File argyllcms.changes of Package argyllcms

Tue Mar 10 02:08:52 UTC 2020 - Stanislav Brabec <>

- Fix argyllcms--gcc--fno-common.patch according to the upstream

Thu Mar  5 02:49:25 CET 2020 -

- Update to version 2.1.2:
  * Added -d option to spotread to print out Density values.
  * Many i1Pro2 fixes.
  * Changed targen round down/up to 0%/100% to have a tighter
    tollerance of 0.5% rather than 2%, so that -n values of
    L* 1 and 99 are not rounded. 
  * Fix bug in xicclu -v2 option when operating on a .cal file.
  * Added -M option to ccxxmake.
  * Added -Yk flag to spectro/dispread.
  * Fixed bug in xicc/xmatrix.c when creating input profile from
    XYZ input data.
  * Modified txt2ti3 to cope with files that don't have
    SampleName/SampleID fields.
  * Added instrument ambient mode (-a flag) to dispcal, dispread
    and ccxxmake.
  * Fixed latent data sensitivity problem with i1Pro and Munki
    Spectro high res-mode.
  * Added spotread -rw option.
  * Added check in dispwin for sanity of calibration curves.
  * Added spectral support to namedc/cxf parser.
  * Fixed profile/txt2ti3.c to properly handle i1profiler
    SPECTRAL_NMXXX format.
  * Changed dispcal ADJ_THRESH mode MIN_THRESH value to 0.25 from
- Fix build with with -fno-common, which is the default in gcc-10
  (bsc#1160256, argyllcms--gcc--fno-common.patch).

Sun Jan  5 02:53:35 UTC 2020 - Stefan Brüns <>

- Use pkgconfig(libpng) BuildRequires, the build system looks for
  the unversioned and falls back to its bundled version.
- Remove bundled zlib source, otherwise it is built even when the
  system zlib is found. This triggers a fatal rpm check failure on
  Leap 15.x due to compiler warnings.
- Also remove bundled png/tiff/axTLS sources.
- Remove pkgconfig(mxml) dependency, ArgyllCMS bundles a patched one.

Wed Dec  4 17:06:10 UTC 2019 - Richard Brown <>

- Update to v2.1.1
  * Added SpyderX support
  * Changed spotread -E option to work with all the spectral instruments
  * Improvements and bug fixes to oeminst and oemdnld
  * Increased maximum render channels to 16
  * Added -O option to collink to allow creating a link purely from calibration file
  * Added -w parameter to spotread, to use the -i parameter illuminant for L*a*b* calculation
- Remove obsolete patch argyllcms-decl.patch 

Wed Apr 24 09:16:27 UTC 2019 - Martin Liška <>

- Disable LTO (boo#1133108).

Thu Mar 21 11:30:20 UTC 2019 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Modernize old $RPM_* shell variables and tar options.
- Avoid bash-specific pathname expansion syntax in %install.

Mon Dec 11 15:46:05 UTC 2017 -

- replace xorg-x11-devel by the needed individual libraries.

