File telepathy-gabble.changes of Package telepathy-gabble

Mon Feb 21 16:14:51 CET 2011 -

- Add telepathy-gabble-CVE-2011-1000.patch: this fixes insufficient
  input validation, that could be exploited. Fix CVE-2011-1000 and

Thu Nov 18 10:41:49 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 0.10.4:
  + Enhancements:
    - fdo#24775: implement local IPv4 address discovery on Windows,
      allowing out-of-band SOCKS5 bytestreams to work there
  + Fixes:
    - Updated Wocky snapshot:
      · Added HTTP proxy support. This is not technically a fix,
        but it's nice to have. ;-)
      · Miscellaneous leak fixes.
      · Miscellaneous other fixes.
    - Prefer XEP-0186 invisibility over privacy list-based
      invisibility when both are available
    - fdo#31197: improve portability to Windows

Sat Oct  9 10:52:41 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 0.10.3:
  + Fixes:
    - Emit ActivitiesChanged when the server aknowledges our own
    - Removed dependency to libuuid
    - Slacker_message_filter can survive
      invalid/non-signal/unexpected messages
    - Remove support for gadget
- Remove libuuid-devel BuildRequires.

Sat Oct  2 00:26:13 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 0.10.2:
  + Updated Wocky snapshot:
    - Made it compile when built with OpenSSL
    - Handle the connection being disconnected by the remote side
      more gracefully
    - Make the XML parser more tolerant of recoverable errors in
      the incoming stream. In particular, this fixes an issue with
      illegal namespaces in some contacts' PEP nodes
  + Fixed a memory allocation error which could cause corruption
    when using plugins which deal with capabilities
  + Ensure only one OLPC activity is created for a given channel

Thu Sep 30 18:40:51 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 0.10.1:
  + From updated Wocky snapshot:
    - Check the return value of
      wocky_xmpp_connection_send_stanza_finish() in
    - Don't retry indefinitely on failed OpenSSL writes
  + Don't leak local candidates, stun servers, and remote
    candidates when getting Stream/Endpoint properties
  + Don't assume privacy list lists are well-formed
  + When a contact becomes unavailable, check the correct roster
    subscription attribute to decide whether their status should be
    Offline or Unknown

Fri Sep 17 09:29:16 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 0.10.0:
  + Fix a crash if the connection closes while verifying a TLS
  + Allow an in-progress connection to the server to be cancelled
    with Disconnect
  + Add regression tests for TLS certificate verification
- Here's a summary of the main changes in 0.10 compared to 0.8.x:
  + Jingle calls now interoperate with Pidgin, Gajim, and XEP-0100
    SIP gateways
  + file transfers now interoperate with the Google Talk desktop
  + support for Google Talk PMUC chatrooms
  + contact information (vCards) on servers supporting XEP-0054
  + searching for contacts on servers supporting XEP-0055
  + improved capability-discovery support (ContactCapabilities)
  + compile-time selection of GNUTLS or OpenSSL for SSL support
  + support for JIDs with non-ASCII domains
  + experimental support for plugins
  + experimental support for multi-user Jingle calls (Muji)
  + compilation on Unix platforms other than Linux should now work

Tue Sep 14 08:42:59 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 0.9.18:
  + Enhancements:
    - fdo#30065: implement the stable API for ContactSearch
    - Implement the stable API for interactive TLS certificate
    - Implement the stable API for Conference channels
    - Add the fallback-servers parameter, which can be used to make
      connections to Google Talk on some networks more reliable
    - Prompt the user about unknown TLS certificates if neither
      require-encryption nor ignore-ssl-errors is set
  + Fixes:
    - Make the --with-ca-certificates configure option work
    - fdo#30117: always emit PresencesChanged when we change our
                 own presence, and fix a related memory leak
    - update our copy of Wocky:
      . fdo#28051: SRV errors on some networks no longer break
                   Facebook logins
      . don't fail on missing CRLs if not in strict TLS
        verification mode
- Drop telepathy-gabble-ca-certificates.patch: fixed upstream.

Fri Sep  3 19:45:34 CEST 2010 -

- Pass --with-ca-certificates=%{_sysconfdir}/ssl/ca-bundle.pem to
  configure so that gabble knows where to look for certificates.
- Add ca-certificates Recommends.
- Add telepathy-gabble-ca-certificates.patch to fix

Fri Aug 27 10:13:31 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 0.9.17:
  + Enhancements:
    - Implement TLS certificate support
    - Use TpBaseChannel instead of GabbleBaseChannel
    - Plugin-provided, privacy-list based presence statuses
  + Fixes:
    - fdo#29721: start the presence unsure timeout once we connect
    - fdo#29000: make CA certificates path configurable
    - Fix several leaks, improve tests in case of connection leaks

Fri Aug 20 14:50:00 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 0.9.16:
  + Enhancements:
    - Implement XEP-0126: Invisibility
    - Implement XEP-0186: Invisible Command
    - Implement org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Protocol
    - Add a ActivityProperties.GetActivity method for retrieving an
      activity's room handle from its id
    - Add a BuddyInfo.AddActivity method so activities can
      advertise themselves without having to track all the other
      shared activities
  + Fixes:
    - fdo#25533: muc-factory: don't associate a request with tubes
      if a tube was requested
    - muc-factory: rearrange which NewChannels signals come first
    - Cope if Jingle sharing requests omit <manifest>
    - fdo#29113: Skip file collection candidates with invalid
    - several improvements to the test suite
    - Fixes for building under gcc-4.5
    - Adapt to the new TLS API

Wed Jul 21 16:00:30 CEST 2010 -

- Change libopenssl-devel BuildRequires to libgnutls-devel since we
  now have a recent enough version of gnutls.
- Drop telepathy-gabble-include-uuid-fix.patch: it's only needed
  for openSUSE 11.1, which is too old.

