File rubygem-passenger.changes of Package rubygem-passenger

Thu Jan 13 19:17:57 UTC 2011 -

- fix spec
  o Group field must be present in sub packages

Thu Jan 13 10:36:11 UTC 2011 -

- Spit packages into
  -- rubygem-passenger
  -- rubygem-passenger-nginx
  -- rubygem-passenger-apache2 

Tue Dec 21 14:14:50 UTC 2010 -

- update to version 3.0.2
  * [Nginx] Fix crash if passenger_root refers to a nonexistant
  * Fixed file descriptor closing issues on FreeBSD: issue #597.
  * Fix the fakeroot task. Issue #592
  * Update NEWS.
  * Fix Nginx configure script: it didn't correctly change back the
    orginal working directory after compilation.
  * NetBSD doesn't support llroundl() so work around it by using
    llround(). Issue #593.
  * Fix compilation warning on NetBSD: issue #593.
  * Fix use of fcntl(.., F_CLOSEM)
  * Merge branch 'master' into debian
  * Add support to EventedClient for only closing the writer half
    of the connection. 
  * Add StaticString.find(substring)
  ... and lot more

Tue Dec  7 21:47:19 UTC 2010 -

- update to version 3.0.1
 * Fixed malfunction after web server restart
   On Linux systems that have a non-standard filesystem on /tmp, Phusion
   Passenger could malfunction after restarting the web server because of
   a bug that's only triggered on certain filesystems. Issue #569.
 * Boost upgraded to version 1.44.0.
   We were on 1.42.0.
 * Much improved startup error messages
   Phusion Passenger performs many extensive checks during startup to ensure
   integrity. However the error message in some situation could be vague.
   These startup error messages have now been improved dramatically, so that
   if something goes wrong during startup you will now more likely know why.
 * Curl < 7.12.1 is now supported
   The previous version fails to compile with Curl versions earlier than
   7.12.1. Issue #556.
 * passenger-make-enterprisey fixed
   This is the command that people can run after donating. It allows people
   to slightly modify Phusion Passenger's display name as a joke. In 3.0.0 it
   was broken because of a typo. This has been fixed.
 * Removed passenger-stress-test
   This tool was used during the early life of Phusion Passenger for stress
   testing websites. Its performance has never been very good and there are
   much better tools for stress testing, so this tool has now been removed.
 * [Apache] RailsEnv and RackEnv configuration options are now equivalent
   In previous versions, RailsEnv only had effect on Rails 1 and Rails 2 apps
   while RackEnv only had effect on Rack apps. Because Rails 3 apps are
   considered Rack apps, setting RailsEnv had no effect on Rails 3 apps.
   Because this is confusing to users, we've now made RailsEnv and RackEnv
   equivalent. Issue #579.
 * [Nginx] Fixed compilation problems on systems with unpowerful shells
   Most notably Solaris. Its default shell does not support some basic
   constructs that we used in the Nginx configure script.
 * [Nginx] Upgraded default Nginx version to to 0.8.53
   The previous default was 0.8.52.
 * [Nginx] passenger_enabled now only accepts 'on' or 'off' values
   Previously it would recognize any value not equal to 'on' as meaning
   'off'. This caused confusion among users who thought they could also
   specify 'true', so we now throw a proper error if the value is
   unrecognized. Fixes issue #583.
- cleaned up spec file
- move passenger_native_support from ext to lib dir (bnc#657964)

Thu Oct 28 10:31:57 UTC 2010 -

- update to version 3.0.0
  This is a major release with many changes. Please read our blog
  for details.
- new dependencies:

Fri Jul  9 12:51:42 UTC 2010 -

- mark mod_passenger.conf config(noreplace)

