File simias.changes of Package simias

Tue Nov  9 18:16:42 UTC 2010 -

- Use Mono.WebServer2 interface.

Thu Jul 15 17:22 IST 2010 -

- bnc#550526 : When a file is deleted on client machine, its not being deleted on
  server as well as on client. When user deletes it on client, the issue is that
  for first sync, initially server files are verified with client and so no
  entry in client which makes the server to download, then client files are
  processed to server which deletes on server. Now for second sync, this file is
  uploaded back to server which creates illusion that file is not deleted. Fix
  is that when evera file is being downloaded from server, it checks in work
  array delete nodes whether same node is there or not. if there, it won't
  download, else downloads

Fri Apr  2 16:32:01 UTC 2010 -

- Remove gcc43 requirement, the bug is fixed now. 

Fri Apr  2 14:28:58 UTC 2010 -

- Update to, merge change file from factory with 1.8.3

Mon Feb 22 12:24:38 CET 2010 -
- re-add fixes from may2009 and before
  - drop buildrequires for compat libraries, which are not
    needed when building from source
  - build helper binaries soapcpp2 and wsdl2h from source
    to allow all platforms.
  - simias-fixes.patch:
    Fixed the function return warnings.  (from may 2006)
  - simias-libflaim.patch:
    link libflaim dynaimcally (from feb 2006)
  - simias-lib64.patch:
    fix lib64 hack in
Sun Feb 21 23:48:35 MST 2010 -

- Changes done to handle restore ifolder having common name.
  redirecting log from bin directory

Thu Oct 22 09:54:52 UTC 2009 -

- Fix code to produce less compile warnings.

Thu Oct 22 09:01:34 UTC 2009 -

- Fix permissions of config files and mark them as such.
- SimiasDirectoryMapping is a config file, move it to default place
  (DEFAULT_LINUX_MAPPING_DIR is /etc/simias).

Wed Oct 21 20:10:34 UTC 2009 -

- Add simias-make.patch to build libsimias-manager as
  shared library and to use RPM_OPT_FLAGS for all files.
- Add -devel package for distros after 11.2.

Fri Oct 16 07:44:52 UTC 2009 -

- Build with gcc43 for now (bnc#539236).

Tue Oct 13 17:23:16 UTC 2009 -

- Fix last change - add $BUILD_ROOT.

Tue Oct 13 14:13:27 UTC 2009 -

- Mark %{prefix}/%_lib/simias/web/bin/ifdata as executable

Mon Oct 12 11:26:06 UTC 2009 -

- Disable --as-needed (bnc#539236).

Mon Oct 12 09:43:31 UTC 2009 -

- Remove SimiasDirectoryMapping patch since it breaks 
  package (bnc#539236).

Wed Sep 30 21:42:48 MDT 2009 -

- Fix for downloading all the missed files while merging iFolder.

Wed Sep 23 22:30:59 MDT 2009 -

- Changes are made to handle combination of ports, dns, ip etc during
  authentication. If during authentication, at any stage if it fails,
  it will revert the authenticated domain.

Wed Sep 16 23:05:59 MDT 2009 -

- Changes are done to verify and re-create the missing directory.
  Only if node exist.

Mon Aug 24 23:46:42 MDT 2009 -

- Changes has been done to not remove item from workarray, in case of
  exception while uploading files to server.

Tue Aug 18 09:17:38 CEST 2009 -

- Remove some comment lines, they are part of post scripts and break
- move ldconfig call from preun to postun.
- don't mark all files as executable.
- Add SimiasDirectoryMapping patch to make file a shell script.
- fix file permissions.
- do not remove buildroot.

Mon Aug 17 16:40:52 CEST 2009 -

- added ldconfig calls

Wed Aug 12 23:18:11 MDT 2009 -

- Simias client now listens on loopback ip only.

