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Mon Jun 14 08:49:02 UTC 2010 -

- update to 0.16
  o Incompatibilities:
    - Encode everything internally as UTF-8. This can affect
      performance, but should in general improve handling of
      character lengths etc. Also, to properly handle UTF-8
      environments use ncurses with wide character support.
    - The use of TIG_{MAIN,DIFF,LOG,TREE,BLOB}_CMD environment
      variables has been deprecated. To allow configuration of the
      diff view, TIG_DIFF_OPTS can be used.
  o Improvements:
    - Plug several memory leaks.
    - Command line arguments are split into diff, revision, and
      file arguments and made available as %(diffargs), %(revargs),
      and %(fileargs). Diff view will limit diffs using %(fileargs).
    - Status view: update the file variable when a line is selected
      so %(file) works as expected.
    - Branch view: add %(branch) symbol providing access to the
      selected branch.
    - Branch view: add entry to browse all branches (uses git-log’s
      --all flag).
    - Abbreviation of author names can now be configured and
    - Mark detached heads with [HEAD].
    - Add support for displaying dates in local time.
  o Bug fixes:
    - Status view: fix usage from sub directories, which was broken
      by the changes made to support blame view from sub
    - Fix text expansion to not truncate long lines
    - Fix parsing of boolean show-date values.
    - Fix relative date.
    - Fix unbind to behave as if the keybinding was never defined.
    - Fix unbind to also cover built-in run requests.
    - Fix parsing of unknown keymap names.
    - Blame view: fix parent blame to detect renames. It uses
      "previous" line info from the blame porcelain output added in
      git version 1.6.3.

Sun Dec 13 22:12:44 CET 2009 -

- update to 0.15
  o Incompatibilities
    - Setting the cursor color no longer automatically sets the
      text to bold. The old lazy behavior was a bug.
    - Remove check for git-repo-config, which was officially
      deprecated in git version 1.5.4.
  o Improvements
    - Provide the manual as a man page named tigmanual(7).
    - Add ability to toggle between showing shorter dates (without
      time info) and relative dates.
    - Show the active (instead of the default) keybindings in the
      help view.
    - Add branch view for choosing which branch to display in the
      main view.
    - Tree view: show entry to parent directory (..) when running
      from subdirectory.
    - Tree view: sort entries by name, date or author.
    - Make height of the lower view in a split view configurable
      by setting the split-view-height variable to a number or a
    - Allow multiple text attributes for color commands:
      color cursor white blue underline bold
  o Bug fixes
    - Blame view: fix loading of blame data when opened from the
      tree view and CWD is not the repo root.
    - Tree view: fix searching.

Tue Nov  3 19:09:48 UTC 2009 -

- updated patches to apply with fuzz=0

Fri Feb 20 10:37:09 CET 2009 -

- update to 0.14.1
  o Improvements
    - Status view: improve "on branch" information inspired by the
      prompt code in git's bash completion script.
    - Colors for 256-capable terminals can be specified as colorN.
    - Entering a number in the prompt will jump to that line
    - Handle core.worktree by setting GIT_DIR and GIT_WORK_TREE.
    - Make behavior of horizontal scrolling configurable by setting
      the horizontal-scroll variable to a number or a percentage.
  o Bug fixes.
- update to 0.14
  o Incompatibilities:
    - The screen-resize action has been deprecated.
    - The "tree-parent" action was renamed to "parent". Warnings
      will be emitted for transition.
    - Remove parsing of deprecated option -S and subcommands log
      and diff.
    - The "author" color replaces "main-author".
  o Improvements:
    - Horizontal scrolling.
    - Read tigrc(5) options from git configuration files.
    - Tree view: avoid flickering when updating.
    - Tree view: annotate entries with commit information.
    - Tree & blob view: open any blob in an editor.
    - Stage & main view: restore view position when reloading.
    - Blame view: load blame for parent commit.
    - Abbreviate author names to initials when the width of the
      author column is below 6 characters.
  o Bug fixes