Tue Mar 14 15:44:45 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 1.9.2 and update patches
  * Added CMYKOGB and CMYKRGB 7 channel ink preset, and made targen
    more flexible in matching pre-conditioning profiles to targen ink
  * Fix oeminst for OS X save location.
  * Fix oeminst for OS X Spyder 4 CD calibration file location. 
  * Improved robustness of ChromeCast discovery, and added some minimal
  * Improved robustness of targen ofps patch generation when using less
    well behaved pre-conditioning profiles.
  * Fixed oeminst so that it locates cdrom's in Linuxes latest mount
    point of /run/media/$USER/.
  * Fixed bug in i1pro2 driver, in which strip calibration would fail
    if instrument had been first calibrated with ARGYLL_DISABLE_I1PRO2_DRIVER
    set, and then calibrated with ARGYLL_DISABLE_I1PRO2_DRIVER unset.
  * Added option to icclib to write Output profiles using 'chad' tag if
    the ARGYLL_CREATE_DISPLAY_PROFILE_WITH_CHAD environment variable is
    set. This is not recommended for normal use, but may assist
    compatibility with other systems.
  * Added JETI spectraval support, including Bluetooth access.
  * Added support for the Klein K10 connecting via a serial port.
  * Fixed bug in Colormunki Smile driver that causes crash on Ubuntu
    16.04.1 LTS.
  * Modified "lp" intent to greatly reduce eliminate Helmholtz-Kohlrausch
    appearance modelling.
  * Fixed problem with targen -g, in that the corresponding XYZ values
    had double the power applied, rather than none. This was causing
    problems with printtarg spacer colors.
  * Extensive re-write of colorimetric nearest clipping code in rspl/rev.c
    to restore precision that was lost in the speedups made in V1.0.0. The
    nnrev setup now takes a lot longer with   high resolution CMYK profiles
    though. This corrects a "green becoming too yellow" problem for mapping
    from ProPhoto space with some RGB devices.
  * Change dispwin to properly set X11 DirectColor and take account of
    TrueColor Colormap.  This fixes problem with NVidia linux driver 364.12
    exposing a VideoLUT depth that is different from the frame buffer depth.
  * Change icclib to automatically repair icmTextDescription strings that
    have an allocation that is longer than their size.
  * Added i1Pro Lamp Drift test and fix functions to spotread (-Y l|L options).
  * Change colprof so that -s -S will accept general compression percentage
    as an alternative to a source colorspace/image gamut.
  * Added optional conversion from native Gretag-MacBeth & X-Rite reflective
    calibration standards to/from XRGA.
  * Changed OS X GUI support code so as not to switch to "interact with the
    Dock" mode until actual GUI element is to be displayed. This prevents
    batch commands with optional GUI elements from blocking normal GUI
  * Re-jigged OS X UI code to use the main thread to avoid window
    creation timing issues and a warning backtrace on OS X 10.11.
  * Added CMP_Digital_Target-7.cht
  * Fix spec2cie to cope with .ti3 files that are missing device values,
    so that it can process a wider range of input CIE reference files.
  * Changed implementation of ARGYLL_NOT_INTERACTIVE on MSWin to make
    it more reliable when operated progromatically.
  * Fixed chartread so that if you are reading patch by patch, the
    location strings can be arbitrary (i.e. they don't have to conform
    to an alpha/num strip/patch pattern.)
  * Added support for Sencore ColorPro V, IV & III colorimeters
    (based on Sequel Chroma colorimeter.).
- Drop argyllcms-udev151.patch
- Drop argyllcms-1.4.0-warnings.patch