Mon Jul  5 17:06:22 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 0.9.15:
  + deb#586936: in Wocky, clear the parser state when resetting,
    fixing assertion failures if the caps cache gets corrupted
  + fdo#28712: in Wocky, fix SCRAM-SHA1 authentication by
    initializing state correctly
+ Changes from Version 0.9.14:
  + When a call is ended, mention who ended it in the debug log
  + fdo#28599: ignore errors from disco#info query on our own bare
    JID, fixing connections to older versions of jabberd, jabberd2,
    Prosody etc.
  + Use the self-handle as actor for changes to the 'deny' list,
    and improve roster regression tests, in preparation for future
    ContactList API
  + fdo#28643: stop applying GNUTLS_VERIFY_DO_NOT_ALLOW_SAME flag,
    allowing connection to (for instance)
  + Apply more workarounds for TLS server misbehaviour
  + fdo#27488:  wocky_connector_connect_finish, _register_finish
    parameters have been re-ordered.

Mon Jun 21 12:18:09 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 0.9.13:
  + Gabble is now able to exchange files with the Google Talk
    desktop client
  + Plugins may now specify additional capabilities for Gabble to
    advertise, and add responses to new disco#info queries.
  + The SCRAM-SHA-1 SASL mechanism is now supported.
  + Fixes:
    - Messages from JIDs at non-ASCII domains are no longer
      silently dropped
    - Whether or not the connection is secure is now correctly
      propagated from Wocky up to Gabble
- Changes from version 0.9.12:
  + New dependency: libuuid
  + The capabilities cache now persists on-disk.
  + Multi-user calls are now supported, using the Muji protocol
  + Support the /info contact attribute for ContactInfo
  + XMPP keepalives are now sent and acked
  + fdo#28265: When making outgoing calls, Gabble now prefers to
    call resources which claim to be phones
  + The current draft of SASL authentication channels is
  + Fixes:
    - fdo#28232: Don't treat error replies from PEP nodes as PEP
    - fdo#27913: Don't drop backlog messages from former members of
    - fdo#20597: Blocked contacts are no longer accidentally
      unblocked if you remove them from the 'stored' list.
    - fdo#27157: Gabble MailNotification.RequestInboxURL no longer
      returns an empty string in some situations
- Add sqlite3-devel and libnice-devel BuildRequires.

Tue May 11 19:04:29 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 0.9.11:
  + Enhancements:
    - The ContactInfo interface is now implemented
    - Updated Wocky:
      . Permit ASCII mnemonics in wocky_stanza_build(), and detect
        more errors
      · Renamed WockyXmpp{Stanza,Node} to Wocky{Stanza,Node}; add
        more helper code for building, storing, and serializing
        trees of nodes
      · Refactored PubSub response distillery, and added support
        for retriving node configuration and modifying affiliates
  + Fixes:
    - fdo#25775: crash in pep_reply_cb()
    - fdo#27694: GetContactAttributes should return {} as location
      if there is no location for the contact

Fri Apr  9 11:01:05 CEST 2010 -

- Update to version 0.9.10:
  + Enhancements:
    - Updated Wocky:
      . Improve Windows portability
      . Fix a double-free
      . Even more exciting PubSub code
  + Fixes:
    - Properly expose more authentication failure errors from Wocky
      in Connection.StatusChanged
    - Run tests in a temporary D-Bus session, which fixes fdo#25816
    - Fix tests on machines with no ipv6
    - Avoid doing undefined void-pointer arithmetic

Sat Mar 27 10:32:16 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 0.9.9:
  + Enhancements:
    + Update Wocky:
      - New and exiting Dataforms code!
    + Various portability improvements
  + Fixes:
    + Fix mail notification on GTalk showing at most 30 unread

Wed Mar 17 22:14:52 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 0.9.8:
  + Enhancements:
    - Update Wocky:
      . Lots of exciting new Pubsub code!
      . Plus some crash fixes
    - Various correctness improvements to the test suite.
  + Fixes:
    - No longer crashes on receiving a stanza error without an
      <error/> node, which was a regression in 0.9.5.
    - We can now spell “received” and “separate”
- Changes from version 0.9.7:
  + Enhancements:
    - Add support for draft 1 of
    - Improve regression test coverage
    - Update Wocky:
      . data-form utility code (cassidy)
      . node iterator utility functions (sjoerd)
      . better gtk-doc, improve portability (smcv)
  + Fixes:
    - Implement the 'accuracy' key in Location, not the deprecated
      XEP-0080 'error' (which is not in telepathy-spec)

Fri Feb 26 17:28:18 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 0.9.6:
  + Enhancements:
    - The plugin loader is now built by default, and the gateway-
      registration plugin is installed by default. Since the API is
      still experimental and likely to change from one release to
      the next, the development headers etc. necessary to write
      third-party plugins are only installed if you configure with
      --enable-plugin-api (this is not recommended)
  + Fixes:
    - fdo#26658: queue up any data received on the FileTransfer
      socket until the channel moves to state OPEN (KaKaRoTo)
    - Clean up signal connections in GabbleJingleFactory to avoid a
      possible use-after-free if a Jingle session, or the
      Connection, outlives the Jingle factory
    - Improve the gateway-registration plugin to exchange presence
      subscriptions and fix a memory leak
    - Don't install the plugin unless the plugin loader has been
      enabled, and don't compile a useless static-library version
      of the plugin

