File newsboat.changes of Package newsboat

Wed Apr  7 07:20:28 UTC 2021 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 2.23:
  * open-in-browser-noninteractively operation which is similar to
    open-in-browser, but doesn't relinquish the terminal to the browser. It
    still waits for the browser to finish executing, though (Dennis van der
  * Confirmation for delete-all-articles (#1490)
  * %U specifier for feedlist-title-format which shows the total number of
    unread articles in all feeds (#1495)
  * Display images' alternate text in the article view (#1512)
  * List iframe URLs in the article view (#1153)
  * Newsboat now refuses to enqueue a podcast if its filename is already present
    in the queue. If that happens, you'll have to adjust
    download-filename-format to make the filenames more distinguishable
  * Reduced message flickering when reloading feeds (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Updated translations: Dutch (Dennis van der Schagt), German (Lysander
    Trischler), Italian (Mauro Scomparin), Polish (Carno), Russian (Alexander
    Batischev), Turkish (Emir Sari), and Ukrainian (Alexander Batischev)
  * Bumped minimum supported Rust version to 1.46.0
  * Updated vendored library Catch2 to 2.13.4
  * dumpform command-line command which was only intended for debugging
    (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Missing empty lines inside pre tags (#1429)
  * open-all-unread-in-browser-and-mark-read not synchronizing the "read" status
    to the remote API (#1449)
  * Newsboat redrawing the screen once a minute even if idle (#563)
  * delete-all-articles no longer deletes items that aren't visible (e.g.
    because of ignore-mode display) (#1360)
  * Slashes are now replaced by underscores when generating a podcast filename
  * File- and dirbrowsers no longer produce invalid paths when user navigates with
    arrow keys (#1418)
  * Successful OPML import is no longer misreported as an error (Alexander
  * Descriptions in the help dialog are localized again (#1471)
  * Added a newline after each div, since it's a block element (#1405)
  * Re-introduce set x! (toggle) and set x& (reset) (#1491)

Mon Jan 11 08:55:05 UTC 2021 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 2.22.1:
  * Slow scrolling in the article list (regression) (#1372)
  * Segfaults if swap-title-and-hints is enabled (regression) (#1399)
  * Build failure on GCC 9 due to maybe-uninitialized warning which
    -Werror turns into an error

Mon Jan  4 10:26:19 UTC 2021 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 2.22:
  * confirm-mark-all-feeds-read setting, which makes Newsboat ask for
    confirmation before marking all the feeds as read (#1215) (Tarishi Jain)
  * Command line autocompletion in the save dialog (#893) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Support for ^U, ^K, ^G, and ^W editing keys (as in readline and Emacs) in
    command line in the save dialog (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Support for RSS Media extension in Atom feeds (#595) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * New, more detailed, documentation chapters on macros and running external
    commands (A1RO)
  * User-contributed script that exports feeds with their tags in the OPML format:
    contrib/ (jartigag)
  * Help dialog in the URLs view (#1218) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Handling of terminal resizes for all dialogs (#389, #390) (Dennis van der
  * goto-title operation, which selects a feed with a given title (#888, #1135)
    (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * --cleanup command-line flag, which does the same as cleanup-on-quit
    option (#1182) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * check and ci-check Makefile targets. Both run C++ and Rust test suites
    consecutively, but the former fails early. Use check locally where
    re-running tests is quick, and use ci-check in CI where re-running tests
    usually means re-building everything first (#896) (Alexander Batischev)
  * Command line support in the help dialog (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * "(localized)" marks in documentation for all settings with internationalized
    default values (#1270) (Amrit Brar)
  * %F placeholder in browser setting, which is always replaced by the
    feed's URL (unlike %u, which depends on the context in which the browser
    is invoked) (#423) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Dumping of ignore-article rules with dumpconfig command (in Newsboat's
    internal command line) (#635) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * %L placeholder in datetime-format setting, which turns into "X days ago"
    string explaining when the article was published (#1323) (Amrit Brar)
  * Support for escaped double quotes in arguments to set operation when used in
    macros (#1345) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Podboat: error message if the podcast file can't be written onto disk (#1209)
    (Nicholas Defranco)
  * Abort startup if the urls file or config file is not in UTF-8 encoding. This
    limitation was effectively in place for a couple releases already, but
    Newsboat crashed instead of displaying an error message. We intend to relax
    the requirement again, but for now, we choose to be upfront about it rather
    than crashing (#723, #844) (Dennis van der Schagt, Alexander Batischev)
  * save-all operation no longer provides "yes for all" and "no for all" options
    when there is only one conflict to resolve (#657) (saleh)
  * Config parser now allows to have tab characters between macro arguments;
    they will be treated as space (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Updated vendored libraries: Catch2 to 2.13.3, martinmoene/optional-lite
    to 3.4.0, martinmoene/expected-lite to 0.5.0
  * Updated translations: Dutch (Dennis van der Schagt), French (tkerdonc), German
    (Lysander Trischler), Italian (Mauro Scomparin), Polish (Carno), Russian
    (Alexander Batischev), Turkish (Emir Sarı), Ukrainian (Alexander Batischev)
  * Whitespace not being consolidated in item titles (#1227) (Dennis van der
  * Misleading error message when the urls file exists, but can't be opened (#439)
    (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Newsboat processing the leftovers of stdin after running open-in-browser
    operation (#26, #63, #1094) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * mark-feed-read operation not marking articles as read on a remote service
    when the operation is invoked in the query feed (#220) (Dennis van der
  * run-on-startup setting preventing Podboat from starting (#1288) (Dennis van
    der Schagt)
  * scrolloff setting being ignored when opening a feed with lots of read
    articles before the unread one (#1293) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Memory corruption while rendering an article with JavaScript that contains
    HTML (#1300) (Alexander Batischev)
  * Podboat help dialog crashing if BACKSPACE is bound (#1139) (Dennis van der
  * Being unable to run a second Newsboat instance with --cache-file switch if
    cache-file setting is used (#1318) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Misleading "an instance is already running" message when a lock file can't be
    created or written to (#314) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Failing to parse macros which contain semicolons in operations' arguments
    (#1200) (Alexander Batischev)
  * Not installing some of the contrib scripts (Alexander Batischev)