Wed Apr 13 09:40:00 UTC 2016 -

- BuildRequire systemd-rpm-macros which defines _udevrulesdir for us

Tue Nov 24 20:16:44 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 1.8.3
  * Added SpyderCheckr24 scaning .cht and .cie files.
  * Fixed USB problem with i1pro (Rev B & D ?), where communications 
    would occasionally break down on fast systems.
  * Added another fixed display intergration time to i1pro non-adaptive
    emission mode to cope with higher brightness displays.
  * Added workaround for i1d3 Rev. B status code 0x83 on very low 
    light measurement
  * Fixed minor bug in i1d3.c that truncated serial number string.
  * Fixed bug in Klein K10 driver - adaptive measurement wasn't properly 
    using all the extra measurements.
  * Improved Klein K10 driver to be more robust when lights off command 
    returns bogus error codes, or causes a cascade of bogus measurement 
  * Added workaround for OS X 10.9+ "App Nap" problem.
  * Added maximum sensor frequency check for Spyder & i1d3 drivers, 
    so that erronious readings due to excessive brightness can't be missed.
  * Changed chartread so that it doesn't warn of a possible wrong strip
    being read, nor allows bi-directional strip reading, if "printtarg -r" 
    was used. A warning will be issued if "printtarg -r" was used, and 
    "chartread -B" wasn't used.
  * Fixed collink for eeColor Full range RGB to use output curve 
    ("second" 1D curves) to compensate for cLUT being wired for 1.0 
    output from 1.0 input.
  * Added "lp" gamut mapping intent :- Luminance Preserving Perceptual, 
    for Photographers concerned with maintaining tonal variations.
  * Fixed bugs in image specific gamut mapping that were degrading 
    the accuracy of the result.
  * Re-wrote gamut smoothing code, and re-tuned it to behave similarly 
    to the V1.8.2 release.
  * Changed default viewing condition glare to 5%, to smooth out shadow tone curve.
  * Reduced the level of Helmholtz-Kohlrausch effect in CIECAM02 
    implementation in the light of visual experiments.
- Changes from version 1.8.2
  * Fixed endless loop bug in alternate calibration selectors code.
- Changes from version 1.8.1
  * Fixed bug in "spec2cie -n" wrong field indexes were being used.
  * Fixed colorimeter calibration selectors to add in alternate 
    selectors if the letters are free.
- Changes from version 1.8.0
  * Added support for the Image Engineering EX1 spectroradiometer.
  * Added support for the SwatchMate Cube reflective colorimeter, 
    with improved accuracy.
  * Added Added Television Lighting Consistency Index (EBU TLCI-2012 Qa) 
    to spotread and specplot output.
  * Added R9 value to CRI value in spotread and specplot output.
  * Added workaround for JETI specbos having been calibrated by
    a 3rd party, and its calibrated range being out of sync with 
    its claimed range.
  * Added support for "EMISINPUT" type .ti3 file.
  * Build using OpenSSL rather than axTLS if it is built on Linux.
  * Fixed stack space problem in OS X UI programs by expanding main 
    thread proxy to have 8MB instead of the default 512K.
  * Updated built in libtiff to V4.0.4beta.
  * Changed CGATS format to not emit unknown keyword declaration ("KEYWORD")
    by default.
  * Added inst_calc_cond_mask to inst.h to allow for flags in calibration 
    conditions. A consequence of this is that calc needs to be masked with 
    this when comparing against a specific condition, and the inst_calc_optional_flag
    should be cleared if it is set, before callint inst->calibrate() if the 
    user wants to proceed with a particular calibration.
  * Fixed bug with dispcal -e N
  * Fixed bug in xicclu -fg and -kp
  * Added dispcal -x x option to allow reading a chart and manually entering
    the XYZ values.
  * Fix spyder4 & 5 bug where some display types were set as refresh 
    when they shouldn't be.
  * Fix collink "Warning :- RGB black hack trigger more than once!" 
    when -b is used with input video encoding (-e).
  * Changed colprof so that the default ICC description is the base 
    filename rather than the whole file path.
  * Fix technology type and display type selector "uniqueification"
    bug  that shows up in "ccxxmake -??".
  * Add OEM field to ccmx and ccss files to mark files that have
    been installed from OEM disk, so that custom ccmx & ccss files 
    can be given suggested selector letter priority (+ ref/CRT.ccss).
  * Tweak CGATS write format to avoid scientific notation until the 
    numbers are bigger and smaller (i.e until e6 and e-6 are needed).
- Changes from version 1.7.0
  * Improved gamut mapping to reduce unnecessary changes to less 
    saturated colors  such as skin tones.
  * Add support for DataColor Spyder 5.
  * Add support for ColorHug2 colorimeter.
  * Add support for Klein K10-A colorimeter.
  * Added Google ChromeCast as a test patch generator for Video displays.
  * Added ls2ti3 tool to convert LightSpace .bcs files to .ti3.
  * Added IRIDAS .cube 3DLut format support to collink.
  * Add X3D and X3DOM support as an alternative to VRML, and make X3DOM 
    the default.
  * Add better cross compatibility with non-Argyll ICC profiles using 
    ArgyllCMS 'arts' tag to mark 'wtpt' Absolute Colorimetric chromaticity
    transform, as well as implement proper absolute colorimetric intent 
    for Display profiles use the 'chad' tag. Note that the standard 
    ICC profiles provided by ArgyllCMS in the ref directory (such as sRGB etc.)
    now include an 'arts' tag.
  * Ignore any patches that have zero values for creating Display profiles,
    unless they are for device zero.
  * Fix various instrument communications problems for JETI specbos, 
    DTP20, DTP92 & DTP94.
  * Fix gestaltSystemVersion warning on OS X 10.10.
  * Fix very major bug in illumread. It wasn't actually working at all
    since V1.4.0.
  * Added collink -I[gG][:p.p]:x.x options that allows an output offset 
    gamma curve be targetted instead of BT1886.
  * Added dispcal and collink -b black point hack. This forces the input 
    zero to map to the output zero for well behaved displays, reducing 
    dependence on the instrument accuracy for a very dark black point.
  * Added preset list of display techologies to select from in ccxxmake.
  * Added a -P prune option to profcheck, that creates a .ti3 file pruned
    of any patches that have a delta E fit error greater than a threshold.
    This may be of use in eliminating bad reading values from a measurement set.
  * Added histogram plot option -h to both profcheck and verify.
  * Added a dispread & fakeread -Z option to set the number of bits to
    quantize the test values to.
  * Fixed bug in targen - the -V dark emphasis wasn't being applied to OFPS 
    generated points.
  * Make sure that if an instrument display reading is interrupted by a
    forced calibration, that the user is asked to place it back on the 
    display before resuming the measurements.
- Remove obsolete patches 
  * argyllcms-udev-builtin.patch
  * argyllcms-udev-hwdb.patch
- Some specfile cleanups and improvements
- Update argyllcms-udev151.patch 

