File libimobiledevice.changes of Package libimobiledevice

Wed Oct 14 13:00:18 UTC 2020 - Christophe Giboudeaux <>

- Use the new library name in baselibs.conf.

Thu Sep 24 07:15:34 UTC 2020 - Martin Pluskal <>

- Remove unnecessary provides/obsoletes

Tue Sep 22 09:03:31 UTC 2020 - Stefan Elser <>
- Update to verison 1.3.0+git.20200910
  * Fix service startup for iOS 14b4
  * Add more lockdown error codes
  * Add new lockdownd_pair_with_options() function
  * Make sure sockets only listen locally due to security reasons
  * Plug various memory leaks
  * Store application information in Info.plist using idevicebackup2
  * Various other bugfixes and improvements

Sun Apr  5 07:32:28 UTC 2020 - Martin Pluskal <>

- Update to version 1.2.0+git.20200330:
  * Add idevicesetlocation tool
  * debugserver: Fix argv encoding
  * Update debug.c to consistently output to stderr
  * idevicedebug: Rename name-colliding debug_info() to log_debug()
  * debugserver: Fix whitespace error
  * introduces optional `idevice_connection_disable_ssl` with ability not to send  SSL shutdown message. As in debugserver this message will be considered as GDB server communication and break things
  * Increase timeout for service receive methods
  * idevicesyslog: Make sure CTRL+C works when waiting for passcode entry
  * Add checks to ensure libusbmuxd is up-to-date

Sat Mar 14 07:08:00 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Fix not needed requires

Thu Mar 12 11:02:14 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Switch python bindings to base on python3
- Update version to 1.2.0+git20200220.3d8d13f:
  * Many fixes all around
  * support for py3

Tue Jun 12 01:28:19 UTC 2018 -

- update version 1.2.0+git20180427.26373b3
  * Propagate lower level errors to callers instead of returning unknown
  * Added IDEVICE_DEVICE_PAIRED event constant matching the corresponding
  * Define htobe16 if not defined
  * Fix parameter check of instproxy_check_capabilities_match()
  * Avoid double free with OpenSSL 1.1.0 (boo#1103546)
  * Don't use ERR_remove_thread_state() with OpenSSL 1.1.0
  * #ifdef out code which is a no-op with OpenSSL 1.1.0
  * cython: Fix build error after error constant rename
  * gnutls: check for interrupted gnutls_handshake()
  * idevicescreenshot: Detect screenshot image format to determine file extension
  * Add basic mobileactivation service implementation
  * mobileactivation: Add new functions required for drmHandshake / session mode device activation
  * lockdown: Don't explicitly validate pairing unless we're dealing with an older device
  * mobileactivation: Don't convert activation record if it is already passed as PLIST_DATA
  * mobileactivation: Allow passing activation response headers as required for iOS 11.2+
  * lockdown: Plug small memory leak
  * idevicesyslog: Wait for passcode entry on device when required
  * idevicediagnostics: Add HDMI to the list of valid options for diagnostics command
  * idevicediagnostics: Add ioregentry command to query device IORegistry by entry
  * userpref: [GnuTLS] Fix 3.6.0 SHA1 compatibility
  * userpref: [GnuTLS] Use valid serial for >= 3.6.0
  * build: Fix with srcdir != builddir

Thu Feb  2 10:12:12 UTC 2017 -

- added _service file to clearly show the package origin

Thu Feb  2 01:32:19 UTC 2017 -

- SRPM group assignment fix. Trim DLL/library format baggage
  from description.