Sun Feb 21 17:17:09 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 0.9.5:
  + Enhancements:
    - Update Wocky for improved error-wrangling code
  + Fixes:
    - When delaying a stream request until service discovery has
      finished in order to interpret capabilities, correctly resume
      the request after service discovery
    - Calculate capabilities hash correctly when compiled with
    - Don't emit a potentially-non-UTF-8 Google relay magic_cookie
      in debug output

Fri Jan 29 01:01:01 CET 2010 -

- Update to version 0.9.4:
  + Enhancements:
    - Added an --enable-is-a-phone configure switch, which makes
      Gabble identify itself as a "phone" (rather than a "pc") in
      XEP-0115 disco replies.
    - Added preliminary support for the Channel.Type.Call draft. By
      default, incoming Jingle calls are exposed as
      Channel.Type.Call if a handler is available.
    - One-to-one text channels can now be upgraded to multi-user
      conferences using the draft Conference interface. This will
      use a PMUC room on Google's conference server if at least one
      participant is using a Google Talk client, or an instant room
      on your own conference server (XEP-0045 §10.1.2) otherwise.
    - Implements XEP-0276, to permit calling contacts whose
      presence you are not subscribed to (controlled by a simple
      Gabble-specific connection interface).
    - Plugins may now specify their own version number, for
      improved debug logs.
    - Added a simple sidecar, implemented as a plugin, to support
      registering to gateways which require nothing more than a
      username and password.
  + Fixes:
    - We can now accept calls from, and place calls to, bare JIDs
      (that is, contacts with no resource). This is required for
      calling XEP-0100-compliant SIP gateways.
    - We now deal correctly with setting a vCard if there's no
      existing vCard on the server. (fdo#25987)
    - ignore-ssl-errors is now implied by require-encryption being
    - ContactCapabilities are now exposed on the Contacts interface
      with the correct attribute name. (fdo#26210)

Wed Dec 23 11:14:43 CET 2009 -

- Update to version 0.9.3:
  + Highlights:
    - Various updates to the OpenSSL backend causing it not to
      stall when reading multiple ssl records at the same time
  + Enhancements:
    - Gabble now advertises a 'pmuc-v1' capability bundle, telling
      the Google Mail client that we support being invited to MUCs.
    - Rather than hard-coding a list of SOCKS5 proxy servers to use
      if the user's own XMPP server does not provide one, Gabble
      now falls back to a list of proxy servers returned by
      discoing the newly-set-up (fdo#25304)
    - Various leaks fixed as pointed out by valgrind
  + Fixes:
    - Do not re-publish our own vCard if nothing's changed
    - The default resource is now unique to the machine Gabble is
      running on, rather than being randomly generated for each
      connection. Fixes fdo#23630: “Per-connection resource
      randomization increases the window in which you lose
    - Always assume that MUC servers will let us change the
      subject, mitigating fdo#13157; previously we assumed they
      would only let moderators change the subject.
    - fdo#21152: allow joining chatrooms on servers that don't
      respond to disco queries, like
    - fdo#22456: append fallback conference server if the room name
      has no @, rather than just failing (if using the Requests
    - fdo#22768 (partial): reassure that we can be
      invited to chatrooms. This enables us to be invited to
      private MUCs by the Google client, but doesn't currently
      support creating them.
    - fdo#24558: correctly flag the password parameter as secret
    - Use TpDebugSender for debug output, instead of reimplementing
    - Allow sending chat state to contacts whose capabilities we
      don't know, such as invisible Google Talk users
    - Only disco SOCKS5 proxies when they're needed for a file
      transfer or tube. (fdo#21151)
    - Do not advertise support for file transfers unless a handler
      is available. (fdo#25243)