Tue Feb 24 15:00:24 UTC 2015 -

- Use -std=gnu89 for building to not run into broken __declspec
  uses with the GCC 5 default of -std=gnu99.

Mon Feb 23 13:55:20 UTC 2015 -

- allow building with udev-mini by using pkgconfig(udev)

Mon Feb 23 13:48:38 UTC 2015 -

- do not rpm -q udev

Wed Feb  4 10:23:32 UTC 2015 -

- Add argyllcms.changes to Source, used to compute timestamp
- Use a stable timestamp for generated files (boo#916158), ensuring
  build is reproducible.

Mon Jan 26 09:46:09 UTC 2015 -

- Move reference files to /usr/share/argyll/ref, expected path from
  gnome-color-manager (bsc#914679).

Fri Jan 31 14:35:20 UTC 2014 -

- Release 1.6.3:
  + Added ProPhoto.icm and ProPhotoLin.icm to ref profiles.
  + Fix bug in xicclu -py conversion.
  + Added code to minimize ICC rounding error on matrix profile
    white point accuracy. Re-generated all reference profiles with
    this change.
  + Changed i1d3 driver to completely ignore any EEPROM checksum
    errors for non "A-01" rev. instruments.
  + Made transplot handle RGB->RGB device link.
  + Removed colprof -y option. Use "profcheck -v2" instead, as it
    is more developed.
  + Fixed bug in dispcal - it was not using the final measurement
    pass to update the calibration curves.
  + Fixed bug in spotread, dispcal & dispread for CCSS capable
    instruments where refresh display types was being ignored if a
    custom observer was used, and/or the custom observer as being
    ignored, and/or a  CCMX was being ignored.
  + Renamed verify to colverify to avoid clash with MSWin program
    of the same name. Made it print the patch location for -v2 if
    it is present in the file.
  + Changed targen to ensure that -V and -p options effects are
    reflected in the resulting expected CIE values of the .ti1
  + Changed targen so that -V parameter also affects single
    channel, grey wedge, grid & body centered grid point
  + Changed colprof to deal with variable grid distribution in a
    more neuanced way, to reduce overshoot artifacts when the -V
    parameter is used.
  + Changed colprof to used a power_like function for the grid
    distribution shape from the -V parameter, so as to avoid issues
    with a power curve infinte slope near zero.
  + Changed colprof to used a scaled down value of the targen -V
    parameter as the default for its -V parameter.
  + Added a special case to collink for RGB video input encoding to
    (attempt) to fine tune the black point to compensate for it
    (probably) not falling on a cLUT grid point. & out encoding.
  + Tweaked dispcal to try and improve accuracy of black point
  + Switch dispread to use NoClamp readings, so that average black
    point value is not biased.
  + Fixed bug introduced into 1.6.2 oeminst that prevents .ccss
    files being installed.

Fri Dec 20 13:46:14 UTC 2013 -

- Release 1.6.2:
 + Added "dark region emphasis" -V parameter to targen and colprof.
 + Fixed bug and tweaked dispcal black point optimization to err on
   the black side. Added -v3 for even more debugging information.
 + Changed i1d3 driver to be more forgiving of EEProm checksum
   calculation (support for ""A-02"" release).
 + Fixed problem with TV encoded output and dispread -E -k/-K.
 + Fixed minor bug in DE94 in icclib.
 + Fixed major bug in illumread - result was being corrupted.
 + Fixed "edges don't match" bug in printarg when -iCM -h -s/-S
 + Fix bug in -H flag in ccxxmake, chartread, dispcal, dispread,
   illumread & spotread so that it works once again.

- Bugfix update from 1.6.1:
 + Fix bug in "average -m"
 + Fix oeminst to work with a wider range of i1d3 install files.
 + Fix ColorMunki reflective measurement accuracy, particularly for
   reflective readings.
- Remove argyllcms-stringcompare.patch, argyllcms-void.patch:
  merged upstream.