Sun Jan 22 12:33:19 UTC 2017 -

- update version 1.2.0+git20170122.45fda81
  * m4: use python-config if available to fix python3 support
    on newer distros
  * lockdown: remove unneeded plist_free() calls since entire dict
    is freed later
  * lockdown: add more error codes
  * add new lockdownd_pair_with_options() function
  * fix installation_proxy when using GnuTLS instead of OpenSSL
  * tools: fix inverted abort condition in idevicecrashreport
  * tools: idevicecrashreport: propertly initialize buffer used
    to check for ping message
  * tools: idevicecrashreport: fix missing 0-term when creating local
  * make sure sockets only listen locally
  * idevicebackup: fix some timestamps that are relative to the Mac
    epoch instead of Unix one
  * avoid potential NULL pointer dereference (leading to segfault) if
    functions are called w/ null arguments
  * add new functions to get the underlying file descriptor of an
    idevice connection
  * idevicedebug: show error if container info not found
  * diagnostics_relay: plug small memory leak
  * file_relay: plug small memory leak
  * update GnuTLS certificate callback to new API
  * fix SSL version negotiation with newer versions of OpenSSL
  * lockdown: remove unnecessary check for pair record file during
  * userpref: remove obsoleted function userpref_has_pair_record()
  * idevice: update GnuTLS code to support iOS 10
  * lockdown: return LOCKDOWN_E_INVALID_HOST_ID when missing pair record
  * idevicebackup2: fix removal of snapshot dir during backup w iOS 10+
  * idevicebackup2: add installed application info to Info.plist
    during backup
  * idevicebackup2: fix assertion occuring when copying non-present MEID
  * idevicebackup2: suppress repeated printing of global status when
    100% is reached
  * idevicebackup2: use remove_file() wrapper instead of remove()
  * idevicebackup2: don't report an error when file to remove doesn't
  * idevicebackup2: fix heap buffer out-of-bounds write caused by
    wrong buffer size
  * userpref: [GnuTLS]fix pairing record generation and improve
    error handling
  * idevicebackup2: plug some small memory leaks
  * misagent: add new misagent_copy_all() function (introduced in iOS 9.3)
  * ideviceprovision: use newer API to get list of profiles on iOS 9.3+
  * ideviceprovision: check output directory parameter for 'copy'
    command and return exit code on error
  * ideviceprovision: allow copying single profiles instead of all
  * ideviceprovision: add new remove-all command to remove all installed
    profiles at once
  * idevicebackup2: fix logical bug when checking for success of backup
  * ideviceprovision: fix ASN1 parsing for large provisioning profiles
  * property_list_service: remove packet length check when receiving
    plist data
- drop libimobiledevice-CVE-2016-5104.patch, upstreamed
- drop libimobiledevice-nosslv3.patch, upstream changed default
  method from SSLv3_method to TLSv1_method.

Fri May 27 13:10:37 UTC 2016 -

- Add libimobiledevice-CVE-2016-5104.patch: Make sure sockets only
  listen locally (CVE-2016-5104, boo#982014).

Wed Jul 29 06:06:53 UTC 2015 -

- fix baselibs.conf

Sat Jul 18 23:35:28 UTC 2015 -

- libimobiledevice-nosslv3.patch: In tumbleweed, SSLv3_method 
  fails because there is no sslv3 support, use SSLv233_method instead
  to negotiate the highest TLS version available.

Sun Mar  1 13:02:52 UTC 2015 -

- update version 1.2.0
  * Require autoconf 2.64 or later
  * Remove dev tools, will return either as proper tools or website examples
  * Refactor installation proxy service implementation and normalize code
  * API: Added instproxy_lookup() to efficiently lookup app information
  * API: Added instproxy_check_capabilities_match() to check device capabilities
  * API: Added various instproxy command and status plist getters
  * API: Make debugserver_client_set_ack_mode() public
  * Fix handling of clients reconnecting in idevicedebugserverproxy which
    previously didn't work properly
  * Flush stdout for every line in idevicesyslog
  * Fix shutdown of idevicedebugserverproxy tool which could hang
  * Notify user when erroneously using idevicebackup with iOS 4 or later
  * Enable build of idevicecrashreport on WIN32
  * Fix thread handle leaks on WIN32 adding thread_new and thread_free
  * cython: Add receive/receive_timeout methods for iDeviceConnection to
    receive raw data from a connection
  * cython: Add new FILE_RELAY_E_PERMISSION_DENIED(-6) error
  * API: Refactor lockdown service internal error checking and add a bunch of
    new native errors
  * Convert int16_t macro error types into enum within common module, too
  * Add new "idevicenotificationproxy" tool to post or observe notifications
  * Fix overlong blocking in np_client_free()
  * Improve maintainability and Requires of pkg-config file
  * API: Add new LOCKDOWN_E_SERVICE_LIMIT error to detect service limit states
  * API: Remove const argv requirement for debugserver_command_new
  * cython: Add get_path_for_bundle_identifier() method to
  * cython: Add DebugServerClient class to communicate with debugserver
  * Comply to strict function prototypes by using (void) instead of just ()
  * Fix notification proxy shutdown process which was incorrectly implemented
  * Fix linking problems on OS X
  * Fix missing debug output which broke with the last release
  * Unify and improve various debug messages
  * Fix re-pairing if pairing with existing pair record failed initially
  * Skip printing long plist (16kb+) files to prevent excessive debug output
  * Move a few common helpers from backup tools to common utility helper code
  * Remove incorrect flags from afc_file_open() documentation
  * Fix various memory leaks