Mon Oct  5 12:05:47 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 2.21:
  * Build dependency on AWK
  * A note that security vulnerability should be reported to preferably encrypted to PGP key 4ED6CD61932B9EBE
  * Confirmation before marking all feeds as read (#1006) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * scrolloff setting which keeps the specified number of lines above and below
    the selected list item (#1103) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * %=[width][identifier] formatting sequence for *-format settings. It
    centers a given value inside a given width, padded with spaces and slanting
    to the left if it can't be aligned evenly (Daniel Bauer)
  * Support for Miniflux (#448) (Galen Abell)
  * run-on-startup setting which executes a given list of operations when
    Newsboat starts. This can be used to e.g. open tag dialog on startup, or go
    to a certain feed (#888) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Documentation for one, two, ..., nine, zero operations that open
    a corresponding URL in the browser (A1RO)
  * It is now a startup error for a macro to have no operations
  * Bumped minimum supported Rust version to 1.42.0
  * Updated vendored libraries: Catch2 to 2.13.1, json.hpp to 3.9.1
  * Empty strings in filter expressions are treated as zero when compared with
    a numeric attribute like age (Alexander Batischev)
  * Converted various tables in docs to decorated lists, making them easier to
    read (#441]) (Spacewalker2)
  * In macros, no longer require a space between operation and the following
    semicolon (#702]) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Sorting by first tag now ignores "title tags", i.e. the ones that start with
    a tilde (#1128]) (José Rui Barros)
  * contrib/feedgrabber.rb updated to use Newsboat directories instead of
    Newsbeuter's (Fabian Holler)
  * Updated translations: Dutch (Dennis van der Schagt), German (Lysander
    Trischler), Polish (Carno), Russian (Alexander Batischev), Turkish (Emir
    Sarı), Ukrainian (Alexander Batischev)
  * TT-RSS not taking the MIME type into account when deciding what enclosure to
    pick (#941]) (chux0519)
  * Typos in documentation (Edgar Hipp)
  * History files storing the oldest entries instead of the most recent ones
    (#1081]) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Search dialogs all displaying results of the last search, not their individual
    searches (#1087]) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Feeds apparently not being sorted after a reload (#1089]) (Alexander Batischev)
  * Search dialog displaying the new query even if the search failed (Dennis van
    der Schagt)
  * delete-all-articles operation not working in the search dialog (Dennis van
    der Schagt)
  * First feed marked as read when deleting all items in search dialog (Dennis van
    der Schagt)
  * Arrow keys not working in the tag list (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Inoreader not marking items unread (#1109]) (José Rui Barros)
  * content attribute being unavailable to query feeds (#111]) (Dennis van der
  * Newsboat sometimes opening wrong items (#72], #1126]) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Unread items being double-counted by -x print-unread and notifications
    (#444], #1120]) (Alexander Batischev)
  * Nested lists being strung out into a single, non-nested list (#1158]) (Dennis
    van der Schagt)
  * Colons sometimes making filter expressions invalid (Alexander Batischev)
  * Child processes that display notifications not being waited on. We now
    double-fork them (glacambre)