Tue Aug 20 18:53:03 CEST 2013 -

- Release 1.6.0:
  + Added support for JETI specbos 1211 and 1201.
  + Added Video profiling & 3dLut creation support for eeColor and
  + Linux profile installation will use colord.
  + Fix ColorHug driver.
  + Changed instlib API ambient XYZ and spectral units to Lux.
  + For those instruments that support it, made ambient readings
    honor refresh mode measurements.
  + Changed spotread -ew mode to be Bradford chromatic transform
    rather than XYZ scaling.
  + Added support to xicclu to lookup colors though CAL files.
  + Added -Y R:rate option to spotread, dispcal, dispread &
  + By default printtarg will create PS and EPS files with a CUPS
    job ticket to disable color management.
  + Added display update delay calibration support to i1pro and
  + Changed dispcal & dispread so that they wait up to 0.5 seconds
    when reading dark patches after light ones to allow for display
    fall time.
  + Changed dispwin daemon loader mode option from -E to -X.
  + Changed dispcal verify option from -E to -z.
  + Added -E option to to dispread to encode test patch colors in
    Video 16-235 range.
  + Changed CIECAM02 Flare model to distinguish between Flare from
    the image itself, and Glare from ambient light.
  + Improved i1pro hi-res mode to improve accuracy.
  + Added Body Centered Cubic grid option to targen.
  + Added -Yn flag to dispcal and dispread.
  + Improve robustness of i1d3 display update measurement code.
  + Added support for applying calibration curves in collink.
  + Changed spotread so that it won't fall back to emissive spot
    mode if an ambient reading is requested.
  + Turned off B2A table clip map smoothing.
  + Fixed crash in ucmm/ucmm.c when loading certain profiles using
  + Fixed gamut mapping intent "rl" to really use relative L*a*b*
  + Fix bug in cicam02 in V1.5.0 that causes some mapping problems
    in the red for collink -ir or -ila. 
  + Changed cctiff so that it does lossless JPEG copy when there is
    no color transformation
  + Fix xicclu so that it works with device links.
  + Fixed bug in shaper/matrix profile curves that caused random
    bumpy black behaviour.
  + Don't add colorant tag to .tiff files in cctiff unless it is a
    non-standard space, as Photoshop will barf on such files.
  + Fix bug with Spyder not being able to break out of dispcal
    adjustment loop.
  + Fix bug in xicc/xicclu, -K flag not being recognised.
  + Fix bug in xicc/xmatrix.c introduced that prevents matrix only
    profiles from being created.
  + libusb 1.0 is now deprecated in favor of native USB drivers.

Wed Jul 31 17:13:06 UTC 2013 -

- Release 1.5.1:
  + Many bug fixes
  + add support for i1pro Rev E (i1pro2)
  + improved support for ColorMunki and i1pro
  + spotread can interactively query refresh rate
  + spyd2en, spyd4en and i1d3ccss was been merged in one tool named
  + No longer uses libusb, talk directly to USB device through
    kernel devices.
  + Add support for ColorCheckerPassport in scanin.
  + -V (adaptative mode) is deprecated in dispcal, dispread and
    ccxxmake, since it is the default. Use -ZA flag to disable.
  + ColorHug support is enabled by default.
  + Added automatic adjustement of patch reading for i1d3.
- Drop argyllcms-fixbuild.patch (merged)
- Rename argyllcms-1.3.0-udev151.patch to argyllcms-udev151.patch.
- Add argyllcms-udev-builtin.patch for udev usb-db builtin
  (openSUSE 12.2/12.3) and argyllcms-udev-hwdb.patch (openSUSE 13.1
  and later) for udev hwdb.
- Update argyllcms-1.4.0-warnings.patch (partially merged)
- Drop SG_header.txt, merged upstream.

Thu Oct 18 08:36:09 UTC 2012 -

- Fix build with new udev rules directory location.

Fri Oct 12 07:40:47 UTC 2012 -

- replace jam with ./jam

Tue Jun 26 14:53:48 CEST 2012 -

- Add new upstream version of SG_header.txt, to prevent any legal
  misunderstanding (bnc#768826).