Sat Nov 14 02:47:50 CET 2009 -

- Update to version 0.9.2:
  + Highlights:
    - Add support for using OpenSSL instead of GNUTLS for SSL
  + Fixes:
    - Honour errors that tell us to wait and try again when
      fetching vCards. This was erroneously claimed to be in 0.9.1.
    - Don't re-fetch our own avatar in a loop when connecting to
      Google Talk. This should fix fdo#23684 once and for all.
    - Don't trust other people's <message/> IDs to be globally
      unique: in particular, Google Talk uses simple incrementing
    - Use the correct marshaller for the pre-presence signal,
      fixing a cr 64-bit platforms
    - Make sure the Connection object disappears from the bus when
- Changes from version 0.9.1:
  + Highlights:
    - Jingle call interoperability with Pidgin and Gajim.
  + Fixes:
    - When receiving a file, Gabble now closes the local socket
      once all the data has been written.
    - fdo#24043: Doesn't parse candidates in a Jingle
      session-accept stanza. This fix lets us interoperate with
      Pidgin's Jingle implementation.
    - fdo#24023: Accepting initial streams for a call is racy.
    - fdo#20629: DBus events in tests should contain full path.
    - fdo#22795: jingle/ is secretly made of cheese.
    - fdo#23903: Gabble crashes in File Transfer.
    - fdo#23685: build Gibber with fno-strict-aliasing so asyncns.c
      builds with new GCC.
    - fdo#20565: Contacts should be initially offline and not unknown.
    - When members are removed from a call due to a stream error,
      always indicate so.
    - Fix corner cases in SetLocation()'s language handling.
    - fdo#24195: Doesn't think clients without google p2p tranport
      are media capable. This fix lets us interoperate with Gajim's
      Jingle implementation.
    - Make not fail if the default STUN server
      hostname can't be resolved.
    - fdo#23684: Gabble advertizes an avatar's sha1 in its presence
      stanza without following XEP-0153.
    - Honour errors that tell us to wait and try again when
      fetching vCards.
- Changes from version 0.9.0:
  + Dependencies:
    - Gabble doesn't depend on loudmouth anymore. Instead, it ships
      a copy of Wocky, a new XMPP library based on gio. As a side
      effect of this, gio >= 2.21 and gnutls >= 2.8.2 are now
      needed to build Gabble.
    - telepathy-glib >= 0.7.37 is now required
  + Enhancements:
    - Add the ability to send a message when terminating a VoIP call
    - Add ContactSearch channels using spec draft 2
    - Implement the final ContactCapabilities spec, and refactor
      Capabilities code to represent capabilities as sets of XML
      namespaces, rather than bitfields
    - fdo#19952: Support requesting channels with
      InitialAudio/InitialVideo through the final API from
      telepathy-spec 0.17.28
    - Gabble now loads certificates from ~/.config/telepathy/certs/
      as well as from the system-wide location
  + Fixes:
    - Improve pubsub.c test coverage
    - fdo#22968: don't try to pass credentials through Unix sockets
      on non-Linux, since the way we currently do it is known to be
      non-portable. Patches to implement Credentials on more OSs
      would be welcomed.
- Remove loudmouth-devel BuildRequires.
- Add libopenssl-devel BuildRequires.

Thu Oct  8 18:58:41 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 0.8.5:
  + Fixes:
    - Don't re-fetch our own avatar in a loop when connecting to
      Google Talk. This should fix fdo#23684 once and for all.
    - Fix a crash introduced by the vCard-related fixes in 0.8.4.
- Changes from version 0.8.4:
  + Highlights:
    - Jingle call interoperability with Pidgin and Gajim.
  + Fixes:
    - When receiving a file, Gabble now closes the local socket
      once all the data has been written.
    - fdo#24043: Doesn't parse candidates in a Jingle
      session-accept stanza. This fix lets us interoperate with
      Pidgin's Jingle implementation.
    - fdo#24023: Accepting initial streams for a call is racy.
    - fdo#20629: DBus events in tests should contain full path.
    - fdo#22795: jingle/ is secretly made of cheese.
    - fdo#23903: Gabble crashes in File Transfer.
    - fdo#23685: build Gibber with fno-strict-aliasing so asyncns.c
      builds with new GCC.
    - fdo#20565: Contacts should be initially offline and not
    - When members are removed from a call due to a stream error,
      always indicate so.
    - Fix corner cases in SetLocation()'s language handling.
    - fdo#24195: Doesn't think clients without google p2p tranport
      are media capable. This fix lets us interoperate with Gajim's
      Jingle implementation.
    - Make not fail if the default STUN server
      hostname can't be resolved.
    - fdo#23684: Gabble advertizes an avatar's sha1 in its presence
      stanza without following XEP-0153.
    - Honour errors that tell us to wait and try again when
      fetching vCards.

Mon Sep 14 10:14:13 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 0.8.3:
  + Enhancements:
    - fdo#23681: Allow setting presence on a connection before it
      goes online. This avoids e.g. going from Available -> Busy
      immediately when signing on.
  + Fixes:
    - fdo#23684: fix handling of avatar conflict with several
      resources, and a possible infinite ping-pong of presence
      stanzas from the server
    - Time out disco requests after 20, not 20,000, seconds!
    - Correctly respond to disco requests for video-v1 bundle,
      avoiding a loop when iChat blindly retries failed disco
    - Fix Requested and State properties of muc D-Bus tubes that we
      previously created and are still present when we re-join the
    - Don't send the same disco request to the same (full) JID more
      than once. fdo#23841.
    - Update the Jingle raw-udp and ice-udp namespaces we claim to
      support to the current version.
    - fdo#23348, fdo#23349: fix compilation on NetBSD by including
      more headers
    - Reduce the size of the ChangeLog by truncating at version
      0.6.0 and not including diffstats (previously, the
      changelog.gz in our Debian packages was larger than Gabble

Fri Sep  4 14:01:03 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 0.8.2:
  + Enhancements:
    - Improve jid validation, so that obviously-invalid jids are
  + Fixes:
    - Don't crash when a vCard set fails, and there are edits
      pending. This can happen if you're trying to set your avatar
      and then disconnect.
    - fdo#23013: ContactCapabilities.SetSelfCapabilities can crash
      gabble with wrong parms
    - Fix parsing of incoming session accept from Google Video
      Chat. This should make outgoing calls to Google Video Chat
      users work, as well as incoming calls.