Thu Jun 25 07:46:26 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 2.20.1:
  * Installation on BSDs (Tobias Kortkamp)
  * Regression that caused Newsboat to require a space before semicolon in macros,
    which made set browser "lynx"; open-in-browser invalid (#1013], #1015],
    #1017], #1018]) (Alexander Batischev)
  * Possible segfault upon startup (#1025]) (Dennis van der Schagt, Alexander
  * Feed sorting in Spanish locale (#1028]) (Dennis van der Schagt, Alexander

Thu Jun 25 07:43:10 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 2.20:
  * An FAQ item on why TT-RSS authentication might fail (#44[1]) (Alexander
  * An FAQ item on browser failures in Newsboat 2.18 (Alexander Batischev)
  * Ability to bind multiple keys to the same operation (#110[2]) (Dennis van
    der Schagt)
  * Ability to bind operations to Tab key (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * New format specifiers for articlelist-format: %n (article unread), %d
    (article deleted), %F (article's flags) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * New format specifier for feedlist-title-format,
    articlelist-title-format, and searchresult-title-format: %F, which
    contains current filter expression. That specifier is now included into
    those settings by default (#946[3]) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * New setting, switch-focus, which specifies a key that moves the cursor
    between widgets in File- and DirBrowser (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * New setting, wrap-scroll, which makes the cursor jump to the last item
    when scrolling up on the top one, and vice versa (David Pedersen)
  * exec command-line command, which allows to run an arbitrary operation
  (#892[4]) (Marco Sirabella)
  * Dependency on martinmoene/optional-lite and martinmoene/expected-lite
    libraries, both of which we vendor
  * Include enclosure URL in the article's urlview (#809[5]) (Spacewalker2,
  Alexander Batischev)
  * Allow open-in-browser and open-in-browser-and-mark-read operations in the
    URL view, where they open the selected URL (David Pedersen)
  * Open command line when a number key is pressed in a tag-list (#939[6])
  (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Install Newsboat's SVG icon as part of install target (Nikos Tsipinakis)
  * Merged es and es_ES translations into one (Marcos Cruz)
  * Updated translations: Dutch (Dennis van der Schagt), German (Lysander
    Trischler), Russian (Alexander Batischev), Spanish (Marcos Cruz), Turkish
    (Emir Sari), Ukrainian (Alexander Batischev)
  * It's now an error to have always-download or reset-unread-on-update
    without parameters (Alexander Batischev)
  * It's now an error to have macro without at least two arguments (Alexander
  * The conditional format sequence (%?[char]?[format]&[format]?) now treats
    whitespace-only value as empty. This allows changing the formatting of,
    for example, "unread" and "deleted" fields in articlelist-format (Dennis van
    der Schagt)
  * open-in-browser-and-mark-read in feedlist no longer marks articles read
    if the browser fails (Nikos Tsipinakis)
  * Macro execution halts if one of the operations fails (Nikos Tsipinakis)
  * Inoreader now marks articles read on a thread, to hide latency (#710[7])
  * Bumped minimum supported Rust version to 1.40.0
  * Updated vendored libraries: Catch2 to 2.12.2, json.hpp to 3.8.0
  * Newsboat's Inoreader API keys. Users need to register their own Inoreader
    application now, and set them via inoreader-app-id and inoreader-app-key
    settings. Please see "Inoreader" section in the HTML documentation for
    details. (Alexander Batischev)
  * Help dialog showing operations as unbound even though they are bound to
    some keys (#843[8]) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * feedlink attribute containing feed title instead of feed URL (Alexander
  * feeddate attribute containing fixed string instead of item's publication
    date and time (Alexander Batischev)
  * browser setting not working if it contains < (#917[9]) (Dennis van der
  * up, down, pageup, pagedown, home, and end now working in macros
    (#890[10]) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Backslash inside double quotes requiring three escapes instead of one,
    every other time (#536[11], #642[12], #926[13]) (Alexander Batischev)
  * Users can bind operations to UP, DOWN, HOME, END, NPAGE, and PPAGE
    keys (#903[14]) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Generate example config as part of doc target, so install-examples can
    simply copy it instead of generating (Alexander Batischev)
  * Install manpages via install-docs target, not install-newsboat and
    install-podboat (#829[15]) (Alexander Batischev)
  * The wrong feed being opened (#72[16]) turned out to be caused by a bug in
    libstfl.  A patch for that library is available at dennisschagt/stfl#4
    (Dennis van der Schagt)
- Remove newsboat-fix-json-hpp.patch: contained in upstream