Fri Jun 25 12:59:25 UTC 2010 -

- update to version 2.2.15
  - [Apache] Fixed incorrect temp dir cleanup by passenger-status
    On some systems, running passenger-status could print the
    following message: "*** Cleaning stale folder
    /tmp/passenger.1234" ...after which Phusion Passenger breaks
    because that directory is necessary for it to function
    properly. The cause of this problem has been found and has been
  - [Apache] Fixed some upload handling problems Previous versions
    of Phusion Passenger check whether the size of the received
    upload data matches the contents of the Content-Length header
    as received by the client. It turns out that there could be a
    mismatch e.g. because of mod_deflate input compression, so we
    can't trust Content-Length anyway and we're being too strict.
    The check has now been removed.
  - [Nginx] Fixed compilation issues with Nginx >= 0.7.66 Thanks to
    Potamianos Gregory for reporting this issue. Issue #500.
  - [Nginx] Default Nginx version changed to 0.7.67 The previous
    default version was 0.7.65.
  - Fixed more Bundler problems Previous versions of Phusion
    Passenger would preload some popular libraries such as mysql
    and sqlite3 in order to utilize copy-on-write optimizations
    better.  However this behavior conflicts with Bundler so we've
    removed it.

Mon Jun 14 14:36:33 UTC 2010 -

- update to version 2.2.14
  * Added support for Rubinius
    Patch contributed by Evan Phoenix.
  * Fixed a mistake in the SIGQUIT backtrace message.
    Patch contributed by Christoffer Sawicki.
  * [Nginx] Fix a localtime() crash on FreeBSD
    This was caused by insufficient stack space for threads.
    Issue #499.
- additional changes from version 2.2.13
  * Fixed some Rails 3 compatibility issues that were recently
  * Fixed a typo that causes config/setup_load_paths.rb not to be
    loaded correctly.
- additional changes from version 2.2.12
  * Improved Bundler support.
    Previous versions might not be able to correctly load gems
    bundled by Bundler. We've also documented how our Bundler
    support works and how to override our support if you need
    special behavior.  Please refer to the Phusion Passenger Users
    Guide, section "Bundler support".
  * Worked around some user account handling bugs in Ruby.
    Issue #192.
  * Fixed some Ruby 1.9 tempfile.rb compatibility problems.
  * Fixed some compilation problems on some ARM Linux platforms.
  * [Apache] Suppress bogus mod_xsendfile-related error messages.
    When mod_xsendfile is being used, Phusion Passenger might print
    bogus error messages like "EPIPE" or "Apache stopped forwarding
    the backend's response" to the log file. These messages are
    normal, are harmless and can be safely ignored, but they
    pollute the log file. So in this release we've added code to
    suppress these messages when mod_xsendfile is being used.
    Issue #474.
  * [Nginx] Fixed "passenger_user_switching off" permission
    problems If Nginx is running as root and
    passenger_user_switching is turned off, then Phusion Passenger
    would fail to initialize because of a permission problem. This
    has been fixed. Issue #458.
  * [Nginx] Nginx >= 0.8.38 is now supported.
    Thanks to Sergey A. Osokin for reporting the problem.
  * [Nginx] passenger-install-nginx-module upgraded
     It now defaults to installing Nginx 0.7.65 instead of 0.7.64.

Fri Jun 11 10:00:01 UTC 2010 -

- use rubygems_requires macro

Tue Mar 16 14:36:55 UTC 2010 -

- update to version 2.2.11
 * This release fixes a regression that appeared in 2.2.10 which only
   affects Apache. When under high load, Apache might freeze and stop
   responding to requests. It is caused by a race conditions which is
   why it escaped our last release testing.
- fix initializer problem
  o do not install ApplicationPoolServerExecutable to
    leave at origin place and set correct @PassengerRoot@ in

Thu Feb 25 12:14:30 UTC 2010 -

- update to version 2.2.10
 * Fixed some Bundler compatibility problems.
 * Fixed some file descriptor passing problems, which previously
   could lead to mysterious crashes.
 * Fixed some compilation problems on newer GCC versions. Issue #430.
 * Support #size method in rack.input.
- for changes from 2.2.8 and 2.2.9 see

