File python-netaddr.changes of Package python-netaddr

Wed Oct  6 01:41:45 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 0.7.5:
  * Python 3.x is now fully supported. The paint is still drying on this so
    please help with testing and raise bug tickets when you find any issues!
  * Moved code hosting to github. All history ported thanks to the most
    excellent tool, svn2git (
  * All netaddr objects now use approx. 65% less memory due to the use of
    __slots__ in classes throughout the codebase. Thanks to Stefan Nordhausen
   and his Python guru for this suggestion!
  * Applied many optimisations and speedups throughout the codebase.
  * Fixed the behaviour of the IPNetwork constructor so it now behaves in
    a much more sensible and expected way (i.e. no longer uses inet_aton
    semantics which is just plain odd for network addresses).
  * One minor change to behaviour in this version is that the .value property
    on IPAddress and IPNetwork objects no longer support assignment using a
    string IP address. Only integer value assignments are now valid. The impact
    of this change should be minimal for the majority of users.
  * FIXED Issue 49 -
    - Incorrect IP range recognition on IPs with leading zeros
  * FIXED Issue 50 -
    - CIDR block parsing
  * FIXED Issue 52 -
    - ipv6 cidr matches incorrectly match ipv4 [sic]
  * FIXED Issue 53 -
    - Error in online documentation
  * FIXED Issue 54 -
    - IP recognition failure 
  * FIXED Issue 55 -
    - Support for Python 3.x
 * FIXED Issue 56 -
    - checking IPAddress in IPNetwork
 * FIXED Issue 57 -
    - netaddr objects can't pickle
 * FIXED Issue 58 -
    - IPSet operations should accept the same arguments as IPAddress
 * FIXED Issue 59 -
    - netaddr fails to load when imported by a PowerDNS coprocess

Wed May 12 11:36:17 UTC 2010 -

- Initial package (0.7.4) for openSUSE.