Tue Jun  9 15:07:47 UTC 2020 - Guillaume GARDET <>

- Fix build on non-x86:
  * newsboat-fix-json-hpp.patch

Mon Mar 23 08:59:21 UTC 2020 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 2.19:
  * contrib/ a script that converts HTTP to HTTPS, updates
    URLs according to HTTP redirects etc. (velaja)
  * `delete-played-files` setting (#669) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * `%K` format for  `podlist-format`. This format specifier is replaced by the
    human readable download speed (automatically switches between KB/s, MB/s, and
    GB/s) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Docs on how to synchronize with Bazqux (Jonathan Siddle, Alexander Batischev)
  * Document that regexes use POSIX extended regular expressions
  * Document that regexes in filter language are case-insensitive
  * Dependency: we now use Asciidoctor instead of Asciidoc
  *  Dependency on Rust: we now have a schedule for bumping the minimum supported
     Rust version (#709)
  * Update vendored version of Catch2 to 2.11.3
  * Display `<audio>` and `<video>` tags in article view (Ignacio Losiggio)
  * Update translations: Dutch (Dennis van der Schagt), German (Lysander
    Trischler), Russian, Ukrainian (Alexander Batischev)
  * `podlist-format` now uses `%K` instead of `%k` by default (shows human
    readable speed instead of always using KB/s) (#727) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * contrib/ save description of the article (Donald Merand)
  * The EOT markers ("~" characters below blocks of text) no longer inherit their
    style (colors + attributes) from the "article" style. Instead, they can be
    configured separately, allowing to hide them without hiding the article text
    (example config line: `color end-of-text-marker default default invis`) (#507)
    (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * **Breaking change**: `bind-key` context `podbeuter` renamed to `podboat`
    (Alexander Batischev) (Kudos to Marcos Cruz)
  * Garbage displayed in empty lines turned out to be a bug in libstfl. Dennis van
    der Schagt created a patch and submitted it upstream on 7 March 2020, but
    the upstream maintainer haven't responded. Please apply the patch yourself:
    (#273, #506) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Podboat now saves and restores "finished" state of the podcast (#714) (Dennis
    van der Schagt)
  * Command-line options that take paths as arguments (--cache-file, --url-file
    etc.) now resolve tilde as path to the home directory (#524) (Alexander
  * `--execute print-unread` now takes `ignore-article` into account (#484)
  * Podboat no longer spuriously creates .part directories (#725) (Dennis van der
  * Incorrect paths in filebrowser and dirbrowser when navigating with arrow keys
    and Enter (#547) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Incorrect dates parsing on macOS 10.15 Catalina (Alexander Batischev)
  * `--help` now displays paths to config, urls file, and cache file (#294)
    (Alexander Batischev)
  * Documentation now correctly explains that positive padding values add padding
    on the left (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Newsboat not displaying titles of empty feeds (#732) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Newsboat forgetting feed titles if reload brought no new items (#748)
    (Alexander Batischev)
  * filebrowser and dirbrowser displaying ".." instead of an actual directory path
    (#731) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * `make -jN` now *really* limits the number of jobs to N (#768) (Anatoly Sablin,
    Alexander Batischev)
  * `pb-purge` (`P` in Podboat) no longer removes played files, just as
    documentation claims (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * `highlight` in feedlist being overridden after reload (#37) (Dennis van der
  * `highlight` regexes unable to match beginning-of-line (#242, #535) (Dennis van
    der Schagt)
  * Search not extending into and across hyperlinks (#331) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * `highlight` in articles extending beyond the text that the regex matched
    (#488) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * `highlight` that matches beginning-of-line matching again after the first
    match (#796) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Feed/article titles are now sanitized, to prevent HTML markup from breaking
    formatting (#796) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Plain-text rendition of an article no longer contains STFL markup (Dennis van
    der Schagt)
  * "Filler sequence" (`%>`) not working in format strings for articlelist,
    dialogs, help, select-tag, select-filter and urls dialogs (#88) (Dennis van
    der Schagt)
  * Cursor in Podboat is hidden (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Crash when displaying an article that has double-closed `<ol>` tags (#659)
    (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Alignment of feed- and articlelist broken by wide characters like CJK and
    emojis (#139, #683) (Dennis van der Schagt)
  * Whitespace ignored if followed by an HTML tag (#512) (Dennis van der Schagt)

