File topicdefs of Package kernel-firmware

amdgpu		AMDGPU graphics driver
atheros		Atheros wireless drivers
ath10k		Atheros QCA988x WiFi drivers
ath11k		Atheros Qualcomm WiFi drivers
bluetooth	various Bluetooth drivers
bnx2		Broadcom network drivers
brcm		Broadcom wireless drivers
chelsio		Chelsio network drivers
dpaa2		NXP Management Complex bus driver
i915		Intel i915 graphics driver
intel		Intel-platform device drivers
iwlwifi		Intel wireless drivers
liquidio	Cavium LiquidIO driver
marvell		Marvell network drivers
media		various Video4Linux drivers
mediatek	Mediatek network drivers
mellanox	Mellanox Spectrum switch driver
mwifiex		Marvell WiFi fullmac drivers
network		various network drivers
nfp		Netronome Flow Processor driver
nvidia		Nvidia Tegra and graphics drivers
platform	various platform drivers
prestera	Marvell Prestera ASIC driver
qlogic		QLogic network drivers
radeon		Radeon graphics driver
realtek		Realtek wireless drivers
serial		various serial drivers
sound		various sound drivers
ti		Texas Instruments wireless drivers
ueagle		Eagle IV USB ADSL modem driver
usb-network	various USB WiFi / Ethernet drivers
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