Tue Aug 25 13:51:12 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 0.8.1:
  + Fixes:
    - fdo#22535: Gabble no longer crashes if you disconnect while
      it's trying to start a Google relay session for a call.
    - Fix an occasional crash when PEP requests time out, or are
      cancelled when you disconnect.
    - Correct an assertion about vCard edits not to fire
    - Clarify some correct-but-confusing behaviour in libjingle 0.3
      mode, which fixes a Coverity false-positive.
- Changes from version 0.8.0:
  + Enhancements:
    - Location and Debug are now implemented as stable interfaces.
    - Timeouts are synchronised to the second where possible,
      leading to fewer wakeups.
  + Fixes:
    - Fix race condition introduced by fix for fdo#22023.
    - Make vCard request less likely to time out.
    - Fix a bug where a vCard request failure could cause SetAvatar
      or SetAliases not to return.

Sun Aug  9 20:14:48 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 0.7.32:
  + Fixes:
    - fdo#21153: Remove session initiation and content add timeouts
      from the Jingle code; this should be client policy.
    - fdo#22023: Correctly avoid trying to set your vCard twice at
      the same time.
    - Correctly parse file-transfer timestamps. References
    - Correctly fall back to if neither the
      user nor the server has any better STUN server suggestions.

Thu Jul 23 16:38:37 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 0.7.31:
  + Enhancements:
    - The XML sent and received by Gabble is now exposed by the
      Debug interface.
  + Fixes:
    - Audio codecs' names are forced to match the case expected by
      the Google Talk desktop client, which is incorrectly
    - fd.o#22535: Gabble no longer crashes if you disconnect while
      it's trying to start a Google relay session for a call.
    - fdo#22629: Gabble no longer crashes if the initiator of a
      tube receives data before it is connected to the
      application's socket.
    - fdo#22858: Gabble no longer erroneously hides Google Talk
      contacts who were automatically added to your roster, and
      contacts who Google incorrectly thinks are aliases for
      another JID.
    - fdo#22858: Removing a contact from 'subscribe' while they're
      in remote-pending ("Oops! I didn't mean to subscribe to
      Randall's presence!") now works. This is on top of the fix
      for fdo#21547 in 0.7.28, which made removing the contact
      from 'stored' work.  Previously, while the subscription
      request was correctly rescinded, Gabble didn't expose it
      correctly on the 'subscribe' channel.
    - fdo#22858: Contacts no longer "flicker" to and from
      subscribe:remote-pending when you subscribe to them on a
      Google Talk account. This was a regression in 0.7.28, caused
      by fixing fdo#21547.
    - Gabble no longer crashes if called by a client which is, or
      pretends to be, an old version of Google Talk (such as, which is automatically used if a SIP user on calls a SIP URI that looks as though it's meant
      to be a JID).
    - Fix a header guard in debug.h.
    - Move GThread initialization to the very beginning, since it's
      meant to be done before *any* GLib API usage.

Mon Jul 20 01:03:39 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 0.7.30:
  + Enhancements:
    - Gabble now supports making and receiving video calls to
      contacts using Google Video Chat. You'll need an H264 codec.
      We're aware of an issue where sometimes the Google client
      never sends us video; we're investigating it, and hopefully
      it'll be resolved soon.
    - The default port is now 5222, rather than unset. If you
      specify port=5222 and don't specify a server or old-ssl,
      Gabble will make an SRV lookup anyway: this is kinder to UIs
      that want to show the default XMPP port as 5222.
    - Gabble now advertises support for up-to-date Jingle
      namespaces, and implements the raw UDP and ICE-UDP transports
      as well as the non-standard Google Talk P2P transport.
      (fdo#22458 and fdo#13158, respectively.)
  + Fixes:
    - fdo#22369: Gabble now replies to the XMPP resource that's
      sending you messages, rather than always sending messages to
      the peer's bare JID.
    - The keepalive-interval parameter actually works now
      (previously, setting it caused a critical warning, and did
      not change the actual value from the default).
- Changes from version 0.7.29:
  + Enhancements:
    - Implement o.fd.Tp.Debug interface.
    - Added a "keepalive-interval" connection parameter (signature
      'u'), allowing the time between keepalive pings to the server
      to be configured (or disabled, by specifying 0).
  + Fixes:
    - fdo#21966: Gabble no longer crashes if you use the Hold
      interface before a call starts. You can put a call on hold
      even before it's initiated. You can also put an incoming,
      unanswered call on hold, but you have to unhold it before
      accepting the call.
    - The above also fixes (in passing) a reported issue where
      calls are signalled as having been put on hold just before
      they terminate.
    - fdo#20807: Gabble no longer crashes on unknown Jingle
    - fdo#16886: You can now leave MUCs with a part message by
      calling RemoveMembers([self_handle], "this room is boring").
      Gabble now complies with telepathy-spec 0.17.21's requirement
      that you can always remove yourself from a group if you're in
      it, fixing fdo#20728.
    - fdo#18951: Gabble no longer sends <gone/> to contacts it
      hasn't previously sent typing notifications or messages to.
    - fdo#22209: Gabble no longer confuses Jingle sessions which
      have the same session ID but are to different contacts.
    - fdo#20763: Gabble now correctly namespaces Jingle contents by
      their creator, rather than (buggily) attempting to make the
      initiator's content win.
    - fdo#22326: Gabble now correctly handles presence stanzas for
      bare JIDs that contain capabilities, rather than ignoring
      them or (in really unlikely cases) crashing.
- Use libexecdir instead of libdir in the file list.

Wed Jun 17 20:52:05 CEST 2009 -

- Change group to Productivity/Networking/Instant Messenger.