Sun Dec 29 16:48:58 UTC 2019 - Michael Vetter <>

- Update to 2.18:
  * Logo by noobilanderi
  * `open-in-browser-and-mark-read` no longer marks item read if browser returned
    a non-zero exit code. Similarly, `open-all-unread-in-browser` and
    `open-all-unread-in-browser-and-mark-read` abort on non-zero exit code
  * Update vendored version of Catch3 to 2.11.0
  * Update vendored version of nlohmann/json to 3.7.3
  * Update translations: German, Russian, Ukrainian
  * `unbind-key -a` breaking cmdline, search and goto-url (#454) (kmws)
  * Flaky `run_command()` test (Alexander Batischev)
  * smallvec crate bumped to 0.6.10, to get fixes for RUSTSEC-2019-0009 and
- Remove newsboat-no-git-hash.patch

Mon Jul  1 11:24:38 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 2.16.1:
  * Install changelog and contrib/ alongside docs (Alexander Batischev) (#474)
  * show-title-bar config option to hide the title bar. Defaults to yes, i.e.
    the behaviour is the same as with Newsboat 2.15 (Sermak) (#375)
  * Contrib scripts for image preview (Sermak) (#480)
  * Nord colour scheme (Daryl Manning)
  * Ability to search withing the search results, narrowing them down (Tumlinh)
  * Color scheme based on Adapta-Maia GTK theme (Lucas Parsy)
  * Marking feed as read only resets the cursor if article list is sorted by date
    (Stefan Assmann)
  * include also accepts relative paths (Marco Sirabella) (#489)
  * Update vendored version of nlohmann/json to 3.6.1
  * Update vendored version of Catch2 to 2.9.1
  * Parser breaking on spaces inside backticks (Marco Sirabella) (#492)
  * Hidden tags changing the title of their feeds (Alexander Batischev) (#498)
  * Segfaults some time after using an invalid regex in a filter expression
    (Alexander Batischev) (#501)
  * Single quotes in podcast names replaced by %27 (屑鉄さらい;Scrap Trawler)
    (#290, #457)
  * Out-of-bounds access on empty "author" tag in RSS 0.9x (Alexander Batischev)
- Add newsboat-no-git-hash.patch: Don't depend on git. Fix build

Thu Feb 14 09:13:41 UTC 2019 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Reduce overly complicated %setup calls.

Thu Feb 14 07:55:58 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 2.14.1:
  * Support for cross-compilation with CARGO_BUILD_TARGET
    environment variable (maxice8)
  * %N format for download-path and download-filename-format settings.
    This format is replaced by item's original feed-title, even when
    selected through the query feed (Felix Viernickel) (#428)
  * Translations: Polish (Carno)
  * When opening a never-fetched feed in the browser,
    just use the feed's URL (Alexander Batischev)
  * Update vendored version of Catch2 to 2.6.0
  * Messed-up highlighting when regex matches start-of-line (zaowen) (#401)
  * Failing to update The Old Reader feeds (Alexander Batischev) (#406)
  * "NewsBlur" spelling throughout the docs and messages (zaowen) (#409)
  * Lack of space between podcast URL and its MIME type (Alexander Batischev) (#425)
  * "rev-sort" command name in docs (Jakob Kogler)
  * Keybindings not applied in dialogs view (Felix Viernickel) (#431)
  * Spacer formatter not working in podlist-format (Alexander Batischev) (#434)
- Add rust dependencies and vendor.tar.xz:
  Uses rust for libnewsboat now.