Fri Oct 17 04:39:00 CEST 2014 -

- Update to version 1.1.7
  * Fix broken app args, environment handling and memory leaks in idevicedebug
  * Make all tools print an error if lockdown connection fails
  * Convert int16_t macro error types into enum for better type-checking and
  * for various debugging benefits
  * Avoid exporting non-public symbols for better ABI stability
  * Fix failing backup process for devices having a passcode set and entering
  * lock state during the process in idevicebackup2
  * API: Added lockdownd_start_service_with_escrow_bag()
  * API: Added afc_remove_path_and_contents() for recursive deletion
  * Fix last memory leak with OpenSSL through proper library deinitialization
  * Add new idevicedebug tool to interact with debugserver on a device
  * API: Add debugserver service implementation
  * Handle new PermissionDenied error of file_relay due new security in iOS 8+
  * Fix retry loop problem when device requests 0 files in idevicebackup2
  * Add trust dialog related error codes to Cython bindings
  * Fix various memory leaks in AFC implementation
  * Fix disk image upload with latest iOS 8 in ideviceimagemounter
  * Add new "dump" command to print information about a provisioning profile in
  * ideviceprovision
  * Refactor plist print helper code and move it into common module for better
  * reuse accross the tools
  * Do not crash if retrieving the system buid fails
  * API: Make generic "propery_list_service_client" public
  * Moved doc comments from private to public headers
  * Fix possible segfault when using lockdownd_get_value() due to always
  * returning success
  * Do not read files entirely into memory during restore in idevicebackup
  * Plug a few memory leaks and fix invalid password check in idevicebackup2
  * Add support for file sizes > 4GB on Win32 in idevicebackup2
  * Fix declaration for DllMain on Win32
  * Silence various compiler warnings
  * Fix assert within pairing logic

Mon Jul 14 18:56:00 UTC 2014 -

- add hard depedency on libplist-devel for libimobiledevice-devel
  * fix build for openSUSE Factory
  * I don't know why it didn't automatically requires it.

Mon Jun 16 12:18:56 UTC 2014 -

- Update to version 1.1.6
  * Remove segmentation code from afc_file_read() to provide raw interface and
    more control to API consumer I/O logic
  * Implement global thread safe library initialization, especially to control
    SSL backend lifecycle
  * Major refactoring of pair record code and logic to use new usbmuxd pair
    record management interface
  * Replace user level with system wide pair record file handling
  * Bump dependency to libplist 1.11 and remove use of "plist_dict_insert_item"
  * Bump dependency to libusbmuxd 1.0.9
  * Finish pair record and trust dialog handling for iOS 7+
  * Improve AFC write performance and memory usage
  * Add support for custom output filename to idevicescreenshot
  * Fix detection and compilation for Python 3.x
  * API: Added file_relay_request_sources_timeout()
  * Fix broken HouseArrestClient class in cython bindings
  * Add new idevicecrashreport tool to retrieve crash reports and logs from a
  * Prevent "Failed to restart/shutdown device" messages in idevicediagnostics
  * Link against ws2_32.dll on Win32
  * Add support for iOS 7+ disk image mounting to ideviceimagemounter
  * Add new idevicename tool to get or set the device name
  * Allow unbacking of encrypted backups with a given password to idevicebackup2
  * Remove sending "Goodbye" request on lockdown
  * Add support for newer PLIST_REAL based time type to idevicedate
  * Add note about setting time not working on iOS 6+ to idevicedate
  * Handle partial SSL reads correctly now to prevent random crashes
  * Fix duplicated output in ideviceinfo output
  * Remove a bunch of dead code
  * Fix deprecated OpenSSL "RSA_generate_key" with "RSA_generate_key_ex" which
    is available since OpenSSL 0.9.8 (July 2005)
  * Improve debug messages
  * Enforce "-fsigned-char" to fix issues on embedded platforms
  * Fix compilation with Clang/LLVM
  * Avoid versioning for shared library on Win32
  * Add experimental support for controlling cloud backup mode to idevicebackup2
  * Save EscrowBag when starting service for automatic unlocking in pair record
  * Remove pairing logic which is obsoleted by usbmuxd's preflight handler
  * Fix shutdown of SSL connection to be correct and no longer generate errors
    on device
  * Add support for GnuTLS 3.x and fix broken GnuTLS backend
  * Add extensions to generated certificates to match native ones
  * Add "systembuid" command to idevicepair
  * Allow starting service without the need for a running SSL session
  * Refactor more code into common module
  * Add option to filerelaytest to specify a source to request
  * Fix support for partial messages in webinspector implementation
  * Implement support for encrypted backups in idevicebackup2
  * API: Export SSL control functions for idevice_connection_t
  * API: Make generic service client public to allow external service
  * Implement *_start_service() helper for easier creation of service clients
  * Add public *_SERVICE_NAME defines for each service
  * Fix a great bunch of memory leaks after intensive valigrind session
  * Security: Fix insecure use of the /tmp directory (CVE-2013-2142)
  * A bunch of memory leak fixes
  * Python: Various fixes and support for "with" statement for AfcFile class
  * Python: Add Afc2Client class to allow jailbroken filesystem access
  * Fix linking issue with newer libtool as reported for Ubuntu
  * Fix stuck thread in idevicesyslog which broke quit from within the tool
  * Add syslog_relay service implementation and use it in idevicesyslog
  * API: Add instproxy_client_get_path_for_bundle_identifier() helper
  * API: Add afc_dictionary_free() helper
  * Move thread, socket, debug and userpref code to "common" source directory
    in order to improve code reuse
  * Fix broken byte order detection in which could lead to broken
    AFC protocol communication on platforms without endian.h (Raspberry PI)

