in order to improve API consistency.

Wed Apr 14 10:04:15 UTC 2010 -

- Remove version in dependency for doc subpackage
- Remove buildroot removal in install

Mon Mar 29 11:29:42 UTC 2010 -

- Clean up
- Rename devel subpackage to doc, since it only contains docs
- Build as noarch
- Remove unneeded dependency on couchdb server

Tue Mar  9 13:01:27 UTC 2010 -

- Fix Group.
- Fix building on x86-64.

Mon Feb 15 22:01:49 UTC  2010 -

- Initial build for openSUSE 0.6.1
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