Tue Jun  2 17:52:46 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 0.7.28:
  + Dependencies:
    - telepathy-glib >= 0.7.31 is now required as Gabble implements
      the new tube API.
  + Enhancements:
    - Implement the Credentials access control with UNIX sockets in
      stream tubes.
    - Implement the Port access control with Inet4 and Inet6
      sockets in stream tubes.
    - Implement the final, stable new API for tubes.
    - In StreamTube, UNIX sockets created with the Localhost access
      control are usable by any user of the system.
    - When no resource is explicitly specified, Gabble will now use
      a randomized resource ("Telepathy.[random numbers]") rather
      than just "Telepathy". This helps users who don't know
      anything about XMPP to be able to connect from multiple
      Telepathy-powered clients at once. (fdo#21297)
    - Gabble now implements the 'stored' contact list, added in
      telepathy-spec 0.17.12. It no longer implements the 'known'
      list, which was never standard; we don't think this will
      break clients, since other CMs (such as telepathy-haze) never
      implemented 'known'. (fdo#19901)
    - Incoming call state notifications (ringing, on hold, etc.)
      are now handled in line with the latest draft of XEP-0167.
  + Fixes:
    - fdo#21684: Don't crash in SessionHandler.Ready() if streams
      is NULL
    - fdo#21817: Sometimes crashes upon receiving an empty <nick/>
    - fdo#21547: Contacts removed from roster stay on
    - fdo#21878: Adding a new stream while a call's on hold makes
      it fall back to Pending Hold.

Sun May 31 01:08:03 CEST 2009 -

- fix requirement of doc subpackage

Mon May 18 00:29:38 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 0.7.27:
  + Dependencies:
    - We now explicitly depend on gthread-2.0 >= 2.16 as we need to
      initialize threads for libsoup's benefit (fdo#20937)
  + Enhancements:
    - Support file transfer resume.
    - Use ContactCapabilities draft to communicate file transfer
    - Implement latest draft of new API for tubes. The
      {Offer,Accept}{DBus,Stream}Tube methods and the
      StreamTubeNewConnection signal have been renamed.
    - The build system now uses Shave to produce kernel-style
      easy-to-read output from make. (You need to explicitly enable
      this with ./configure --enable-shave.)
    - It is now possible to request StreamedMedia channels with
      audio and/or video from the start, using the InitialAudio and
      InitialVideo properties, and to see from a channel's
      immutable properties (as also seen in NewChannels) whether it
      (initially) contained audio and/or video. (References
  + Fixes:
    - Include private D-Bus tube and all MUC tube channels in
      Requests's Channels property.
    - StreamedMedia channels' group flags are now more
      spec-compliant. (Fixes fdo#20578)
    - When a contact doesn't have an alias, their full JID is used
      as the fallback, rather than the local part. (Fixes
    - When setting an avatar fails, an appropriate error is now
      emitted. (Fixes fdo#20442 (not fdo#20422 as the git history
    - The lifecycles of several Jingle-related objects have been
      cleared up, fixing a number of Jingle crashes.

Fri Apr 24 19:31:23 CEST 2009 -

- Review changes.

Wed Apr 22 11:02:44 IST 2009 -

- Add telepathy-gabble-include-uuid-fix.patch for 11.1 because of
  broken libuuid pkg-config file.

Thu Apr  9 16:27:05 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 0.7.26:
  + When placing a streamed media call on hold, transmit the status
    change to the peer.
  + Relatedly, expose incoming Ringing and Hold notifications
    through the CallState interface.
  + Raise Offline or NotCapable (rather than NotAvailable) when
    methods in Jingle calls fail for one of those reasons.
  + Implement the Avatar interface's D-Bus properties, as
    introduced in spec version 0.17.22

Sun Apr  5 13:31:47 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 0.7.25:
  + Dependencies:
    - telepathy-glib >= 0.7.29 is now required.
  + Enhancements:
    - Discover SOCKS5 proxies on the connection and try to use them
      when offering a SOCKS5 bytestream.
    - Add fallback-socks5-proxies connection parameter to hardcode
      SOCKS5 proxies to use as fallback. Set lot of public proxies
      as default.
    - Use IPv6 addresses when trying to establish a SOCKS5
    - Implement Channel.Type.FileTransfer. This means you can now
      send and receive files using Gabble.

Tue Mar 24 18:16:38 CET 2009 -

- Update to version 0.7.24:
  + Enhancements:
    - All messages on the Messages interface now have a message
      token, using the XMPP id attribute. Identifiers for messages
      that Gabble sends, and those it receives that lack one, are
      generated with libuuid if available, or with a unique-ish
      time-based fallback otherwise.
  + Fixes:
    - Fix SOCKS5 implementation to actually respect XEP-0065.
    - Don't crash if Google relay responses arrive after the call
      has ended (fdo#20764).
    - Relax overly-strict checks made by CodecsUpdated.
- Add libuuid-devel BuildRequires.

Tue Mar 17 18:26:00 CET 2009 -

- Update to version 0.7.23:
  + Dependencies:
    - telepathy-glib >= 0.7.26 is now required
    - libsoup >= 2.4 is now required
  + Enhancements:
    - Add functionality to ask for a Google-specific relay session,
      so Google Talk users can use Google's relay servers to make
      and receive Jingle calls.
    - The CodecsUpdated method, introduced in spec version 0.17.19
      and used to send updated parameters for codecs such as Theora
      and H264 to the other party in a call, is now implemented.
  + Fixes:
    - Fix flow control in tubes when using a SI fallback
    - Implement flow control in bytestream IBB.
    - Make GetHandle() correspond to the TargetHandle[Type]
      properties on streamed media channels.
- Add libsoup-devel BuildRequires.