Mon Sep 24 09:06:01 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 2.13:
  * Respect TMPDIR environment variable when writing temporary files (#250[1])
  * delete-all-articles operation that marks all articles in the feed as deleted
    (Kamil Wsół)
  * Require cookie-cache setting if Newsblur API is used (Alexander Batischev)
  * Translations: Russian, Ukraininan (Alexander Batischev), Swedish (Dennis
    Öberg), German (Lysander Trischler)
  * json.hpp updated to version 3.2.0
  * Natural sort order for article titles, so numbers are put in the expected
    order (e.g. 1, 2, 5, 10, 11 rather than 1, 10, 11, 2, 5) (Nikos Tsipinakis)
  * Do not create empty files if history is disabled (Nikos Tsipinakis)

Mon Jun 25 06:46:32 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 2.12:
  * Ability to override path to pkg-config (Ali Lown)
  * Socket support in filebrowser (Sebastian Rakel)
  * ls --classify-like formatting for filenames in filebrowser (Sebastian Rakel)
  * Ability to sort feedlist by last update (TwilightSpectre) (#191[1])
  * :q as alternative to :quit (Franz König)
  * Support for open-in-browser in URL dialog, thus fixing many
    user macros in that dialog (Felix Viernickel) (#194[2])
  * "Author" field for items fetched from Newsblur (Chris Nehren)
  * Coding style, mostly enforced through clang-format. Non-enforceable things
    are documented in docs/code-style.markdown (Alexander Batischev)
  * A check in bind-key that will now throw an error on binding to
    a non-existent operation (Nikos Tsipinakis)
  * The markup in docs, to be consistent throughout (Lysander Trischler)
  * HTTP to HTTPS in communication with The Old Reader (Richard Quirk)
  * Translations: Russian, Ukrainian (Alexander Batischev),
    Italian (Francesco Ariis)
  * Colors for unread items in all contributed colorschemes (@sandersantema[4])
  * Segfaults in dialogs view when swap-title-and-hints is enabled (Alexander
    Batischev) (#168[6])
  * Typo in JSON field name in TT-RSS API (Sebastian Rakel) (#177[7])
  * Filebrowser displaying "d" filetype for everything but regular files
    (Sebastian Rakel) (#184[8])
  * TT-RSS relogin (Sebastian Rakel)
  * Internal HTML renderer not stripping whitespace in front of text (Alexander
    Batischev) (#204[9])
  * Podboat breaking if XDG data dir already exists (Alexander Batischev)
  * Makefile failing if user overrode ls somehow (Alexander Batischev)
  * Various problems found by clang-analyzer and Coverity Scan (Alexander

Sat Mar 31 20:05:56 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 2.11.1:
  * If built from the tarball, Newsboat 2.11 reported its
    version as 2.10.2.

Mon Mar 26 10:18:40 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 2.11:
  * Podboat adds ".part" suffix of the files it currently downloads
  * Support for `CURL_CA_BUNDLE` environment variable
  * Fix unwanted logging to stdout on `--export-to-opml`
  * New command: `mark-all-above-as-read`
  * See
- Remove newsboat-2.10.2-json-c-size_t.patch: upstreamed
- Remove newsboat-nonexec-man.patch: upstreamed
- Rebase newsbeuter-makefile.patch

Thu Jan 18 14:58:06 UTC 2018 -

- Add newsboat-2.10.2-json-c-size_t.patch: make work with json-c 0.13

Fri Dec 29 00:44:33 UTC 2017 -

- Limit description to the openSUSE package context - replace
  by description from documentation.

Thu Dec 28 01:56:12 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 2.10.2
  * Added
    - HTML anchors for all config commands in docs. You can now
      link to each command separately
    - Support for Inoreader
    - Slovak translation
  * Changed
    - Enqueue last audio enclosure
    - text-width doesn't apply if it's bigger than terminal width
    - Translations: German, Russian, Ukrainian
  * Removed
    - Build dependency on Perl
    - Test dependency on bc
  * Fixed
    - Do not create XDG data dir if not using XDG
    - When used with Newsblur, check on startup if cookie-cache
      exists or can be created, because integration doesn't work
      without cookies
    - Builds on AARCH64 and ARMHF
    - Only show an error message once when unknown option is
    - License header used to say it's MIT/X Consortium License,
      whereas in reality it's a MIT License
    - Cross-compilation made possible by conditionally assigning
      to RANLIB and AR in Makefile
    - Cookies actually get persisted
    - CJK text is wrapped at correct code-point boundaries
    - Don't segfault if error-log points to non-existent file
    - Spanish translation
- add newsboat-nonexec-man.patch
  - this removes executable bits from the man pages
- rebase newsbeuter-makefile.patch
- remove newsbeuter-ncurses6.patch
  - fixed upstream in 317451791b950d7a48b7837995e45efb17ac6b15
- add dependency on asciidoc
  - man pages and docs are now packaged