Sat Jul 20 08:49:17 UTC 2013 -

- Mark docs/html as %doc, not %docdir: docdir only 'flags' a
  directory to contain documentation, but does not actuall ADD the
  documentation, which is clearly not the intent here.
  Additionally, RPM 4.11 no longer allows %docdir to be used on
  relative paths (as it's meant to flag directories in $DESTDIR).

Mon Jul  8 23:08:39 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 1.1.5:
  + An improved idevicebackup2 tool.
  + Various new tools.
  + Better cross-platform building.
  + Crash fixes.
  + iOS 6+ compatibility fixes.
  + An important API change related to service lifecycle
- Drop libimobiledevice-cython1.16-detection.patch: fixed upstream.
- Drop libimobiledevice-segfault-fix.patch: fixed upstream.
- Change _lname defines to libimobiledevice4, following upstreams
  soname change.
- Update baselibs.conf to follow the soname change.

Mon Apr 15 12:29:14 UTC 2013 -

- Added url as source.
  Please see

Fri Jan 18 23:42:05 UTC 2013 -

- Disable python bindings (using with_python defines):
  python-cython 0.17 became even stricter and the bindings
  currently don't build, but they are also not used by anything at
  this moment (bnc#796133).

Mon Jul  9 17:15:08 CEST 2012 -

- Fix segfault without $XDG_CONFIG_HOME and $HOME set
  (bnc#768537, libiphone#273).

Wed Jun 20 15:23:07 UTC 2012 -

- Add libimobiledevice-cython1.16-detection.patch: Fix build with
  Cython 1.16.

Mon Apr 09 15:45:03 CEST 2012 -

- Allow compilation on 11.4 by disabling cython bindings

Mon Apr 09 02:20:51 CEST 2012 -

- Update to 1.1.4:
  - Fix a bug in idevicesyslog causing the connection to close after timeout
  - Bump soname revision
  - Bump libusbmuxd dependency to 1.0.8
  - Fix reading from syslog_relay and remove null characters
  - Relicense ideviceimagemounter and idevicescreenshot to LGPL
  - Fix a crash when using restored_client_free()
  - API: Add sbservices_get_interface_orientation()
  - Update man pages and code comments for documentation
  - Minor cleanup
  - Add Python bindings generated by Cython
  - Bump libplist requirement to latest 1.8
  - Add support for OpenSSL with fallback to GNUTLS
  - Improvements and various fixes for Win32 and OS X build
  - Remove glib dependency
  - Improve restored implementation
  - Fix various memory leaks
  - Fix support for iOS 5 and later
- Remove swig patch as bindings have been removed
- Remove gstatbuf patch as it is obselete now

Sat Nov 19 20:37:42 UTC 2011 -

- add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency

Tue Jul 26 07:02:28 UTC 2011 -

- add baselibs.conf for libgpod to use

Thu May 26 09:50:48 UTC 2011 -

- Add libimobiledevice-swig-2x.patch: support swig 2.x 

Thu May 12 16:05:12 UTC 2011 -

- Change License tags to LGPLv2.1+ and GPLv2+ (Some of the tools
  are GPLv2+) and add COPYING.LESSER to the library package.