Wed Jul 22 07:30:10 MDT 2009 -

- Showing the enhanced conflict window from every place of conflict
  invocation in case the client plugins is installed.
- Connect disconnect now shows correct no of iFolders when more than
  one domains are connected.
- Changes done to set proper (5 min) Reschedule  time, update UI
  (client sync log) with info, for disabled ifolder. Changes done to
  update correct un-managed path for Merge ifolder.
- Changes are done to handle, ifolder sync issue, when domain is
  disconnected and reconnected and try to sync client
- The change is done inside Simias Client so that the domain sync gets
  suspended for a while when setting of passphrase is done. so the
  account creation part proceeds
- The fix is such that the client will not give TimeOut while setting
  passphrase when server has around 4000 users in the domain.
Tue Jun  2 00:03:06 MDT 2009 -

- #507245 : Updated with GPL v2 license text file
- #506097 : Removed a "./" from file list in configure. This reduced
  the warnings in build process.
- #492733 : Fixed the sync problem with Chinese characters.
- #507461 : Cleaned up Windows & Mac sources from tarball.
- Applied patch to build only linux sources.

Mon May 25 15:47:15 CEST 2009 -

- build helper binaries soapcpp2 and wsdl2h from source
  to allow all platforms. Fixed the function return warnings.
  (from may 2006)
- link libflaim dynaimcally (from feb 2006)
- fix lib64 hack in

Fri May 22 05:42:06 MDT 2009 -

- Removed empty changelog entry from last submission.
- Renamed Simias.cs.diff to Simias.cs.patch

Thu May 21 10:07:29 MDT 2009 -

- Included patch for fixing build failure in Factory.
- #505924 : Changes are done to avoid OBS build failure by adding IO
  header file.