Thu Jan 15 16:22:14 CET 2009 -

- update to 0.13
  o Incompatibilities:
    - Commands from the environment (e.g. TIG_MAIN_CMD) will no
      longer have access to shell features, such as subshells and
      variable expansion.
  o Improvements:
    - Display repository references in the sorted order: tags,
      heads, tracked remotes, remotes.
    - Add bash completion for blame.
    - Tree view: edit files of the current branch.
    - Run requests: new identifiers %(directory), %(file), and
    - Improve responsiveness and view loading speed by using
  o Bug fixes:
    - Separate blame revision and file argument by "—" to avoid
    - Main view: fix redrawing of the last commit wrt. the revision
    - Fix waiting for input after executing a run request in pager
    - Status & stage view: refuse to open directories and deleted
    - Tree view: show error when requesting blame for all non-file
    - Do not draw loading views, which are not displayed.
    - Fix launching of mergetool from a subdirectory problems.

Thu Oct  9 09:10:59 CEST 2008 -

- update to 0.12.1
  o Improvements:
    - Status view: revert uncommitted diff chunks and unstaged
      files with changes. Bound to ! by default.
    - Main view: use —topo-order also when rev-list arguments are
      given on the command line.
    - Log view: support for refreshing.
  o Bug fixes:
    - Status view: use ls-files' —exclude-standard so user specific
      ignore rules are effective. The option was added in git
      version 1.5.4.
    - Stage view: fix assertion failure triggered when updating
      while status view is not displayed.
    - Help view: avoid confusion by showing "(no key)" instead of
      "?" for unbound requests.
    - Reload repository references when refreshing the main (and
      log) view.
    - Do not maximize views when refreshing.

Mon Oct 06 14:47:23 CEST 2008 -

- update to 0.12
  o Improvements:
    - F5 also refreshes the current view.
    - Allow line graphics to be disabled with new line-graphics
    - Main view: also include the reference names when searching
    - Main view: support for refreshing
    - Main view: disable boundary commits by default. Use —boundary
      when they should be shown
    - Stage view: add stage-next action to jump to next diff chunk
      that can be staged. By default bound to @
    - Configure: check for the ncurses header files
    - Add author-width option to costumize the width of the author
  o Bug fixes:
    - Fix regression when staging all diff chunks in a section.
    - Bind the maximize view action to O; it conflicted with the
      keybinding to launch the merge tool in the status view
    - Fix problem with $(cmd) usage in shell code. Some shells
      (jsh) installed as /bin/sh does not support it
    - Do not show incomplete boundary commits when —no-walk is used
    - Documentation: Rename gitlink macro to support AsciiDoc 8.2.3
    - Ignore pipe reads with errno "Success" reported after a
      signals, for example when refreshing doing background loading

Mon Apr  7 10:25:46 CEST 2008 -

- update to 0.11
  o Fix pager mode and disable view reliance on the git directory.
  o The date and author columns and references can now be toggled
    on and off.
  o Local (unsigned) tags are now shown as references, and the
    builtin reference colors have been changed to highlight the
    current branch and the remote tracked by the current branch.
  o The status and stage views are now reloaded after running
    external commands (e.g. git commit) so they stay up to date.
  o A blame view has been added, and is accessible from the
    command line (tig blame [rev] file), status view, and the tree
    view (by pressing 'B').
- change compression to bzip2

Mon Mar 17 09:56:07 CET 2008 -

- update to 0.10
  o documentation improvements
  o bugfixes
  o needed updates to work better with git
  o On startup, tig will now attempt to first read a system-wide
    configuration file before loading the user specific
    configuration file.
  o Cherry picking from inside tig has been generalized
    making it possible to wire external commands, which can
    access information about the current commit, to a keybinding.
  o option parsing has been changed to be more similar to gitk's.

Sat Sep 22 09:17:01 CEST 2007 -

- update to 0.9 (no upstream ChangeLog)

Sun May 13 21:35:04 CEST 2007 -

- initial package

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