Thu Apr 28 21:49:46 CEST 2011 -

- Update to 1.1.1:
  + Add new idevicebackup2 tool for full backup and restore
    support on iOS 4+
  + Add a workaround for a bug in iOS 4.3 affecting
    lockdown_get_value() which most prominently affected libgpod,
    gvfs, ideviceinfo and some other tools
  + Read ProxyDeath message to preventing obsolete messages in
    device syslog
  + Rework SWIG detection and includes
  + Add new idevicedate tool to get or set the clock on iDevices
  + API: Add mobilesync_clear_all_records_on_device()
  + API: Change device_link_service_disconnect() to accept a
  + Add manpages for ideviceenterrecovery, idevicepair,
    idevicebackup2 and idevicedate
  + Add missing libgen.h include to silence compiler warnings
  + Fix a segfault that might occur if locally stored certs
    could not be read
  + Fix various memory leaks
  + Update documentation
- Add libimobiledevice-gstatbuf-fix.patch to fix build of oS < 11.4

Mon Feb 28 11:01:08 UTC 2011 -

- Update to 1.1.0:
  + Note that this is a development release, which means:
    - Python Bindings will get refactored completely
  + Implement restoring backups using idevicebackup
  + Allow connecting without pairing using "ideviceinfo -s"
  + Add ideviceenterrecovery tool
  + Add mobilesync service implementation
  + Add restored service implementation for restore mode
  + Add home_arrest service implementation for document sharing
  + Add API afc_client_new_from_connection()
  + Support to fetch wallpaper in sbservices
  + Support for formatVersion 2 of iOS 4+ in sbservices
  + Add new lockdownd domains to ideviceinfo
  + Give the device time to prepare backup data to prevent abort
  + Improve idevicebackup output
  + notification_proxy fixes and new notification type
  + Silence some 64bit compiler warnings
  + Fix various memory leaks
  + Update documentation
- Drop 0b40ddb1f41c94a3ee58abc6326e59d65662e5c7.patch: fixed

Wed Dec 29 23:36:07 UTC 2010 -

- backport commit 0b40ddb1f41c94a3ee58abc6326e59d65662e5c7 to fix build

Wed Dec  8 21:34:37 UTC 2010 -

- disable silent rules, breaks post build checks.
- fix -devel package dependencies

Sat Nov 27 20:58:54 CEST 2010 -

- Update to 1.0.4:
  * Fix a possible crash in lockdownd_client_new_with_handshake()
  * Do not not check for Swig/Python if --without-swig is set
  * Fail with an error message if libgcrypt is not found
  * Pass host certificate with GNUTLS correctly
  * Fix connecting to iOS 4.2.1+ devices

Tue Oct 05 22:33:55 CEST 2010 -

- Update to 1.0.3:
  * Terminate idevicesyslog on receive errors (like device unplug)
  * Bugfixes for idevicebackup tool
  * Hopefully the last fixes for big endian machines
  * Build fixes for FreeBSD Python support
  * Fix build on Mac OS X

Sun Jun 20 17:08:57 CEST 2010 -

- Update to 1.0.2:
  * Backport new idevicepair tool to manage pairings
  * Fix a bug causing bad backup data
  * Silence 64bit compiler warnings
  * Plug some memory leaks

Wed May 12 15:03:44 CEST 2010 -

- Update to 1.0.1:
  * Cleanup includes of files
  * Use glib instead of netinet for endianess
  * Fix installation_proxy not adding client options correctly
  * idevicebackup: better handle broken or missing plist files
  * Fix some memory leaks in pairing/handshake process
  * Fix label not being used in lockdownd_client_new()
  * Update AUTHORS, README and installation instructions

Tue Mar 23 19:49:41 CEST 2010 -

- Update to 1.0.0:
  * Update and fix documentation for full coverage
  * Add man pages for tools
  * Extend mobilebackup interface
  * Add user data argument to notification callback function
  * Fix broken Python bindings
  * Add Python bindings for notification proxy interface
  * Add screenshotr interface and tool
  * Add mobile_image_mounter interface and tool
  * Remove HAL fdi rules

