File crash-SLE15-SP1-Fix-for-PPC64-kernel-virtual-address-translation-in.patch of Package crash

From 28fa7bd09013455b5ddc020dea4706278cda0d65 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Hari Bathini <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2018 01:34:22 +0530
Subject: book3s/ppc64: Increase the VA range
Upstream: no, adapts the below upstream commit for SLE15 SP1
Git-commit: 28fa7bd09013455b5ddc020dea4706278cda0d65

Fix for PPC64 kernel virtual address translation in Linux 4.17 and
later kernels with commit c2b4d8b7417a59b7f9a52d0d8402f5257cbbd398,
titled "powerpc/mm/hash64: Increase the VA range", in which the
maximum virtual address value has been increased to 4PB.  Without
the patch, the translation/access of high vmalloc space addresses
fails; for example, the "kmem -[sS]" option fails the translation
of per-cpu kmem_cache_cpu addresses located in vmalloc space, with
the error messages "kmem: invalid kernel virtual address: <address>
type: kmem_cache_cpu.freelist" and "kmem: invalid kernel virtual
address: <address>  type:", and the "vtop"
command shows the addresses as "(not mapped)". (

[note: apply on 4.12+ for SLE 15 SP1 - incompatible with SLE 15 SP0]


Index: crash-7.2.8/ppc64.c
--- crash-7.2.8.orig/ppc64.c
+++ crash-7.2.8/ppc64.c
@@ -519,8 +519,9 @@ ppc64_init(int when)
 					if (THIS_KERNEL_VERSION >= LINUX(4,12,0)) {
 						m->l2_index_size = PMD_INDEX_SIZE_L4_64K_4_12;
-						if (THIS_KERNEL_VERSION >= LINUX(4,17,0))
-							m->l3_index_size = PUD_INDEX_SIZE_L4_64K_4_17;
+						if (THIS_KERNEL_VERSION >= LINUX(4,17,0) ||
+							is_SLE15SP1())
+								m->l3_index_size = PUD_INDEX_SIZE_L4_64K_4_17;
 							m->l3_index_size = PUD_INDEX_SIZE_L4_64K_4_12;
 						m->l4_index_size = PGD_INDEX_SIZE_L4_64K_4_12;
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