Fri Mar  6 14:16:59 CET 2009 -

- Update to version 0.7.22:
  + Dependencies:
    - telepathy-glib 0.7.24 is now required
  + Enhancements:
    - Resolve STUN servers' IP addresses as required by
      telepathy-spec changes currently under development
    - Add NATTraversal, STUNServers and CreatedLocally properties
      to Media.StreamHandler as required by telepathy-spec changes
      currently under development
    - Add fallback-stun-server, fallback-stun-port
      ConnectionManager parameters
  + Fixes:
    - Correctly deal with streams that are added after a call is
      accepted, fixing video streaming in calls that start off
    - fdo#20102: fix byte ordering of port in GibberListener
    - Drain some swamps in Jingle call handling for better
      maintainability, and improve Jingle regression test coverage
    - Don't end calls a minute after an extra content is added, and
      correctly set the creator attribute on contents. This has the
      side-effect of not causing older Gabbles to assert.
    - Improve Tubes test coverage, and fix various races in the

Sat Feb 21 21:03:50 CET 2009 -

- Update to version 0.7.21:
  + Implement new tube API for muc stream tubes
  + Implement new tube API for 1-1 and muc D-Bus tubes
  + Implement the Messages interface for Text channels.
  + In multi-user chats, the point at which Sent is emitted has
    changed. Previously, Sent was emitted when the message was
    echoed back to you by the server; now, it is emitted (as is
    Messages.MessageSent) when you send the message. When the
    message is echoed, a delivery report is emitted with
    Messages.MessageReceived, and Received is emitted with an
    empty body and the Non_Text_Content flag set. Clients that
    don't understand the Messages interface should just
    immediately ack the ID in that signal
  + fdo#20003: fix a crash starting Jingle calls on some 64-bit
  + fdo#20133: fix various bugs where idle callbacks outlived
    their user-data.
  + Don't start sending video when the other side adds a video
- Remove required versions for BuildRequires. We don't generally
  use it in our .spec files
- Set correct group for -doc package (Documentation/Other)
- Add Requires %{name}-%{version} for -doc package

Wed Feb  4 13:31:10 EST 2009 -

- Update to version 0.7.20
  + Implement the draft version of Location from telepathy-spec 0.17.19
  + Announce generic tube capabilities when contacts support tubes
  + Don't get confused if MUC services auto-rename us
  + Don't get confused if we have to change our own nick in order to join a MUC
  + Set the correct actor when Jingle sessions are terminated
  + Don't omit offline, unknown and error from Statuses and GetStatuses()
    (regression in 0.7.19)
  + Close and ChannelClosed signals are now fired when a tube is closed (new API)

Sun Feb  1 18:23:12 EST 2009 -

- Update to version 0.7.19:
  + Don't crash when closing a muc channel containing an closed D-Bus tube.
  + Don't resurrect removed streams if the call responder includes them in
  + Don't crash in calls if using glib with debugging enabled (fdo#19327).
  + Don't crash when removing contact from known list (fdo#19524).
  + Fix D-Bus muc tubes ( #60).
  + Fix refcount leak in jingle code (fdo#19385).
  + Don't crash if "offline" presence status is requested.

Wed Jan 28 12:51:06 EST 2009 -

- Bump dbus glib required version.

Fri Jan  9 16:40:13 EST 2009 -

- Update to version 0.7.18:
  + Implement SOCKS5 bytestreams (XEP-0065) in stream tubes.
  + Implement a stream initiation fallback mechanism allowing to use IBB if
    we can't connect to peer using SOCKS5.
  + Don't crash on setting presence if there are open MUC Tubes.
  + Stream tube channel advertises the immutable channel properties,
    including those not on the Channel interface.
- Build requires dbus-1-glib-devel >= 0.78
- Split documentation off.
- Drop telepathy-gabble-64bits-crash.patch.

Fri Jan  9 12:49:41 EST 2009 -

- Add telepathy-gabble-64bits-crash.patch
  + fix a crash on 64-bits. bnc#445874

Thu Jan  1 09:46:51 EST 2009 -

- Update to version 0.7.17:
  + Too many fixes/updtaes to list. Please see NEWS for details
  + Fixes bnc#445874 (in 0.7.11)

Sun Oct 19 11:51:57 EST 2008 -

- Update to version 0.7.10:
  + Implement the newly official Requested, InitiatorHandle and InitiatorID
    properties introduced in spec 0.17.13
  + fdo#16922: stop shipping MD5 and SHA-1 implementations, and use
    GChecksum instead, since we need GLib 2.16 anyway
  + Add support for running tests with GObject refdbg enabled
  + Add TargetID to allowed properties when requesting channels
  + test-handles: stop asserting that the wrong error (InvalidArgument)
    will be raised, and accept the correct error (InvalidHandle) too, since
    this was fixed in telepathy-glib
  + Some bugfixes in the OLPC code
  + Use unsigned for booleans in bitfields (gboolean is signed, so
    "gboolean foo:1" is not portable)

Mon Oct 13 15:00:44 CEST 2008 -

- Signed-off.