Tue Feb 02 17:59:51 CEST 2010 -

- Rename package to libimobiledevice
- Update to 0.9.7:
  * Project renamed to libimobiledevice
  * Add soname versioning for future releases
  * Fix regression causing never paired devices to not work by adding
    auto-pairing for devices in lockdownd_client_new_with_handshake
  * Add file_relay service implementation and dev test tool
  * Minor device link service fixes 
  * New idevicebackup tool with support for full and incremental backups
  * Add mobilebackup service implementation

Sat Jan 23 23:46:55 CEST 2010 -

- Update to 0.9.6:
  * Minor public API changes to prepare for 1.0 release:
    - lockdownd_client_new -> lockdownd_client_new_with_handshake
    - fooservice_recv -> fooservice_receive
    - iphone_device_send/_recv -> iphone_connection_send/_receive
  * Rename some code for consistency
  * Refactor pairing to allow custom pair records
  * Move SSL handling out of lockdownd code
  * Refactor lockdown session handling code
  * Remove debug mask support
  * No longer do a full lockdown handshake on client_new
  * Refactor debug code to be consistent and easier to use
  * Run validate_pair by default during lockdown handshake
  * Allow retrieving the type for lockdown query_type request
  * Add new property_list_service and device_link_service abstractions
  * Detect pairing failure due to having a password set on the device
  * Implement lockdown phone activation and deactivation
  * Fix iphoneinfo not printing values in key/value mode
  * Implement lockdownd_unpair() request
  * Add more notification ids and lockdown domains
  * Implement label support for lockdown requests
  * Add new installation_proxy interface
  * Add new sbservices interface
  * Implement lockdownd_validate_pair() request
  * Add endian safety to AFC
  * Make lockdown sessions without SSL work
  * Fix linking on Mandriva Linux
  * Minor bugfixes and documentation updates

Tue Nov 24 22:37:16 CEST 2009 -

- Update to 0.9.5:
  * Updated to the latest libplist 0.16 API
  * Fixed various minor leaks and issues
  * Updated Python bindings and module name

Thu Oct 29 15:37:42 CEST 2009 -

- Update to 0.9.4:
  * Update to libplist 0.15 API rework
  * Update Python bindings
  * Bufixes around usbmuxd daemon usage
  * Use automake 1.11 silent rules if available
  * Various bugfixes

Thu Aug 06 23:01:59 CEST 2009  -

- Update to 0.9.3:
  * Migrate to use the new usbmuxd daemon
  * Refactor whole API
  * Add iPhone 3GS support
  * Add hard/symlink support for AFC
  * New iphone_id tool to list connected devices and get the device
  * iphoneinfo now allows plist/xml output and queries by
  * Fix a lot of bugs/crashes, compiler warnings and comments
  * Bump libplist requirement to 0.13 and remove deprecated code

Wed May 13 10:12:11 CEST 2009 -

- Update to 0.9.1:
  * Fix make distcheck
  * Bump libplist requirement to 0.12 and remove deprecated code
  * A bunch of autotools fixes
- Include iphoneinfo and iphonesyslog tools in packages
- Removed upstreamed patches

Sun May 10 20:29:47 CEST 2009 -

- Update to 0.9.0:
  * Fix pkg-config dependancies
  * Fix Python binding generation
  * AFC cleanup and improved error handling
  * Add support for the notification proxy service
  * Add tools to show device information and relay syslog
  * More robust pairing implementation
  * Remove libiphone-initconf, SSL implementation handles it at
    runtime now
  * Fix receive of plists larger than a packet
  * Return an error if failed to start a service on the device
  * Fix usb enumeration
  * Fix udev rule to catch usb hubs, too
  * Add large file support
  * Move out plist handling into libplist and depend on it
  * Add Python bindings
  * Lots of bugfixes
- Remove upstreamed patches

Sat Apr 11 11:15:32 CET 2009 -

- Update to latest git HEAD
  * Use udev to set usb configuration; iphone kmod is obsolete now
  * Remove HAL mounting
  * Bugfixes

Sat Apr 04 11:08:16 CET 2009 -

- Rename source package to libiphone

Sat Jan 31 12:00:00 CET 2009 -

- Initial package created
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