Mon Jun 25 13:21:04 CEST 2012 -

- Release 1.4.0:
  + various bug fixes
  + add support for ICC profiles in embedded JPEG
  + fix CVE-2012-1616 (bnc#768322)
- drop autotools patches, switch back to original Jam based build
- add ajam (argyll patched version of Jam, BSD-license) to source
  package (needed only for build)
- drop shared libraries and corresponding subpackages, not used by
- drop cologhug patch, merged upstream.
- Add argyllcms-fixbuild.patch: fix build with system tiff/jpeg
- Add ajam-include.patch: add missing headers
- Add argyllcms-1.4.0-warnings.patch: fix gcc warnings
- Add bison as BuildRequires (needed to build ajam)
- Compile with -f-no-strict-aliasing to prevent potential issues
  with gcc 4.7

Fri Jan 27 08:21:17 UTC 2012 -

- Fix ColorHug support with new firmware

Mon Jan 23 10:50:19 UTC 2012 -

- ColorHug-sensor-driver.patch: Fix function declaration to improve
  detection of 'perfect black' (via

Thu Jan 19 15:24:23 UTC 2012 -

- remove unused copies of libusb0 and libusbw
- remove unused code from libusb1 directory (windows / macos)
- call autoreconf in %build

Mon Jan 16 16:21:17 UTC 2012 -

- Add copyright header to specfile
- Clean specfile with spec-cleaner
- Argyllcms is now mostly using AGPLv3, update License tag and use
  SPDX syntax.
- Drop patch which was renaming scanner in documentation (not
  applied anyway).

Thu Jan 12 10:36:56 UTC 2012 -

- Fix Factory build: explicitly BuildRequire autoconf, automake
  and libtool

Wed Jan 11 20:00:46 UTC 2012 -

- Update to 1.3.5
- add Argyll_V1.3.5_autotools.patch covering new files to compile
- add 0001-Add-an-experimental-ColorHug-sensor-driver.patch to
  support 'colorhug' from (experimental)

Mon Nov  8 10:33:27 UTC 2010 -

- Release 1.3.2 (bug fixes)
- remove argyllcms-1.3.0-include.patch (merged upstream)

Thu Sep 23 12:03:40 UTC 2010 -

- argyllcms-1.3.0-udev151.patch: remove all ACL management from 
  udev rules, it is handled by udev package itself (Mandriva)
- argyllcms-1.3.0-include.patch : fix missing includes

Sun Sep 12 18:17:03 UTC 2010 -

- Release 1.3.0
- remove patches argyllcms-1.1.0-bufferoverflow.patch,
  argyllcms-1.1.0-void.patch, argyllcms-1.1.0-strfmt.patch (merged

Mon Aug  9 16:30:57 UTC 2010 -

- Update patch1 with new version from Roland, merging patch10 in it

Mon Aug  9 15:58:06 UTC 2010 -

- Update to 1.2.1
- move back icclib to argyllcms, upstream release are not so frequent as Argyllcms one
- Patch10: allow to use (or not) system icclib
- update patches 8 and 9 with new fixes

Thu Aug  5 16:21:44 UTC 2010 -

- Update to latest release and move icclib to a separate package

Mon Apr 20 08:34:10 CET 2009 - Vladimir Nadvornik <>
- ported to openSUSE

Mon Mar 23 08:34:10 CET 2009 - Ron Ciesla <>
- Patch for ICC library CVE-2009-{0583, 0584} by Tim Waugh.

Mon Feb 23 00:12:29 CET 2009 - Fedora Release Engineering <>
- Rebuilt for
* Wed Sep 3 2008 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at>
- 1.0.3-1
* Mon Sep 1 2008 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at>
- 1.0.2-1
* Sun Jul 27 2008 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at>
- 1.0.1-1
* Wed Mar 26 2008 Tom "spot" Callaway <>
- patch applied for legal reasons
* Thu Feb 8 2008 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at>
- 0.70-0.8.Beta9
- 0.70-0.8.Beta8
* Thu Feb 7 2008 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at>
- 0.70-0.7.Beta8
* Thu Dec 14 2007 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at>
- 0.70-0.6.Beta7
- 0.70-0.5.Beta7
* Thu Dec 13 2007 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at>
- 0.70-0.4.Beta7
* Wed Dec 12 2007 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at>
- 0.70-0.3.Beta7
- 0.70-0.2.Beta7
- 0.70-0.1.Beta7