Thu Oct  2 20:26:38 CEST 2008 -

- Update to version 0.7.9:
  * Implement the Requests API introduced in spec 0.17.11 and extended in 0.17.12
  * Save contacts' aliases into the roster for massive bandwidth savings (in
    conjunction with avatar caching, this should mean we don't have to fetch
    everyone's vCard every time we connect to the server)
  * Merge support for the "gadget", an OLPC-specific server component that
    supports browsing for buddies and activities
  * When running tests under valgrind, use the same options as in telepathy-glib

Tue Aug 19 19:10:17 EDT 2008 -

- Requires now telepathy-glib >= 0.7.14
- Upgrade to 0.7.8
  * Implement the Contacts interface for bulk contact-handle inspection
  * Implement spec 0.17.9 (add the TargetID property to all channels)
  * Start to port channel factories away from TpChannelFactoryIface in
    preparation for implementing the Requests API
  * Add a simple smoke-test for SimplePresence
  * Use tp_debug_divert_messages() rather than our own copy of it, since we
    now depend on a new enough telepathy-glib anyway
  * Obey the Telepathy spec by giving 'dnd' presence type Presence_Type_Busy
    and not Presence_Type_Away
  * Use the pedantically correct marshaller for a GArray, since GObject 2.17
    actually checks for POINTER vs BOXED (regression in 0.7.7)
  * Remove unconditional debug messages in a few places

Fri Aug  8 12:19:24 EDT 2008 -

- Upgrade to 0.7.7:
  * Requires telepathy-glib >= 0.7.13
  * Implement XEP-0115 version 1.5
  * fd.o #14954: Set presence in MUCs to be the same as our global presence
  * fd.o #14955: Set nickname in MUCs to be the same as our alias for ourselves
  (as set with Aliasing)
  * Fix a reference leak when using (new-style) TLS
  * Fix a memory leak when invited to a MUC
  * Fix a possible assertion failure when we're sent an invalid MUC invitation
  * fd.o #16918: fix an access to freed memory when the vCard manager is
  * fd.o #14341: add a regression test (currently disabled, because the bug
  is in Loudmouth)
  * Port most of the regression tests to a more comprehensible API

Thu Jul 24 13:08:23 EDT 2008 -

- Remove the requires and let Autoreqprov do it for us

Wed Jul 23 22:08:38 EDT 2008 -

- Update to 0.7.6
  * telepathy-glib >= 0.7.8 and loudmouth >= 1.3.2 are now required
  * Implement the Hold API using telepathy-glib rather than as an extension
  * fdo#15656: fix an inconsistency in audio/video capabilities
  * fdo#15422: fix generation of extensions/extensions.html
  * fdo#15904: fix a regression making the caller of an incoming call in
    the remote pending set instead of the members one.
  * fdo#15095: fix MUC contacts always appearing to be offline (and actually
    include the patch this time) (regression in 0.7.0, probably)
  * fdo#15311: update tests to work with python-twisted 8.0 (as seen in
    current Debian unstable)
  * Ignore components with ID != 1 in native candidates - we can only signal
    one component, and Farsight 2 reports RTCP components along with RTP ones
  * Don't assume that htmldir will be defined by autoconf (it's new in 2.59c,
    and we only require >= 2.59; regression in 0.7.4)
  * fdo#14467: aggregate MembersChanged signals when joining MUCs, so we
    get one big signal rather than lots of single-contact signals, potentially
    reducing client round-trips
  * Re-enable some regression tests that were accidentally removed in 0.7.3
  * Build documentation for our extensions to XMPP by default
  * fdo#12791, Debian #446259: fix assertion failure with strange roster items
  * fdo#14343: fix race condition that can lose messages between accepting
    a D-Bus tube and actually connecting to it
  * fdo#14602: update the StreamedMedia call API to telepathy-spec 0.17.3
  * fdo#14806: when we add ourselves to the local-pending set for incoming
    calls, set the caller as the actor
  * fdo#15198: fix assertion failure when calling GetCapabilities on an invalid
  * When removing a media stream before the initiate is sent, send it if possible
  * when blocking gtalk contacts, discard their presence
  * disconnect the connection if we don't receive a reply to the discovery
    request for server features
  * stop using Automake 1.9 features, and prefer to autoreconf using 1.8 (if
    available) to ensure that we don't accidentally re-add a 1.9 dependency
  * make sure teardown of the disco object doesn't crash if one of its callbacks
    causes it to be destroyed (bug exposed by regression
  * Implements the current draft of the Hold interface, which will be in
    telepathy-spec 0.17.4 if all goes well
  * Only emit one AvatarRetrieved signal per contact, no matter how many
    requests there were for their avatar (fdo#12465)
  * Explicitly say we require GNU make, and turn off Automake portability
    warnings (fdo#14020)
  * Don't emit NewStreamHandler signals multiple times if Ready is called
    multiple times on the SessionHandler (a bug in stream-engine used to
    cause this to happen sometimes)
  * Assorted code cleanup prompted by adding more gcc warnings

Fri Mar 14 15:49:41 EDT 2008 -

- update to 0.7.2
  + Tubes: a generic transport for collaborative applications
  + Lot of bug fixes.
  + Take advantage of telepathy-glib 0.6.1 changes
  + Remove the -devel files

Tue Dec 25 15:38:36 CET 2007 -

- package static libraries in devel package
  (Obsoletes: %name-glib - dunno why they are needed at all)
- beautify specfile
- don't use obsolete %run_ldconfig
- package some files for doc

Mon May 14 15:41:21 MDT 2007 -

- Add defattr to each %files section.

Tue Apr  3 18:56:21 CDT 2007 -

- Don't build as root.  Duh.

Tue Apr  3 14:44:43 CDT 2007 -

- New package.