File mathgl-no-default-qt.patch of Package mathgl

From: Fabian Vogt <>
Subject: Do not mark a Qt version as default if it's the only one built

We do not package the plain "qt" plugin, as it's just a copy of either
"qt4" or "qt5". It's not possible to do this with a cmake invocation,
as the deleted lines override it otherwise.

Index: mathgl-2.4.3/CMakeLists.txt
--- mathgl-2.4.3.orig/CMakeLists.txt
+++ mathgl-2.4.3/CMakeLists.txt
@@ -232,12 +232,6 @@ if(enable-qt4 OR enable-qt5)
 	if(enable-qt4asqt AND enable-qt5asqt)
 		message(SEND_ERROR "You cannot make Qt4 and Qt5 as qt at the same time.")
 	endif(enable-qt4asqt AND enable-qt5asqt)
-	if(enable-qt4 AND NOT enable-qt5)
-		set(enable-qt4asqt TRUE)
-	endif(enable-qt4 AND NOT enable-qt5)
-	if(enable-qt5 AND NOT enable-qt4)
-		set(enable-qt5asqt TRUE)
-	endif(enable-qt5 AND NOT enable-qt4)
 # 	if(NOT enable-opengl)
 # 		message(SEND_ERROR "You cannot build MathGL with Qt4 or Qt5 without OpenGL enabled.")
 # 	endif(NOT enable-opengl)
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