Thu Nov 16 17:47:52 UTC 2017 -

- rename package to newsboat
- neutralize description
- lint .spec file
- rebase newsbeuter-makefile.patch
- rebase newsbeuter-ncurses6.patch
- drop reproducible.patch
  * upstreamed in 8cf8bd40b449aa5f183f274df490d61e785ea4a6

Mon May 22 04:53:00 UTC 2017 -

- Add reproducible.patch to sort input files to make build fully reproducible

Tue Oct 13 02:37:29 UTC 2015 -

- Add newsbeuter-ncurses6.patch: Fix build with ncurses 6. Patch
  taken from Fedora. Apply only for openSUSE newer than 13.2.

Thu Mar  5 19:07:04 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 2.9
  * Fix custom keybindings in tag and filter selection dialogs (fixes #78).
  * Fix incorrect reloading of tags after editing the urls file.
  * Catch an exception that might be thrown by the "killfile" function.
  * Don't override feed titles for hidden feeds.
  * Fix dumpconfig.
  * Add support for FeedHQ (
  * Fix missing variable in log output (fixes #124).
  * Fix type of configuration variables to path where appropriate (fixes #125).
  * Update to Brazilian Portuguese translation (fixes #126).
  * Fix crash when GUID is lost (fixes #127).
  * Fix dependency check (fixes #132).
  * Fix segfault in jump_to_next_unread_item (fixes #133).
  * Change code base to C++11.
  * Don't render inline images (fixes #154).
  * Fixed bug where feeds would appear empty due to variable shadowing issue.
- Remove merged patches
  * newsbeuter-ncurses.patch
  * newsbeuter-gcc47.patch
- Use download Url as source
- Remove obsolete conditional macros
- Split out translation files
- Remove depreciated/obsolete AUTHORS and %clean sections
- Add libjson-c-devel build require; new upstream dependency
- Cleanup requirements list

Sun Mar 25 04:04:54 UTC 2012 -

run -osc service localrun format_spec_file to fix copyright

Wed Mar 21 23:05:47 UTC 2012 -

- Add newsbeuter-gcc47.patch: Fix build with gcc 4.7.

Mon Feb 13 10:51:09 UTC 2012 -

- patch license to follow standard

Wed Feb  2 09:46:27 UTC 2011 -

- update to 2.4:
  * support for query feeds in combination with Google Reader was added
  * it is now possible to configure proxy authentication methods
  * a quiet startup mode was added
  * overall memory usage was reduced by loading data from the cache only on
  * Bloglines support was removed
  * XDG Base Directory support was added
  * an authentication bug related to Google Reader was fixed
  * support for HTTP cookies was added
  * many small issues were fixed

Thu Jun 24 22:45:01 UTC 2010 -

- update to 2.3:
  * a number of miscellaneous bugs has been fixed, most notably the
    Google Reader authentication issue that came up when Google Reader
    changed its authentication scheme

- built against libstfl 0.21 (statically)

Sun Mar 14 15:23:47 UTC 2010 -

- update to 2.2:
  * support for Google Reader was added
  * a great number of bugs were fixed
  * the killfile functionality was improved
  * article highlighting in the article list based on article content
    was added
  * a "hard quit" keybinding was added
  * an HTML table renderer was added

Wed Dec 16 21:43:37 UTC 2009 -

- just recommend lynx

Wed Dec  9 23:31:41 UTC 2009 -

- update to 2.1:
  * add support for 256 color terminal
  * the first article is now selected upon entering the article
  * the selection is moved to the next feed when a feed is marked
    as read in the feed list
  * HTML rendering has been improved
  * add support for SOCKS proxies
  * add a new notification type, "notify-beep"
  * fixes various bugs

Tue Apr 21 00:00:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 2.0

Mon Sep  1 00:00:00 CEST 2008 -

- update to 1.1:
  * support for wrapping long header lines and links in the article
    view was added
  * a security issue where opening specially crafted URLs of articles
    could lead to execution of shell commands was fixed

Thu Aug 21 00:00:00 CEST 2008 -

- new package
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