Wed May 20 07:05:14 MDT 2009 -

- #488621 : merging of encrypted ifolders enabled
- Member sync verification
- Updated Server spec file for build service . Server needs mono 1.2.6
- Added spec file for Build Service. To build on 11.0 and 11.1
- Removed Debug options from building in Simias
- Merge wsdl command code to work for SLED11 and OpenSUSE11.1
- Made changes to fix 64bit crash issue
- Changes are done to fix "1 item not sync" Issue. By handling exception
  and removing unwanted nodes.
- Non-authorised conflict resolution
- Updated and spec files
- Updated spec and for SLE11 build
- Reverting the Mono Configure and SPEC file changes. This is done to make
  sure that SVN iFolder trunk can be used to build iFolder in autobuild.
- Changes are done to make code compatible.
- Changes are done to remove old/unused RAcertificate from
- Patch to make client work in Debian - <>
- autoconf fails - ChangeLog missing
- Trunk code update from 3.6 to 3.7.2
  Major features:
	- Folder client for Macintosh and Vista
	- SSL Communication
	- iFolder Merge
	- Enhanced Web administration
- #287799: Changes to strings for localization. Changes to provide
  notification message after importing the keys.
- #288727: Accept RAName during reset passphrase Changes to some
  strings. Missing strings added to en.po file.
- #288727, 284683: Fix for removing domain from the thick clients. Fix
  for addressing the exception while connecting to a server,even though
  the domain is created.
- #290718: Problem 1: Sync doesnot work after the import key operation.
  It says the ket doesnot match Description: Encryption key hash is re
  assigned with the hash of original key, which was not required causes
  this issue. This is fixed Problem 2: RA agent reselection is enabled in
  the reset passphrase.
- #282720: 1. For Only Revertion: In place of poping error message,
  returning null value to calling function. 2. For Revertion and
  Deletion: In case of Deletion exception message(Invalid CollectionID)
  is generating. So whenever an error message of -"Invalid
  CollectionID", returning null value to calling function.
- #287473: Linux thick client related changes for displaying proper info
  in export key dialog boxes .
- #260442: now no need to do a refresh on linux thick client to show all
  the iFolders.
- #81615: Versioning mess for dll was sorted & updated. Related files
  are updated. It is done for both iFolder and simias modules.
- #235305: AccountWizardCompletionPage.cs and FormsTrayApp.resx - Add
  user information for finish page
- #283661: Picker.resx - Added "<<" for remove button CreateiFolder.resx
  - Corrected spelling "Location" (not filed in bugzilla)
- #284654: Removing the Console.WriteLine statements on Linux. Change in
  top-level to show the new help files.
- #285501,285499: New help files has been added to svn
- #283124: client version rolled back to previous version for data
  change conflicts.
- #277699: Added new apis for Upgrade and version handshake between
  client and server. Changes to collectionInfo objest to hold User id
- #277699, 278152: Changes to use version handshake apis for client
  updates. Changes to default ifolder related issues. Fix for migration
  UI issue.
- #287175: Enabled File Monitoring in Linux, so that the file system
  will not be dredged always during synchronization. This is for
  performance enhancement.
- #272132: Bug related to AssemblyInfo.cs. Now no need to do a make
  clean before doing make for iFolder client.
- #273097, 274479, 277698: Fix for accepting certificate and setting
  passphrase when no recovery agent is selected.( linux & windows)
  creation of Default iFolder. (Linux & windows) Error message when
  iFolder is not completely synced.(linux & windows).
- #256381: MoreOptions expanded by default
- Recovery utility changes in simias will give later
- #272132: Build problem in ifolder - AssemblyInfo.cs
- #272273: Added startup screen and new encryption icon for Linux
  client. Restored the export and import key bindings
- #267289: Logout still shows iFolders on the domain.
- #270300, 272615: Conflict fixes and slave provisiong exception fix
- #259792,272615: Export import key bindings. Refresh on timeout, domain
  logged in logout. Encryption icon change. Splash screen.
- #261222: Changes for displaying a pop-up message to disconnect from
  2.x server after migration
- #265132: First 16K is not synced to the server. Other sizes are synced
  happily, this happens if the simias server runs behind apache. If the
  simias server runs behind the problem doesnot appear. As a work around
  16K is broken into two eight 8k and sent to the server. sine the work
  around is available moving the priority to low
- #256364: Filter out host nodes out of user list in the client
- #267021: Discovery code is optimized for fetching the catalog
- #266095:  * Added CertificateDialog.cs to show certificate while
  setting passphrase * Changes for migration wizard and account wizard
  for accepting certificate * Prompt for migration at the time of
  initial login
- #257380: Changed the help link in migration wizard
- #255243: Linux UI - During download Action, UI will update
- #255243: Fixes for iFolder Webservice.
- Updated help files for ifolder UI.
- Provides migration from iFolder2.x to iFolder3.x on the
  client side.
  due to Encryption changes. It is fixed now
- Encryption gui review comments
- Encryption UI Unit test case fixes
- Encryption UI UT fixes for web-access
- Removed the post-install and post-uninstall scriptlet (this is
  just a clean-up. We probably be including the new scriptlets soon)
- Corrected simiasdatadir env path in simias.conf
- Fixed the issue of webbindir path not getting correctly set in the
  simias-server script
- Included xsp in BuildRequires and Requires tags.
- Changes to web-access and web-services to enable encryption
- fix for non-interactive mode configuration for LDAP in
- DomainService used an incorrect UnmanagedPath variable causing the
  build to break due to that variables protection level.
- Added files for setting up security policy
- Fixed the non interactive mode of command line utility simias-server-setup.
- Check for host_cpu for 32/64 bit arch
- Avoid expansion and hardcoding of $HOME when
  substituting simiaslogdir.
- Inserted a missing '/' for mappingpath for linux.
- Added DiscoveryWS/Makefile and DiscoveryWS/Assemblyinfo.cs
- Inserted a missing '/' for mappingpath.

Thu May 14 07:48:58 MDT 2009 -

- Initial submission to SLE11 and openSuSE11.1.