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  <issue id="984695" tracker="bnc">VUL-0: flash-player: critical vulnerability exploited in the wild (APSA16-03)</issue>
  <issue id="2016-4149" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4148" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4147" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4146" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4145" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4144" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4143" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4142" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4141" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4140" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4129" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4128" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4166" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4125" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4124" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4127" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4123" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4122" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4150" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4151" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4152" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4153" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4154" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4155" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4156" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4171" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4138" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4139" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4136" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4137" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4134" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4135" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4132" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4133" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4130" tracker="cve" />
  <issue id="2016-4131" tracker="cve" />
Adobe flash-player was updated to to fix the following security issues:

Security update to (boo#984695):
* APSB16-18, CVE-2016-4122, CVE-2016-4123, CVE-2016-4124,
  CVE-2016-4125, CVE-2016-4127, CVE-2016-4128, CVE-2016-4129,
  CVE-2016-4130, CVE-2016-4131, CVE-2016-4132, CVE-2016-4133,
  CVE-2016-4134, CVE-2016-4135, CVE-2016-4136, CVE-2016-4137,
  CVE-2016-4138, CVE-2016-4139, CVE-2016-4140, CVE-2016-4141,
  CVE-2016-4142, CVE-2016-4143, CVE-2016-4144, CVE-2016-4145,
  CVE-2016-4146, CVE-2016-4147, CVE-2016-4148, CVE-2016-4149,
  CVE-2016-4150, CVE-2016-4151, CVE-2016-4152, CVE-2016-4153,
  CVE-2016-4154, CVE-2016-4155, CVE-2016-4156, CVE-2016-4166,

Please see
for more information.
  <summary>Security update for flash-player</summary>