Wed Dec  2 15:40:25 UTC 2009 -

- update to version 2.2.7
 * Removed forgotten debugging code in passenger-install-apache2-module,
   which caused it not to compile anything.
- additional changes from 2.2.6
 * Some /tmp cleaner programs such as tmpwatch try to remove
   subdirectories in /tmp/ after a while because they
   think those subdirectories are unused. This could cause Phusion
   Passenger to malfunction, requiring a web server restart.
   Measures have now been taken to prevent those tmp cleaner
   programs from removing anything in /tmp/ Issue #365.
 * When autodetecting the application type, Rack is now given more
   priority than Rails. This allows one to drop a file in
   a Rails directory and have it detected as a Rack application
   instead of a Rails application.  Patch contributed by Sam
   Pohlenz: issue #338.
 * The default socket backlog has been increased from 'SOMAXCONN'
   (which is 128 on most platforms) to 1024. This should fix most
   'helper_server.sock failed: Resource temporarily unavailable'
 * Fixed compilation problems on Solaris. Issue #369 and issue #379.
 * Fixed crashes on PowerPC.
 * Some Ruby 1.9 compatibility fixes. Issue #398.
 * The installer now displays correct dependency installation
   instructions for Mandriva Linux.
 * [Apache] The location of the 'apxs' and 'apr-config' commands
   can now also be passed to the installer through the --apxs-path
   and --apr-config-path parameters, in addition to the $APXS2 and
   $APR_CONFIG environment variables. Issue #3.
 * [Nginx] Various problems that only occur on 64-bit platforms
   have been fixed.
 * [Nginx] The installer now installs Nginx 0.7.64 by default.
- fix Passenger could not be initialized
  o '/usr/lib/phusion_passenger/ApplicationPoolServerExecutable'

Fri Oct 16 15:54:59 CEST 2009 -

- update to version 2.2.5
  see /usr/lib*/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/passenger-2.2.5/NEWS

Thu Mar 26 16:36:36 CET 2009 -

- update to version 2.1.2
  - Support for Rails 2.3
  - Improved compatibility with other Apache modules, such as
  - Ruby 1.9 support
  - Support for NFS setups
  - Various I/O handling and scaling improvements and fixes
  - Ability to disable Phusion Passenger for arbitrary URLs
    (PassengerEnabled option)
  - Improved application compatibility
  - Improved command-line admin tools
  - Ability to display backtraces for all threads
  - Improved security
  - More customization options for exotic systems/setups
  - Various usability improvements
  - In particular, many error messages have been improved so that
    end users don’t have to stare at the screen for minutes
    wondering what the computer is trying to tell them. There are
    also many small usability improvements here and there.
  - Various other minor improvements and bug fixes
    - PassengerPoolIdleTime can now be set to 0, which means that
      the backend application must never idle timeout. This feature
      has been contributed by redmar.
    - The passenger-status tool will now display Phusion
      Passenger’s own backtraces for C++ code, in order to make it
      possible to detect potential freezes in C++ code.
    - Phusion Passenger error pages now return HTTP 500 errors, as
      they should.
    - The ApplicationSpawner server and FrameworkSpawner server
      idle times can now be customized.
    - In the 2.0.x series, sometimes more backend processes might
      be spawned than is allowed by the ‘PassengerMaxPoolSize’
      option. This has been fixed.

Tue Jan 13 18:33:42 CET 2009 -

- fix path for apache config

Fri Dec 19 23:47:06 CET 2008 -

- add basic apache config
- fix path to native_support

Fri Dec 19 20:15:46 CET 2008 -

- fix requires

Wed Dec 17 16:54:12 CET 2008 -

- update to version 2.0.6
  Fixed Ruby 1.8.5 compatibility
    In the previous release, we fixed Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility,
    but this broke 1.8.5. We’ve fixed this.
  Removed unintentional dependency on MySQL and SQLite
    Phusion Passenger 2.0.5 preloads the mysql and sqlite3
    libraries when running in Ruby Enterprise Edition, for better
    copy-on-write efficiency. But it didn’t take into account that
    these libraries may not be installed. This has been fixed.

Fri Dec  5 23:05:33 CET 2008 -

- use boost copy from gem when building on older distros.
  split rubygem-passenger-2.0.5_system_boost.patch into:
- added rubygem-passenger-2.0.5_missing_includes.patch

Fri Dec  5 15:26:34 CET 2008 -

- initial package of version 2.0.5